B5 Chapter 16 Jordan's Conquests - Cleo Fucks

Chapter 16: Jordan's Conquests - Cleo Fucks Jordan

"I want that cock of yours inside of me, Cleo," panted Jordan. "I need to feel it filling me."
Cleo stood up and moved away so that Jordan could lay on the bed and present her dripping cunt to her cock. Jordan instinctively lay down on her back with her ass tilted slightly upwards and her pussy lips parting temptingly.
Cleo moved between her legs and gently eased her fingers into that sopping hole and bent her head to be able to lick Jordan's protruding clit. At the same time Cleo reached up and scooped a handful of Jordan's pliant tit into her hands and began to knead it until Jordan thought that her nipples were going to explode. Feverishly Cleo worked her fingers until she felt her hand being sucked into Jordan's welcoming pussy, watching it disappear inside.
"As much as I like that, you can play with my titties later, Cleo," groaned Jordan. "I said I need to feel your cock rammed inside of me, not your hand."
"In just a minute, Jordan. I'm gonna get that box of yours good and ready for me." Cleo slowly worked her fist inside Jordan's receptive vagina, feeling the muscles grip her and pump her hand as though it were a phallus.
Seeing that Jordan was now more than ready, Cleo carefully eased her hand out of her and moved towards her cock. Cleo's limp, long prick dangled between her legs invitingly and Cleo could not resist the urge to fondle and stroke it, as she reached out to hold it. She was amazed at the lustful feelings she had as she wrapped her fingers around that mighty shaft.
Cleo knew that Jordan was panting for relief on the table, but she couldn't deprive herself of watching her throbbing shaft come to its full length of twenty inches. Jordan's eyes lit up with lust as she watched Cleo's cock fill with bl**d, and swell to life. Jordan knew that all of it would be inside her cunt very soon.
Cleo took a pace forward, knowing now what was expected of her. Holding her cock in one hand, Cleo gently pried open Jordan's pussy lips so that the moisture seeped onto her fingers. Steadily Cleo took her mighty cock and brushed it against Jordan's cunt lips so that her moisture lubricated the tip of the weapon. With each stroke of the cock against her cunt Jordan groaned softly, realizing that ultimate pleasure was only moments away and thrust her hips up to meet the cock and to open herself even more to Cleo so that access was as easy as possible.
Cleo continued rubbing her cock against Jordan's pussy lips with more insistence, easing a little more inside those gaping lips each time. With a swift movement Cleo guided the cock home and watched lustfully as she saw her humongous prick invade her new lover's gaping cunt.
Jordan gasped as she felt her cunt expanding to take Cleo's heavenly penis. It plunged a little more each time and Cleo could see Jordan's wetness smeared on her shaft as she pulled it out of Jordan, and then pushed further and further inside her.
Jordan could feel Cleo's prick hardening inside her, stretching her to the limits but she knew she could thrust back her pussy to impale herself on it even more. It felt so good and each thrust was harder and deeper than the one before; this was the fucking of a lifetime and she meant to enjoy every moment. Jordan's pussy lips were distended beyond anything she thought possible. Even though Jordan had been fucked by Ebony, Clyda and many other girls on the Island many times before, having Cleo totally devoted to her like this as they bonded, heightened the pleasure as she screamed and bucked against that wonderful cock of hers.
"God it feels so good. I can hardly believe your cock is opening me up so much and fucking me so deep, Cleo." Jordan began to thrash on the table but was unable to move very far as Cleo's huge phallus was pinning her down and pushing up inside her. "Your cockhead is flaring inside of me. It's so fucking wonderful, I don't want this to stop, Cleo."
"It's not gonna stop, Jordan," panted Cleo. "At least I'm not gonna stop for a while!"
Cleo began to f***efully fuck Jordan with the full length of her cock now. Each inward stroke shoved a foot of her cockmeat into the deepest recesses of Jordan's cunt. As Cleo's balls and the base of her cock landed against Jordan's cunt, precum and pussy juice sluiced out of Jordan and onto the bedcovers below.
The f***e of Cleo's thrusts yanked Jordan back and forth on the bedspread like a rag doll. Jordan's tits flopped wildly back and forth, and she was f***ed to grab her boobs with her hands just to control them.
Jordan's cock became thick and turgid from the excitement and the pleasure rushing through her body, but did not become erect on its own, as Cleo's had done earlier. The f***e of Cleo's humping caused the thick shaft to thump loudly, as it landed against Jordan's, and then against Cleo's tummy.
Cleo drew on inner f***es that she didn't know she had, and fucked Jordan like this, without letting up for almost fifteen minutes. With that Cleo bucked her hips forward and the whole length of her cock was rigid as she moaned loudly and began to pump her semen inside of Jordan's cunt, washing her cervix with cum so hard that she orgasmed from the f***e of it.
Suddenly, she felt Jordan's cunt grasp on her cock like a vise. Within seconds, Cleo knew she was at her limit, and she pulled her cock out of Jordan's cunt f***efully. Jordan's eyes shot wide open as the feeling of Cleo's huge cockhead sc****d against her pussy walls on the way out.
