B5 Chapter 20 Jeanne's Wild Night - Both Ends

Chapter 20: Jeanne's Wild Night - Both Ends Burning

Now Barocca stood before Jeanne, stroking her cock. Jeanne gazed at her through almost uncomprehending eyes.
"Good grief, Barocca," Jeanne muttered. "You mean you've still got more in store for me?"
Barocca promptly laid out on the bed on her back. "Get over here and sit on my cock, Jeanne. You're gonna have to satisfy several of us at once, and then we'll see about calling it quits for the night."
Barocca's cock was now hard and throbbing, after watching Jeanne's ass nearly be destroyed by Domonique. Jeanne settled on top of Barocca, and quickly had over half of her cock inside of her pussy. Jeanne moved into a coupling with Barocca that closely resembled the missionary position. Barocca started a slow, gentle humping of her cock into Jeanne's pussy.
"All right now," said Barocca. "Veronica. Get over here, and get Jeanne's butt primed. And Persia, get that meat-stick of yours hard and ready. I'm saving the best for you." Quickly, Veronica brought her mouth to Jeanne's asshole. She soaked Jeanne's ass with spit. Working gobs of her warm drool into the crack of Jeanne's ass, she primed her asshole for Persia's invasion.
"Oh, I love it," Jeanne moaned. She enjoyed Veronica's tonguing of her asshole.
"I wanna hear you say that, once you've got both of us inside you girl," said Persia.
“This ought to be good,” said Domonique as she sat on the sofa to watch. She stroked her cock, knowing it would easily be raging hard again in a few moments. Veronica twisted her head and began spitting on Persia's cock, soaking her prick with a layer of clear saliva.
"Unh," Jeanne moaned as Veronica's tongue invaded her asshole again.
"Get it nice and wet, Veronica," Barocca instructed her, as she continued to rock back and forth in Jeanne's pussy. Veronica shifted her efforts, and continued drenching Persia's cock, as Barocca now reached out with her hands, and gently fingered Jeanne's greased asshole.
Veronica finally pulled her mouth away from Persia's cock. Spit glistened on her shiny cockhead. Two feet of Persia's rock-hard cock glistened in the lights of the room. Veronica leered at Jeanne's asshole. A shudder raced down her spine as she imagined Persia's huge cock fucking into the narrow channel of Jeanne's ass.

Persia humped and rubbed against Jeanne, letting her colossal cock grind against Jeanne's backside. Persia wanted her to know just how thick and huge her cock really was.
Jeanne wriggled next to Persia's body, as she sat on Barocca, inching close to Persia, the head of her cock brushing against the cheeks of her ass. Veronica continued to fondle her cock, and stroke her balls.
Persia was horny as hell after watching Domonique fuck Jeanne, and she was becoming impatient. "Make her sit still, Veronica. You'll have to help her, Barocca."
"Oh, I will," Barocca replied. "Hold still, Jeanne." Barocca gripped Jeanne's thighs with her hands, steadying her.
"I am," Jeanne whimpered, trembling. The thought of what was about to happen to Jeanne had her shaking with lust and anticipation. "I'm really trying."
Persia scooted closer, grabbing her hard throbbing boner. Persia, her passion further aroused, jerked her cock through Veronica's grasping fingers. Veronica moved her hands to Jeanne's back and shoulders, to try and help steady her. The head of Persia's fat prick slapped into the cheeks of Jeanne's quivering ass. The sight of Jeanne's butt caused Persia to rumble with passion in her throat.
"Hold your butt still, girl," warned Persia. "You really deserve what's gonna happen to you next."
“I’ll say she does,” added Domonique. In no time at all, she had brought herself to another full throbbing erection, and was eagerly stroking herself as she watched.
Another jerky thrust from Persia banged her cock between Jeanne's ass cheeks, but not close enough to her asshole to penetrate.
"Veronica. Barocca. Get her in me!" Jeanne wailed. Jeanne's tits hung heavy, swinging like fleshy weights as she rocked on her hands and knees, positioned on Barocca. She turned her head. "Hurry." Jeanne was beginning to tremble with anticipation.
Barocca licked her lips nervously, seeing the lust on Jeanne's face. Barocca had been a senior amazon for several years, and had experienced the full gamut of sexual pleasures, in all their various forms, with the humongous cocks of the amazons on the island. She understood just how badly Jeanne wanted this.
Barocca reached up and held Jeanne's head with her hands. Then she brought her lips up to Jeanne's, and kissed her wetly. Barocca's tongue penetrated Jeanne's lips and was met by her own. The additional stimulation caused Jeanne to settle down considerably. Gritting her teeth, Jeanne propped her ass into a better position, locking her arms, as she supported herself on her elbows.
With her arms outstretched, and her ass poked high, she panted. "How's this, Persia?" For what seemed like an eternity, she remained still.
"Perfect, Jeanne," Persia said, aiming the head of her cock at Jeanne's asshole once again. "Perfect." Persia moaned and tossed her head. The bloated tip of her cock had found the mark. She groaned in pleasure, splitting open Jeanne's wrinkled asshole. Balls swinging and loaded with jism, Persia yearned to bury Jeanne's poop chute with her churning white cum.
"She's in me!" Jeanne squealed and wriggled her hips. "God, what a hunk of meat she's got...ooh...yeah!"
“Damn that’s hot!” exclaimed Domonique as she watched both of the massive brown pythons of Barocca and Persia invade Jeanne’s holes. Unable to control herself, Domonique began squeezing and fondling her boobs with one hand. With her other, she kept massing and stroking her cock, and then brought it close between her tits, so she could begin sucking on her own magnificent cockhead.

