B6 Chapter 7 Ebony Sucks Vantha

Chapter 7: Ebony and Vantha - Ebony Sucks Vantha

"Prepare to be impressed, Ebony," said Vantha. With that, Vantha exerted her mental concentration, and her naked slab of cock meat appeared as if by magic in front of Ebony's eyes. Each girl admired the other, as Vantha's cock grew rapidly to its full length and hardness.
Ebony tossed her head back, smiling and radiant, as she stared at Vantha. And Vantha drank
in Ebony's features with approving lust. Ebony's dark black hair flowed down her back. Her
complexion was dark, her cheekbones wide, and her tits were heavy, yet firm, standing as if
inflated, and capped by huge, brown nipples. From her slender waist, her hips spread out
generously and her legs were shapely and unblemished. Ebony's ass was high and muscular, the sort of driving, churning ass that seemed to have been designed for fucking the massive
shemale cocks on the Island.
Ebony bit her lip in suspense, watching Vantha's cock begin swell to gigantic proportions.
Her cock knob was a dark reddish brown, and a few flecks of pre-cum were already oozing from
her pisshole, streaking her thighs. Vantha's balls looked big, swollen so huge that they were already bigger than two tennis balls.
Ebony tilted her head and looked along the tremendous length of Vantha's cock. She saw that her prick was almost fully erect now, and knew that it was time to add the finishing
touches. Ebony reached under and she cupped Vantha's bloated balls, lifting slightly, as if she were judging the weight of the jism they contained, or gauging how much she could caress them before she was ready to blow her wad.
Ebony began to caress Vantha's balls with both hands. Ebony tugged her full ball-sac up and down gently, as if she were milking a cow; but she knew that the load in those large balls was a lot thicker and creamier than had ever been pulled from an udder, and a lot tastier too, she had to admit.
Squatting on her heels, Ebony began to run her open hands up and down Vantha's cock, tracing along the thick urethra tube. Then she shifted up and took her cock-shaft in both hands,
barely about to span the great girth in her double grip. Then Ebony began frigging Vantha up
and down.
As she pumped back toward her balls, Vantha moaned softly, shoving her cock through Ebony's caressing hands. The crown of Vantha's fat cock flared out, naked and throbbing, from her foreskin, her piss-hole gaping open and oozing with fuck-juice.
Ebony tickled Vantha teasingly on the underside of her bulging cock knob, causing the horny Vectran girl to snort and toss her head about. Then Ebony pulled toward her cockhead. Vantha's foreskin came curling up over her cockhead like a fleshy carpet, covering half of that naked wedge. Half hidden in her sheath, with her piss-hole opening and closing like some spasmodic mouth, the tip of Vantha's prick looked like some dangerous, drooling reptile lurking in the entrance to a tunnel. Slobber-like pre-cum dribbled out as Vantha's cockhead flared and pulsed.
Ebony pushed back, exposing all of her fat, cockhead again. Holding her cock in one hand, Ebony tilted her radiant face over the end of her cock, staring at Vantha's swollen knob.
Then Ebony's pink tongue pushed out and tapped against the slimy tip of Vantha's massive
cockhead. Flattening her nimble tongue, Ebony laved at her cockhead and slurped at her flow-ing piss-hole.
Ebony's lips parted, kissing the tip of her cock-knob. Her tongue slithered right up into

Vantha's drooling piss-hole as she French-kissed her cockhead lovingly, holding it against her mouth.
"As much as I like your attentions Ebony," said Vantha, "I'm afraid you've really got your
work cut out for you now girl. You've done a great job getting me hard and ready to play."
Ebony pulled her head back and gaped at the over three-foot length of flesh and bl**d that was Vantha's cock. It was longer than her arm, and even thicker than that in some places.
Vantha's balls had swollen so that they were now as large as two softballs. If anything, Vantha's cock seemed larger and more powerful than earlier that evening, when she had performed at the banquet table.
"I told you a few minutes ago that I wanted you to suck my cock, Ebony. Well, at least
that's what you're going to do." Ebony had a puzzled look on her face as Vantha's words
registered. "I'm gonna shove my cock so far down your throat, you'll be able to taste my balls."
Vantha moaned and her hips heaved. Vantha thrusted her body forward, shoving her cock into
Ebony's face.