The sudden backward pull on her cock took Cleo by surprise, and her cock flew up and down in an arc, when it suddenly felt no more resistance. Both girls wound up being sprayed by Cleo's hot jism as it jetted into the air after her cock had left the grip of Jordan's vagina.
Cleo gripped her cock, determined not to miss out on seeing the power of her climax, and began squeezing her nuts with one hand, and stroking the shaft with the other. Huge torrents of jism spewed out of Cleo's cock. Jordan gaped with her eyes open, as the first four waves of Cleo's cum shot over her head, and landed on the bedcovers behind her.
When Cleo's cock began to slow in its pumping, Jordan's face, body and tits were drenched in the downpour. Cum rained down wetly onto Jordan, landing with enough f***e to splatter and paint the bedspread beneath her. Even at this stage of her orgasm, Cleo had enough power to fill Jordan with several mouthfuls of her jism, which Jordan greedily swallowed.
When Cleo's cock had finally spent itself, Cleo couldn't resist and pulled her cock up to her own lips. Cleo bent her head to lap up the remainder of that semen as it continued to drip steadily from her cock, greedily swallowing that tasty liquid and gulping it down eager for more. It tasted sinfully delicious, and after draining the last drops from her prick put her mouth over Jordan's cunt to drink and suck the cum from inside her.
Cleo didn't know what had come over her as she couldn't get enough of this nectar and was loving it even more because she had to drink it from Jordan's heavenly cunt. She held open Jordan's lips and plunged her tongue inside that inviting orifice, enjoying the moaning that was coming from Jordan as she was tongued to yet another orgasm.
Faster and more urgently Cleo probed and moved her thumb to stimulate Jordan's clit that now felt as though it were on fire, such was the intensity of the climaxes that were now coming thick and fast.
"Fuck!" screamed Jordan as she shuddered to her final orgasm and then collapsed into a quivering heap on the bed, totally drained by her sexual excesses. Jordan pulled her breasts towards her mouth, and licked off the excess cum from them, and anywhere else that she could reach, while still lying on her back. Cleo started at Jordan's tummy and abdomen, and slowly licked off the excess jism that had collected on the other parts of her body.
Cleo smiled and took Jordan in her arms. This had to be the highlight of her sexual life, a beautiful shemale amazon was hers to be with tonight. The thrill of watching her own mighty cock filling Jordan had filled her with a desire the like of which she had never known before. If only other women could experience this they would never want anything else. Jordan reached up and pulled her head down and whispered, "You cheated."
"What do you mean, Jordan? I rather thought that you enjoyed yourself just now."
"I did, silly! Couldn't you tell?" chided Jordan. "What I meant, was that you forgot to pay attention to my dick when you fucked me." Jordan mustered her best pouting expression that she could on short notice. "I mean, I sucked you off, when I was screwing you. Remember?"
"My goodness, you're right! Where are my manners tonight?" Cleo pursed her lips together as she mulled her thoughts. Then inspiration hit her. "We'll just have to do something about that, won't we?"

Cleo stood up at the edge of the bed. "You're absolutely right, Jordan. I'm 'one up' on you tonight, and we'll just have to fix that right away." Cleo began stroking and fondling her dick again, and had it hard and ready to play, in a surprisingly short time.
Cleo's twenty inches of thickly veined cockmeat stood fully engorged before her as she pointed it squarely at Jordan's fluttering asshole. Stretched out on the bed, Jordan's puckered poop chute hung just over the edge, below Cleo's immense ball sac.
Cleo's hands reached over onto the dresser and grabbed a small vial of oil. Jordan continued to moan softly as she continued to rub the remnants of Cleo's jism into her skin. Cleo squirted the oil on the tip of her flared cockhead and began to rub it in, careful not to let her overwhelming desire for Jordan betray her.
"Ooh, what're you doing over there, Cleo?"
"I'm getting ready for you, Jordan. Not only am I going to even up the score, I'm going to give you something that I haven't gotten yet tonight, either."
"And just what've you got in mind for me?"
"Well, I was going to let it be a surprise, but this should give you a pretty good clue."
Cleo reached down and stuck her middle finger all the way up Jordan's butt, and gave it several f***eful turns.
"Oh, fuck, yes!" Jordan moaned. "Do it to me good, Cleo. Ream my ass!"
"Be careful what you wish for, Jordan..."
Once Cleo had lathered up the entire length of the fuckpole that hung between her legs, she took firm hold of it and drove it a full six inches up Jordan's asshole in the first, frenzied thrust.
"Yes! That feels fucking awesome! Shove that meat of yours deep inside me, Cleo!"
Jordan looked down across her body, seeing the gorgeous Cleo between her splayed legs working her monster tool deep into her bowels. "Ooh," she moaned as she felt the scalding presence of Cleo's fuckstick in her ass. Cleo jerked forward, driving another four inches deep into her willing fucktoy. Cleo's balls swelled with anticipation as her cock swung between her legs.
