Impossible Virgins Chapter 9 The Avalanche - The P

Chapter 9: The Avalanche - The Prelude

Toppsy and Lulu awoke in their quarters the next morning. After she observed them awaken through the closed-circuit monitors, Tami and two of the newer girls went there and e****ted them to the cafeteria. There, Toppsy and Lulu both ate a large breakfast, as they prepared themselves for another day of non-stop sex, which they knew was surely coming.
Tami used her cellular phone and called Tiffany, as she watched the two blonde dancers eat from a distance. "Your plan's working, Tiffany. Toppsy and Lulu are putting away food like there's no tomorrow. They've each had two helpings."
"Let 'em gorge themselves. They're gonna need all their strength for what I've got in store for them today. Once they've finished, wait for a call from Dee Dee, and then e****t them to the auditorium."

In the auditorium, Dee Dee and some of the new girls were quietly putting things in order, and making some final checks of all the equipment.
Now Tiffany turned around to face all of the amazons gathered in the auditorium.
"All right, everyone, we're almost ready to begin. Forgive me if I start to sound like a drill sergeant or like I'm sending you on a secret mission. But there are a number of things that I want you all to know about, as we entertain ourselves with Toppsy and Lulu today.
"We're going to run things on a first-come, first-served basis; in other words, a good old-fashioned gang-bang today."
Cries of enthusiasm and applause rippled throughout the audience of amazons.
"Now some of you are going to get a chance to bang these two girls' boxes today, and some of you may not. I don't want to hear any complaints about anyone 'missing out', because frankly, if you haven't taken advantage of these two girls, and enjoyed yourselves with them already, you've only got yourselves to blame.
"Those of you that get to fuck them, you'll do it to them hard and fast and deep. You're not going after the fastest cum shot, or the longest duration time. After about ten minutes, you should have a pretty good charge built up in your balls. From there, you'll pull out, and unload over their face, tits and body. Then whoever's next in line, will take your spot.
"Now those of you that don't get to fuck our friends right away, you'll be getting your cocks hard and primed for jerking off. There's room for three of you around the bowls that will be suspended above Toppsy and Lulu's heads.
"If you need to, use a little oil to get your cockhead nice and slippery, and then slip one of these plastic pieces over it, and then attach it to the tubing. This is just like what you'll event-ually use, when you're a Milker yourself. There are also some of the 'rubber bands' for you to put around the base of your cock and balls. You've all seen how these work from your duties during the Milking Rituals. With these on the head of your cocks, you can shoot off a full-f***e load from a short distance and it’ll all still land in the bowls. The sensations in your cock will increase dramatically, and they'll also help you produce a more powerful cum shot, too.
"Does anybody have any questions about how to use the bands or the plastic piece for the tip of your prick?"
No one in the audience had any response for Tiffany.

"Okay, so far so good. Let me catch my breath," Tiffany with a laugh to ease the tension. "I'm not trying to be a hard-case; I just want all of you to know what's going on here.
"Now since there's about fifty of us here, it'll be a while, before some of you get your turn with Toppsy or Lulu. You can play or fondle with your friend or neighbor while the time passes. Or simply watch the action and enjoy things. I don't want to see anybody showing off and shooting your load in the audience. We're saving everything for the guests of honor today.
"The ten of you in the first row will be the first ones that get to see any action. The next ten of you should get yourselves ready to enter the scene whenever there's an opening. You'll get a good feel for how this works after it's been going a while.
"A few of you have actually made videos like this, before coming to the Island. The rest of you should have a good idea of what to do, after you've watched things for a bit.
"Now, myself, Clyda, Dee Dee and a few others are going to observe all of you as you perform. We'll be acting kind of like directors and I'll be giving some instructions, as things proceed. We'll take a turn at Toppsy and Lulu later on, rest assured of that. Some of you haven't been here that long, so this is a bit of a treat for you, to have these girls first today.
"I think that I've covered everything. Does anybody have any questions?"
"Are we filming things today, Tiffany?" asked a girl in the audience.
"Absolutely! They're kind of inconspicuous, since they're tucked in the corners, and other low-profile places, but we've got at least six cameras, that'll cover all of the action today. How does everything look for the video setup, Dee Dee?"
"All systems are 'go' Tiffany. By the way, did you tell the girls what you're thinking of calling this video session when it's released?"
"I almost forgot," said Tiffany. "Since the name of the game will be dumping as much cum as possible into Toppsy and Lulu today, we're going to call this one 'Avalanche', when it's all edited together."
This brought forth another series of applause and raunchy approval from the girls in the audience.
"I'm glad you all like it as much as I do," said Tiffany. "All right, Dee Dee. Call Tami, and let's get those two prima donnas in here, and get 'em prepped for their big scene."

