B6 Chapter 3 Accusations

Chapter 3: Accusations

Jordan and Jeanne had just finished their session in the Milking devices. Because of the extra help that Dee Dee had given Jordan's balls, Jordan was the clear winner in this event. Both Barocca and Jeanne had finished viciously insulting and accusing Dee Dee and Tiffany of cheating of some sort.
At this point, Rhiannon and the Vectran girls entered the auditorium from the side. Rhiannon decided to make a bold entrance, and called out, "Well, well! Is this a private party, or can anyone join in?"
Everyone in the auditorium turned to face the new arrivals.
"Who the hell are you?" exclaimed Tiffany.
"How'd you get on the Island?" shouted Barocca.
"And how did you even manage to get in here?" asked Dee Dee.
"One at a time, ladies. One at a time," replied Rhiannon. She and the other girls walked down the aisle so they were directly in front of Tiffany and the others on the stage. "My name's Rhiannon, Commander of the Delphi 4; and these are members of my crew."
"What in the world is a 'Delphi 4'?" asked Tiffany.
"If you must ask, it's a starship, orbiting your planet," replied Rhiannon. "But that's another story that'll take too long to go into. I'll get right to the point and state why we're here. You've got something of ours that doesn't belong to you."
"If there's a point to this, I don't see it," said Tiffany. "What have we supposedly taken from you?"
"All right, I'll cut to the chase. I'm referring to special medical enhancing and altering software that belongs to the Vectran home world. It's rather blatantly obvious that you've used it on these two girls here," she pointed at Jordan and Jeanne. "And probably on most of the rest of the population here too, to manufacture your own little army of shemales, or whatever they're called on this world."
"Will you please make some sense?" asked Tiffany. "You talk like you're from another planet."
"As a matter of fact, we are from another world, damn it!" exclaimed Rhiannon. "Kristal, Calista, get that equipment of yours out and start scanning this room. I'd guess that most, if not all of you have been given the treatment with our software."

Calista and Kristal got out their equipment, and began taking readings.
"You don't have to worry. They won't hurt anybody," said Rhiannon. "We can pick up residual readings from the software by just scanning them."
Dee Dee came forward and confronted Rhiannon. "You were right about almost all the girls getting 'converted'. But you'll find it was done in ways other than you think."
"Sir. About the readings we're getting..." asked Calista.
"In a minute. I'm busy right now," retorted Rhiannon. "Don't tell me you managed to pull this off by yourself."
"That's exactly what I'm trying to tell you," said Dee Dee.
"Commander, I think you ought to see these readings..." asked Kristal.
"What for? I know what my own eyes are telling me," said Rhiannon. "Do you seriously expect me to believe that you've mastered the genetics, and the dozen other sciences and technologies that it would take to be able to perform these types of operations? Your earth science won't be that advanced for who knows how many years."
"We can lock horns and argue this all we want," replied Dee Dee. "But you won't find your technology has been used on any of the girls here. I've come up with my own process for creating a shemale and making it work. I'm sure it would be fascinating to one of your science or medical officers, but I'd just bore everyone if I tried to explain it right here."
"Next you'll be telling me that you can fly too," muttered Rhiannon. "Calista, get your butt over here and show me the readings you've taken, so I can get my point across here."
"Commander, that's what we were trying to tell you a moment ago," said Calista. "We've scanned over half the women in this room, and we haven't found any traces of our software being used on any of them." She showed Rhiannon the readings on the display screen.
"You have got to be fucking k**ding me..." grumbled Rhiannon. "You mean you've actually managed to do this to all of these girls by yourself?"
"That's what I've been trying to tell you," replied Dee Dee. "It's been a lot of hard work, but I spent a lot of years in college and medical school learning my craft."
Rhiannon glared at Calista and Kristal. "One of you had better come up with a damned good reason for leading us all the way out here. And fast."
Kristal had scanned almost all of the girls in the auditorium. Now she came in front of Ebony. "Sir, I'm getting a slight reading from this woman."

