B6 Chapter 6 Vantha Eats Ebony

Chapter 6: Ebony and Vantha - Vantha Eats Ebony

Ebony and Vantha arrived at Ebony's quarters shortly after leaving the banquet hall. Ebony immediately shed her clothes, and embraced Vantha in her arms.
"Well it's nice to see you aren't wasting time on formalities, girl," said Vantha, after she
returned Ebony's kiss.
"After watching you on the table tonight, there's only one thing on my mind," said Ebony.
As she embraced Vantha, Ebony was amazed at the power and strength that she could feel
coursing through her body.
"I can sense what you're thinking, Ebony," said Vantha. "You're surprised at just how strong I am. That's because I'm a Vectran and I was born into this body, and developed into it
"While you're powerful, I'm afraid you're not in the same class as any of us Vectrans. But
you're probably still the strongest girl on the Island, easily."
Ebony and Vantha wrapped their arms about each other tighter, as they explored each other's bodies.
"But I sense something else about you, Ebony. While you're obviously the most powerful girl on the Island, I also sense something about you that's unfulfilled. You're so much bigger than any of the other girls around here, that they're all afraid of you."
"You got that right," Ebony said hesitantly. "They all try and treat me with k** gloves, for
fear of pissing me off. And even the few that know me really well can't fuck me strong enough or hard enough, so they rarely get me off. It's frustrating as hell some times..."
"Believe me Ebony, after tonight, that will all change," said Vantha. "I could sense the
lust in you when I performed at the table tonight. You've got the soul and passion of a Vectran in your heart. But you were born into a different body.
"We have the ability to transfer our sexual energy into other beings as we have sex, Ebony. If you'll let me, I'll let you see the true potential of your body for the first time tonight. You'll experience sex like you you've never had it before."
Ebony's eyes lit up at Vantha's offer. "What do I have to do?"
"All you have to do is do what I tell you, Ebony. As we go back and forth in our sex, you'll
receive more and more energy from me, and you'll be capable of doing things that you didn't
think were possible."
"I'm all yours, Vantha. What do we do first?"

"The first thing I'm gonna do is get your pussy ready for the onslaught that'll follow later. I'm betting you haven't had anyone really lick your box that way it ought to be done in far too long."
The thought of what Vantha was capable of doing to her sent chills up and down Ebony's
spine. Trembling with anticipation, Ebony lay down on the bed on her back, and waited for Vantha. She stripped out of her remaining clothes, and paused to let Ebony admire her body.
"Don't worry, girl. You'll see more of my cock than you'll know what to do with, later on.
For now, your pussy gets my undivided attention. And don't bother with playing your own dick
while I'm down there. We're still women, and I still love the taste of pussy."
Ebony saw Vantha move her body to stand near the foot of the bed, and watched her hand pause in its lewd position between her open thighs, while she stared in disbelief at the

