B6 Chapter 13 Summer Transformed - Summer Is Gifte

Chapter 13: Summer Transformed - Summer Is Gifted

Both Vantha and Rayleena had left their respective quarters, and were now roaming the
hallways of the Island, eagerly in search of new partners to satisfy their seemingly endless
sexual lust and excitement. Because of the relative closeness of Tiffany and Ebony's quarters on the one side of the Island, and the layout of the corridors, it was only a few moments before Vantha and Rayleena met each other in the hallway. Both girls instantly knew that there could only be one reason for meeting the other in the hallway in the night like this.
"Well, I see you couldn't find anybody who could keep up with you either?" asked Rayleena. "Am I right?"
"You can say that again," replied Vantha. "These Earth girls are nice, but they're like the
fare they serve in their 'fast food' restaurants. You have one, and an hour later, you're ready for more."
"It shouldn't be too difficult to find someone else to spend a few hours with, around here,"
said Rayleena. "You had everyone at the table practically cumming in their pants, as they
watched your little demonstration earlier tonight."
"And it's obvious that almost all of them are here in the first place because they can't get
enough sex through regular channels. But what do we do? Start knocking on doors around
"Only as a last resort," said Rayleena, as they strolled down the corridor. "Everyone left
the table with a partner or two. And there's probably all sorts of other fun and games going on that we aren't aware of."

Suddenly, Vantha and Rayleena halted in front of a door. Both girls looked at each other and raised their eyebrows, as they listened to the sounds that were plainly audible from inside.
"Oh, fuck, yes! Harder! Harder!" The unmistakable sound of a female voice in the midst of a powerful orgasm, and what sounded like several bodies bouncing and playing loudly on a
"Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" asked Vantha.
"Hey, it sounds like they've got a regular orgy going on in there," replied Rayleena. "I'm
sure they won't mind a couple of extra players in their games."
"Even though we've only been here a short time, it's plainly obvious that these girls are
almost terminally horny around here."
With that, Vantha gave a sharp 'bump-buh-dah-dee-dum' knock on the door. Instantly, the noises within the room stopped. Almost shamefully a voice called out, "Come in..."
The door opened, and Vantha and Rayleena entered the room to find not several girls engaged in various sexual combinations, but only Summer, sprawled out on her back on the bed. A large dildo, almost as big as her forearm, was lying on her side next to her.
"What the hell..." muttered Vantha. "You mean you were making all that racket by your-self?"
"I'm sorry if I bothered anybody," said Summer. "It's just that I was so fucking horny."
"You're one of the new girls, called Summer," said Rayleena. "I remember you from the
auditorium. A girl who's put together like you are, and is as cute as you are, and you're telling me that you're a wallflower?"
"Well, it's just that I'm new around here," explained Summer. "And as you can tell, I don't
seem to fit in with most of the rest the girls here yet." Summer parted her legs, and let Vantha and Rayleena see that she was one of the few girls on the Island without a cock.
"Silly girl, you can't wait for sex to fall into your lap," muttered Vantha. "You have to
make things happen and take the initiative. No guts, no glory, as they say on your world."
"Any guy or girl would be out of their mind to pass up a chance to be with you," said
"And besides," added Vantha. "If you're worried about not fitting in around here, we can fix that for you. We could make it so you've got a dick between your legs, this very night."

Summer's eyes lit up at Vantha's words.
"Whoa! Wait a minute, Vantha," said Rayleena. "Fucking this girl is one thing. Mixing our energy into their bodies is something else entirely. We don't know how she'll take to being gifted."
"Oh come on, Rayleena. Don't be such a damned prude," said Vantha. "It's obvious that Summer is here because she wants to be like the rest of these gals. I don't know why they haven't gotten around to doing it to someone as drop-dead gorgeous as she is, but we can rectify that little problem easily."
"Hey, Rhiannon said we could have fun for the night; not go around transforming girls."
"Big fucking deal!" retorted Vantha. "This'll be our 'goodwill gift' to this lass tonight. After Ebony conked out on me earlier tonight, she started a fire in my loins that's got to be put out, one way or another."
"Well, since you put it that way..." said Rayleena. "And now that you mention it, I'm still
horny, even though Tiffany and Clyda tried their best to keep up with me tonight, too."
"What you're talking about sounds incredible," said Summer. "But just how did you plan on giving me a cock?"
"We're aliens from another world, remember?" asked Vantha. "We can do things with our bodies that you can only begin to imagine."
"Don't tell me you forgot her little show at the banquet table?" asked Rayleena.
"Not only can we transform and change our own bodies," said Vantha. "But we can do it to other girls too."
"And you really think that you could manage to transform me?" asked Summer.
"As easy as falling off a log, Summer," replied Vantha. "The only thing is, we'll have to
fuck you nearly to death, to do it. It's done by transferring our sexual energy into your body. And that's the only way to perform the deed tonight."
"If we do it, it'll make any sexual act you've had on the Island pale in comparison," warned Rayleena. "We're bigger than anybody on your Island, including Ebony."
"And once we get started, we don't stop until we're satisfied," added Vantha. "We'll put you through the wringer, like you've never been fucked before. But when it's over, you'll be transformed beyond your wildest dreams. What do you say?"

