Impossible Virgins Chapter 11 The Avalanche - The

Chapter 11: The Avalanche - The Respite

A little over an hour later, Toppsy and Lulu were e****ted back into the auditorium. The two blonde dancers had eaten, and had also managed to clean themselves off somewhat. As they walked toward the stage, Toppsy was muttering under her breath to Lulu. Although they both felt better physically, they could not help but wonder what Tiffany and her girls had in store for them now.
"Hello girls," said Tiffany. "Ready to take things one step further?"
"I guess we don't really have any choice, do we?" replied Toppsy.
"You'd better believe it, sweetheart. Now be good girls, and get comfortable in the two platforms, like you did before."
Toppsy and Lulu complied with Tiffany's instructions. A moment later, they were hovering several feet above the floor, as before.
"Before we get started, I want the two of you to meet the other girls who'll be performing in the second stanza today. I know that you were pretty busy this morning, but you may have noticed that there were a number of us that didn't take part in those festivities.
"I want you to meet three of them right now. Just before you two arrived, they proceeded to get themselves ready for you. Come on out, girls."

Dee Dee, Jordan and Summer had been standing off to the side, on a corner of the stage that was out of Toppsy and Lulu's field of vision. The three amazons walked slowly, their prodigious erections bobbing in the air in front of them. They stood close together, with Dee Dee in the middle, their arms reaching around and embracing each other's backside.
Summer and Jordan were now at their larger size, and were well over a foot taller than Dee Dee. But even in their incredible new size, Dee Dee’s balls were just as big as Summer and Jordan’s.
Each girl relaxed the mental control over her cock slightly, so that they pointed straight out from their crotches at a ninety-degree angle. Being in close proximity like this, their enormous shafts bumped and grazed against the others, as they gently stroked their pricks and fondled their balls.
"I think you know everybody here," said Tiffany. "But just in case you don't, here's a recap. The girl with the wavy-curly blonde hair is Dee Dee. She's the brains of our operations here, the one who made it all possible for us to have cocks in the first place. While she's the 'little girl' here, you'll soon find out that she's got the biggest set of nuts on the Island. And believe me, she knows how to use 'em."
Dee Dee smiled wickedly at Lulu and Toppsy, and pulled her cock back towards her tummy with one hand, so that it was pointing straight up. While in this pose, Dee Dee reached down and grabbed her massive balls with her other hand. Each one was already almost as big as a softball, and Dee Dee squeezed and kneaded them with her fingers.

"Next up is Jordan," said Tiffany. "Toppsy, I'm sure that you remember Jordan from your first day here, right? She's only been with us a short time, but she's almost as powerful as any other amazon on the Island, as far as her cock and balls go. I've told her that she can really cut loose, and blast you with her load, without holding back this afternoon."
“How the fuck did she get so huge?” exclaimed Toppsy. “And I’m not talking about her cock!”
“We’re just full of surprises around here,” replied Tiffany. “Don’t hurt your head trying to figure it out. Just accept it, and take a little comfort from the fact that Jordan and Summer won’t be fucking you today in their new size.”
Jordan slowly ran her hand up and down the length of her two-foot cock. She had already oiled up her genitals, and they glistened from the lights in the auditorium. Jordan's nuts were only slightly smaller than Dee Dee's, and both Toppsy and Lulu knew that she could unleash a tidal wave of jism from them.
"If you thought I pumped you full of cum before," said Jordan, "just wait until later, girls."

"Rounding out our trio is Summer," continued Tiffany. "Summer became a shemale amazon thanks to a gift from some extra-terrestrial visitors we had here a few months ago. Not only did they make her bigger and stronger physically, as you can obviously tell; but they also left nothing to chance when it came to her cock and balls either. Summer's the second biggest girl on the Island. She's been awfully impressive in her short time with us. Like Jordan, we're going to see just what she can do when she really puts her mind to it today."
Summer licked her lips, and stared at Toppsy and Lulu's gigantic tits with undisclosed lust. "I've heard a lot about you two, before you came to the Island, as well in your short time here. Whatever you've done with the other girls, you'd better be ready to double that effort with me and the others this afternoon."
At almost three feet, Summer's cock was the biggest that the two dancers had seen so far today. She was also considerably taller, standing approximately seven feet in height.
Toppsy and Lulu each felt a pang of fear in their stomach. They could tell that Tiffany was deadly serious about upping the ante, and making things more grueling than ever for them in the next round.
"I can read your eyes, and guess what you're probably thinking," said Tiffany. "You've seen how hard these three girls' erections are, and you're wondering why they don't shoot off now, because their nuts are swollen so much. You're hoping and praying that something like that will happen, so that you might get some sort of reprieve today.
"For your information, control over our cocks is one of the things we value the most, and we practice that constantly. The episode this morning was an exception. We wanted to dump as much jism into you, in as short a time as possible. To make a long story short, we don't cum, unless we want to cum. We can stay hard for hours."
Toppsy and Lulu sighed, and resigned themselves to accept whatever Tiffany had in store for them next.