incredible figure of Vantha. Vantha's eyes were like two limpid pools of brownish wonder in her head. Sensing the power of Vantha's body for a moment, Ebony was awed by her. Was the
Vectran girl wild and vicious? Ebony swallowed tightly, raising her head to stare just as Vantha leapt up onto the bed. Vantha sensed Ebony's fear and smiled, simultaneously shaking her head in friendship.
"I can feel your body trembling in anticipation, Ebony," said Vantha. "When I get done with you, you'll be begging me to let me fuck you, or to do anything else."
Vantha's breasts were twin hills, enormous quivering globes capped with thick, turgid
nipples, now at least an inch in length. Each movement of Vantha sent muscles dancing beneath her skin. Although incredibly powerful, Vantha was still lushly built, feminine and sleek.
Vantha's fiery bl**d continued to pound through her powerful body, as she became aroused as she explored Ebony's body. She slowly moved up toward Ebony's face, seeing her head drop back onto the pillow, her pretty eyes wide and gaping. Vantha backed away slightly, as if to reassure Ebony, while she unceasingly surveyed her body hungrily. Abruptly, Vantha leaned down to lick out with her hot, wet tongue against the smooth, naked flesh of Ebony's
dark-skinned belly.
Ebony felt the seething sensation of Vantha's almost abrasive tongue to the very depths of her loins, watching her with saucered eyes as the burning, wet coral tongue licked breath- takingly over her nerve-tautened belly. Vantha teased Ebony by letting her tongue just graze the edge of Ebony's limp prick.
Again and again, Vantha did it, the searing spread length of the pink, fleshy thickness
broadened lovingly against the sensitive skin of Ebony's taut belly, causing tremoring impulses, which seemed to leave Ebony chokingly helpless. It was a struggle for Ebony to raise her head again to look down at Vantha, as her gasping breaths made her breasts rise and fall, their erect fullness half-hiding her view as she strained to see Vantha's long, hot tongue actually licking upward over the quivering smoothness of her stomach.
Higher and higher it moved, until the sweeping organ was finally tongue-lapping the rounded, full undersides of Ebony's fearfully trembling breasts, ever-creeping upward over them toward their large, marble-hardened nipples.
Spellbound, Ebony couldn't hold back the gasping moan escaping her lips when Vantha's
feverish tongue tip actually reached them, wetly grazing the sensitively ripened buds over and over, to send maddeningly aroused spasms spiraling through Ebony's nakedly exposed body.
In fact, Ebony could hardly think with the rising heat Vantha's hotly licking tongue working damply over the naked mounds of her breasts was fanning inside her. She heard Vantha's deep throated moan, and Ebony's widened eyes fixed on the loving performance and then, abruptly Vantha was backing down on the bed, stepping over between Ebony's still widespread legs and lowering her body to all fours.
Once more, Ebony's breath caught in her throat as she raised her head to watch Vantha poise there, her nose between Ebony's open thighs. To Ebony's stunned amazement, Vantha's head slowly lowered, her hot breaths taunting the wispy dark curls there. Vantha's nose coolly
brushed against the soft warm flesh of Ebony's inner thigh, and then, the feverish lips of her vaginal crevice. Vantha seemed to sniff Ebony's female excitement, her lewd investigation of her exposed loins immediately stirring an impulsive wantonness inside her.
Suddenly, Ebony felt Vantha's nose moving down below her vaginal curls and rubbing wetly against the tiny puckered ring of her anus, the lewd act very much surprising her. Ebony
lurched reflexively, gasping as her hot, liquid tongue snaked out to wormingly lick up and down the smooth vale surrounding Ebony's now tightly clenched anal mouth, the tip burrowing
teasingly up into its roundly ovalled lips.
Ebony was now not even trying to resist Vantha's lurid exploration between her tensely
spread legs and buttocks. Ebony watched in stunned disbelief Vantha's performance on her.
Ebony watched Vantha lower her head again and felt her wet, seething tongue beginning to lick at the narrow pink slit between her openly spread thighs. Ebony trembled and groaned in build-
ing pleasure as Vantha fluidly drew her tongue upward over the full length of Ebony's widely splaying pussy.
"Oh, damn, that's good," Ebony moaned to the lewd sensations stabbing inward and reaching deep into the nerve centers of her feverishly fluttering belly. Again Vantha did it, this time in a manner none of the other girls on the Island hadn't even remotely approached.
Vantha's long, thick tongue spread through Ebony's softly yielding cunt lips like a gentle whip. And it didn't stop, but continued to relentlessly spread and lick at the sensitively exposed flesh, at last pausing to flick out in an invading curl far up into Ebony's excitedly moistened vagina. The impassioned Ebony could only gasp and spasm convulsively, writhing in uncontrol-lable bodily contortions to the wild, oral loving and she just silently prayed that Vantha would never stop her ministrations on her body.
At that moment, Ebony in her nakedness was only certain of the sensuous delight Vantha's fiery licking was sending flickering through her helplessly tremoring body. Her moans
audibly increased, while Ebony's mind slipped deeper into an enchanted oblivion that she
wanted only to give herself over to. Incessantly, Vantha's wonderful, pleasure-bringing tongue stroked and bathed her lewdly wanting loins.
How long it went on, Ebony in her erotic intoxication could never have said, only that it
did, with Vantha's heavenly searing tongue licking hypnotically through and over her desire-inflamed cuntal flesh until she was moaning and squirming her whole naked body almost
frenziedly beneath it.
"Oh... oh," Ebony throatily murmured as Vantha flicked the full mesmerizing length of her
tongue in a heated, lust-making coil up into the clutching mouth of Ebony's smoldering vaginal channel. "Oh... yes... yes... do it for me, lover! Make me cum please, Vantha... Lick me more... lick me!"
Ebony knew well what she was saying even though her lustful passion had pyramided to
mindless intensity, and she reached down to gently grasp Vantha's head, drawing it tighter into her, as with an a****l-like little groan of her own, she drew her knees up all the way back to her passion swollen breasts, pulling Vantha's face and nose even tighter down into her wetly throbbing vagina.
Vantha's eager tongue flicked up the hotly clasping passage like a firebrand, her own whines blending with Ebony's as she lovingly licked and swirled into the glistening flesh between
Ebony's eagerly spread thighs and buttocks.
"Yes, you beautiful darling! Lick it! Lick my cunt, Vantha!" Ebony pleaded in unknowing
salacity, undulating her open loins and trembling round buttocks lasciviously up against Vantha's tongue.
Vantha smelled as well as tasted the exotic raciness of Ebony's human, female passion, the distinct aromatic flavor spurring her basic sexual drive higher and higher. But even her keen control could not totally keep in check the fires that Vantha knew were happening within the confines of her own powerful body. Vantha's growing desperate need to be satisfied intensified within her own hungering loins, as she worked on Ebony.

