B5 Chapter 19 Jeanne's Wild Night - Jeanne�

Chapter 19: Jeanne's Wild Night - Jeanne's Backdoor Is Banged

"All right, Barocca," said Jeanne. "Everyone here expects a lot out of me. I know that. And I'm not gonna let you down." Jeanne zeroed in on Domonique's cock. "I'm going to suck you off." Jeanne gathered herself and then crawled under Domonique.
Domonique stood perfectly still. An occasional moan and flicking of her head were all that she did. Jeanne cupped her nuts. "Mmm," she said, talking aloud so that Barocca and everyone else in the room could plainly hear. "Nice and heavy with cum."
Jeanne opened her mouth and flashed her tongue, slapping it over Domonique's huge nut-sac. Jeanne did it again, coating her balls in spit. Domonique quivered. Her balls tightened for a moment and a tremor quaked her limp cock. Sighing, she shifted her feet on the ground, waiting for whatever Jeanne would do next. Jeanne, after soaking her balls, attacked Domonique's prick. "Now I'll show you girls some real cocksucking."
Persia crawled over, hot with passion, for a closer look. “Go ahead girl, show me."
"Me too," Veronica said. "I want a front row seat for this." Persia and Veronica crawled
over to watch.
"Yeah," Persia giggled, getting comfortable. "Show us how to suck a cock."
Jeanne craned her neck. She ran her lips over Domonique's prick. She was persistent. Using her hands and mouth, she began to get some response. Domonique's mighty cock was beginning to grow and enlarge before everyone's eyes.
"Wow," Persia moaned. "Look at that, Veronica. She's getting Domonique stiff already."
Jeanne knew what she was doing. She heard their gasps. Jeanne decided to show off. She opened her mouth and gobbled the head of Domonique's cock between her lips. She sucked and Domonique moaned. Jeanne sucked again and Domonique tossed her head in the air and snorted through her nostrils. Like an expanding balloon, Jeanne could feel Domonique's cock as it filled with bl**d in her mouth and throat.
"Holy shit," Persia gasped. She was mesmerized. No matter how many times they might have seen it before, watching someone like Jeanne suck Domonique or any other shemale amazon's cock and watching her meat begin to swell and stiffen was a complete turn-on for her.
"Shit, Jeanne. If you're not careful, she's gonna choke you!" Jeanne was too experien-ced for that. She held her mouth wide open and relaxed her throat. As Domonique's long meaty prick grew, she took it into her mouth. The longer it grew, the more Jeanne gobbled, until the head of Domonique's prick was buried deep in her gullet.
"Damn," Domonique sighed in pleasure.
Barocca watched Jeanne with lust and pride. "Hey, I told you gals that I'd managed to teach Jeanne a few tricks, before I brought her here."

Jeanne breathed hard through her nose. Her throat was stuffed and her mouth was now completely full. Her tongue was squashed and her jaw strained. Slowly, Jeanne dragged her head back. Domonique's hard, thick cock meat began to appear. It was thick and sticky, a dark reddish-brown.
Persia's jaw dropped, as she saw the amount Jeanne had managed to swallow. It had been more than a foot of Domonique's meat. Her eyes popped. "God, Jeanne! You're fucking unbelievable for a new gal."
Domonique was becoming agitated. The muscles in her body were coiled as if she were ready to spring. Domonique's rump twitched and her breasts bounced as she reacted to Jeanne's stimulations. She bobbed her head up and down.
For five minutes, Jeanne worked her magic with her mouth on Domonique's cock. Jeanne knew she couldn't deep throat all of Domonique's rod, but she was taking well over a foot of her meat down her throat, and knew she was driving Domonique crazy with lust.
With just the head of Domonique's cock in her mouth, Jeanne went crazy. She sucked and whipped her tongue over her pisser. Spit dribbled from her mouth and down her chin. Jeanne's body was on fire and she knew Domonique was ready too. She popped her mouth off Domonique's prick. Domonique glared down at Jeanne, as she felt her sucking actions cease.
"What's the big idea girl?" Domonique demanded. "Now is not the time to get cold feet."
"I'm ready," Jeanne gasped. "Ready to have my asshole reamed."
"You're crazy!" Persia said. "She's too big for you."
"Bullshit! You all take her in your pussies," Jeanne replied. "I know she'll stretch my ass and cream my poop chute. My pussy needs a rest after what you and Barocca just did to it, and I've gotta learn to be able to do this anyway. I did anal scenes plenty of times when I made movies, and it'll be the perfect enema for me." Jeanne laughed, climbed onto the bed, rolled onto her belly and propped herself up on her hands and knees.
"Damn, Jeanne," Barocca exclaimed with admiration from the sofa. "Maybe my faith in you was justified after all."
"The girl has guts," admitted Persia.
"Not much brains, but lots of guts," giggled Veronica.

