Impossible Virgins Chapter 10 The Avalanche - The

Chapter 10: The Avalanche - The First Round

"Okay girls, the first ten of you in the first row, get down here, and get out of your clothes," said Tiffany. "I'll give you a minute to yourselves, to let you decide which four of you get to fuck Toppsy and Lulu. The rest of you, you'll start getting your cocks hard, and then slip the bands around the base, and then loop it over your balls."
The ten girls gathered in front of Toppsy and Lulu, and huddled together for a quick discussion as to who would get to do what. After that, their clothes came quickly off, and they all began stroking and fondling their pricks, bringing them all to erection.
Toppsy and Lulu grimaced as they watched the incredible amount of shemale meat come to life before their eyes. At first glance, none of them appeared to be quite as large as Tiffany or Clyda, but none of the girls had a cock that was less than eighteen inches long.
Two amazons positioned themselves directly under the gravity platforms, and prepared to fuck the two blonde dancers in the ass. Two others took their places between their legs, letting Toppsy and Lulu stare at their massive members before they put them to use.
One amazon clasped her hands upon Lulu's ankles, spreading them apart. Stretching Lulu's legs apart like meat on a butcher's block, she pulled her legs open. Lulu's eyes widened in shock as she watched the amazon's cock move towards its destination. The amazon's lustful glare drank in Lulu's every facial expression as she pressed her throbbing organ against her.
The amazon's nineteen-inch cock moved directly to the entrance of Lulu's pussy. The softball-sized head was already slippery with pre-cum, and her juices from stroking it. She pressed it into the mouth of Lulu's feminine canal, and then punched it violently inside.
Then with the strength of an oil drill, the rock-like pole drilled itself deeper into Lulu's cunt. The amazon enjoyed watching Lulu struggle, knowing full well that there was nothing she could do to stop the penetration. The amazon was now getting several inches of her length into Lulu with each inward thrust, sending her into jolting spasms of agony.
The amazon's massive cockhead acted as a battering ram, smashing further into Lulu. Lulu's body arched madly, trying to expel the relentless invader as it plowed twelve inches deep into her, then fifteen inches. Lulu's enormous tits were nearly smacking into her face as they bounced in time with her throes. Surprisingly, Lulu's hips and thighs clamped onto her cock like a vise, forcing her to work to impale her with her prick.

The other six amazons who were standing above Toppsy and Lulu had not wasted any time in getting their pricks erect, and the plastic pieces on their cockheads. Each girl was gripping her turgid shaft with a fist, bringing herself quickly to the point where she would soon empty the load of jism in her balls.
"You're doing good so far," said Tiffany as she observed them. "The next ten of you, get your clothes off, move down to the front row, and be ready to take someone's place as soon as anyone is done. Don't worry about whether you get to fuck, or just jerk off. Everybody's gonna get a turn today."
By this time, two amazons had been power-fucking Toppsy for almost five minutes. Sensational pleasure coursed through both amazons as they drove their cocks further inside Toppsy. The amazon fucking Toppsy's pussy jerked her head back, as her climax brought forth a sudden violent ejaculation. So forcibly did her thick hot sperm erupt into Toppsy that it nearly f***ed her lithe body off her prick. By now, her cockhead had expanded to an incredible size, so that as Toppsy slid back and forth on her huge shaft, Toppsy's body jerked to a sudden halt, stopped by swollen cockhead. The amazon continued to shoot her cum inside Toppsy, the hot, wet blast filling her pussy instantly.
"Fuck her hard, so she'll never forget this day!" one amazon in the audience shouted.
With no outlet for the liquid, it was f***ed deeper into Toppsy's innards. When Toppsy's womb was filled with cum, the liquid pushed out in all directions, and splashed onto the floor below.
By now the six amazons above were firing huge amounts of cum into the bowls that were suspended over Lulu and Toppsy's heads.
Lulu gulped and swallowed continuously, barely able to keep up with the unbelievable amounts of cum the other amazons were pumping down her throat through the tubing. Lulu moaned as she swallowed and was shocked at the amount of sperm that the amazons were able to produce. She swallowed until her belly felt like it was bursting and still the amazons kept spurting cum.
"Just wait girl, we'll dump some really big loads into you soon enough, you tight little cunt!" one of the amazons in the crowd exclaimed. There was a lot of coarse laughter from all of the amazons as they stroked and pumped their huge cocks, eagerly awaiting their turns.
"Swallow our cum, you brat!" one amazon exclaimed as she gyrated her hips in front of Lulu's face, her nuts shaking back and forth. The spray of her cum into the bowl was audible, as was the wet gulping, sucking, and gagging of Lulu. Soon this amazon's climax was over, and she quickly made way for the next in line.