Ebony tried to protest, but as she opened her mouth she found it blocked, then filled, then
overfilled to past the bursting point as the rubbery hardness of Vantha's cockhead was f***ed into it. Ebony felt her protesting lips stretched inhumanely wide as the hot flesh f***ed its way through them, the rubbery flanges of the rapidly flaring head bending back as it entered, then springing into throbbing hardness in her oral cavity and wracking her jaws into gaping wideness.
"There's no turning back now girl. You've got me way too hot and bothered to even think of halting things," said Vantha, as she shoved more of her meat down Ebony's maw. Ebony felt a huge hand forcing her head back, making her swallow the hardening shaft down her desper-ately working throat. Vantha was wasting no time, and was showing absolutely no gentleness, in ramming her cock down Ebony's opening and into her gut. Vantha was forcing Ebony into lining up her throat so she might easily send her cock to fuck her throat and send the already flaring shaft deep into her guts.
A spurting flow of precum already pulsed from Vantha's quivering shaft as the expanding
glans f***ed its way past the back of Ebony's throat, and then beyond. Ebony felt her throat
beneath her chin stretching to encompass the hugeness sliding deeper into her gullet.
Already Vantha's heavily muscled hips were beginning to rhythmically plunge the heavy shaft back and forth, each thrust sending it spearing deeper into Ebony's writhing throat.
"It's not so easy when the shoe is on the other foot, is it, Ebony?" asked Vantha. Ebony
could only look at her in fear and surprise. "This is how you've had your way with the other girls on the Island, isn't it?" Ebony managed a feeble nod of her head.
"I didn't even have to ask any of them. I could tell by the way you carried yourself, that
you were used to being in charge. I wouldn't be doing if this, if I weren't sure that you could take it, Ebony. Don't worry, my sexual energy will kick in on you, before you know it. And now that you know how it feels, maybe you'll have a little more compassion for your partners in the future."
Ebony flailed and beat in desperation as Vantha was splitting her throat with her gigantic
cock for several moments, panicked and terrified. Then the sensation overwhelmed her. Vantha's power was unbelievable; the gigantic shaft unstoppable as it slid into her belly.
It beat ponderously in her throat, and she could feel the flaring head of the monster
splitting her mouth deep within her belly begin to grow into immensity. Ebony's own cock trembled and hardened in response and began dripping a fitfully spitting stream of precum, and Ebony moaned around the thickening shaft buried in her throat and stomach as the incredible sensations of the heavy meat reaming her sent wild bursts of masochistic ecstasy through her trembling body.
"That's it girl," grunted Vantha as she pumped her cock in and out of Ebony's throat. "The fact that you've got a hard-on proves that you're enjoying this." Vantha moaned, feeling the roiling load of cum gathering for release, building in pressure in her balls for when she later achieved full orgasm, and felt the heavily swollen globe of her cockhead begin to wedge its immensity deep into Ebony's guts.
Vantha rammed her cock into Ebony, her body flailing under Vantha's assault. Ebony's breasts bounced and swayed wildly, her flesh rippling as Vantha pistoned her massive meat down her wide-stretched throat. Ebony's belly sloshed around the swollen form of the imbedded head of Vantha's cock as it grew ever larger, finally achieving its full impossible dimensions.
Vantha's heavy, cum-laden balls slapped loudly against Ebony's chin and throat on her
downward plunges. Ebony briefly thought that she'd finally gone too far, and was now in a situation that she couldn't control, and almost panicked. Suddenly, from somewhere deep inside of her body and her spirit, Ebony began to feel a surge of strength and confidence that she hadn't known existed.
Ebony was fully aware of Vantha's massive piston, which was working its way in and out of her throat. But instead of the fear she had felt a few moments ago, Ebony now felt that she could somehow withstand anything that Vantha threw at her. Granted in her present position, that wasn't much more than holding still, and absorbing Vantha's powerful thrusts.
Ebony found the strength to hold onto and suck Vantha's prick on its plunges into her throat and body. The increased tension and resistance were did not go unnoticed by Vantha.
"Oh fuck yes, Ebony! That's it girl," Vantha panted. "You've got the power to take all of
me, and still be able to put up a struggle. I told you that you'd be able to do great things, didn't I?"
Vantha paused briefly, and looked down at Ebony's eyes. "You're doing fantastic girl. Now get yourself ready, and suck me harder!"
Vantha's thrusting now became a pounding attack as Vantha grabbed Ebony's head with both hands. Vantha rutted, driving the spewing flesh of her spearing cock in and out of Ebony's
throat, knowing Ebony could survive her onslaught now. Vantha now allowed her warrior side
free rein, to fuck and cum as it would to satisfy its lusts.
After ten minutes of powerful throat fucking, Vantha threw her head back, screamed in savage ecstasy, and began to cum. Ebony could feel the gushing flood of cum spewing from Vantha's growing shaft begin to fill her belly, swelling it fuller and distending it as the heavy, searing heat of the thick fluid pooled in her belly.
Vantha's cock was now completely engulfed by Ebony, her power and massive cock flesh driving Ebony to intensify her efforts even higher, to satisfy Vantha. Vantha cried loudly, the flow of cum from her now fully-grown cock redoubling with each thrust. The pounding wrecking ball of her flare now thudded heavily with each gushing flood, her huge hips shuddering, thrusting the monumental shaft home into Ebony's recesses.
Vantha could actually feel her cockhead flaring and throbbing as gouting streams of heavy seed shot in pulsating satisfaction through her shaft into Ebony's gut. Ebony felt Vantha's buried shaft grow outrageously large, as if bent upon splitting her in half. It bounced her in wrenching motions, each incredible gouting flood of cum smashing into her sending the shaft jerking upwards. Ebony felt Vantha's thrusts all through her body; felt the rending shaft swell into inconceivable hardness and size; felt the unbearable weight of the flared head deep in her belly grow to unthinkable size. Then she heard a sound. Ebony actually heard the rushing flood of jism rocketing through Vantha's bulging shaft as it rushed to flood her belly, the hot, heavy milky flood sloshing in her causing a heady, painful delight.