Domonique's cock was thick and throbbing, as she held it in her hands, after Jeanne had stopped. Domonique let her cock drop and watched it slap against Jeanne's sizzling flesh. She moaned, her black mane slashing over her face and shoulders. Her prick was incredibly hard and her nuts were on fire.
Trying to keep her composure, Domonique panted, "I'm gonna give you one chance to reconsider things, Jeanne. I feel it fair to warn you, that I haven't fucked anybody in the back door for a while, and I’m horny as hell after waiting this long. So I may just tear you a new asshole once I get started."
From glazed, lust-filled eyes, Jeanne found Persia. She giggled lewdly. "You help her fuck me, Persia. Help her fuck my asshole!"
"Oh, I will," Persia moaned. She crawled as close as possible. With her palms sweaty, she grabbed the hulking meat of Domonique's prick. It throbbed in her hand. "Ooh, God! Anybody here want to notify Jeanne's next of kin?"
"All right, Jeanne," said Domonique. "Don't say that I didn't warn you. You want your butt plugged, I'll oblige you. But once I get started, I'm not gonna stop girl."
"Don't take all day," Jeanne groaned. She began to tremble. "Stick her cock in my asshole, Persia."
Persia nodded. She dragged the head of Domonique's cock along the edges of Jeanne's pussy lips, soaking the head in cunt juice. Her cockhead was now at the entrance to her puckered asshole.
"I can feel it there," Jeanne groaned. "Ooh, I feel it. Shove it, Domonique. Ram me!"
Domonique let out a high-pitched moan. She thrusted forward. Her cock, like a steel girder, stabbed violently at Jeanne's asshole.
"Argh," Jeanne squealed as hard thick inches of cock tore into her asshole. Domonique jerked forward again, driving more of her massive prick into Jeanne's asshole. Tight muscles gripped Domonique's shaft, holding her temporarily captive inside her narrow ass canal.
Jeanne snapped her head around and saw the startled, awed faces of her friends.
"Oh, shit. She's in! Her head is all the way inside me..." Jeanne wriggled her ass then shoved back, adjusting her body to Domonique's giant invading prick. The tip of Domonique's cock had pierced the tight red ring of Jeanne's asshole. It had stretched it to the limit to accommodate the hard throbbing inches that followed.
Domonique jerked as she felt Jeanne's body contracting, keeping her bloated prick imbedded inside her trembling, overheated body. Jeanne's eyes floated in their sockets.
"Oh, it feels super. I love it." She was delirious. "Ooh, so strange too." She rocked on her hands and knees.
Domonique jerked at her body, driving her prick in even deeper. Domonique's nuts slapped back and forth against the juice-stained flesh of her own thighs. Her big dark eyes bulged. Jeanne was tight, her asshole a pulsing vise of squishy heat.
"Unh," Jeanne groaned. She slammed back and met Domonique's thrusting stab. "Argh!" It made her body convulse.
Domonique jerked back, then slammed forward. Excitement raged in her balls. Muscles contracted around her bloated shaft. She was deep in Jeanne's rectum, her balls swelling, the cum churning inside them.
Dazed and shuddering in spastic bliss, Jeanne quickened her jerky pace. "Oh! Oh! Unh!"
Persia's eyes were riveted to Jeanne's ass. The thick slab of Domonique's thick cock was buried deeper inside of her than she would have thought possible. She watched some of it appear, then disappear.
"Does it hurt? Are you all right?" she whispered to Jeanne.
"Um, it hurts so good, Persia," Jeanne panted back. She rolled her hips, milking and working Domonique's cock. Persia leered jealously at Jeanne's asshole and Domonique's stabbing cock. Of course she wanted her turn getting what Jeanne was getting. Persia was no stranger to anal sex from Domonique and the other horse-hung amazons. But tonight was Jeanne's night.
Veronica licked her lips as she watched the tableau from the other side. She slipped her hand between Jeanne and Domonique, and caressed Domonique's balls. She explored the gooey thick base of her cock and caressed the crack of Jeanne's ass.
Jeanne quivered in ecstasy. She rocked forward then slammed back. She swiveled her hips, her ass rotating, screwing deeper on Domonique's giant cock.
Hunger blazed on Jeanne's face. She felt Domonique's cock spear her asshole. Each movement from Domonique that she felt, each thrust that she absorbed, her body seemed to suck up her cock. When Domonique jerked back, Jeanne felt like she took her insides with her. Jeanne wanted more. Spasms rippled through her empty cunt.
Domonique jerked hard, almost slamming Jeanne's trembling body into the bed. Her balls were rumbling, on fire. Domonique lunged again, plowing her prick hard into Jeanne's vulnerable asshole.
"Fuck her," Persia cried. "Fuck her hard! Fuck her deep!"