"But I'm saving the best for last," said Tiffany. "Words won't do this next girl justice, so I won't even try. Come on out, Ebony!"
Ebony strolled out to stand before Toppsy and Lulu. Ebony's dark brown skin shined in the lights of the auditorium, and her powerful figure was evident to all, as she strode confidently to the stage. Jordan, Dee Dee and Summer backed a few steps away, so the two dancers had an unobstructed view of her. Ebony had her skirt on, and a bikini top.
Ebony was even taller than Summer and Jordan, and both Lulu and Toppsy knew that meant an even bigger, more brutal surprise awaited them between her legs. Ebony simply smiled at the two dancers with a look of utter confidence, which promised them an ordeal bey-ond anything they had experienced up until this point.

"Tami, Cleo," Tiffany called out. "Come over here, and strip Ebony. I want you to get her good and hard for us. Then we'll get things started."
The two girls moved in front of Ebony. Tami gripped the Velcro patch that held her skirt in place, while Cleo prepared to untie her bikini top.
Ebony placed her hands on her hips. "You've seen the rest," she smirked. "Now watch the best."
With that, Tami peeled open Ebony's skirt, and removed it from her hips, exposing her massive meat for all to see. Her enormous cock was a foot long, and as thick as Lulu's wrist, hanging down nearly to Ebony's knee. And it wasn't even hard!
Ebony's breasts were almost an afterthought when Cleo exposed them a moment later. Although the massive brown orbs were full and firm, with a splendid set of nipples, everyone in the auditorium had their eyes riveted on Ebony's cock.
"Let's get her hard, Cleo," Tami said. She squirmed and hefted Ebony's nuts. "Geez, her balls feel like they weigh a ton."
Cleo shivered, her hand stroking Ebony's cock. She leered at her pisshole as her prick instantly began to grow thick. "My pussy's getting wet just looking at this monster, and it's not even hard yet."
"Me too," Tami panted.

"C'mon, Ebony," Cleo gasped. "Get your meat hard for Toppsy and Lulu." She massaged her prick, her flesh sizzling as she held it out and rubbed her cockhead against her taut stomach.
Tami stroked Ebony's rump. "Our two friends need your prick, Ebony."
Cleo dropped to her knees. She grabbed Ebony's balls, and squeezed her nuts hard as Tami pawed her cock.
Tami watched Ebony's cock turn to steel. She turned to Toppsy and Lulu, who were staring in shock at Ebony. It was already a foot and a half long, and growing rapidly. "Ever see one this big, girls?"
Toppsy's mouth gaped, as Cleo shifted her fists up and down the length of Ebony's prick.
Toppsy's mouth watered as she stared at Ebony. She saw the incredible rate that Ebony's cock was growing.
"She's really growing now," Tami squealed as Ebony grew erect. "She's getting huge." She drooled, her young pussy tingling as Ebony's fat, bloated cockhead pushed out of her foreskin and came fully into view.
Ebony moaned, her black hair flowing as she shook her head from side to side. Cleo and Tami's hands on her prick were arousing her to a feverish pitch and her balls began swelling with jism.
Cleo slowly stroked Ebony's cock. She squirmed and opened her mouth. The massive tip of Ebony's prick brushed against her lips and she nearly creamed right then and there.
Tami stared at Ebony's cock with lust, hypnotized by her giant balls and thick shaft. She pulled the skin back and exposed her fat bloated cockhead. She licked Ebony's nuts, then slithered her tongue partly up her shaft. She wanted so badly to suck Ebony's cock and savor it for herself.
"Don't get any cute ideas, Tami," instructed Tiffany. "That goes for you too, Cleo. You girls know the drill for today."
Tami f***ed herself to hold off, and not carry on any further with Ebony.
"She's got tons of cum in here," Tami said, hefting her balls. "Tons of it."
Bobbing her head and moaning with pleasure, Ebony's cock went rigid as two pairs of feminine hands tormented her. She tossed her head back and sighed with passion. Her prick was nearly ready.
Cleo ran her fingers lightly over Ebony's cock, hypnotized by the amazon's huge prick. She caressed her balls, her mouth watering as she felt her balls swell even bigger.
Tami crawled next to Cleo and grabbed Ebony's prick. She stroked her cock, feeling it grow even harder in her hands. Her eyes darted to Toppsy and Lulu. "She'll be ready any minute now, Tiffany," she sighed nervously.
Cleo increased her efforts to turn Ebony's prick into a piece of steel. Her hands hefted Ebony's balls. They were heavy with cum and she swooned, knowing that all her jism would be squirting into the bowls for the two dancers to swallow.
Each of Ebony's huge nuts were almost as big as softballs and both Tami and Cleo licked them, but knew that could not possibly get either orb entirely in their mouths. Before long, Ebony's magnificent cock had now reached its full length of just over three feet, and her monstrous dark brown erection thrust out from between her legs like a battering ram.
"She's ready," Tami squealed with delight. "She's hard as a fucking rock."
Cleo grabbed the shaft of Ebony's cock. Her hand barely went halfway around the massive member. She stared at Toppsy and Lulu with a wicked grin. "You ready for this, girls?"

