B6 Chapter 9 Vantha Fucks Ebony

Chapter 9: Ebony and Vantha - Vantha Fucks Ebony

"All right Ebony, now it's my turn to show you how to fuck," said Vantha. "Get on the bed,
and lie down on your back." Ebony did as Vantha instructed. "Along with not being able to cut loose on the girls around here, Ebony, I can also tell that there's probably not anybody who can really fill you up either. Am I right?" Ebony nodded as she watched Vantha stroking her cock, keeping herself erect. Ebony's brain whirled with the absolute luridness of the thought, tremb-ling at what Vantha was capable of doing to her with her cock. Ebony quivered, remembering the overwhelming sensations Vantha's lashing tongue had set blazing in her loins earlier that evening.
Then, Ebony's glazed eyes saw the reflection of Vantha in her dressing table mirror and she groaned in helpless passion at the licentiously provocative sight. The erotic sight of the
massive Vectran girl gripping her thighs, as she positioned her for the event, sent an unbeliev-able jolt of lasciviously burning lust whipping through Ebony's nakedly quivering body.
Then Ebony gaped in breath-taking awe at the sight of Vantha's wetly glistening cock, dark red and hard, the tapered end slipping and dancing as it moved forward to probe the damp,
pink crevice of Ebony's insanely aroused cunt. It had already swelled into the characteristic bulbous head. Ebony felt Vantha's strong body gently pry apart her legs, giving her full access to her body, and saw the huge thick length of steel-hard cock readying to penetrate the thin vertical mouth of her vulnerably upturned vagina.
Vantha whimpered loudly, her hands locking tightly around the smooth curves of Ebony's naked hips as she thrust forward powerfully, desperately trying to bury the sleek, throbbing rod
of flesh up inside Ebony's cunt. Ebony saw it all in the mirror, and with a deep throated moan of moral surrender, she suddenly shifted her head and ground her now hungrily tremoring buttocks back at Vantha's prodding cock in an attempt to capture the heavily lengthening hardness. The feverishly impassioned tension inside Ebony was reaching near the unbearable point.
"Oh, Vantha... I want it..." panted Ebony. "I have to have your long, thick cock inside my
hungry cunt!" She had to have it fucking up into her eagerly thirsting belly before she went mad with her desire. Nothing else mattered to Ebony.
Vantha reached down between Ebony's widely spread thighs, grasping her slippery cock to part her silky-soft pussy lips with the tip and guide its pulsating head to the mouth of her hotly waiting vaginal hole. Immediately, Vantha humped forward, spearing Ebony's defenseless cuntal channel open wider and wider, sending her long spear of thickly hardened cockmeat deep up into the hungrily squirming hole between her thighs.
Ebony gaped at the mirror in bulging eyed fascination as the burning, scarlet rod of Vantha's stiffened cock slithered upward into her with a wet, fierce lunge, burying itself over halfway in her painfully stretched vaginal passage. Vantha's heavy sperm-bloated balls swung wildly down to smack noisily against the flatly curling softness beneath her pussy. It was only moments later before the intensive pressuring sensations of impalement exploded through Ebony's young loins and she grunted out her choking gasp.
"Oh ... Oh, shit!" she cried, her wide, dark eyes gaping unseeingly as her wildly panting
lover Vantha began to excitedly fuck with rhythmic lunges up into her prone body. Her head
jarring from Vantha's every savage, breast-rippling thrust, Ebony tried to concentrate on the long, scarlet length of hardness pistoning into her as she began to move in tempo backwards to meet her powerful, breath-taking strokes.
Unprecedented sensations of base lust filled Ebony's impulsively slavish body as she thrust backward onto Vantha's ever thickening cock skewering deeper and deeper into her feverishly tremoring pussy. Furiously, Vantha's savage, muscular body battered and thudded resoundingly against Ebony's eagerly yielding, ass-cheeks, the painfully huge cock a relentless shaft of glistening, pleasureful joy sinking to its full length deep up into Ebony's sensuously
filled belly.
With uncontrollable whimpering mewls, Ebony rotated her desperately working buttocks back at her with an obscene frenzy, grinding her hotly clinging cunt walls back over the full length of her heavily hardened a****l flesh with a masochistic cry of wanton passion.
Suddenly, Vantha's humping into Ebony ceased.
“What's wrong?" Ebony panted. "Don't tell me that you're stopping..."
"Oh don't worry about that, girl. I'm far from finished. It just occurred to me, that I'm
not doing the full treatment to you tonight."
"What do you mean?" asked Ebony. "You can't fuck me in both holes at the same time, can you?"
"Another time perhaps," giggled Vantha. "But while I can sense that you're enjoying getting your box pounded, I can also sense that there's still a fire burning in your cock."
While not erect, Ebony's meat was still a foot long, and had been flopping about on her
tummy as Vantha fucked her.
"You're right. I've still got plenty left in my tank," agreed Ebony. "But what have you got
in mind?"
"Silly girl. Have you forgotten the banquet already? Not only can I use my mental powers on my own cock, I can also use them on yours as well."