Veronica and Barocca took up the chant. They stood near the edges of the bed, their eyes transfixed on the spectacle before them. Their heads swaying in rhythm with the thrusting motions of Jeanne and Domonique, they chanted, their eyes glued to Jeanne's impaled body.
Drool slobbered from Jeanne's mouth.
"Oh...she's fucking me so damned deep." She jammed back. "Ooh, faster, fucker. Faster!" Jeanne's bulging eyes told everyone in the room the intense pleasure she was having. Her tits swung beneath her as she took the brunt of Domonique's jabbing cock.
"Keep fucking me!" Jeanne squealed. "Ooh." A feverish passion overtook her, bathing her in bliss. "Ooh." Her hands and knees sc****d on the bedcovers. Domonique was becoming more demanding. Domonique lunged forward, dragging Jeanne a few inches upon the bed. Her head jerked up and down. Another hard thrust and Jeanne was shoved forward another few brutalizing inches by her piledriver cock.
To everyone's surprise Jeanne gathered her strength, and jerked back with equal f***e. Her ass cheeks jiggled. She felt Domonique slap her hands against her ass, as she looked down and watched Jeanne gobbled more and more of the length of her cock.
"Ooh, I'm getting fucked so good! Ooh...so good." Jeanne went into spasms. Cum, hot and thick, would soon be squirting into her asshole. It blew her mind. "She's gonna cum. I know it." She lunged back at Domonique, milking her piercing cock each time she slammed into her. "Ooh, fuck me, Domonique. Fuck my asshole."
Frantic lunges from Domonique's cock had the screaming Jeanne in ecstasy. Her ass worked in tight quick circles. Jeanne absorbed Domonique's powerful lunges, shuddering each time, praying she wouldn't collapse.
Domonique reared up her head. Her lips rumbled and her eyes seemed to catch on fire. Domonique jabbed again, driving Jeanne forward with her ass-splitting cock. Jeanne collapsed under the deluge of ass-ripping stabs. Face against the ground, she gurgled. Spit dribbled from her panting mouth. She clawed the ground, her ass perched high, impaled on Domonique's fat, throbbing cock.

