B6 Chapter 20 Jordan Is Gifted

Chapter 20: Jordan Is Gifted

"All right then," said Rhiannon. She released Jordan, and let her sit down on the bed.
"Dejah, Kristal. Sit Barocca's ass down in that chair. Make sure she doesn't move, and make
damned certain that she watches what happens to Jordan.
"Jordan, I'm going to 'gift' you. I'm going to load you up with tons of Vectran sexual
energy. It's going to hurt for a little bit, but when I'm done, you'll have the power to pay Barocca back, beyond your wildest dreams. Then you and Barocca will play a little game we Vectrans call ‘The Eternal Hard-On’."
Dejah and Kristal opened their eyes in shock, when they heard Rhiannon. This was something that was only done among the Vectrans, and then only to serious offenders. It was known as a form of punishment, certainly not a reward. But Rhiannon's anger had reached a state that none of the girls was willing to try and stop her. She then quickly discarded her clothing so that she was naked before Jordan.
Jordan gaped at Rhiannon in surprise when she didn’t see her cock and balls between her legs. "Don't worry, girl. My cock'll be between my legs, and ready for action before you know it."

Rhiannon began fondling and squeezing her breasts. "First, I've gotta get you ready, so that you'll be able to withstand what's gonna happen to you next."
Under her fingers, Rhiannon's nipples quickly grew and hardened. Before Jordan knew it, her nipples looked like they were as thick as hot dog wieners, and extending several inches from the surface of her breasts.
Rhiannon was quickly growing aroused, as she watched her own body respond, but she kept herself in check. Jordan was eyeing her enormous nipples with undisguised lust. Even Barocca had temporarily forgotten her predicament, and was staring at Rhiannon.
"You like what you see, girl?" asked Rhiannon. She knelt down at the foot of the bed, so that her breasts were more accessible to Jordan. "Get that sexy little mouth over here, and start sucking, honey."
Jordan didn't need to be told twice. She scooted up to Rhiannon, and embraced her. Jordan was shocked at the size of Rhiannon, and the power that she could feel coursing through her, just by touching and holding her. Jordan's fingers barely touched, when she wrapped her arms around Rhiannon's back.
Jordan swallowed one of Rhiannon's turgid nipples in one gulp, and began sucking for all she was worth. Almost instantly, Jordan was rewarded with a splash of a warm, sweet liquid in
her mouth. It was thicker than any breast milk she had ever tasted, and yet not quite the texture or consistency of jism from any of the amazon's cocks.
Rhiannon began to moan in savage pleasure, as Jordan drank deeply from her tit. "That's a good girl," she said, as she placed one hand on the back of Jordan's head, and held her to her breast. "You probably can't decide whether that's milk or cum that you're getting right
now, can you?" All Jordan could do was nod her head while she sucked feverishly.
"Well, that's gonna be my little secret for now. Remember, we're aliens, so we're a little
different than you girls."
Without warning, Rhiannon pulled Jordan's head from her nipple, and held her head even with her own. "What you're gulping down is a special nectar from our race, that'll help you to

survive what's gonna happen next."
Rhiannon kissed Jordan fiercely, sticking her tongue into Jordan's mouth, and surprising her with the size and f***e of it. Rhiannon released Jordan's mouth from her own. "That's right, blondie. I like my sex hard, hot and nasty. And I must say, for an Earth girl, you're definitely getting my motor revving."
Jordan was shocked at the power and intensity that she felt from Rhiannon. But she was
determined to hold out, and let Rhiannon do whatever she wanted, if it meant the chance to pay Barocca back, and get even with her.
"You're gonna remember this night for the rest of your life, girl," said Rhiannon. "Now get
busy and pay some attention to my other tit."
Jordan moved her head, and eagerly attacked Rhiannon's other massive nipple. After several minutes of passionate sucking on Rhiannon, she began to feel like her belly was full. She could tell it was definitely warmer than it had been a few moments earlier.
"All right, Jordan. You're as ready as you're ever gonna be. Now we're at the point of no
return. Sit down on the bed, and prepare to be impressed, girl."
Rhiannon took a step back, and began to do what looked like 'deep breathing exercises'.
After a moment, her skin became dark and flushed. Suddenly, Rhiannon's cock appeared be-tween her legs. It was at least a foot long, and almost as thick as Jordan's wrist.
Jordan gasped in surprise and shock. Rhiannon's cock was even bigger in this state, than Vantha's had been, when she performed at the banquet table.
Rhiannon paused for a moment. "Don't even think about getting cold feet, and backing out of this blondie. Once I've started changing like this, I sure as hell can't stop."

