B6 Chapter 16 Rebellion

Chapter 16: Rebellion

After leaving the temporary quarters with Rhiannon, Barocca had met Jeanne in the hallways, as they both headed towards Dee Dee's lab. They were just about to turn the corner to Dee Dee's lab, when they heard a door opening.
"Hold it, Jeanne. Someone's coming." The two girls stayed out of view, until the door had closed again. Barocca stuck her head out, and cautiously peered down the corridor. She watched Dee Dee disappear in the opposite direction.
"It's Dee Dee. Looks like no one's getting much sl**p tonight. I don't know where she's
going, but now we know her lab will be deserted. Let's get going."
They moved to the door, and Barocca keyed in the entry code. "Just as I thought. So much stuff has been happening, Dee Dee hasn't bothered to change the code again." She opened the door, and she and Jeanne entered the lab. "Not that it would've stopped us for long
Barocca stopped as she saw Calista sitting in the chair at Dee Dee's computer console. She was just now turning around to face the two newcomers.
"What the hell are you doing here?" blurted Barocca.
"I could very well ask you the same thing," retorted Calista. "The only difference being
that Dee Dee knows I'm here, and she'll back me up when she returns." Calista stood up from
the chair and confronted them. "I also heard the part you said about getting in by f***e, if
necessary. I think you two have got a lot of explaining to do."
Barocca's mind flashed as a dozen scenarios played themselves out in her head.
"Maybe we do girl," Barocca admitted. "But not to you." Out of the corner of her mouth
Barocca muttered to Jeanne. "I'll take the high road; you take the low road." Jeanne nodded.
Calista had a puzzled expression on her face as she tried to fathom their meaning.
Suddenly, Barocca and Jeanne launched themselves at Calista like a football tackle. All
three girls went down in a heap of bodies on the floor. Because of her larger size and strength, Calista fought like a wildcat. Calista briefly threw Barocca off of her chest with her arms, while Jeanne tried to subdue her legs. Barocca landed a few feet from the fray, and tried to survey her options.
"Hurry up, Barocca!" Jeanne yelled. "She's strong as an ox!"
Barocca searched for a weapon, and her eyes lighted on Calista's handbag. She picked it up. It felt too heavy for what she'd expect such an object to weigh, but that didn't matter.
Calista saw Barocca's intentions, and tried to warn her. "Be careful with that, you fool!"
"You're the one who needs to be careful," muttered Barocca. She swung the handbag, and brought it down hard on the back of Calista's head. It did not knock Calista u*********s,
but it subdued her, so that her struggles stopped, and Jeanne was able to free herself. Calista was on her hands and knees, trying to regain her senses.
"What've you got in here? Bricks?" asked Barocca. She began sorting through the hand-bag.
"Ah! What do we have here?" Barocca held up Calista's laser pistol in her hand.
Calista cursed herself for letting her weapon be out of reach when she needed it. A good
soldier should never let this happen, but now she was paying the price.
"Now then. I wouldn't make any sudden moves, if I were you," said Barocca, as she leveled the laser pistol at Calista's head.
"You probably don't even know how to use that," muttered Calista.
"You're right. Maybe I don't," admitted Barocca. "What do you say, we find out? But I'm
betting weapons haven't changed that much, even on your world, with your technology. Do you
really want me to pull the trigger, and see what happens?"
Calista just glared at Barocca with hatred in her eyes. She could tell her laser pistol was
cocked and ready to fire.
"I didn't think so," said Barocca. "Now this changes my plans considerably. I was plan-ning on having to work your technology by myself tonight. But now I've got someone who knows it better than I do."
Both Calista and Jeanne stared at her in amazement.
"Here's what's gonna happen tonight," said Barocca. "Earlier, I just finished up with
Rhiannon. She's got a weakness for wine, and I filled her full of it, while I pumped her for infor-
mation. I found out that the software I had earlier could be used to transform girls like Jeanne and myself into physical replicas of you Vectran girls. Not only would we be bigger and strong-er, there are some modifications in the software so that we could switch back and forth, from human to Vectran size."
"Just what the heck have you got in mind, Barocca?" asked Jeanne.
"Once we're bigger and stronger, we'll be able to handle Ebony, or anyone else that wants to mess with us. Not to mention that we'll be hung like Rhiannon. The possibilities for films, videos and magazines are endless. Plus we'll have the advantage of being able to go back and forth, so we're not trapped in one size all the time.
"I'm going to make Calista here set up the software so that Dee Dee's machines will perform that transformation on us." She reached into her tote bag, and laid the four CD's on the