"What are you talking about?" asked Ebony.
"There's only very slight traces coming from her. But at one time, she was exposed to one of our programs that produces growth hormones." Shock registered on Ebony's face for a moment. Then her eyes narrowed to slits as she slowly realized what had happened to her, over the years.
"That might account for why she's so much bigger than everyone else," said Rhiannon.
Ebony held her emotions in check for a moment, before she began to lose control.
"Barocca, you little bastard..." she growled. “I don’t know how you managed to do it, but I know you’re behind this!” Tiffany and Dee Dee quickly placed themselves between Ebony and Barocca.
"Please, Ebony. Don't do anything rash," said Tiffany. "Wait until we sort things out with these other girls, please!"
"We're on an island, Ebony," said Dee Dee. "I promise you that Barocca won't be going anywhere. Then we can deal with her, after we take care of this first."
Ebony glared at Barocca across the room, the hate being almost tangible. "Barocca, as soon as our 'company' is gone, your ass is mine, girl. Don't even think about trying to leave the Island."
Barocca tried to remain her composure under Ebony's gaze. She knew she was in deep trouble now. Dee Dee's eyes lit up as she suddenly made a connection. "This is all beginning to make sense now."
"Well, I wish you'd enlighten the rest of us about it," said Rhiannon.
"Amen to that," added Tiffany.

"Here's what I think has happened," said Dee Dee. "This little troublemaker here," she pointed to Barocca, "somehow managed to get hold of your software in the past. Not only did she tamper with my equipment and use it on Ebony in the past, which made her grow larger. She's also used it to pull a couple of other unauthorized stunts with it recently, which she'll pay dearly for. When we caught up with her, and searched her quarters, we found a number of CD's with all sorts of strange, advanced software on them."
"Now we're getting somewhere," said Rhiannon.
"I've been exploring them, trying to make sense of some of the programs on them. But a lot of them are way beyond anything I've ever seen before."
"Sir, that would account for the random readings we've been picking up from them," said Calista.
"That software gives off an ultra high frequency transmission signal whenever it's used," explained Rhiannon. "Only our technology can receive it. That's part of how we tracked you to this island."
"Tiffany, would you please go to my quarters, and retrieve those CD's?" asked Dee Dee. "There's a few other things Ebony and I want to ask Rhiannon. And I'm sure Barocca wouldn't think of leaving us, just now."
"You got that right," said Ebony. "Here's my master key to get into Dee Dee's quarters."
"We'll have your software back here in a few minutes, and then I think we'll get to the bottom of things," said Dee Dee.
"That's more like it," said Rhiannon. "I'm sorry if I came across too strong just now. But you wouldn't believe what we've gone through to get this technology back, and the story behind it."

Now Ebony strode over to where Rhiannon was. "All right miss 'know-it-all'. You've answered one question about me that's been nagging me for years. Now if you don't mind, I'd like some answers to some others." Ebony stood next to Rhiannon and glared down at her from her taller height.
"How did you manage to find this island? And how did you get past the perimeter doors?"
"The first thing you need to know Ebony," replied Rhiannon, "is that things are not always what they seem." Rhiannon removed her 'belt buckle', and she suddenly appeared to be the same height as Ebony, and looked her directly in the eye. "When I said we were from another world, I meant it. This little bauble is a hologram projector. It allows us to appear the same size as average females. It's also a translator, although we're beginning to pick up your language on our own.
"Now as for finding your Island, that took a little doing. We got a location from the signal from the software. I'll give you credit for somehow getting this island off of the local maps and charts. That threw us off at first. But then after a little thinking, all we had to do was look at an older atlas in a library, and this little home of yours was plainly marked. You might want to look into a better way of hiding yourselves in the future."
"Hmm. That definitely is a project for the back burner..." Dee Dee agreed.
"And as for access to your complex itself," continued Rhiannon, "I'll have to admit that I f***ed the perimeter door open."
"No fucking way," said Ebony. "That's a tempered steel door out there."
"Ebony, I'm not in a habit of repeating myself," said Rhiannon. "So listen, and listen good. The six of us are aliens. We're from another world where the gravity is denser, and the population has evolved to where we're bigger and stronger, compared to you. When you put us on Earth's lighter gravity, the difference becomes even more pronounced."
Ebony simply glared at Rhiannon.
"I also wouldn't try what I think you're considering, Ebony," Rhiannon added. "Just because you're roughly the same size as myself and the others, doesn't mean that you've got the same mass and strength as us. Your body hasn't grown and developed properly, it's just had some accelerated growth f***ed upon it."
"Ebony please," said Dee Dee. "There's nothing to be gained by antagonizing them. We'll give them what they want, and then you can settle up with Barocca."
"All right. That'll do for now," said Ebony, as she stepped away.
"Okay, since we're on speaking terms now, we'll dispense with the charades," said Rhiannon. "The rest of you can remove your baubles, and we'll go around in our normal size."