Summer hesitated for a moment, as she stared at Vantha and Rayleena. While Dee Dee and Tiffany hadn't ruled out that they would eventually make her a shemale, they hadn't exactly
said 'yes' yet, either. Incredible desires floated through Summer's mind, as she imagined how her body would look with a new cock. But at the same time, apprehensions also filled her

thoughts, at Vantha and Rayleena's warnings.
Vantha could sense Summer's trepidations. "I think what Summer needs is a little convincing, Rayleena," she said coyly. With that, both Vantha and Rayleena removed their short pants. They flexed their mental concentration for a moment, and instantly, each Vectran girl possessed a cock between her legs that was almost as thick as their wrist, and hung down
almost to their knees.
"Don't tell me that you'd turn down the chance to have something like this of your very own, Summer," said Vantha, as she stroked her cock. Seeing two such huge, turgid pieces of meat appear before her eyes caused any resistance Summer might have had to melt instantly.
"Oh, fuck yes!" exclaimed Summer. "I'm yours. Do it to me, and make me one of you!"
"All right girl, that's the kind of spirit that I like to hear," said Vantha. "You'll have a
few moments to rest while Rayleena and I get ourselves ready for you. Remember what I said
about us being bigger than Ebony?"
"She's not k**ding, Summer," said Rayleena. "We're going to fuck you longer, harder and
deeper than you've ever had it done to you in your life. The way that we'll be doing it tonight, the longer we stay inside of you, the deeper the penetration will become. So don't freak out when you see just how much meat we're going to shove inside of your holes."
"It has to be done that way, so that we can transfer our energy to your body, and keep it
there long enough for it to transform you," said Vantha. Then the growth of Vantha and Ray-leena's erections started, the base of their cocks expanding in width with a power that almost frightened Summer. Summer had never seen a Vectran girl transform before her eyes like this, and was stunned for moment, in awe of their power.

"First, some size, to impress our new friend," said Rayleena. Both Vectran girls concen-trated on their huge dicks, unleashing the nearly limitless energy within their bodies, allowing it to flow freely. Vantha and Rayleena's enormous rods slowly expanded, lengthening as their width grew. Both Vectran girls' great cocks jerked, then grew into hugeness, until they were bigger than anything Summer had ever seen on the Island. Still they grew, until they were a titanic mass of dark flesh, waving in slow, rhythmic bounces, aimed at Summer.
"And now, let them really get hard," said Vantha. The veins along the length of their shafts began to stand out in sharp relief from the ruddy hardness, their cockheads congested and bloated, pulsing slowly. Each piece of meat was thicker and longer than Summer's arm, and Vantha and Rayleena stood with their hands on hips, smiling at the now terrified Summer.
Each girl's testicles swelled, growing till they were larger than a softball, the twin spheres continuing to pulse and throb. Their cockheads pulsed in ever more energetic pumps, and ripples, then waves, ran along the titanic shaft. Small gushes of cum spouted from the tip, promising a flood to follow.
Vantha's cock itself throbbed, the head pulsing with need and want. It was rock hard now, the original girth dispersed along the entire length of the burning pole thrusting out from
her crotch. Directly next to her, Rayleena's cock was nearly a matching twin.
"Don't even think of turning back now, honey," said Rayleena. She settled onto the bed
beneath Summer. "Tonight, I've got your ass. Vantha will let you suck her for a little bit, and then she'll fuck your pussy."
Vantha and Rayleena picked up Summer in their powerful arms, and gently lifted her so that she was poised above Rayleena's cock. Summer stared with increasing terror at the thing that was aimed at her ass. Rayleena's prick was as thick as her arm at the tip, with the head
being larger than her fist.
Slowly, Rayleena eased it forward, until it made contact with Summer's anal opening. Summer could feel the thickness at the base of the slowly oscillating prick coming at her from
Rayleena. Summer felt Rayleena's hands clasping her hips shift slightly, pulling her towards
it, pushing it into her rectum, onto the hugeness dancing behind.
Vantha's incredible shaft finally ceased its towering growth as she gazed at Summer, lust
and love at the sight of the writhing girl sending strange emotions through her. Vantha felt her pulse begin to quicken again, and her heart begin to thud heavily in her chest as her breathing quickened. The turgid shaft began to slowly arc upwards, hardening before Summer's eyes. A thin pulsing stream of jism began to drip from the still-swollen glans.
"You'll get my cock in a minute girl, don't you worry," said Vantha, as she watched Summer's eyes light up with lust at the sight of her cock. With loving lust, Vantha moved back, lowered her head and sent her swiping tongue licking over Summer's bottom, splaying wide the lips of her delicious cunt, then moving down to the rounded, quivering globes of her shapely ass. Vantha's whisking lips and silky tongue made their way up the quaking girl's tummy, drawing moaning cries of pleasure and lust from Summer with each swiping lick as Vantha's large hands stroked and caressed the girl's trembling flesh.