"By the gods girl, you know how to suck a cock!" cried Vantha. "You've earned a reward for taking all of me down your throat, Ebony." Vantha slowly pulled her cock up and out of Ebony's throat. Up until now, she had literally been pouring her jism into Ebony's guts. Ebony could feel the massive splurts land in her belly, but she hadn't truly been able to taste Vantha's jism yet.
"There's still plenty more cum in my nuts, and it's all for you girl," panted Vantha as she
fought to remain in control of her throbbing cock. Ebony now had her mouth wide open and around Vantha's slippery cockhead. Suddenly her mouth was full of jism. Vantha's balls blew their load again and her thick cum came rushing up her throbbing cock and hosed Ebony's mouth and throat like a waterfall.
Vantha was still spilling her cum load and Ebony knew she wouldn't stop until her balls were empty. Regardless, the stuff was too delicious for Ebony to even consider stopping her
swallowing. Ebony parted her lips as wide as she could around the head of Vantha's cock, sucking and swallowing frantically. Vantha's fuck-juice was coming out in a steady stream, a slimy rope of cum uncoiling from her balls and into Ebony's belly.
Ebony swallowed as fast as she could, making room for more jism, and Vantha poured more into her mouth. Vantha's prick jolted heavily and her cum gushed out. Cum swirled in Ebony's cheeks and her tongue was floating in a deluge. Ebony sucked and swallowed, swallowed and sucked, transported to cum-drinker's heaven.
Vantha humped, fucking into Ebony's face and tilting her head back as she fed her another spurt. Ebony was holding her cock between her hands, and now to empty Vantha to the dregs, she frigged up and down on her cock, jerking Vantha off into her flooded mouth, pumping out the last of her cum-juice.
Ebony leaned back, gazing at Vantha's cockhead as she let the last of her cum dribble down her throat. Vantha's knob was still throbbing and, between her hands, her thick cock was
still hard and vibrant.
Ebony placed her lips over Vantha's piss-hole and inhaled, slurping out a few slimy drops
that lurked in the cleft. Ebony's tongue bathed her thoroughly, leaving not a single trace of jism, replacing it with her saliva. Ebony sank to the bed, lying on her back, the incredible mass of Vantha's cockhead still jammed between her lips. Vantha shivered with lust, her tongue licking her lips as she looked down at the form of Ebony.
Ebony's belly had bulged slightly, from all of the jism Vantha had just deposited in it, but that would quickly go away. Vantha stepped back, twisting her hips to pull her still full-grown shaft free of Ebony's lips wrapped around it. Vantha gave a finally heavy grunt, the impaling shaft jerking upwards a final time once it was free, to slap against her massive breasts with a meaty slap.
"Damn, Vantha! That was in-fucking-credible. I've never felt or tasted anything like that
before." As Ebony recovered, her body quickly burnt away the excess jism that Vantha had
filled her belly with.
"I told you to have a little faith in me girl," said Vantha. "How do you feel now?"
"I feel great Vantha. Like I could fuck and suck all night long."
"That's just what I wanted to hear you say, Ebony. Because that's just what I've got in mind for us. You managed to get a hard-on, even while you were sucking the life out of me. So get up and get ready to put it to good use.
"I want you to fuck like you've never fucked before, Ebony. I want to feel that entire
monster inside of me, and I don't want you to hold back anything. You're dealing with someone who can actually take all you got to give, and not worry about hurting me in the process."

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