Above Toppsy, Cleo shook her head, and f***ed herself to try and remain calm, and hold her cock steady as blast after blast of thick white fluid sprayed from the engorged tip of her cock through the tubing into the bowl. Cleo grabbed the shaft of her prick and pumped it wildly with both hands, causing the cum to shoot out even more f***efully. Then Cleo shot off once again, spewing more white semen into the bowl, which Toppsy drank down greedily.
Another amazon's abdomen quivered as her orgasm overtook her, and her semen began the journey along the length of her massive penis. Her ejaculation sprayed like a fire hose into the collecting bowl. Her cockhead visibly expanded to allow the semen its outlet. Pulling slowly on her balls, and her shaft, the flood of shemale semen continued like there was no end in sight.
Five powerful jets splashed loudly in the bowl, causing it to churn violently. Here the ejaculation continued from several amazons, firing globs into Toppsy's mouth through the tubing so quickly that she had to gulp and swallow rapidly to be able to keep up with them.
Now another amazon began humping greedily in and out of Lulu. Lulu's pussy was so tight that it delighted the amazon's sensitive penis crown on each backstroke. Then her brutal forward thrusting f***ed high-pitched moans from Lulu's lovely neck and throat.
Lulu grunted even more loudly than before as the amazons continued impaling her pussy and ass at once. Now the amazon who had filled her ass pulled her prick out, assuming the position so she could empty her balls on Lulu's body. Thick ropy streams of semen flew forth from her twitching tool, coating Lulu's belly and splashing her thighs and running down to her cunt. More cum poured out of her cock, covering Lulu's belly in slippery white pools and rivulets.
Seeing her s****r empty her balls on Lulu, the amazon fucking Toppsy's pussy finally pulled her cock out from her legs. Like the opening of a hydrant, the jism poured out from Toppsy's pussy like a thick sticky river. Her massive cock still throbbing, the amazon launched several huge splurts of jism onto Toppsy's tits, which cascaded down onto her neck and chin.
Toppsy shook her head and focused her eyes again, just in time to see the next shemale moving into position between her legs.
"That's it you two!" called out Tiffany. "We're gonna show these two what it really means to get fucked here today!"
Toppsy grunted and moaned as two other amazons hauled back and rammed their huge cock into her pussy and ass, again and again. Because of Dee Dee's work, Toppsy could accommodate the enormous shemale cocks, but she had still never felt so powerless or so humiliated than she did right now.
All the while, she continued to get a savage screwing by the one amazon hammering her pussy, in vicious tandem with the girl reaming her ass. She spanked Toppsy's ass with loud meaty slaps to either cheek, and followed it up with a rough grope of the Toppsy's perfect round buttocks.
Lulu's body was rocked from the impact of the two amazons thrusting violently into her ass and pussy. Lulu's grunts and groans were almost inaudible amongst all the cruel laughter and nasty remarks from the crowd of other amazons all around her. Before long the two amazons had climaxed, blasting their cum into her bowels and up her pussy. After shooting off massive loads into her body, they pulled out of Lulu in tandem, and still proceeded to drench her face and tits with still more jism from their humongous spurting cocks.
To their surprise, Lulu reached out and gripped the shafts of their cocks with her hands, milking every last drop of jism out of them.
"You've got spirit girl, I'll say that for you!" exclaimed one amazon.