The thought of being fucked and jerked off at the same time was electrifying to Ebony. That hadn't happened since Tiffany, Dee Dee and Clyda had all performed together at once on her.
"Well what are you waiting for?" pleaded Ebony. "Do it to me!"
"Since you asked so nicely," replied Vantha. "Here we go..." Vantha now slowed the thrustings of her cock into Ebony's cunt to smaller jabs, but she still kept up a steady barrage on Ebony, as she exerted her telekinetic powers.
"First, we've gotta get you hard again," said Vantha. "That shouldn't be too tough for
someone like you." Ebony suddenly felt like many large, strong hands were gripping her cock,
gently stroking it and fondling it, even though she could see nothing there with her eyes. In no time, Ebony's cock had reached its full length of just over three feet, thanks to Vantha's expert handling of her meat with her telekinesis.
"You certainly aren't wasting any time," said Vantha. "Are you trying to set some sort of
record on me?"
"Just get me off Vantha," gasped Ebony. "I need it so bad..."
No words were necessary now, as Vantha began to fuck Ebony harder, and synchronize the squeezing ministrations on her cock with her thrusts into Ebony's pussy. Vantha focused her control and held the shaft of Ebony's cock down so that it was almost level with her body.
"Now be a good girl Ebony, and prop yourself up on your elbows. Leave your hands at your sides. Let your tits flop around. Look at the surprise that I've got for you."
In this position, Ebony's massive dick was almost poking her in her lips. Ebony's eyes gaped in awe at the sight of her own cockhead so close to her own face.
"Don't worry, honey. I'm not gonna make you try and suck yourself off, tempting though that might be. But you do deserve to taste your own meat, before I bring you off a little later
Ebony now dabbed at her prick with her tongue, enjoying the sensual taste as her cock was stimulated by Vantha's mental powers. At the other end of her body, Vantha kept slowly
increasing the tempo and rhythm of her fucking of Ebony's cunt. These efforts were slowly
duplicated and acted out on Ebony's prick.
As Ebony grew more and more excited, she tried to take more of her cockhead into her mouth and to suck herself off too hard. Sensing what was about to happen, Vantha used her mental powers, and abruptly pulled Ebony's cock away from her own mouth.
"Oh, no you don't sweetheart," warned Vantha. "Don't think I don't know what you're trying to do. With my telekinesis, I can tell everything that's happening to your cock, maybe even better than you can. You're gonna cum when I decide it's time, and not before."
For twenty minutes, Vantha continued fucking Ebony's pussy, and masturbating her cock with her telekinesis. By this time, Ebony's body was quivering in near convulsions as she tried
to control herself for the moment of ultimate release, when Vantha would make her cum.
Finally, Ebony felt it. Like a wave far out at sea that was destined to break much further
ashore than the other waves, Ebony felt a rising pressure within her that would not be denied.
The blissful signal of ecstatic delight was telegraphed through Ebony's lust-inflamed body
then, the distinct beacon of nearing erotic fulfillment she hadn't known for far too long. It spiraled through Ebony's seething loins like the tingling pricks of a million warning needles, and gnawed at the base of her quivering belly with the wild sexual promise of its coming joyful release.
Ebony whimpered loudly to the jagged edges of her mounting sensual rapture, gaping at the mirror to see Vantha's thick wet cock vanishing like a telephone pole up between the soft
whiteness of her own roundly absorbing cunt. Vantha's furious fucking of her had quickened
to jerky, ever-quickening a****l lunges now. Ebony caught sight of her own pink cuntal flesh
wetly clinging to Vantha's huge hardness when she pulled out of her, then disappearing back up inside again with her every thrusting charge, the heavy cum-laden balls smacking solidly below against the wide-split lips of her hotly searing pussy.
Ebony gasped in passion as she watched her own fully erect cock thrusting straight out into the air at a slight angle, as hard and stiff as it had ever been in her life. Her huge balls were now as large as softballs, and the skin moved rapidly up and down the shaft as Vantha worked on her cock with her telekinesis.
Ebony, in her sensually aroused passion and spread-eagled on her back before Vantha had almost lost all contact with reality. Ebony's brain reeled in the throes of her insanely fired desire as she gaped wide-eyed into the mirror, her passion-fogged eyes feasting on the lewd, obscene spectacle of her own full breasts quivering and swaying on her chest like mounds of ripened, dark-crested fruit to Vantha's beautiful humping fuck strokes.
Ebony saw the flailing beauty of her blonde mane when she flailed her head from side to side in cadence to the moans of gasping sexual abandon hissing from Ebony's heaving chest.
"Oh ...fuck me you magnificent, darling!" Ebony loudly cried, her voice a pathetic plea of
mindless joy. "Get me off, please..."