Tiffany returned with the CD's Barocca had made, from Dee Dee's quarters. "Here you go," as she handed them to Rhiannon. "This is everything that we found, when we searched through Barocca's quarters earlier."
"Thank you, Tiffany," said Rhiannon. "I'll have my girls check these out." She handed them to Calista and Kristal, who inserted them in their equipment, and began a diagnostic check on them. "Like I said earlier, I'm sorry if I was a bit nasty when we first met. As long as these are the complete set for the software, I won't press the issue further, since you're returning it to us. I'll let you carry out whatever discipline you choose among your own girls."
"This checks out, Commander," said Kristal. "It's a complete set of version 2.0 of the medical enhancing and altering software that was standard issue, thirty years ago. They've got everything but a manual."
"Let me get this straight," said Dee Dee. "You're saying that this software that Barocca got hold of is practically an antique. But she still did some things with it that I didn't think were possible."
"That's right, Dee Dee," said Rhiannon. "The technology we have nowadays makes this look obsolete. We can morph, alter or enhance just about any body part to any degree that we want in our society nowadays. Our government makes everything legal, just so long as you can afford it. We found it was easier to control things like this if they were regulated and taxed."
"So you mean it would be possible for women in your society to become shemales, or otherwise alter or enhance their bodies?"
"That's very true, Dee Dee. We've got just about any combination that you can think of on our world. As a matter of fact, I'm a shemale myself, and so are quite a few of the women on our ship, the Delphi 4."
As Rhiannon's words hung in the air, the tensions that had been present earlier began to slowly dissolve.
"After we were on the Island, and in the complex, we found a conference room, and from there, we saw part of your little display on a monitor, " said Rhiannon. She turned and gazed with admiration at Jordan and Jeanne, both of who still had a hard-on of considerable size, which were just now reverting to normal. "I've got to admit that the show these two girls put on got most of us hot and bothered as we watched them."
"We couldn't figure out what was going on, but we enjoyed it," said Vantha. "Do you do this sort of thing all the time, or was this a special occasion?"
"Well to make a long story short," said Dee Dee, "there's a 'dispute' on the Island. Jordan, the blonde girl, represents one side, and Jeanne represents the other. We've been holding a sort of contest of different sexual events, to decide the winner."
"Well, far be it for me to interfere in 'f****y squabbles'," said Rhiannon. "Since you've turned our software over to us nicely, I'll let you work that one out amongst yourselves. But you've got to tell me more about what that odd device you were using on their pricks was, and how it worked."
"All right," said Dee Dee. "Let me have the girls break out some extra chairs, and we'll get more comfortable. It looks as though we've all got a lot to talk about today."

Dee Dee explained the basic concept of the Milking device to Rhiannon, and most of the Vectran women were getting visibly excited as they absorbed the details, and began looking at the other amazons in the auditorium.
From there, Tiffany and Dee Dee began asking Rhiannon and the other Vectran girls more questions about their society, the starship, and of course, all the dirty details about what sex was like in their corner of the universe. Even Ebony began to loosen her stern disposition, and take part in the discussions, as each side got to know the other side better.
Several hours later, the atmosphere between the two sides had changed considerably. After such open and candid conversation, each side felt like they had known the other side for much longer than just one afternoon.
Tiffany pulled Dee Dee back, and whispered in her ear for a moment. Dee Dee grinned and nodded her head in agreement.
"Rhiannon, we'd like to extend an offer to you and your girls," said Tiffany. "We know that you have to return to your own world soon. But we'd like to invite you and your girls to a dinner banquet this evening with us."
"We've found that each side has a lot more in common with the other side than we first thought," said Dee Dee. "We want to show that there's no hard feelings between us, and we thought you might appreciate real cooking, after so many 'fast food' restaurants."
"Well, that's really nice of you Tiffany, and Dee Dee," said Rhiannon. "What do you say, girls? One night of real food, before we have to shove off?" The five other Vectran girls all responded enthusiastically.
"Wait'll the other girls on the ship find out that we had a gourmet meal," said Vantha.
"Thank you very much for the offer, Tiffany," said Rhiannon. "We accept. You know I can't make any promises, but maybe we can work something out where some of us might get to know each other better, when we have leave from the Fleet in the future. With a starship, we can cover the vast distances of space easily."
"I'm sure that's something we'll all look forward to, if you can make it happen," said Tiffany. "Let me go make a phone call to the girls in the cafeteria, and I'll have them set some extra places."

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