Now as Rayleena eagerly clung to the soft smoothness of Summer's hips while rapidly
thrusting the claiming hardness of her cock deep up into the depths of her rectum, she watched Vantha with keenly alert eyes. She saw Vantha's massive cock extended before her, its length of scarlet hardness level with Summer's face. Summer took it into her hand and began petting it, the trembling, sighing sounds from her soft, smooth body clearly registering with her.
Then, when Rayleena saw what Summer did with it, hot racing bl**d streamed through her. She watched Summer's small pink tongue dart out to lick wetly over the tip, her powerful loins trembling at the sight, and Rayleena humped forward and, fucked deeper and deeper into
Summer's ass, her huge hardness painfully throbbing.
A maddening joy filled Summer as her Vectran lover fucked into her inflamed ass from behind and she gaped at Vantha's long, hard cock jerking hotly in her clutching hand. Summer drew in her breath and flicked out her tongue, bringing it into seething contact with the smooth,
rubbery tip. Summer swirled it around slowly, moistly, experimentally, while Vantha twisted and groaned; then she ventured toward the tiny split and wiggled her tongue-tip into it.
Wild thrills rippled through Summer's trembling, naked body as she tasted the pungent
sweetness the droplets Vantha's seminal fluid contained, causing her nostrils to flare wide.
Summer smoothed her hand along the rock-hard length to the velvety flesh at its thick base,
then downward to lovingly cup Vantha's heavy, swollen sperm-bloated balls. Excitedly, Summer
slipped her warm, tongue-moistened lips down over the damp, spongily throbbing head, then,
letting it glide along the full length of her tongue, her hotly clasping mouth locked around it in a soft liquid pressure.
Vantha groaned above Summer's lovely head, watching with lust-filled eyes as her tightly
locked lips ovalled hotly around her burning cock. She could hardly believe the electrifying sight of her love's beautiful, chaste young face and mouth so grotesquely distorted by her penis as Summer began to suck her with obvious desire. Summer was sucking her cock as if there was no tomorrow.
Vantha began a slow upward undulation with her naked hips, sliding the thick, swollen
hardness in and out of Summer's lips with a slick, wet suction sound, guided by Summer's
hand grasping at its base while she held her face between her own. Vantha stared with
intense captivation at the puffing and hollowing of Summer's smooth cheeks as her thick cock
fucked in and out, and Summer's head began to work back and forth on it with demanding
Summer's whole curvaceous-fleshed body quivered in naked ripples from the fierce jolts of Rayleena's plunging cock hammering rapidly into her from behind, driving her frantically on.
"Oh, my gosh!" Summer wildly groaned, caught between these two wonderful lovers' beautiful, hardened cocks, both of them preparing to spill their hot, liquid fire into either end of
her naked body to finally pool together as one deep up in her craving belly. In lust-filled joy, Summer ground her widespread buttocks back hard against Rayleena's battering body, feeling the tiny rivulets of moisture dripping down the backs of her inner-thighs, while the mounting pressure in her desire-inflamed loins warned of the climatic moment near at hand for her, too.
Vantha didn't even pause to wonder how Summer was taking so much of her cock in her mouth, but it was insane to even try to reason with the roaring inferno of lust bubbling in her balls.
Rayleena's violently fucking cock pounding up into Summer's luscious ass was driving
Summer's hungry mouth forward onto Vantha's aching hardness until she wondered why Summer didn't choke on it. It was shoved well over halfway down her throat, practically into her
belly, while Vantha's sperm-inflated balls in her soft, warm hands ached in a bloating build-up of massive pressure.
Summer was like an a****l herself with her lips locked tightly around almost two feet of
Vantha's raging cock, increasing her unbelievably eager sucking motions until she thought her balls would turn inside out. Great swirls of heat were massing in their secret depths as Vantha watched Summer's passion-contorted face sucking hungrily on it. Vantha sensed the muscles of her stomach tighten and she arched forward, pushing her throbbing hardness further between the searing heat of Summer's greedily sucking lips. Vantha gaped at the pink ridges pulling out from Summer's mouth, clinging voraciously to it as she pumped her head rhythmically back and forth and undulated her hips back at Vantha in a wild, uncontrollable sexual frenzy.