Once they were finished, Lulu was shown no mercy whatsoever. As soon as the first two shemales had finished with her, two more took their place. When Lulu felt the huge blunt head of a hard penis pressing between the big round cheeks of her ass she grimaced. The amazon grabbed Lulu's hips firmly and slammed forward with all her strength.
Lulu grunted in pain as this amazon slammed into her ass like a linebacker. The other amazon pounded Lulu's pussy with every ounce of her strength and her massive cock stretched Lulu's pussy wide as it pistoned into her. Together, the two amazons violated Lulu in this manner for about ten minutes. Both could have gone much longer into Lulu, of course, but others were waiting for their turn, so they just power-fucked Lulu hard and fast, without the slightest hint of mercy.
These two amazons fucked Lulu good and hard before finally pulling out and blasting all over her belly and tits with their cum. Lulu's body was already coated with cum and the jism dripped and collected everywhere, adding to the thick slimy paste that was dripping from between her legs.
Toppsy nearly passed in and out of consciousness a few times and was aware of many more amazons shooting their loads of jism into the bowl above her head, while she was being continually fucked by massive cocks in both of her holes below. Finally the latest amazon climaxed and shot her thick load of spunk straight into Toppsy's womb. Most of the amazon's gooey seed simply squirted back out from the sides of Toppsy's pussy, and this girl didn't stop until she had pumped what seemed to be a gallon of cum into Toppsy.
The other amazons laughed and cheered as they watched, slowly pumping their massive cocks and balls, as they eagerly awaited their own turn. Toppsy grimaced painfully, with clenched teeth, as another amazon with a massive, hulking dick f***ed her anus wide open, wider than ever before. Toppsy panicked, unsure if she could survive an anal assault by a hard-on of this size.

Toppsy grunted again as the amazon jabbed her cock forward and stretched her tortured rectum with her huge fuck-staff. The amazon lunged again and again until her entire erection was buried in Toppsy's ass. Toppsy's butt cheeks bumped against the amazon's groin and she could feel the ribbed skin of her cock pressing against her incredibly stretched anal ring.
The amazon laughed as she impaled Toppsy on her massive tool and grabbed her shapely hips to get more leverage as she began power-fucking Toppsy's ass, just as her partner was doing to her pussy.
Toppsy's body bounced like a rag doll from the punishing jabs from the two amazons. Toppsy's blonde hair was tossed this way and that and her huge breasts swayed pendulously on her chest, as her body absorbed the incredible pounding thrusts of the monstrously endowed amazons' cocks.
After two amazons had shot their loads, another pair of amazons took over on Lulu. Then another pair, and then another. During this time the other amazons who had already had their turns were not simply milling about doing nothing. They were all watching intently and pleasuring themselves, since promiscuity and lesbianism were the norm on Tiffany's Island. They watched Lulu's torment lustfully as they enthusiastically sucked on each other's big tits, sucked and licked each other's huge cocks, groped each other's breasts and ass, and just generally engaged in light foreplay.
Over and over, an amazon named Aretha hammered into Lulu like a monstrous b**st. Lulu's grunts were accentuated by Aretha's moans of pleasure and the steady smacking sound of Aretha's massive thick cock powering into Lulu's helpless ass. The amazons were all standing around and stroking themselves as they eagerly awaited their turns.
Aretha's huge cock spasmed and began pumping cum f***efully up Lulu's rectum with amazing intensity. Blast after blast of thick gooey jism flooded into Lulu's ass and then squirted out from the sides around Aretha's big pulsing cock. The steady, wet, sploshing sounds of Aretha's thrusting, as she buried herself to the hilt in Lulu's ass, could be heard by Tiffany and the other amazons close by.
Aretha groaned in pleasure as she pulled her spasming, cum-spurting cock out of Lulu's butt. There was now a wet, squishing, sucking sound as the shemale amazon stood up and slowly pistoned her massive penis with her fists, and prepared to unload the rest of her jism.
The sound of Aretha stroking her wet prick was audible even over Lulu's protesting moans. The amazon held her geysering prick over Lulu's body until her orgasm faded, as her twitching cock spurted the last of her load all over her mammoth tits, rubbing it in with her cockhead and adding to the sperm already there.