"How do you know that this is even possible?" asked Calista, stalling for time.
"First, I pried enough information out of Rhiannon to know that even this antique software
is capable of doing the job. She also let on that all of you receive indoctrination and training on these programs as part of basic training. I've also used it before in the past, so I know the basics, but you're much more in tune with it than me.
"You're going to set up the initial program with your software. I'll tie it together and make it interface with Dee Dee's machines. I've already done it once, and I can do it again."
"And just what makes you think that I'll do this for you?" asked Calista.
"Lesson number one, Calista. Don't fuck with somebody who doesn't have anything to lose. Enough things have happened recently on the Island, that our days are numbered, once you're gone, anyway.
"I'm giving you a chance to walk out of this alive in the end, if you cooperate with me. But
if you want to play the hero, you'll be a dead hero, and I'll take my chances working with the software again on my own."
Calista looked at Barocca, and could tell that she meant what she said. "All right, I'll do
what I can on short notice. But I can't make any guarantees using out of date software like
this, and I certainly can't vouch for the results, without doing any kind of testing."
"I'll be checking what you do before I try it out on me," said Barocca. "And I've got enough confidence that your software can do the job if it's programmed properly. It's already
worked successfully for me before."
"I wouldn't want to be in your shoes, when Dee Dee and Ebony find out about this; not to

mention Rhiannon," said Calista.
"I'll take care of Dee Dee and Ebony," said Barocca. "As for Rhiannon, I wouldn't worry
about her. There were enough sedatives in the wine I gave her, to make her hibernate like a
bear. By the time she wakes up, it'll be too late for her to do anything about this."
Barocca pulled the chair at the computer console out. "And now my dear, it's time for you to get to work. We've got a busy night ahead of us."
Calista grumbled and sat at the chair, massaging the back of her head with one hand. Then she grudgingly began to install the applications and work on preparing the program Barocca wanted.

On the other side of the Island, Dee Dee made her way to the location where Rhiannon and the other girls had f***ed their way in. Although she had seen the damage through the monitor system, it was still a shock to her, that anyone had managed to do this with their bare
hands. For a few moments, Dee Dee simply stared at the metal that had been the door in
From behind Dee Dee came a familiar voice. "Pretty incredible, isn't it?" It was Ebony.
"Hi, Ebony. What brings you out here?"
"Well, I went one on one with Vantha for a little while," said Ebony. "But I have to tell
you, that gal just about wore me out. We did it three times, and she was still ready and raring to go. I couldn't keep up with her."
"Tell me about it. Calista drained my tank until it's bone dry too," said Dee Dee. "So after
that, I checked my PC, and found the security alert on this door out here. I decided to come out here and get the information, so I could order the new parts."
"Same story here. Vantha was still ready for more fun and games, so she's looking to find one of the other Vectran gals, or anybody else that's up for it. I laid down for a little while, and then checked my PC, and saw the same thing as you."
"Well, let's get this over with," said Dee Dee. Together they removed the door from its
hinges with a toolkit, and then copied the part information from the sticker on the side. "Let's go back to my lab, and we'll put in an on-line order for these parts. We should get them sometime later in the week."
Ebony looked once again at the mangled door. "You know, if Rhiannon was strong enough to do this to the door, I pity Barocca if she does anything to piss her off."
"You got that right, Ebony. I'd think by now, Barocca would know when she's licked, and not do anything stupid with Rhiannon. If she wants a night of sex with her, that's up to Barocca
and Rhiannon. But after what Vantha and Calista have done, she may get more than she's bar- gained for." Ebony and Dee Dee headed back to her lab, so that they could order the replace- ment door.

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