Persia fucked harder, burying hard thick inches of her cock deep into Jeanne's asshole. Persia was salivating, as she fucked Jeanne's tight narrow hole.
"She's in my asshole!" Jeanne wailed, lifting her head from the bed. "Ooh, Barocca!" She squirmed her ass, taking more of Persia's huge fat prick into her hot sizzling body. Barocca continued her steady humping into Jeanne's pussy from below.
Barocca watched, wide eyed and stunned. Over a foot of Persia's cock had disappeared. "She's over halfway in, Barocca," Veronica gasped, looking up into Jeanne's flushed, passion-racked face. "How does it feel, Jeanne?"
"Like a red-hot poker is inside me. I can feel both of them in my guts." Dazed and shuddering in bliss, the dark-haired Jeanne jammed her ass back, her tight asshole gulping at Persia's cock. She rocked, delirious with joy as Persia's cock stretched her asshole even more.
Barocca licked her lips jealously. Next time, she vowed to make taking Jeanne in the ass a regular occurrence, not just a special treat. Veronica reached out and gripped Persia's bails.
"Fuck her harder, Persia," panted Barocca. "Make her howl."
From the sofa, Domonique intensified her self-sucking efforts, and swallowed more of her huge cockhead, as she kept her eyes riveted on the action.

"Well. The two of you are having all sorts of fun tonight," said Veronica. "What about me? I'd still like a chance at payback for when Jeanne tried to drown me after that blowjob, earlier."
"Yeah! What about that, Jeanne?" Barocca found it difficult to talk as she humped Jeanne from below, but Veronica's point was a good one.
"We believe in everybody being equal," said Persia. "As well as giving gals a chance to settle the score on things like this."
"I'll suck the cum out of you too, Veronica," Jeanne said. "You're gonna have a blast, along with everybody else." Veronica began to stroke and fondle her cock, getting it ready. "Compared to most of the other gals, I'm still a 'little girl', Jeanne. But I've got more than enough meat to fill your mouth and throat with." Veronica's cock was hard, thick and glistening menacingly.
Persia and Barocca paused in their humping of Jeanne for a moment. They were watching, staring at Veronica's naked body and her long, thick cock.
Veronica tugged on her cock. "Suck on it first, Jeanne. I'm all dried up from earlier."
Veronica wasn't a senior amazon, but she still had sixteen inches of thick, hard cockmeat which were hovering in the air before Jeanne's astonished face. Jeanne knew that she had no choice but to try and satisfy Veronica also, so she could cap tonight's performance with what she hoped would be a real show stopper.
Jeanne opened her mouth, and because of the fantastic state of arousal that she was already in, seven inches of Veronica's cock slid into her gullet. Also, although Veronica's cock was by no means small, she wasn't yet quite as massive as Barocca and Persia were.
For the time being, all she could do was from the sofa, but the sight of Jeanne being penetrated by three huge shemale cocks wasn’t lost on Domonique. She forgot about fondling or touching her boobs, and used both hands to stroke her cock, and squeeze her nuts as she pleasured herself.