Toppsy gagged as a jet of semen shot straight down her throat through the tubing, but she knew that she dared not stop sucking on the incredible reservoir of cum above her. The other amazons laughed as they watched Toppsy frantically drinking and sucking the cum of their shemale s****rs. Again and again Toppsy gulped and gagged as the big streams of jism into the bowl just kept coming from the amazons.
"All right girls, line up and let's show this tart what we really think of her," Tiffany instructed. Three new amazons quickly took their place around the containing bowl, and fitted the headpieces on their rigid cocks.
Each new girl squeezed her massive prick in her fist. Two of them were not able to encircle the girth of their cocks with her hands, they were so huge. Within moments, several huge, warm streams of jism blasted directly into the bowl, and then into Toppsy's mouth through the tubing.
Toppsy tried desperately to swallow, but the jism filled her mouth even faster. Toppsy's mouth soon filled completely up to the brim with cum and there was a flow of jism trickling down the dancer's face and body.
Toppsy tried desperately to keep up, but the semen filled her throat and nearly made her choke. The amazons' stream of cum was steady and f***eful, and Toppsy thought that she would never manage to swallow all of it.
As Lulu continued sucking, she was greeted with blast after blast of jism. She grimaced as the hot liquid filled her throat and mouth. The amazons laughed when they saw her make a face and uttered more insults and taunts at her. Two amazons looked Lulu in the face and rubbed their still dripping cockheads against her cheek for a moment.
"Suck my cum!" shouted one amazon. "Yeah, you're gonna suck the juice right out of all our big pricks today! Drink that jism faster, girl!"
"Suck the spunk out of my balls, you slut!" another amazon cried out.

The containing bowl was so thoroughly filled with cum that as soon as Lulu opened the release valve with her thumb, her mouth filled with the gooey globs of jism flooding in like a waterfall. Soon Lulu was sucking and gulping down the thick gobs of cum frantically trying to keep up with the pace the amazons were setting.
Above Lulu, Persia grunted and her big dick suddenly jerked and spasmed. Great thick jets of spunk shot repeatedly from the Persia's climaxing cock. She was shooting so much cum so hard that it was audible to most of the girls seated in the auditorium. She groaned in ecstasy as the steady splosh and splash sound of her sperm blasting into the containing bowl continued. She was shooting off massive splurts of jism, and the level in the bowl was rising quickly. Lulu nearly gagged as Persia and the other two amazons spurted their huge loads of thick jism through the tubing directly into her open mouth, filling it in seconds with their gooey spunk.
"Swallow it, and then open your mouth so we can fill it up again!" Persia ordered. Persia quickly squeezed her geysering cockhead, nearly filling the bowl completely full of sperm again. With a smirk of triumph she looked down into Lulu's defeated eyes. "This is gonna be your role in life today, girl. Get used to it!"
After what seemed like an eternity, Toppsy gained a momentary reprieve, as three new shemale amazons stepped up and took their place overhead. These girls had been f***ed to watch the activities while waiting for their turn with Lulu or Toppsy to come up. As a result, their pricks were fully erect, and nearly at the bursting point from stroking themselves repeatedly, during their time as spectators.
The three girls took a moment, to place the plastic pieces on their pricks, and began to f***efully jerk themselves off. After only a few minutes, their breathing increased, and all three of them had the telltale look on their faces, that indicated they were seconds away from orgasm.
They pointed their cocks at the containing bowl and blasted it with jism through the tubing.
Since Toppsy was ordered to keep swallowing at all costs, a lot of the cum went directly into her gut, blasting down the tubing, and through her gaping mouth. Toppsy held her body like this for as long as she could, until it felt like her tummy was completely full of jism. Soon, these three amazons were finished and yet another trio of shemales with rampaging hard-ons swiftly replaced them.
One of the amazons above Lulu groaned with lust as her balls rumbled. Watching the double penetration of Lulu's body was making the cum churn in her. Her prick swelled to the bursting point, and Lulu trembled, sensing that this amazon was getting ready to unload her cum. Seconds later, cum spurted from her pisser, the thick flood spraying through the tube into Lulu's flooded mouth and down her throat. She stroked her cock again, her balls blasting as shrill whines of pleasure came from her mouth.
Lulu gagged as cum clogged her throat. She held her head steady. Cheeks drawn in tight, she sucked. Quick swallows, followed by deep sucks kept her mouth constantly filled.