During their time on the Island so far, both Toppsy and Lulu had been assaulted and abused by every shemale amazon on the Island, including Ebony's colossal member. But during those times, they had all been sex scenes with multiple girls. At those times, Ebony had been content to enter the fray already with a raging hard-on, and simply pummeled the blonde dancers into sexual oblivion with her monstrous cock, and then blast them with a torrent of jism.
This was the first time the Toppsy or Lulu had seen Ebony's cock make the complete transformation from limp meat into a steel-hard erection.
"My god, it's gigantic," Lulu gasped.
"That girl isn't human," added Toppsy as she gaped at Ebony.
Ebony, now completely aroused, gently nodded her head and grinned. It was always a turn-on for her, when someone saw how big her cock and balls were in this manner. Her balls were rumbling and the hot anxious hands of Tami and Cleo on her prick had made her breathing increase, and made her abdominal muscles ripple.
There in front of Toppsy and Lulu, all four of the amazons' cocks had grown to their full lengths; from Dee Dee who was about sixteen inches, to Ebony's monster of just over three feet. Jordan and Summer were almost matching twins between their legs; in their new larger size, their magnificent hard-ons were only slightly smaller than Ebony’s. Each cock seemed to be thicker than the blonde dancers' wrists, and all four of the amazons' balls were nearly the size of two softballs.
Every amazon's dick had each grown to immense proportions. Massive amounts of turgid shemale meat were slowly stroked and fondled, as they stared at Toppsy and Lulu. Each amazon's cock was now as thick around as Toppsy's forearm and veins like tiny ropes on their shafts bulged and pulsed with their heartbeats.

"I've got good news and bad news for you two today," said Tiffany. "The good news is that none of these four girls will be fucking you today. But as you can obviously tell just by looking at their cocks and balls, they're really gonna put you to the test for swallowing cum at a fantastic rate.
"But just because these four don't do it to you, doesn't mean you get off scott free. Clyda and I will be handling the fucking duties today. Now while we're not quite as big as Jordan or Summer, I like to think that what we might lack in sheer size, we more than make up for with our experience."
Toppsy and Lulu simply glared at Tiffany with a mixture of hate and fear.
"Now the bad new today is that Dee Dee, Jordan, Summer and Ebony won't be simply jerking off into the bowls above your heads. They're gonna be Milking their pricks today."
"What the hell does that mean?" asked Toppsy.
"You saw part of it earlier today, when the girls attached the plastic pieces to the heads of their cocks, so they could shoot their cum straight into the bowls. We take things a step further in the Milking Ritual. Rather than explain everything to you, I'll let you watch as the girls get their cocks ready."