The Vectran woman grew. Rhiannon became a giant, a titan. Her unleashed cock grew even huger. Rhiannon's body altered, growing more muscular with each passing moment. Soon, she had grown fantastically huge and powerful. Rhiannon's heavy moan as she strove to control the fantastic energies within her was audible to everyone in the room.
The rest of the girls in the room were galvanized at the sight of Rhiannon's incredible
transformation. Rhiannon's hips began to buck and grind, the huge hardness of her shaft thrust-ing before her and springing to rigid attention, aiming skyward, and it grew like a balloon inflating as it speared upward towards the ceiling.
Rhiannon glanced at the other girls around the room. The Vectran girls were not totally
unfamiliar with this phenomenon. They had heard about it, and knew it was possible among
their race, but they had rarely seen it. And none of them was going to try and stop Rhiannon
in her present state of mind.
Jordan was staring at Rhiannon with a mixed look of awe and attraction. She'd never seen anyone transform like Rhiannon was. Barocca stared at Rhiannon in horror. From her angle, Rhiannon looked like a monster that was out of control.
Rhiannon noticed Barocca's look, and turned to let her get a good look. "I wouldn't worry
about what's gonna happen to Jordan, if I were you, girl. She's been prepared for what's about to happen to her." Rhiannon stroked her cock, letting Barocca get a good look at it.
"But what's gonna happen to you in a little bit, is another story entirely." The menace in
Rhiannon's tone was plainly audible to everyone in the room.