"Okay, Jeanne. That's enough talking for the time being," said Barocca. "It's time for some serious fucking." With that, Persia lunged forward, her cock fucking in and out of Jeanne's soft receptive asshole. Jeanne's tight ass muscles clung like hot vises to her prickshaft, arousing her, infuriating her, and making the cum in her balls boil. Barocca now began to intensify her own humping of Jeanne with her cock.
Jeanne rocked. Each fuck-thrust of Persia's massive cock stretched her asshole and rocked her body forward. Below her Barocca pounded at Jeanne in unison, her long strokes causing friction on her clit. As Barocca plunged into her cunthole, Jeanne squealed. She twisted her hips, but it only made Barocca's cock go in even deeper. Jeanne's dark eyes bulged, from a three-girl attack that she had never expected. Briefly, Jeanne pulled her mouth off of Veronica's cock.
"Oh, God. I'm in heaven!" Jeanne shoved back, reveling in the whacking of first Persia's and then Barocca's balls as they slapped against her quivering thighs. Jeanne was still at the point that she couldn't quite take a full-length penetration from Persia or Barocca yet. But by now, both girls had achieved such a degree of penetration, that they were close enough that their heavy ball sacs could make contact with Jeanne's butt and thighs on their forward thrusts.
Persia pressed forward. Barocca lunged her own cock upward into Jeanne's pussy from below. Jeanne's knees rubbed on the bedcovers. She screamed and Persia moaned, their sexual sounds blending.

Persia fucked Jeanne with feverish intensity. Her cock drilled Jeanne's ass deeper with each thrusting fuck. Her prick was hard, wonderfully hard, and she was in ecstasy.
"More Persia!" Veronica squealed, as she watched Persia's cock pump in and out of Jeanne's ass like a piston. "Ream her asshole, Persia!"
Barocca stared up, ogling Jeanne as she writhed in lust. She could feel Jeanne's ass, and could feel Persia's cock fuck her asshole; she could feel the mighty shaft of Persia's cock against her own, separated by thin membranes of flesh, and wondered how Jeanne was able to take all of this meat inside of her. Barocca decided to not worry about such scientific matters at the moment, and concentrated on fucking Jeanne harder from below.
Jeanne's mouth was drooling with excitement, and her eyes were nearly bulging from their sockets. Jeanne rammed herself back on Persia's cock again. Deep growling sounds came from Jeanne's throat. Currently, they were the only sounds she could make, as Jeanne now had almost a foot of Veronica's thick cock buried in her maw.
Trying to keep her attention focused on three separate areas of her body was an incredible strain to Jeanne, but somehow, she was managing it. Jeanne had her mouth and throat clamped on Veronica's dick like a vise, and she quickly had her moaning in pleasure from her efforts.
As continued to pleasure herself on the sofa, veins began to bulge on the shaft of Domonique’s cock from the pressure she was exerting on herself, and balls swelled in size as they built up a load of jism for release later.

Jeanne continued to fuck herself blind on both Persia and Barocca's raging cocks, absorbing the pleasure of their thick throbbing prickshafts. Jeanne concentrated, using her ass and hip muscles to massage both of their cocks as best as she could.
Persia liked the clinging muscles of Jeanne's ass. She began to fuck maniacally into Jeanne's ass, trying not to drag the impaled girl over the bedcovers. Persia grunted, and then dropped her head, as she intensified her humping. Persia felt her prick swell, and her balls began to churn. Persia was getting ready, and she could feel in her gut that when she shot off later on, it would be an impressive one, even for the monster cocks of the shemale amazons.
Jeanne's face rubbed against Barocca's face and tits. The weight of the four girls was wrenching the bedcovers back and forth on the mattress wildly. For ten minutes, the only sounds in the room were that of female flesh smacking and pounding into each other, as the four girls drive themselves to deeper heights of passion.
Even Domonique had grown quiet as she was caught up in watching the spectacle. Seeing such a four-girl pyramid like this was unusual even for girls with the sexual appetites of the girls on the Island.

