B6 Chapter 8 Ebony Fucks Vantha

Chapter 8: Ebony and Vantha - Ebony Fucks Vantha

Ebony listened to Vantha's words with a mixture of shock and delight. She'd received
constant lectures and warnings from Tiffany, Dee Dee and other girls about forcing herself to hold back whenever she had sex with any of the girls on the Island, because of her tremen-
dous size difference. Up until now, the only time she'd really felt true release had been during her Milking session. And now someone was actually demanding that she pull out all of the stops and not show any mercy.
"What's the matter girl?" asked Vantha. "Didn't you hear me?"
"Hell yes, I heard you," replied Ebony. "I just can't believe I'm really getting a chance to
cut loose on you with everything that I've got."
"Look Ebony, don't take this the wrong way," said Vantha. "I'm an alien girl from another
world, remember? I've been fucked by Rhiannon and others like her, until they almost turned
me inside out. As well as getting hammered by beings from other worlds that you probably
couldn't even imagine, on the pleasure planets of the galaxy. So when I say that I can take
anything that you've got, I mean it. Now quit wasting time, and get over here and fuck me!"
Ebony, her cock growing huger by the second and already throbbing, strode deliberately to Vantha. She smiled, as Vantha watched her through what looked to be lust filled, slitted eyes.
"All right Vantha," said Ebony. "I like a challenge as well as the next girl. Get ready to
get fucked long and hard and deep!"

Ebony reached out to Vantha, pushing her onto her back on the bed, and stroked the
widespread cheeks before her, the huge erection she sported towering over Vantha's body.
Suddenly, Ebony gripped each of the soft, yielding cheeks cruelly, and her hips drew back.
Vantha felt Ebony's massive cock thud into the base of her spine as it jerked downward, and
then felt the delicious pain as Ebony crammed the bloated head of it into her accepting ass.
Faster and easier than Ebony would have thought possible, over half of her cock was
swallowed by Vantha's rectum. Seconds later, Ebony rammed it home, her massive balls
swinging wildly to smack against Vantha's rump.
There was now a matter of pride involved, and Ebony would fuck Vantha until she begged for relief. She was filed with ecstasy. Vantha's inviting asshole was a wonderful tunnel of pleasure, like none she had ever reamed before. Ebony was dazed at the pleasure she had felt upon entering this incredible Vectran female, and trembled, her hips locked into rigidity as
the waves of ecstasy built.
Ebony felt her powerful cock expand, pushing ever deeper into the lush depths of Vantha. It grew huger with a speed Ebony had never known before. Ebony felt like she was out of con-trol. The massive pounding of her cock continued into Vantha's ass, constant and continuous. The incredible escalating pleasure drove Ebony to even more frantic efforts, her hips locked into a palsied trembling as she fucked Vantha harder and harder.
The f***e of Ebony's thrusts shoved Vantha's large body back and forth on the sheets of the bed. Vantha's huge boobs wobbled back and forth like two flesh-colored melons, and her own cock slapped loudly against her belly.
"That's it Ebony," panted Vantha as she absorbed her powerful thrusts. "Fuck me harder and deeper!"
Ebony summoned her strength and began fucking Vantha in a series of brutal, piledriver like strokes. Ebony withdrew her cock partially, stepping back a pace, and ramming over half the length of her cock into Vantha's ass with all the f***e that she could muster.
Each powerful impact brought a satisfying grunt or moan from Vantha's lips. Ebony alternated between this method, and a series of quick, short jabs like a jackhammer. After fifteen minutes of blasting her cock into Vantha's ass, Ebony's ecstasy grew, and grew, and grew, until it was unbearable. Ebony gave one last despairing screech, and felt it all explode into Vantha.
Suddenly, Ebony was gouting cum, spewing it deep within Vantha, and the gouting cum turned into a flood, a raging torrent. The pulsing, pumping cum turned into a steady flood as if it
were being wrenched from Ebony. Ebony screamed with the utter pleasure searing through her,
and she felt like her cock was now growing uncontrollably, the flood of cum redoubling by the moment.
Ebony saw Vantha's ripe, inviting body ripple with the incredible load she was being flooded with. The entire length of Vantha's incredible monster cock rippled with the flow of energy that was being power pumped into her now moaning body.
Suddenly, all the energy that Ebony had pumped into Vantha, and a great deal more, blasted back into her writhing body. Her cock almost literally exploded, and Ebony's entire body
burst into uncontrolled convulsions as the flood coursing out of her now fiery cock doubled,
and redoubled by the moment. Her pumping cum now gushed out of her in an unbroken torrent.
It felt like a river, or an ocean, blasting out of Ebony's cock.
Ebony could not withstand the f***es ravaging her body, and suddenly, the head of her cock popped out of Vantha's ass. For a moment, all Ebony could do was stare at the massive shaft between her legs. Her cock was now at least six inches longer! Ebony gripped her prick with both hands, and it was like trying to hold a firehose steady.
With a roar like a lion, Ebony's now tremendous cock blasted Vantha at point blank range. The enormous, bloated head was like a cannon, a river of cum thundering from it. Ebony was rocked with the f***e of cum blasting from it. Ebony leaned forward and pointed her cock at Vantha, the titanic tower of her cock now geysering an ocean of cum. Vantha, now even
hornier than ever, could only lie on the bed in awe, as Ebony's missile drenched her in jism
for almost a minute, before finally emptying her balls.