"Drain her, Lulu," Tiffany called out. "Drain her fucking balls!" Lulu wanted to. She sucked deep. The cum was squirting faster and she couldn't swallow quickly enough. Cum oozed from her lips and onto her boobs. Her eyes widened and she thought for a second that she was going to drown on the seemingly endless sea of jism.
"Look at all that cum," Tiffany sighed. She licked her lips.
Lulu had no intention of giving up. She wanted it all, and was determined to prove that she could take whatever was dished out at her. The squirting wads from the amazons above had slowed slightly and she caught the pace again, drinking greedily as the powerful flow into her lost some of its strength.
Toppsy swallowed cum frantically, gulping down the amazons' steaming fuck-load, but she couldn't swallow fast enough. The cum gushed into her mouth and throat, stream after stream of it. The pungent taste and aroma made Toppsy's head swim. As their cum poured into her guts, she thought her head was going to blow off. Toppsy gasped and her body shook as the shots of cum gushed into the depths of her cunt and her rectum from the two amazons fucking her from below.
One amazon squealed in joy, her head rearing back. Her nuts exploded and a thick river of jism shot through her cock and squirted from her pisser into the bowl. The stringy load spurted into Toppsy's mouth as she stroked her cock with her powerful hands.
Now the amazon fucking Toppsy's pussy pulled out of her. She jerked her fist rapidly up and down her throbbing cockshaft. Cum rocketed out and hit Toppsy's face and tits, and splashed into her hair. Toppsy gasped and continued gulping down jism from the tubing, her eyes wide as the same amazon's bursting prick continued to blast out cum. Her stomach heaving, she finally emptied her nuts, and moaned in pleasure as she backed away.
Another amazon's nuts burst above Toppsy's head. The churning cum shot through her cock like a rocket, and a thick stream of jism blasted into the bowl, and then squirted into Toppsy's throat. She cried out, as her balls churned out another river of gooey jism.
Toppsy nearly choked as the stream of jism splashed over her tongue, and down her throat. Her body convulsed, as the non-stop fucking from the two amazons below had triggered another orgasm in her overstuffed cunt.
Toppsy's mouth was flooded with jism. She swallowed as fast as she could, drinking greedily and filling her mouth with the sweet-tasting jism.
Another amazon stepped forward, her rump twitching with anticipation. She jammed the headpiece onto her dick, and within minutes, let loose with another spraying river of cum into the bowl. She grunted, aroused to a feverish pitch as the band around her cock and balls kept the cum in her balls churning and exploding.
Toppsy gulped as fast as she could, but the cum was squirting too fast even for her greedy mouth. Cum gushed from her lips and thick drooling strands dripped from her clinging lips and rolled down her neck onto her tits. Toppsy shuddered as she felt yet another squirt of cum shoot directly into her throat.
Below Lulu, the amazon fucking her cunt tensed her body, as her balls exploded. A hot thick stream of jism spurted from her jabbing prick and splattered deep inside Lulu's climaxing cunt. She fucked hard, squirting more cum as her cock shook and her rump jerked.
As the first amazon came in Lulu, Tami jerked her head back and grunted as her balls burst. Hot thick cum squirted from her pisser, flooding Lulu's ass. Another thick gooey stream followed as she fucked hard into her rump.
By now, both Tami and the other girl pulled out of Lulu, and stroked their cocks. Hot thick rivers of jism sprayed from their pissers and splattered Lulu's boobs and tummy.
Lulu gagged on the cum rushing into her through the tubing. Her cheeks filled, the cum spilling from her lips. Gulping on the spurting wads, she kept her ass swiveling as two new amazons took their places at her pussy and asshole. She continued swallowing the cum as fast as she could as different amazons kept the bowl above her head steadily filled.

Lulu gulped and gagged, cum gushing from her clinging mouth. Cum squirted down her throat, the gooey jism making her crazy as she ground her hips and ass frantically on the hard throbbing cocks that were fucking her.
Above Lulu, another amazon whined, her chest heaving as her nostrils flared. Her rump jerked, and her balls rumbled, spewing out more jism as Lulu's hot greedy mouth gulped down all of their cum.
One amazon's prick swelled, the heat of Toppsy's cunt and the pulsing muscles churning the cum bubbling in her swinging balls. Another quick lightning fuck jab and her balls burst. Hot thick cum gushed through her cock shaft and squirted from her pisser. The thick gooey stream squirted deep, splattering the spongy walls of Toppsy's climaxing cunt.
Whining, she pulled out of Toppsy, depositing several huge splurts of cum onto her mammoth tits. Her body shuddered as the last of her cum spurted from her prick, and she moved to allow another amazon to take her place.
Above Toppsy, the amazons' pricks still poured out thick gobs of jism into the bowl. She moaned as she sucked globs of cum into her greedy mouth.
"Suck faster, girl!" an amazon gasped as she watched Toppsy writhe in ecstasy. "Suck it all out."
Toppsy sucked like a demon, her head reeling as thick wads of cum filled her mouth. She gulped it down, sucking down jism as the two amazons below her wriggled and continued shoving their cocks into her holes.
One amazon gave a loud shrill whine as her balls erupted. Her cock thickened as hot cum gushed through her cockshaft and sprayed from her pisser. She lunged, another river of jism gushing from her cock and flooding Toppsy's asshole.
The ordeal continued for well over an hour against Toppsy and Lulu. No one was certain just how many times the two blonde dancers had been fucked, much less how much semen had been f***ed down their throats from all of the amazons. Every amazon who was part of the audience had jerked off or fucked Toppsy or Lulu at least once, and many of them had shot their loads off several times.