Finally, the effect of sucking Veronica's cock, and being hammered by both Persia and Barocca's cock was too much for Jeanne. Without using her hands, without any conscious control or effort of her own, Jeanne felt her own cock coming to life. Faster than Jeanne would have thought possible, her own cock was quickly at its full length of two feet. Because it had been a considerable length of time since she had last shot off, and also because her body had been assaulted so much, Jeanne's prick was in a state of arousal that was almost impossible for her to control.
Jeanne's hard-on was not lost on Barocca, who, being at the bottom of the pyramid, felt Jeanne's red hot cock pressing against her own body.
"Hey! What the hell do you think you're doing?" Barocca exclaimed from below. “Nobody said you could get off along with us!"
Even if Jeanne didn't have her mouth full of Veronica's cock, she wouldn't have known quite what to say. Jeanne was being exposed to too much sex and stimulation too soon. All Jeanne could do was shrug her shoulders, and continue to ride with the f***e of the two huge cocks, which were reaming her body.
There wasn't anything Barocca could do but wrap her big boobs around Jeanne's cock, and tittyfuck her for the time being. The feeling of Barocca's meaty juggs wrapped around her dick was electrifying to Jeanne.
Seeing Jeanne’s dick come to life, and then be absorbed by Barocca’s cleavage was almost too much for Domonique. Forcing herself to stop her own self-sucking, Domonique stood up, with her massive erection pointing out from her crotch like a battering ram. She got as close as she could to the foursome on the bed, and continued stroking herself off.
This new development wasn’t lost on Barocca, particularly since Domonique’s cock was now at almost point-blank range from her face. “Hey! What do you think you’re doing there, girlfriend?”
“Sorry, Barocca. This little grouping of yours has pushed me over the edge big time,” replied Domonique. Barocca knew from personal experience that Domonique could shoot off just as long and hard and powerfully as she or Persia. “Just keep your eyes closed is all I can say, Barocca,” as she continued so stroke her schlong and bring herself nearer to climaxing.

The cumulative effect of Persia and Barocca ramming their dicks into Jeanne, and Veronica forcing her cock down her throat was too much for Jeanne. As well as for the other three girls.
Jeanne felt herself go past the point of no return far sooner than she knew she would under more normal conditions. Jeanne couldn't open her mouth. Doing her best impression of a ventriloquist, Jeanne f***ed the words "I'm cumming!" out of her throat, without using her lips, not really believing it herself. Persia's wonderful cock was nearly destroying her ass, making her clit pulse, making her pussy ooze. From below, Barocca's massive rod was wrenching and tearing through her cunt.
The muscles in Jeanne's asshole responded to Persia's frantic humping. They beat a rhythmic tempo on Persia's fat, bloated, ass-splitting cock. The steady beat ignited the fires in Persia's balls, and she grunted heavily. A jet-spray of hot shemale cum sprayed from her cock and splashed deep inside Jeanne's asshole.
"Persia's cumming!" Veronica wailed as she saw Persia tilt her head back and moan in pleasure. The hot jizz squirting from Persia's cock flooded into Jeanne's asshole. The incredible sensations pushed Barocca over the edge and catapulted her into another more intense orgasm of her own.
Persia and Barocca fucked away at Jeanne's quivering body, squirting wad after wad of hot thick cum into her asshole and her pussy. Persia screamed in ecstasy, tossing her head high, moaning sounds coming from her mouth. Her feet pounded the bed as her cock pounded into Jeanne's asshole.

Feeling Barocca and Persia shooting off like fire hoses in her body pushed Jeanne over the edge also. Without warning, Jeanne's cock began shooting out its own powerful load of jism. The only problem with this was that Barocca's face was at point blank range, as she was still tittyfucking Jeanne.
"Ow! Hey!" Barocca exclaimed, as hot cum landed on her face. "Watch what you're doing, Jeanne!"
Seeing Jeanne shoot off was the finishing touch for Domonique as she felt the incredible surge begin in her cock that told her an eruption was only seconds away.
Jeanne was impaled on the two massive cocks, and could do little, if anything to stop herself. She thrashed on the bed, her ass high, her tits mashing into Barocca's. She felt each stringy lump of cum as it shot from Persia's pisser and blasted her asshole.
Finally, Veronica could hold back no longer, and she began to shoot off her load into Jeanne's throat.
"Damn! What Veronica might lack in size, she makes up for in determination," thought Jeanne, as she struggled to keep pace with her.