A few moments later, Toppsy and Lulu were on the stage in the auditorium. Today, the chamber was filled to near capacity with amazons in almost every seat. By now, they both knew what to expect from Tiffany and the amazons, whenever they entered this room. This time, they saw the anti-gravity platforms that Dee Dee had developed on the stage, as well as the appar-atus for collecting all the jism that the shemale amazons would produce.
"So, what's in store for us today, Tiffany?" asked Toppsy dryly. "Are you gonna see if you can fit three dicks inside my pussy?"
"And thanks to your girls, I don't know if I'll ever get enough anal sex now," added Lulu.
"I'm glad to see that you two girls haven't lost your sense of humor," said Tiffany. "Your 'three in one' suggestion is an idea I'll put on the back burner, Toppsy. Today, I've got a new treat in store for you two.
"You see those little platform-like objects on the stage? You'll be sending a lot of your time there today. So lie down in them, and get comfortable."
Toppsy and Lulu complied. From the side, Dee Dee adjusted some controls, and they shaped and conformed themselves to the contours of Lulu and Toppsy's backs.
"This isn't so bad," said Lulu. "It's like a mattress that knows all about my back."
"That's the general idea," said Dee Dee. "It runs from just above your tailbone to the base of your neck, and it conforms itself to your individual body. It also has some circuitry in it that allows it to generate a small anti-gravity field. Allow me to demonstrate..."
Dee Dee pressed a button, and the position of the platforms changed so that the dancers looked like they were sitting in a recliner chair with their legs extended. Then both Toppsy and Lulu rose several feet into the air.
"Hey, take it easy with us!" squealed Toppsy.
"Don't worry. We aren't going to send you into orbit," said Dee Dee.
"That's right. We're just raising you a few feet, so things are more convenient for us," said Tiffany. "This way, one of us can get at you from the bottom, or between your legs, and bang away from there without interfering with anybody else. We can also swap different girls in and out of there, without having to move the whole pile around."
"All right, so you can get between our legs one after another, like an assembly line," muttered Toppsy. "It's not like you haven't tried something like this before around here."
"What's all this other stuff around here for?" asked Lulu.
"Very observant, Lulu," replied Tiffany. "We're putting you two on a liquid diet today. No doubt you two noticed how hungry you were, when you woke up this morning?"
"We just had a big breakfast, and I still feel like I could eat a horse," said Lulu.
"That's because we put something in your supper last night, that'll make you ravenous for the rest of the day. Today, you two are going to see just how much jism our cock and balls can really produce, and you're going to swallow it like never before."
"And just how do you plan on making us do that?" retorted Toppsy. "Even if we wanted to, you must know there's no way that our bodies could hold that much frigging volume."
"I'm getting tired of repeating myself to you Toppsy," said Tiffany. "First off, if you don't cooperate, you know full well what we can do to you, to make your lives miserable." Toppsy simply glared at Tiffany hatefully. "Now as for storing all of the jism, we came up with a solution for that. If you're smart, you won't put up a struggle, while some of the new girls connect the tubing apparatus to you."

Some of the girls began arranging the bowls, and connecting the tubing.
"Today, whenever your body senses a large amount of cum inside it, some enzymes will kick in and quickly burn it away," said Dee Dee. "So you'll be able to take in fantastic amounts of it, without worrying about getting sick, or your belly overflowing."
The tubing was connected to Toppsy and Lulu's mouths, and then gently fastened behind their head and necks with some additional straps. Next, the container bowls were positioned so that they were over Toppsy and Lulu's heads, and then connected to the tubing from their mouths. Finally the girls gave the two blonde dancers the hand-held devices that would let them control the flow of jism into their mouths.
"We've fixed things so that you can't spit the tubing out," said Tiffany. "But we also gave you a means to control the flow of cum into you. You won't be expected to swallow everything at once, but you will have to work hard at it, to keep up with us. You've only seen our pricks shoot off during normal sex so far. When you see what we can do later today, you'll realize why we've got such large bowls suspended over you."
"The anti-gravity field which supports you, will also keep the bowls safely above you, even when they've got a full load in them," said Dee Dee.
Both Toppsy and Lulu gave out a series of inarticulate grunts and mumbles.
"Ah, the sound of silence from you two at last," said Tiffany. "Or at least as close as we're likely to get, anyway.
"Things will be fairly simple for you today, girls. One or two of us will take turns being inside your pussy, and or your asshole, from below the platforms. The rest of us will take turns jerking off into those two bowls that are suspended above you. As long as the two of you put out a steady effort, and swallow our jism at a good pace, you should be fine. Dee Dee's already explained the workings of things to you. You won't get sick or throw up from all of the cum in your bodies.
"But if either of you try and develop an attitude, or don't give your best effort, you know damn well what the penalties for that are. Do I make myself perfectly clear?"
Toppsy and Lulu gave spiteful glares to Tiffany, but still nodded their heads in assent.
"All right girls," Tiffany called out, "let's get this show on the road!"

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