"Ebony'll get to get her rocks off first," Vantha thought to herself. "By then, I'll have her so full of Vectran energy, that she'll be pleading me to do anything at all, to help get her off again."
Now Vantha paused, and lifted her head to look up at Ebony. Vantha was smiling with lust, and she gave a short, 'flip flop' motion with her hands to Ebony.
"Get over on your hands and knees, Ebony. I'm just getting started." Emphatically, Vantha nudged Ebony once more, the deep sounds coming from her chest almost frightening Ebony. Ebony did it because she wanted to, totally swept up and intoxicated in a newly reveal-ed world of utter and abandoned sexual joy she had never believed existed. Moreover, Ebony
didn't want to injure or destroy the unbelievable liaison, which insanely bound them at this par-
ticular moment. She lowered her long, dark legs and rolled over onto her stomach, and then propped herself up, wondering what forbidden delight could possibly happen next.
Ebony spread her thighs wide again, sensing that Vantha wanted this as badly as did she, breathlessly picturing her naked, dark curves in her mind's eye. Ebony lay perfectly still,
sensing Vantha's panting hot breaths against the naked mounds of her partially raised buttocks. Then, Ebony again joyfully felt the lewd, forbidden delight of Vantha's thick wet tongue slithering into the smooth crevice separating them.
Ebony's moans were now beyond all control, sensations of lasciviousness charging ever
stronger through her simmering cunt and belly. The obscene desire to reach behind herself with her hands and lewdly spread the lush cheeks of her ass open, offering Vantha blind access to her palpitating anus was as intense as the boiling inferno raging at the heart of her hungering loins. Ebony felt Vantha's loving, hot tongue wetly caressing and splaying open the ragged, hair-fringed lips of her inflamed pussy, then licking the insanely flushed folds on its forbidden way toward the baby-like mouth of Ebony's now defenselessly exposed rectum.
It was all beyond anything Ebony had ever felt before, but then she lost her thoughts, for
Vantha was suddenly nuzzling beneath her pelvis and lifting her to a kneeling position, her
a****listic desire as clear to her as if she had whisperingly hissed it into her ear. Ebony com-plied, obediently raising up, elevating her widespread buttocks. Ebony turned around and
actually knelt slave-like before Vantha, and in complete, wanting passion.
Then, as if in answering love, Vantha drew her thick, splaying tongue up through the full
length of Ebony's wet, fire-filled cuntal crevice, and Ebony gasped out her erotic delight. She eagerly tried to spread her knees even further to open the throbbing wet pussy slit between her trembling thighs wider to Vantha. Vantha's long, spiraling tongue lunged out with a hungry possessiveness, sweeping hotly through the wet inner flesh and flicking hotly at the greedily clasping mouth of Ebony's vagina.
Vantha was consciously inflaming Ebony's upraised loins to greater heat before she chose a new position. Ebony tensed as Vantha's muscular body now crowded hotly in behind her nakedly trembling buttocks, suddenly aware that she was rising up on her knees and her strong hands were grasping at Ebony's upthrusting hips. Vantha was actually pulling Ebony's thighs further apart, so that she could insert her tongue and fingers in deeper inside of her.
Vantha's tongue probed deeper and deeper inside of Ebony, as she continued to pleasure her. To Ebony, it felt as though there were a corkscrew inside her womb, delightfully pulling and teasing at the soft cuntal folds of her flesh, in a way that she had never felt before.

On and on the pleasure from Vantha escalated inside Ebony's pussy. Finally, Ebony felt
herself reach a point of no return as the wonderful sensations reached a peak, and then
suddenly increased tenfold, as her orgasm hit her body like a shockwave.
Ebony's body convulsed beyond her ability to control, as wave after wave of shattering
ecstasy rode through her body.
"Oh fuck, yes! Don't stop Vantha. Don't stop!"
Finally after several minutes, Ebony felt her body return to normal, even though a soft warm glow, seemed to permeate her being from the intensity of her orgasm. When Ebony regained her senses, she looked up to see Vantha staring down at her with a wicked smile on her face.
"Oh my god, Vantha. I haven't cum like that, since before I came to the Island," panted
Ebony. "You were incredible."
"I told you I knew some tricks that you hadn't seen before, girl," replied Vantha. "I'm glad
you enjoyed yourself, because now it's my turn."
"I feel all warm, and sort of fuzzy all over," said Ebony. "Sort of as if I'd just had a lot to drink."
"That's the sexual energy from me, that's in your body now," said Vantha. "It's gonna let
you do things that you didn't think were possible with your body. You'll be able to fuck and suck longer and harder, as well as taking more meat than you ever thought possible in any of your holes for a little while. And now Ebony, it's time to put that energy to use. I'm certainly glad you enjoyed my efforts on your pussy and your ass just now. But now it's my turn. Get over here, and get ready to suck my cock."

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