Vantha lay before Ebony coated with cum. Vantha's visage was obstructed by the milky fluid slowly dripping from her face. Her tongue emerged, and greedily licked some of the runneling cum free of her face. With lipsmacking greed, Vantha's tongue busily lapped it up, and loud gulping sounds of swallowing were heard.
Vantha turned to Ebony, and smiled. "All right, that was a surprise, I'll admit. You didn't
hurt me, Ebony. But I was shocked to see your cock get even bigger. That's usually something
that only happens to us Vectrans when we get out of control." Ebony was still in a standing position, admiring the massive column of her new meat.
"Oh and by the way Ebony, you weren't the only one affected when we transferred my energy back and forth between us."
Ebony now looked down at Vantha and saw that her enormous, thumb-like nipples had become thicker and longer, the tips swollen. Slowly, like a surfacing submarine coming to the
surface, and then taking to the sky, her now incredibly huge cock levered upwards, dripping
with Ebony's cum. Vantha cupped one of her huge mammaries, and sucked and licked it clean of the coating of cum with obvious relish. Soon, the other was receiving similar attention.
Vantha looked at Ebony, and leered. Vantha's already large cum-dripping shaft grew larger,
before Ebony's eyes.

"Now," came Vantha's leering voice, "what's next?"
Ebony was now primed and readied. She felt her cock strain into huge erection. Ebony smiled, her face lustful and devilish. She would be more than happy to perform the next desired
action upon Vantha.
"I'm gonna fuck you, until you beg me to stop, Vantha," said Ebony.
Ebony would actively enjoy what she was about to do. She was going to have the exquisite pleasure of reaming Vantha's pussy out with her oversized tool. Ebony grabbed Vantha's head, burying her hands in her blonde hair. She kissed Vantha, her splaying tongue stabbing out and spearing down Vantha's throat. She wrestled Vantha to the bed, rolling atop her, and wrenched her legs apart with one hand. Ebony's cock was hard now, and very, very large. Ebony tilted her hips back, grasping the throbbing member and then guided it towards Vantha's crotch. The still cum-soaked head slid and glided on the soft skin of Vantha's pussy flesh.
Each movement sent flashes of sensual pleasure shooting through Ebony's cock's length and caused it to quiver in tension. Ebony guided the slippery head until she felt the lubricated
flesh of Vantha's steamy cunt being parted by its massiveness. She hunched forward, her hips
thrusting with a rolling motion of her pelvis, and wormed the huge hardness into the clasping hole. Ebony sank over half of her lengthy shaft into Vantha with a single convulsive lurch.
Vantha felt the shocking suddenness of being crammed full. She loved the sensation of
Ebony's growing cock wrenching her protesting cunt lips wider. The sexual energy was already
beginning to affect her. Vantha's breasts jiggled, trembling into firmness. Her nipples hardened until they were painful. They were turning darker and growing larger. Vantha's vaginal lips were being slowly f***ed wider and wider as the powerful python of Ebony's cock
swelled and elongated. This was truly an attack.
Vantha felt her own rock-hard cock waver in the air, the meaty hardness slipping between
both girls' cum-slicked bellies until it was sliding between Ebony's pillowing breasts. Ebony's punishing attack was driving her back and forth, each thudding thrust pounding into her driving her back and each long, slow withdrawal, seemingly taking hours, dragged her back. Each of these movements was driving her erection between Ebony's mammoth tits.
After a short period of time, Ebony felt herself reaching the point of no return, and she
knew it wouldn't be long before she emptied her load in to Vantha. Ebony's cock was quickly
spewing burning, hot gobbets of searing cum as it orgasmed. But this time was different for
Ebony. Something in her body told Ebony that she would keep cumming for a much longer time, but it also would not be the near tidal wave that she'd unleashed earlier.
The intensity of her orgasms grew, filling her with unrestrained, fleshly lasciviousness, as