Strangled noises gurgled up into Vantha's throat. "Damn! Now, Summer! Oh, suck it, Summer. Suck it hard! I'm cumming!" Summer heard her cry at the very moment it burst, Vantha's jerking cock gushing forth hot, stream-like jets of her pungent cum. It flooded her mouth and throat with its delicious liquid heat, and she sensed her cheeks bloating and contract-ing as she swallowed in greedy, thick gulps, fastening her lips tightly around her spasming cock to as not to lose a single drop.
On and on, Vantha's wonderful balls continued to pump out her milk-white sperm deep up into Summer's guts, while Vantha's hands clutched at her head, pulling her face harder onto
her convulsively spewing penis.
The ecstasy of it was greater than Summer had even anticipated, and at the first hot,
piquant taste of Vantha's cum, her own climax was triggered. She thrust her nakedly grinding
ass-cheeks back harder at Rayleena, wanting the full benefit of her tremendously expanding
cock fucking into her wildly flaming ass. Every muscle of Summer's body contracted and jerked as she felt the erotic release of spasming rapture exploding deep down in her screaming loins and belly.
Summer continued to gulp and suck at Vantha's wonderfully erupting cock, while her soft,
anal lips clenched and opened like an angered fist on Rayleena's cock from behind. Summer's
insanely jerking young buttocks quivered momentarily out of control, and then froze into firm-ness and she gurgled out a whimpering wail as her wildly quaking body unleashed and explod-ed in the moment she had been straining toward.
There was nothing for Summer but the unbelievable bliss of her orgasm; no time, no space, no motion, nothing but mindless rapture. Again and again, Summer was struck by the spasmodic twitching of every muscle and cord in her pleasure-filled young buttocks, and then Rayleena began to hump forward faster to spew her hot load of hot, sperm deep up into the hidden sanctuary of her eagerly trembling bowels.
Once more, she climaxed, half-screaming as Vantha held her while she slammed her
soft yielding buttocks back hard onto Rayleena's magnificently squirting cock that was pumping thunderous gushes of wild semen into her searing depths. And then Rayleena really came.
If the Vectran girl wildly fucking Summer had been pumping considerable amounts of cum into her before, what she was spewing forth now was like comparing a super-pumper firetruck to a garden hose. Rayleena's hips now hammered against Summer's bottom, the hugely grown balls swinging wildly and audibly smacking against Summer's thighs, while her stomach began rapidly flooding.
Rayleena's visage and demeanor had changed completely. Rayleena was now truly a wild b**st, savagely ramming her immense cock into Summer with a single-minded intensity that shocked Vantha out of her post-orgasmic daze. Rayleena was intent on a single thing: satiating her obviously overwhelming lust, draining the burning cum from her as fast as she was able to spew it into the now shrieking Summer's body.
Rayleena's huge mammaries bounced and shuddered wildly as she bent her entire being into performing the act of fucking at its most basic level. Rayleena had become an a****l in her
needs and drives. She was straining to the utmost to satisfy the rampaging lust-driven monster spearing into Summer's splitting cunt and to empty it, driven like a mindless thing, a fucking machine, existing only to ram the demanding flesh jutting from her loins until the aching, clamor-ing lust driving her legs was satisfied.

The incredible power Rayleena displayed was shocking. And every erg of it was bent towards one thing: fucking Summer's ass until she was completely spent. Summer's desires had no meaning to this unstoppable Vectran woman that was pounding into her. Summer was now merely a handy receptacle for Rayleena to satisfy herself with, something to fuck, to ram her lust-driven cock into, until it spurted its last drop.
And then something happened to the moaning Summer. Summer's cries rose in pitch until they became a shriek as she flailed her head in frenzied abandon. Her bulging belly, aslosh with the incredible load of jism from Vantha, bloomed before her eyes, as her already large breasts seemed to swell into hugeness.
Her entire sweat soaked body tremoring and shivering, Summer seemed to undergo a seizure, as she tore at her own hair in a display of maddened ecstasy. She shrieked in mind-less pleasure, her belly growing more and more swollen as Rayleena's ramming cock blasted gush after gush of thick, heavy cum into her.
Vantha's own throbbing erection quivered as she watched, the glans almost purple as it
pulsed in steel-hardness, veins standing out plainly from the shaft showing it to be incredibly hard, as a steady stream of milky fluid ran from it to pool on the bed. It swelled larger and larger, the flow from it increasing by the moment. Vantha smiled down at Summer, then took her now rigid shaft in one hand, guiding it. She felt the growing flare plant itself at the wet slickness of Summer's pussy with an audible squelching sound. Her hips rotated, rooting the pounding flare around in the slick, slippery pool of liquid warmth that was Summer's cuntal entry.
Vantha couldn't take it any more. "This is it girl! I'm going to fuck your pussy, while
Rayleena keeps on reaming your asshole."