Now Rhiannon turned her attention back to Jordan. "We're at the point of no return, girl!
Any last words?"
Jordan shook her head, and gritted her teeth.
"Just lie down on the bed, and spread your legs girl," Rhiannon told Jordan. "When I get
done with you, you won't recognize yourself."
Rhiannon's cock was like a massive redwood jutting from her cleft. It seemed as though
Rhiannon's very soul had been altered. Rhiannon had turned into a sexual engine of almost
unbelievable proportions, seeking only to relieve her incredible, overpowering lust now.
Rhiannon now stood like a colossus, over eight feet tall. The massive diameter of her cock sprang from between her thighs upwards at a forty-five degree angle, rising until it was even with the nipples of her breasts.
The pulsating flanged head of Rhiannon's incredible cock throbbed as it hovered in the air. The engorged and ruddy shaft seemed almost near to bursting, congested and reddened, with the veins running up and down its length beating visibly. The titanic balls descended be- tween Rhiannon's widespread legs, forcing her to assume a wide stance.
As Jordan watched with horror, she could see that Rhiannon's balls were growing larger with each moment. The incredible flanged ball that was Rhiannon's cockhead now began pulsing out a small stream of jism. Rhiannon reached out and caught a handful of her precum. She leaned over Jordan, and rubbed it over her cock and balls, knitting her brow in concen-tration as she did so.
"I hate to say this, but this will keep you from getting a hard-on, and joining in any fun
and games temporarily," said Rhiannon. "I want the energy I transfer to you, to stay in your
body, and then you can redirect it later on."
Jordan's cock and balls now felt the same as if her foot was 'asl**p'. She could sense the general shape and weight of the skin tissue there, but that was all.
The lust-crazed Rhiannon pulled back a couple of steps from the quivering form of Jordan, her huge testicles slapping against her thighs. Rhiannon's great cock loomed over Jordan, its dimensions casting a dark shadow over the trembling girl. One of Rhiannon's hands
levered the straining, gouting zeppelin of her cock downwards until it was aimed at Jordan's
rounded cunt lips.
Jordan could only stare in terror at the dinosaur-sized mass of Rhiannon's cock hovering in the air. Rhiannon smiled wickedly and stroked her cock, bringing a deep moan from her lips,
as she felt it jerk and pulse in response. She reached out and spread Jordan's legs further, and guided her huge prick towards her now flowing pussy. Jordan felt the massive head of it against her pussy lips, and then she was wrenched wide open as Rhiannon slowly thrust it deep into her. It was like being nudged by a freight train, and Jordan felt the heat emanating from it.
"Argh!" Jordan screeched at the suddenly tearing pain. No matter what Rhiannon had told her earlier, she was now positive that she couldn't accept the massive intruder inside her.
Rhiannon's cockhead was grinding into her cunt, pushing her back and spreading her legs apart as it battered its way inside her. Jordan felt her loins stretch and swell; the huge rimmed ball of Rhiannon's cockhead was at least twice the size of her fist.
"Oh, fuck, no!" hollered Jordan. "It's gonna tear me apart!"
"Quit being such a crybaby, girl," growled Rhiannon. "I told you I'd find a way for you to
survive this."
Jordan's only response was a long stream of nearly hysterical panting, as she fought to keep her fear under control, and not fall to pieces as Rhiannon impaled her. Almost a minute
passed like this, and Rhiannon somehow held off on penetrating Jordan any deeper.
Finally, Jordan's motions changed from panic, to those of lust. To Rhiannon's surprise,
Jordan's legs wrapped tighter around her cock, and she drove her massive cock deeper into
the velvet pool of Jordan's body.
"That's my girl," said Rhiannon proudly. "It took you a minute, but you love cock in any
size or shape, don't you?"
Jordan managed to nod her head 'yes'.
Rhiannon was consumed with lust. The clasping walls of Jordan's pussy laving the shaft of her cock were producing wondrous feelings. She could feel the waves of pleasure shooting
through her body from her center, her hips thrusting and then slowly withdrawing in slow rhythm.
Jordan began to slowly rock herself back and forth on Rhiannon's shaft, feeling her pussy
split to gaping size as she encompassed more and more of the shaft. At first, Jordan felt as if a python had been rammed up into her. Then, before Jordan knew it, her body was wracked with orgasms of incredible intensity, each fading into the other so as to be almost a continuous, mind shattering blast of pleasure.
Jordan felt no pain, only a surprising increase in pleasure that grew as Rhiannon shoved her cock further inside of her. Jordan's belly was now plainly distended, the hardened head of
Rhiannon's cock discernible by the way her tummy bulged with the load within her. Jordan
watched the bulbous monster in her belly throb, each beat plainly visible just below her breasts.
Jordan's next action seemed to her to be not only natural, but also necessary. She allowed herself to sink further onto the impossible prick fucking her. She could feel Rhiannon's
shaft slide within her as it went deeper. Her chest actually bulged, the skeleton stretching and bending to accommodate the monster plunging into her body, her breasts now aiming their ruby tips skyward.
Her legs splayed wide, her swollen belly distending into further rotundity, and Jordan felt
herself being lifted by the rapidly lengthening shaft until she was actually lifted off the bed, while being impaled on Rhiannon's cock. Jordan's eyes widened in amazement, as she realized what was happening to her.

"That's it girl," said Rhiannon. "Feel the strength and the power of my monster cock inside of you. And I haven't even begun to fuck you with it yet."
She looked out at Rhiannon's monstrously huge shaft, its base girth now almost the diameter of her thighs. She eyed the reddened length of it, as it disappeared into her, seeing the way the purplish veins running through it stood out from its now steel-like hardness.
Rhiannon had prepared Jordan for the assault at the beginning, so she felt only pleasure for the time being, and not the agony of being spitted and split. The first spurt of milk from
Rhiannon's massive breasts had temporarily altered the very tissue of Jordan's body, enabling it to stretch to encompass the enormous shaft of Rhiannon.
Now Rhiannon began a slow, deliberate fucking of Jordan. Her thrusts began as easy and gentle, but they were quickly increasing in their length and power. But even if Jordan's body could somehow absorb Rhiannon's massive cock, she could not contain the juices that it was filling her body with. Jordan could feel her belly fill, until it was distended into firm round-ness.
But the best, and perhaps the strangest feelings, were centered not on Jordan's wide-split pussy, though the almost continuous orgasm emanating from her cunt was driving her practically mad with its intensity; it was her breasts that almost matched that maddening pleasure she felt between her legs. Before Jordan's startled eyes, her breasts were growing and changing.
The areola had changed first, widening until they were almost five inches across, and
turning a dark brown color. Next, the nipples had grown to hugeness, each nugget of dark and
ruddy flesh hardening into a size that would match her big toe in thickness, and thrusting out to two inches in length. Jordan's areola continued growing darker and bulging forth, rising from the surface of her breasts, like cookie dough in an oven.
Jordan's breasts themselves, small and hemispherical, now rapidly swelled in size, grow-ing from a firm handful to large, globular melons standing forth in incredible firmness. Jordan mindlessly fondled the now large mounds of her breasts. And still they swelled, growing visibly larger with every searing pump of Rhiannon's energy flooding into her.
Rhiannon's relentless thrustings slowed, becoming slow and gentle. Jordan watched, her mind still cloudy from the relentless pounding she had just experienced, her hands u*********s-ly massaging her now melon sized breasts, as Rhiannon paused.
"Impressive, aren't they?" asked Rhiannon, as she watched Jordan play with her new juggs. "Sorry to say, that change isn't permanent. It's a side effect a lot of girls experience, when they go through this process.
"What's happened up until now has only been a warm-up, Jordan. I'm gonna fuck you like you've never been fucked before. At times, you may think you won't survive, but you will."
Jordan gritted her teeth, and panted, "Do it!"