For over ten minutes, Domonique kept up a steady reaming of Jeanne's asshole. Just how Jeanne was able to stand so much cockmeat in her sphincter, and not be crying in agony, Barocca couldn't fathom. Part of her was proud of Jeanne, justifying her gut prediction in choosing her for her master plan. And part of Barocca hoped that Jeanne wasn't playing the hero, gritting her teeth, and sacrificing her body at all costs.
"I'm gonna cum. I'm gonna cum!" screamed Jeanne. Jeanne rammed back against Domonique. Jeanne propped herself as best she could under Domonique's onslaught. She managed to drag one hand along the bed, and brought it under her body, found her clit and clawed it. Jeanne worked her finger inside her pussy. Gobs of cunt juice came pouring out. She found her clit again. With Domonique's cock r****g her ass, Jeanne raked her clit.
"I'm creaming! Creaming!" Jeanne pinched her clit, feeling each thrust of Domonique's cock as the head of her prick reached new and tighter depths of her tight asshole. "I'm cumming. She's..." Her words turned to a gasping babble.
Domonique, her prick now skewering Jeanne's asshole sixteen inches deep, jerked her along the bed, a few inches with each wild stab of her cock. Her balls rumbled. Domonique was getting ready to explode. Domonique felt her prick swell inside Jeanne's asshole as she neared her climax, stretching it beyond its limit.
Being dragged along the bedcovers, her tits scratched by the blankets, her face flushed, eyes popping, Jeanne continued to absorb the incredible thrusting and fucking from Domonique. Racking spasms attacked her body as her orgasms grew in strength. The harder Domonique ripped into her ass, the more she creamed. Sudsy juice spilled from her empty pussy, dribbling down the back of her legs.
Domonique was ready. She stabbed mercilessly at Jeanne's tight, clinging ass. Tossing her head in the air, she cried out in ecstasy, her eyes bulging. Domonique's nuts ignited, then erupted. A hot, thick white load of jism shot through her cock, splattering the tight steamy depths of Jeanne's asshole. She screamed in delight, her hair flashing back and forth. Domonique's jabs became even more demanding, pushing the twisting, bucking Jeanne along the bed.
Endless streams of cum shot from her plowing cock, flooding Jeanne's asshole. It greased her asshole, making it slippery. Domonique plowed faster, driving her cock as deep as she could each time she lunged forward. Domonique lunged again, Jeanne's screams keeping her highly aroused.

"Ooh!" Jeanne screamed. She kept clawing her clit with one hand and pounding the bed with the other. Domonique's spurting, jamming cock had her shaking. "I feel her cum. I feel it. Ooh, God. It's squirting up into my belly!" Her glazed eyes found the awestruck faces of the girls around the room.
Persia gasped, trembling as she waited for her next turn with Jeanne. She was hot to do it all. Her eyes were glazed with lust. She knew what she wanted; Persia had to have her own turn with her cock inside of Jeanne!
Domonique went wild. Her hard jabs into Jeanne's ass split her asshole wide, flooded it with cum, and jerked Jeanne forward along the bed. Deep thrusts and deep jet-powered squirts filled Jeanne's asshole until it gushed back out and over her nuts and dribbled down the backs of her thighs. The bottom of the bedspread was also a dark stained blotch that was steadily enlarging as Domonique kept pumping jism into Jeanne.
With all her strength, Jeanne shoved back one final time. She used her ass muscles to clamp onto Domonique's cock. Jeanne was creaming all over from Domonique's spurting prick. Jeanne battled back up onto her hands and knees. Jeanne's head hung low, her black hair swishing over her face, tits dangling.
"I'm creaming. She's creaming me!" Jeanne cried out. She was delirious. Another violent stab from Domonique knocked her back to the bed again. Domonique jerked deep into Jeanne's asshole. Another blast of cum shot from her pisser. Her cock almost ripped the impaled Jeanne in two. Domonique finally stepped back, her prick still lodged deep. Domonique pulled back, her cock popping from Jeanne's body.
One powerful push from Domonique on Jeanne's ass sent her sprawling on her face and tummy on the bed. A quick lift and turn by Persia and Veronica flipped Jeanne, so that she was lying on her back now. Jeanne was limp, a rag doll brutalized by Domonique's giant cock.
Limp, spent, and too weak to respond, Jeanne climaxed for the last time. Almost faint, she took the last of Domonique's powerful spurts of jism. She whimpered incoherently, a dazed d***ken look on her face.
Domonique emptied her nuts. Several more long, thick streams of jism flew out of Domonique's cockhead. Jeanne's body looked almost like the white dividing lanes on the highway. Domonique's white jism contrasted to the dark skin of Jeanne's tummy, and the rest of her figure.
Jeanne, her ass released from Domonique's cock, collapsed on the bed in total exhaustion. Finally registering that the ordeal in her ass was over, Jeanne lifted her head, and looked about her. She saw smiles of lust and admiration from all the girls in the room. "I did good?" she gasped.
"I'll say you did!" exclaimed Domonique. "Taking the initiative like that, and then being able to finish what you start is what we all like to see here on the Island."
"Now you're finally learning what it means to really fuck," said Persia.

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