Barocca fucked forward, taking Jeanne's writhing, twisting body with her. Gobs of gooey cum greased her path as she fucked Jeanne's cunt. She fucked with more f***e, her balls thudding against her cum-stained thighs.
Jeanne was shaking uncontrollably. Her ass humped. She lifted her head, then let it thud back against Barocca. Jeanne shoved back, trying to match the two amazons thrust for lunge.
"She's still cumming!" spluttered Barocca, as she felt Jeanne's cock throbbing madly, still shooting of in her face. "Oh, fuck! I am too!" Any other words from Barocca were momentarily garbled as Domonique began to empty her load from her balls. Barocca’s dark brown features quickly became almost unrecognizable as Jeanne and Domonique unloaded on her face.
With Jeanne's asshole and pussy thoroughly greased, Persia and Barocca now had no trouble ramming their exploding pricks deeper and deeper. Jeanne's body simply couldn't contain the incredible volume of jism that the two shemales were pumping into it anymore.
Jeanne intensified her sucking on Veronica's cock. It seemed to Jeanne that she could feel the jism from all three cocks landing somewhere in her belly and mixing together.
The cum from the Persia and Barocca, each shooting out like a geyser, now gushed from Jeanne's holes with each violent stab. Jism dribbled down their swinging balls and the backs of Jeanne's thighs.
Veronica finally finished shooting her load down Jeanne's throat, and pulled her cock out of her mouth.
"Ooh, I think I'm gonna faint!" Jeanne started to collapse onto Barocca, her cock burying itself between her boobs as it shot off its last splurts of cum. The last stabbing thrust of Persia's cock had knocked Jeanne flat, almost smothering Barocca below her. Domonique managed to show some small measure of control, and pulled back slightly. The streams of jism from her cock were now everywhere on Jeanne, Persia and Veronica.
As she finally managed to swallow some of the jism from Jeanne and Domonique and clear her breath, Barocca was nearly losing control. "Get her off of me!" yelled Barocca. "If her cock doesn't gag me, the weight of you three is gonna suffocate me!"
Persia continued to fuck Jeanne hard, still spurting jism. She finally stepped back, her cock popping from Jeanne's asshole. Persia sprayed her back with a fine mist of white sticky cum.
Then Barocca and Veronica rolled Jeanne over, so that she was now on her back, and she likewise pulled out of Jeanne's pussy. Gasping for breath, Barocca stroked her cock, milking the last remnants of her jism out onto Jeanne's tummy.
With their balls emptied for the second time, Persia and Veronica stepped back to admire their work, and embraced as they looked at Jeanne. The two amazons had drained their balls completely, and put Jeanne through the biggest sexual marathon of her life.
Barocca grabbed a box of Kleenex from the dresser, and began to sop up the excess jism on her face from Jeanne's cock.
"You ought to be more careful girl," Barocca said to Persia as she wagged her finger at her. "You three almost drowned me just there. Next time, I'm on top."
Persia pursed her lips and playfully kissed Barocca. "Party pooper. You know you loved it. Where's the fun in sex, if there's not a little risk or danger in it?"
"When this is all over, I'll settle up with you later, smart ass."
"Promises, promises, Barocca," taunted Persia. "I can hardly wait."
Then Barocca turned to Domonique. “And as for you, girlfriend…whose side are you on, anyway? You nearly drowned me, acting like that.”
“That’s what you get for making me be last in line, and only getting to do it once with Jeanne,” she retorted. She was about to continue trading remarks with Barocca when the phone rang.
Jeanne watched the exchange between Persia, Domonique and Barocca, raised her head, and tried to make some type of comment, but simply couldn't. She was just too drained from the ordeal she'd just experienced. Jeanne's head flopped back against the bedcovers.
"Now you can say that you know what it's like to be fucked," said Persia.
"And now you've got an idea of what to expect when you stick around on the Island," said Barocca. "And remember. Tonight we took it easy on you, Jeanne."

On the other side of the room, Domonique was on the telephone.
"Uh huh. Yeah. Okay, I'll tell her!" Domonique slammed the receiver down, and turned to Barocca and the others. "Guess who that was? The management says that they've received half a dozen complaints about all the noise we've made tonight."
"Shit. I knew we couldn't cut loose here, like we would on the Island," said Barocca. "All right. We’ll have to call it quits for tonight, or risk being thrown out of here. Everybody try and keep it down as we're having fun around here. In the future, we may have to either bribe the front desk, or think of something else, so we've got a place to stay."

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