Rhiannon moaned, now increasing the tempo of her thrusts. Jordan peered out once again to see the monstrous shaft of Rhiannon's prick, and saw the testicles now grown well past the size of softballs. Each of Rhiannon's wild thrusts grew more intense, allowing more and more of the shaft into Jordan's depths.
"Now, my horny little blonde friend, you shall know the gift," said Rhiannon, her voice soft
and throaty in her lust. "For a short time, you will know the greatest pleasures and powers our kind are capable of."
Jordan's hips began a slow bucking, her rhythm soon matching Rhiannon's frenzied plungings. Rhiannon's hips increased their thrusting, and her huge hands now grasped Jordan's hips, holding her motionless as her mighty cock plunged deep into her.
Jordan could feel the rapidly swelling girth of Rhiannon's cock splitting her cunt's lips
wider, the expansion driving along the length of the shaft like a party balloon being blown up. Only in this case the balloon was made of hot, turgid flesh. Through glazed eyes, Jordan saw Rhiannon's powerful form consumed in lust, her only thought to fuck Jordan's body senseless.
The incredible thrusts from Rhiannon hit Jordan like a piledriver, rocking her back and
forth on the bed, causing her huge, heavy tits to flop back and forth. Jordan felt the awesome f***e and depth of Rhiannon's plunges into her body, but somehow she was spared the pain and damage that such actions should have caused.
Rhiannon was now herself huge, monstrous; her tits wobbling and swinging wildly as she
pump-fucked into Jordan, burying the gargantuan shaft of her gushing prick ever deeper into the bloated form beneath her.

For over five minutes, Rhiannon rammed her massive truncheon into Jordan's cunt, at times burying almost three feet of her cock into the helpless girl. Jordan's body began to swell and bulge, as it tried to accommodate the incredible amounts of fluid that Rhiannon was pump-ing into it. Jordan also began panting and screaming in near hysteria, as she felt and saw her body change before her eyes.

As Cleo watched Jordan's body transform drastically, and so quickly before her eyes, she
didn't know what to do. She had no idea if the Vectrans could control this type of situation, or if they even cared. Regardless of what Rhiannon had said earlier on, to Cleo, all she saw was one of her best friends in mortal danger. Cleo certainly didn't trust Barocca to help her. And with the other Vectran girls, it was three against one, even without considering the colossus that Rhiannon had become.
Listening to Jordan's screams, and watching her body become more bloated and distend-ed by the moment was too much for Cleo. She ran for the door, and took off down the hallways to find Tiffany, Dee Dee, or anyone that she could bring back for help.