Toppsy and Lulu stared in fascination as the four amazons' cocks were prepared for the Milking Ritual. A number of new girls came forward from the audience to perform their duties on them.
First, each girl's cock was given a thorough lubrication with the special oils. This would help to protect the skin of their pricks for the rigors to come.
Next, the large oversized 'rubber bands' were placed around the base of their cocks. Then the loose end of the band was crossed, and the new end had the girls' balls placed inside that. Each girl's cock and balls seemed to swell up even larger and harder than before.
With their shafts prepared, the new girls now slipped a plastic sheath over each ama-zon's cock. This material was specially designed and fitted for each girl's prick. It ran from an inch or two above the base of their cock, to the same distance below their cockhead.
Finally, an extra coating of oil was applied to each amazon's cockhead, and then the plastic headpiece was fitted onto each of them. Each amazon massaged and smoothed her cock for a few moments, getting used to the feel of the plastic equipment on it.
Then the girls were each handed a small device like a TV remote control, which would be used to manipulate their cocks. They huddled together as Dee Dee gave them some quick instructions on the use of these.
All through this, Toppsy and Lulu stared at the tableau before them with morbid curiosity. "While they're making the final adjustments, I'll explain things briefly," said Tiffany. "In a nut-shell, the devices on their pricks are connected through a wireless hookup, to a machine that can apply incredible amounts of pressure to them. All of the f***e that a woman can exert on a cock with her pussy, hips and thighs is like a drop in the bucket compared to this.
"Ordinarily we do this in another area of the Island, and one girl is responsible for the control of another girl's prick during the process. Today, because we have four of them doing it at once, they'll each be in control of their own cock and balls.
"We take all the elaborate precautions with the oils, to help their cocks survive the whole ordeal, which usually lasts about an hour, before their first cum shot. Once they finally shoot off, the results make anything that you've see before simply pale in comparison. You wouldn't believe me if I told you how much they can cum, so you'll just have to see it for yourselves. But the four girls I've chosen today are definitely the 'heavyweights' on the Island."
Just then, the group of Dee Dee, Jordan, Summer and Ebony broke apart.
"Just hook up one end of the tubing to the new containing bowls, and leave the other end hanging," said Dee Dee. "I'll be coaching everyone on how use the sheaths to milk their cocks. Later, when we're almost ready, we'll hook the other ends up to our pricks."
"That sounds good to me," said Tiffany. "Dee Dee's the only one of you who's actually monitored the controls during a Milking session, so listen to her instructions and you'll do fine."
"It'll take us almost an hour, before we're really ready to shoot off a full-f***e load for our two friends," said Dee Dee. “We’ll let you know when you know when we’re good and ready.
"Tiffany, do you think that you and Clyda can keep our two guests occupied for that long by yourselves?"
“I’m sure we’ll find a way to pass the time, Dee Dee.”
As the four girls to get themselves ready, some of the newer girls quickly switched the empty containing bowls for even larger ones and attached the tubing to the side of it.

The effect of what this meant was in store for Toppsy and Lulu was not lost on them as they saw the new equipment hovering in place over their heads.
“You have got to be fucking k**ding me!” exclaimed Toppsy.
Tiffany simply glared at Toppsy and Lulu, and glared at her. “After everything the two of you have been through here on our Island so far, do you really have to ask that?”
“You should know by now, that we wouldn’t bring out something like this, if we weren’t going to put it to good use,” said Clyda.
At this point, Tiffany and Clyda rose from their seats, and removed their skirts and bikini tops.
"It won't take us long, before we're ready and raring to go," said Tiffany. "Right, Clyda?"
"You've got to be bl**dy k**ding, love," responded Clyda. "I've damn near gone nuts, having to watch everything all this time, and not be able to relieve myself today."
"That's just what I wanted to hear, girl," said Tiffany.
Tiffany and Clyda stood close enough to be able kiss each other's lips, and their nipples brushed together, sending sparks of sexual electricity through their bodies. After a moment, their hands found their pricks, and both girls stroked and fondled their cocks and balls.
These two amazons had one of the oldest friendships of any of the girls on the Island, and it showed in the way that they embraced and caressed each other. In no time at all, both Tiffany and Clyda's cocks had grown to their full erect length of two feet, and their balls were easily the size of two tennis balls in their scrotal sacs.
Even though their cocks were not pumped and stressed like the girls' in the Milking devices, Toppsy and Lulu knew from brutal experience that each girl knew how to use her tool, and braced themselves for a long, powerful afternoon of fucking from them.
"I want all of you in the audience to pay attention this afternoon," said Tiffany. "For some of you newer girls, you'll see just what our cocks can do in the Milking Ritual, when Dee Dee and company shoot off later on. You can all look forward to being able to do that in the future, here on the Island.
"As for Clyda and myself, we're gonna show you how to really fuck a girl. With the exception of Dee Dee, we've had our cocks longer than anyone else on the Island. With all that experience, we know a few more tricks about how to hump someone than some of you do yet."
"Dee Dee's said that we've got less than an hour with you two 'one on one', before they'll join the party," said Clyda. "Some of you might think that's too much time, and that we might burn ourselves out in the process. But just take a look at what Tiffany and I are sporting between our legs, and believe me when I say that it's not nearly long enough!" Simply by staring at Lulu and Toppsy had caused the veins to bulge and ripple along the shaft of Clyda's cock.
"I'm even gonna grant you two one other favor this afternoon," said Tiffany. "You won't have to wear these plastic gizmos in your mouths, until Dee Dee gives us the high sign. I want everyone here to hear you squeal while Clyda and I fuck your brains out."
"You're all heart," muttered Toppsy.
"Tiffany, you said yesterday you'd let me choose who I wanted to fuck," said Clyda. "Since you started this whole affair by fucking Lulu on their first day on the Island. I think it's only appropriate that I keep the ball rolling by doing Lulu now, today."
"Is everybody ready?" Tiffany asked. A chorus of enthusiastic replies came from the four other amazons, as well as those in the audience also. "All right then! Let's take these gals to the next level!"

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