Vantha's hands wrapped around Summer's hips, then she began to slowly f***e herself into the writhing girl. Deeper and deeper, the mammoth cock slid into the simmering depths of the girl with remarkable ease. Vantha lowered her cockhead, and f***ed her way into Summer's
cunt. Within instants, Summer's screaming body was being thrust back and forth almost like a
doll by the two giant cocks inside her, and the Vectran's thunderous, reaming fucking.
As Vantha buried herself deeper, ramming her throbbing shaft into Summer's accepting depths, she noted that Summer's keening, rhythmical moaning was strangely altering from fright and apprehension, to lust and acceptance.
Vantha was becoming lost in the wonderful liquid heat of Summer's pussy depths, so instead of fright, she felt pride and rising lust at this wonderful earth girl's responsiveness and
obvious accomplishment. Both of her hands now explored Summer's delightful form her huge
cock was thrusting into, and she found to her wonderment that Summer was responding surpris-
ingly well.
Vantha watched with disbelieving eyes as Summer's belly grew rounded, bloating larger by the moment, and the delightfully full breasts adorning her chest grew larger, the distended
nipples tipping them becoming larger and longer, their hue deepening into a ruddy brown.
Summer's keening wail trembled in rhythm with the pounding Vectran's thrustings. Vantha's ravaging of Summer's pussy was nowhere near ending, as her huge body bent over the small girl, ramming the titanic hugeness of her fully flared cock back and forth, in and out of
the inhumanly stretched hole a truly awesome sight.
Vantha's huge testicles slapped against Summer's body with a heavy, meaty sound with each thrust, her incredibly swollen cockhead's pistoning motion plainly visible now within the girl's bloated belly reaching up into her chest.
Rayleena whined loudly from below, almost a bellowing scream, as she continued her assault on Summer's asshole. Rayleena then let her lust-fogged mind turn to satiating her boundless desire, the searing cum blasting up the shaft of her aching hardness and into Summer’s straining body impaled upon it a mind-rending joy.
Summer's shuddering body emitted a warbling moan as Vantha's incredible shaft reamed up into her wide-split pussy, the gouting cum blasting into her a palpable f***e. Summer barely
noticed that the incredible cocks buried in her holes were lifting her forcibly from the bed.
Rayleena leaned back, her hands encircling her no-longer slim waist guiding Summer's
straining body up and down on her prick; her muscled legs and thighs rippling with power as
she sent her gushing shaft ramming in and out of Summer. Trickling streams of cum ran down
to veil both Vectran and human thighs as Rayleena literally pistoned the now unbearably flared head of her heavy, gushing cock back and forth.
Vantha's assault upon Summer's sweet cunt now increased in tempo and brutality, the
instinctive need to satisfy her still demanding lust driving her to use Summer savagely. Again, Vantha's screaming rang through the room, frightening Summer with the primal urge it carried.
"They're both a****ls now," thought Rayleena as she watched from below the lurid spectacle of Vantha ramming the enormity of her oversized cock into Summer's writhing body. "Both of them now want, no need satiation by the other: one to fuck and the other be fucked."
Summer moaned in delirium, the incredible flood of Vantha and Rayleena's seed overflowing her bulging belly. Summer turned dazed, almost unseeing eyes downwards to watch her belly ripple and bulge as the huge flare of Vantha's cock flesh deformed it.
Rayleena's heavy body thudded into her fundament from below, her own rigid hardness pouring forth a steady, slow stream of viscous cum into her ass. Summer's wide-split pussy was orgasming almost continuously now, but her body felt like it was undergoing an orgasm of infinite length that was slowed down, and stretched out over hours instead of the sharp, explosive ecstasy of cumming. She could feel the steady stream of the explosions of Vantha and Rayleena's cocks pumping jism and gushing into her body in a devastating flood.

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