Cleo's disappearance didn't even register on Rhiannon. Dejah, Kristal and Calista had
noticed it, but a combination of loyalty to their commander, as well as the fear of interrupting her at such a moment, kept their tongues still for time being.
"Let her go," said Kristal.
"Yeah. Rhiannon knows what she's doing," added Dejah.
"You mean 'you hope'," admonished Calista.
"Okay, then," retorted Dejah. "You get in there, and try and stop her."
"I for one, plan on collecting my pension from the military," quipped Kristal.
Rhiannon was wild with need now, and she let herself go, allowing the flooding rush of cum to fountain deep into the now delirious girl, the flow of energy blasting through Jordan's
writhing body. The flood then truly began. Gallons of the fluid energy now streamed out of her huge prick, flooding the very interstices of Jordan's body. Jordan was filled to overflowing, her belly stretched to monstrous size with the gushing contents and she was spurting cum from her pussy like a faucet.
Jordan felt the approaching flood, the mighty cock spearing her bloating in girth from the
base, increasing its diameter as the river of cum slowly made its way towards the already flaring head. Jordan felt the thing grow, the lengthening mass of it forcing its way deeper into her. And then she was being flooded with the torrents of hot, sticky cum it was pumping into her.
The flood increased to impossible amounts, Jordan now filled, bloating like some gargan-tuan balloon, shuddering with the incredible flow coursing through her helpless body. She filled
like a condom being filled with a garden hose, and still the flood from Rhiannon came.
Jordan felt herself fill with it, like a balloon filling with water, until she was a trembling, rounded mass shuddering on the bed, the driving flesh having pushed her half-way across the large bed. It gushed from her cunt in bubbling rivers. A final explosive flood burst from the fat cockhead as Rhiannon pulled out, and Jordan literally popped off the huge shaft, the massive ball of the head bringing momentary ripping pain to her gushing cleft as it exited.
If Jordan thought that the ordeal was completed, she was mistaken. Rhiannon still felt the cum within her swaying balls roiling, and she began stroking her mammoth prick as fast and
as hard as she could. Rhiannon f***ed herself to hold back for the moment. She felt the load
within her make its slow way through her, the pleasure rising to almost agonizing heights, and then it happened.
Rhiannon felt the jism burn its way through her spasming shaft, and her screaming orgasm continued. She screamed, and heard Jordan also begin screaming as the flood began. Rhiannon was rocked by the unending ecstasy of her orgasm, each pulsing spasm increasing in pleasure as the spurting flow of cum increased in intensity and volume.

Cum jetted out of Rhiannon's cockhead like water from a firehose. Massive splurts were
expelled out that landed everywhere on Jordan. The f***e of Rhiannon's ejaculation was so hard that jism which landed on Jordan caromed off and hit the headboard of the bed, and other parts of the room.
For over a minute, Rhiannon drenched Jordan in a seemingly never-ending stream of jism. Jordan was soaked from head to toe. The bedcovers had received such a dousing, that Jordan could hear small sloshing sounds as she rolled on them.
Finally, the torrent of jism from Rhiannon stopped, and Jordan heaved and writhed on the bed in agony, her form too huge and swollen to let her stand, and she drained, the swirling flood inside her seeking its way out in a steady flow. Rhiannon's shaft thudded heavily to the bed, and Jordan collapsed upon it, as if resting upon some improbable log.
Rhiannon grinned down at Jordan with lust in her eyes. "There. That wasn't so bad, was it?"
"Oh shit. That's a ride I never want to take again," groaned Jordan.
"I told you that you'd make it through, girl. The fact that you're still able to complain about it, proves that."
Suddenly, a searing flash of pain hit Jordan at her loins and she felt like her womb was
turned inside out. Jordan rolled back onto the bed from Rhiannon's cock, her face a mask of
"That's the transformation starting girl," said Rhiannon. "It'll hurt for a minute, and then
it'll be over."
For a moment, Jordan cursed herself for allowing Rhiannon to do this to her, and the Vectran girls in general. Then as quickly as it had appeared, the searing pain stopped. Jordan felt light-headed, and her vision blurred, as if she were going to faint. Then everything went black, and Jordan assumed that she had passed out, or even worse.