Tiffany knew that her crew of amazons were well-conditioned enough, and coordinated enough in group sex, that they could keep this sort of activity up on Toppsy and Lulu almost indefinitely. As fun as that might be for them, Tiffany knew from experience that they now had more than enough video footage from their multiple cameras, to be able to release more than one video from this session alone. Tiffany knew that if she prolonged the gangbang on Toppsy and Lulu, that it would only eventually cause them to pass out or collapse.
As much as she wanted to humiliate and punish the blonde dancers, Tiffany wanted them to think that they had survived the ordeal, only to push them even further and harder in the next round.

"Okay, everyone. Time for the 'two-minute warning'," called out Tiffany. "Anybody who's close to cumming, crowd around our two friends, and empty your balls. Those of you who're fucking them, you're the last ones for now.
A last furious flurry of activity occurred around Toppsy and Lulu, as almost a dozen girls unloaded their jism on them. Once the amazons had pulled out their ass and pussy, Toppsy and Lulu could concentrate on the tremendous amounts of jism in the bowls above their heads.
The two blonde dancers seemed to get their second wind, and each girl slowly but steadily drained the jism from the bowls through the tubing.
But there was a difference in the two blonde dancers' methods. Toppsy was simply trying to empty the bowl and end the ordeal. Her method was to simply inhale as much jism as she could into her mouth, and then shut her eyes, and f***ed herself to swallow it.
Lulu looked like a college k** at a fraternity party. Her throat throbbed with a steady, chugging rhythm as she devoured the bowl of jism above her head. Lulu was truly enjoying the taste of the cum, now that the pounding on her body had finally stopped. She had also grown accustomed to her body being able to burn off the incredible amounts of jism in it, so she consumed far greater quantities of the cum than she would have done in a normal situation.
After several minutes of non-stop effort, they both finally succeeded, and the sounds of air bubbles in the tubing could be heard.
At a signal from Tiffany, some girls removed the straps from Toppsy and Lulu's heads, and removed the apparatus from them.
Toppsy and Lulu caught their breath, and wiped some of the excess jism from their faces. "Satisfied, Tiffany?" asked Toppsy. "I'm surprised I don't look like I'm pregnant, after all the cum that I just swallowed." Although she put on a brave front, Toppsy was simply glad that she had managed to survive the ordeal.
"Your girls really know how to fuck, I'll give 'em that," said Lulu. "But I think we both proved that we can fuck and suck with the best, just now! Who else wants a crack at us?" To Toppsy's surprise, Lulu was passionate and defiant, almost daring any of the other amazons to try anything with her.
"Well, I'm glad that you two feel that way," said Tiffany, "and that you've still got some spirit in you, as well. Because we're far from finished today."

Toppsy and Lulu stared at Tiffany in astonishment.
"That's right, girls. This was only the first round. You're gonna get a rest period, and I'll even have some of the girls help clean you up some.
"But after that, as they say in a certain video game commercial: welcome to the next level. There's only going to be six of us that get to have you next time, but I guarantee that they'll push you harder than ever before."
By now, Toppsy and Lulu knew that Tiffany did not make idle threats, or promises that she couldn't keep. After what they'd just been through, they both had a sense of dread and foreboding about what was to follow.
At a signal from Tiffany, four of the newer girls helped the blonde dancers out of the anti-gravity platforms.
"You two can have an hour to clean yourselves up, and have some lunch to build up your strength for the next round, because you're gonna need it. When you get back, we'll repeat this little drill, and then you'll be introduced to some of the real 'heavyweights' here on the Island."

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