It was the lilt to her wailing cry, which made Vantha know the pleasure she was bringing to Ebony. Vantha whimpered back in response as she f***efully fucked into Ebony, as if
desperately trying to answer her need. Vantha knew that Ebony was joyfully giving herself to
her, eagerly thrusting her soft female cunt back onto her heavily aching hardness. The wet
warmth of Ebony's vaginal channel was urgently clenching at Vantha's cock, and Vantha's
heart pounded lovingly in her chest for Ebony.
Vantha sensed the dribbling wetness against her loins that trickled down the soft smooth
backs of her thighs from where she fucked into Ebony, and saw the thin sheen-like droplets
of perspiration which had gathered on her naked body beneath her. Vantha's own tongue hung
loosely from her opened jaws in heated frenzy. The moment for both of them was near!
Abruptly, Ebony raised her slackened face to whimper out a guttural, a****lish groan from deep in her throat. Her glazed dark eyes were round and unseeing. Vantha knew that the time was now. She began humping Ebony as fast and as hard as she could with her cock. At the same time, Vantha gripped Ebony's prick with her mental powers as hard as she could, and shifted into overdrive on it.
Vantha's thrusts into Ebony's pussy, and the frigging motion on her cock were each almost a blur now. For several moments, each girl was simply locked in the throes of passion and the maniacal anticipation of the utter release that they each knew was only seconds away.
Finally, Vantha felt herself shooting off deep and hard into Ebony's pussy. Within seconds,
Ebony's cock began shooting off like a geyser. Ebony felt the electrifying flow of Vantha's hot jism filling her womb, and it triggered her vaginal orgasm.
Out of instinct, Ebony reached down and began squeezing and milking her heavy nuts, just as she'd done during her Milking session. The results were incredible. The cum that was already flying out of Ebony's cockhead intensified like water shot out of a garden hose. Stream
after heavy stream of jism shot past Ebony's head to land loudly on the blankets and the head of the bed.
Vantha couldn't believe the display that Ebony was putting on, and simply gripped her
thighs, and fucked her as hard as she could. While the orgasm that followed was intense and
pleasurable for Vantha, what Ebony was experiencing was a near nirvana-like occasion. Never had Ebony been truly fucked to the limits of her body, by a woman who was equally as powerful as her, as well as similarly endowed. Combining this with the masturbation job that Vantha was doing on Ebony's cock, and it was a night she'd never forget.
Eventually, Ebony's cock seemed to run out of gas, and stop its nearly endless spewing of jism. At the same time, Vantha felt her loins finally empty themselves. Ebony's body was still quivering and twitching with the incredible sensations she'd just been exposed to, and she was trying to regain some form of composure.
Vantha pulled her cock out of Ebony's pussy. Her shaft was still erect, and Vantha let it
lie next to Ebony's on her tummy together. The two massive logs made an interesting contrast, with Vantha's lighter colored cock against Ebony's dark member. In a few moments, Ebony's cock began to lose its erectness, and become a turgid tube of flesh, while Vantha's remained stiff and still ready to play.
"Well, what do you have to say to that, Ebony?" asked Vantha.
The only thing Ebony could manage was some nearly incoherent moans and mumblings from her throat. Ebony had a blissful smile of utter contentment and satisfaction on her face.
"I think that I'll interpret that as a positive sign," Vantha laughed to herself. "So much
for her earlier boast about doing it all night with me, though."
Vantha leaned down and lifted Ebony partially off the bed so that she could remove the
nearly soaked bedspread that they both had contributed to, throughout the course of the night. She then gently laid Ebony down on the bed, and drew a clean blanket over her body.
As Ebony's head hit the pillow, she looked up at Vantha with love and longing in her eyes. "Please don't go, Vantha..."
"I've had all kinds of fun Ebony, and you've performed far better than I thought you ever
would with me. But we both know that you can't keep up with me, much as you'd like to try.
"I'm going to go find Rayleena or some of the other girls on the Island, for a little more
fun before we have to leave. I won't ever forget you, and we won't leave in the morning without saying goodbye."

Ebony dozed off into slumber for a short period of time. When she became conscious again, her gaze was focused on a small red light in the corner of her quarters. As her mind sharpened, Ebony realized what had caught her eye. The red light was a warning system that she and Dee Dee had set up on their two computers. Ebony moved to her computer, and moved the mouse, deactivating the screen saver, and toggled to the security-monitoring program.
"Hmm.... according to this, there's a perimeter door open, where there shouldn't be,"
thought Ebony. "Well, Vantha's left, and she did such a number on me, I don't think I could
get it up again tonight, if I had to. Might as well stroll over there and take a better look at things. Maybe it's something that can be fixed fairly easily."

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