Next, Jordan felt gentle hands patting her face, bringing her back to the land of the living.
Jordan awoke to the strangest sight that she could imagine. She was lying on the same bed, in the same room on the Island. Rhiannon had returned to her 'normal' size of seven feet. Dejah and Kristal still held Barocca captive in one of the chairs on the side.
As she looked at her reflection in the mirror, Jordan could see that her body had returned
to normal. Her breasts were no longer the oversized melons they had been, but she had her
shapely figure back. As Jordan looked at herself, she could see that she was still almost fully covered in Rhiannon's jism; so the incredible ordeal hadn't been just a bad dream.
What surprised Jordan most of all, as she looked about the room, were the four identical
duplicates of her, that were sitting close around her on the bed. Each was a perfectly matched twin of Jordan, complete in every detail, even down to her cock. The look stunned shock on Jordan's face was evident to everyone in the room.
"I told you everything would work out all right, didn't I?" said Rhiannon, as she watched
The clones even had Jordan's incurable, never-ending horniness as part of their makeup.
Jordan could see the undisclosed looks of lust in each of their eyes, and her mind boggled at the thoughts of the perversions and sexual acts they could combine to perform.
"Say hello to your 'mother', girls," said Rhiannon. "She's the one responsible for bringing
you here today. But before we move on to fun and games, it's obvious that she needs a little
cleaning up. How about helping her out?"
Instantly, Jordan felt four separate tongues on her, as her clones began lovingly licking up all of Rhiannon's jism from her body. In a few moments, Jordan was surprisingly clean again, and her clones were becoming ravenously horny from consuming Rhiannon's jism.
Within moments, all four of the clones was each sporting a massive, two-foot hard-on between her legs. Without thinking, Jordan reached out and stroked one, and was shocked at how hard and hot they were.

"There. Now you're all cleaned up, and ready for action," said Rhiannon. "I don't know about the rest of you, but I want to see what you and your 'friends' can do, Jordan. Send in the
sacrificial lamb!"
Dejah and Kristal grabbed Barocca by the shoulders, and pulled her up out of the chair. They gave her a hard shove, which sent her onto the bed.
"Put this bitch through the wringer, Jordan!" shouted Rhiannon.

While Jordan was undergoing her final transformation, Cleo was running through the halls like an Olympic athlete. Thinking that Dee Dee might still be in her lab, Cleo headed there
first. But after pounding on the door, and receiving no answer, she realized that she had to look elsewhere.
"If I can't find Dee Dee," thought Cleo, "I should find Tiffany or Clyda, or one of the other senior amazons. They'll know what to do." The quickest route to Tiffany's quarters would take her in a direct path past the infirmary. As she neared the infirmary, Cleo was surprised to see the lights on, and a number of girls inside it.
"What's going on?" asked Cleo.
"Haven't you heard? Dee Dee was attacked in her lab, and she struck her head."
"I've got to talk to her," said Cleo as she pushed her way through the crowd of girls. When she made it to the bed, Dee Dee was sitting on the edge. Tiffany and Clyda had already been roused, and were there too.
"Dee Dee, I've got to talk to you," panted Cleo.
"Cleo, can't this wait?" replied Dee Dee. "I've got a major disaster in my lab to take care
of, and my head's ringing like a church bell."
"Look, I'm sorry, but I think Rhiannon is trying to kill Jordan!" shouted Cleo.
"What are you talking about?" responded Tiffany.
"It's a long story," blurted Cleo. "Myself and Jordan were in the room with two of the Vectran girls. All of a sudden, Barocca burst into the room, and she and Jordan started fight-ing."
"She and Jeanne jumped me in my lab," said Dee Dee. "That's how I hit my head."

"Then one of the Vectran girls left, and found Rhiannon somewhere, and brought her there,” said Cleo. “She's pissed off at Barocca big time."
"There's a line for that, which is forming around the block," muttered Tiffany.
"Anyway," continued Calista, "Rhiannon was pissed at both Jordan and Barocca. She told Jordan she'd give her some kind of 'gift' that'd let her get even with Barocca. So she started fucking her. But at the end, it looked like Jordan couldn't take it, so I ran to get help."
"Oh my god," groaned Dee Dee. "As if I didn't have a big enough headache tonight."
"All right, we have to do something," said Tiffany. "Dee Dee, you and Cleo head back to the room where Jordan is, and see what the situation is. We'll put out an alert for Ebony to head over there too. If things get physical, she's all the muscle we've got."
"Has anybody seen Ebony, since she brought me here?" asked Dee Dee.
The girls in the room shook their heads.
"While you're doing that," said Tiffany, "Clyda and I will head to your lab and see what the
situation is there. If we can manage to get everyone gathered in the auditorium, maybe we'll have a chance of sorting things out tonight. At least that way, we'll know where everyone is."
"All right," said Dee Dee. "Let me get my totebag. And somebody get me a bottle of aspirin. I've got a feeling I'm gonna need it tonight."

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