did the size of the invader being rammed into Vantha's cunt. Ebony came again, then again and yet again. She was cumming uncontrollably, a continuous series of orgasms wracking her body.
Ebony began to orgasm vaginally as well, and was soon being driven alternately from
cumming in spouting orgasm to explosive vaginal spasms of ecstasy. Ebony redoubled her attack. Her gigantic cock was almost disjointing Vantha's womb, wrenching it wider as it became grossly swollen.
Vantha's cleft was being stretched more and more as the assaulting cock expanded within her belly until it threatened to divide her in half, splitting her from anus to belly button. The monstrous shaft felt like a redwood lodged up into Vantha and she could feel the scalding streams of cum thundering into her as Ebony, growling like an a****l, savaged her with a primordial hot-bl**ded hunger.
Ebony's massive prick splitting her pussy was increasing by the moment as the already enormous cock grew titanic and stretched her taut belly with a gurgling flood of cum to even larger dimensions.
For half an hour, Ebony fucked Vantha's pussy like she had never fucked anything in her
life. Vantha's own cock was nestled between the two girls' bellies, and extended upward so
that the head was lodged in Ebony's titflesh. Then incredible sensations of fucking Vantha with her newly powered cock, drove Ebony past any limits that she might have thought she had.
Vantha's tummy was now bloated and distended like she was several months pregnant. At long last, Vantha could sense that Ebony was being good to her word, and wouldn't stop her
frantic humping of her until either she conceded, or Ebony herself collapsed from exhaustion. And while Vantha prided herself on thinking that she could eventually outlast Ebony, there simply wasn't enough time left for a full-blown marathon of sex. And besides, Vantha's own hard-on was nearly out of control between Ebony's knockers. She had to save a little bit for one last fucking of Ebony, before her time on the Island was up.

Finally, Vantha admitted to herself that Ebony was indeed fucking her and satisfying her far beyond anything that she had thought her capable of. The mix of Vectran energy, and her
already large and powerful body had transformed Ebony into an awesome sexual dynamo.
"All right Ebony, I give up!" Vantha cried out. "You were right girl. You've fucked me like
I haven't had it done to me in years!"
Hearing Vantha finally give in and concede was all Ebony needed to hear. With a final
backward lunge, Ebony pulled her massive cock out of Vantha's womb in one stroke. Once more, Vantha received a drenching of Ebony's jism that was like a miniature rainstorm.
By the time Ebony's cock had finally stopped, Vantha's face and hair looked as though she had just emerged from a swimming pool. Ebony stood at the edge of the bed with her hands on her hips, glaring down at Vantha, drenched in her jism, in satisfaction.
"We've got a saying here, Vantha. Be careful what you ask for..."
"I know, I know," blurted Vantha. "You just might get it. You're right, Ebony. I asked you
to pull out all the stops when you did it to me, and you obliged. I'm guessing that it's all the Vectran sexual energy you've received, and maybe some of the things you've been exposed to in the past, that caused you to perform the way that you did."
"Do you think there's any chance that the change to my dick will be permanent?" asked Ebony.
"Usually those don't last more than a day when they happen to us. Sometimes only a few hours. But you aren't the only one that's got a temporary gift, Ebony. That sexual energy
flows back and forth between the two partners, and now it's my turn...
"Ordinarily, a session like you just gave me would merit something equally as long and
vicious in return," Vantha continued. "But you're not a Vectran, and you can't keep on being
exposed to our sexual energy indefinitely. So I am going to fuck you, Ebony. While I won't
try and outdo what you've just done, I guarantee that you'll remember what's about to happen
for a long time."

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