Cleo's nipples were now engorged like her cock was, rocking atop her bouncing tits as Jordan cried out in ecstasy. "So tight, Jordan. Oh yeah! You're so fucking tight!" Cleo began to pump in and out, bringing her round glans to the edge of Jordan's anus then driving it back in. She f***ed over a foot into Jordan, well over half of her huge prick. At each thrust Jordan squealed, her body jerking up at the f***e of Cleo's relentless pumping. Jordan massaged her cum splattered tits as Cleo kept her hands firmly on her cock.
"Such a tight little ass, you've got, Jordan. God, I love you!" Before her, Jordan's own member began to grow erect on its own. Splattered in the jism from previous events, Jordan's cock became fully engorged once more, standing straight up as Cleo's dick pistoned in and out, just beneath her bloated balls. Jordan grabbed her cock and began fisting it as best she could, unable to wrap her hands completely around the huge, flared head.
"Grab my nuts, Cleo. Squeeze those babies!"
Cleo obliged Jordan, using one hand for each of her huge, swollen testicles. As Jordan became more excited, her nuts swelled even more, allowing a little more free room and play in the scrotal sac. Cleo stretched and pulled Jordan's nuts back and forth vigorously, as Jordan pumped the head and the upper part of her cock.
The lubed shaft of Cleo's veined cock set waves up pleasure pulsing through Jordan's body. Jordan was delirious with ecstasy, the feel of her lover's cock up her ass and the towering inferno of fuckmeat that was her dick was now more than ready for more action.
Old cum and fresh precum kept Cleo's cock thoroughly oiled as she drew it in and out, time and again, all while she kept a steady rhythm up Jordan's ass. Jordan obligingly milked and squeezed her ass muscles, pumping Cleo's cock deep inside.
Cleo was now making steady progress at impaling Jordan's butt with the entire length of her cock. Each inward thrust gained a little more headway, until Cleo finally bottomed out in Jordan's ass. Her own balls slapped noisily against Jordan's butt cheeks.
"Holy shit, Jordan! You've taken all of me inside of your butt!"
"Whatever you do, don't you dare stop, Cleo. I'm saving up the mother load for you, when I shoot off later on."
Cleo kept on ramming her cock in and out of Jordan's ass like a piston on a machine. While Cleo's hands worked on Jordan's nuts at the base of her cock, Jordan kept on working feverishly on the upper portion. Even though both girls had each shot off several major loads earlier in the evening, tremendous attraction between them produced sexual energy of epic proportions.
After ten minutes of furious humping, Cleo could feel Jordan's cock and balls swelling and trembling like there was no tomorrow. Cleo could tell that it wouldn't be long at all before she shot off afterwards also.
Jordan felt a wave of irresistible pleasure building in the core of her being, which wouldn't be denied. Stroking her cock even harder and faster, she squealed out to Cleo, "Here it comes, Cleo. Here it comes!"
Cleo kept hold of Jordan's spasming pyramid of cockmeat as a long white string of salty dick goo sailed upwards, splattering on her chin and neck. Bolts of cum geysered from Jordan's missile as she writhed in unimaginable ecstasy before Cleo. Cream sprayed on Cleo's tits, dripping from her long nipples.
"Oh, fuck, yes!" exclaimed Jordan. Her splooging member shot string after string up into Cleo's face and dark hair. The cum d****d itself over her cheeks and slid down onto her collarbone, joining the fresh shots that splashed there directly. Cleo's chin was connected to her tits by long, heavy white streamers of Jordan's cum.
"Keep going, Jordan! Don't stop!"
Jordan's sperm continued to erupt as Cleo fisted her balls relentlessly while continuing her own pummeling of Jordan's ass with her cock. Thick drops of Jordan's cum slid down through her cleavage and rolled along her stomach, settling on the base of her own cock, and some of it finally settling on Jordan's massive member.

"Damn, what a fuck, Cleo!" Jordan's body jerked with pleasure, as her swollen cockhead poured out even more great streamers of thick jism. Some of that cum poured over Cleo's hands, and collected on her tits. Some of it coated the rest of Jordan's cock. And some it fell onto Cleo's pistoning cock, further lubricating her efforts, as she reamed Jordan's asshole.
Jordan was now almost oblivious to everything but the slow, warm squirts of cum her prick shot forth, hardly heard Cleo's rising cries.
"Oh shit! I'm gonna pump it up your ass, Jordan! Here it comes!" Cleo felt her cock vibrate like it was about to explode, and then it erupted in Jordan's ass. A torrent of hot, burning seed issued forth from Cleo's cock in pulse after pulse. She f***ed her cock to stay buried as deep, and as long as she could, filling Jordan's bowels with cum. Jordan cried out in a combination of surprise and pleasure, as she felt the sperm fill her to capacity. Strings of dick goo started to run from her ass.
Sprays of jism backsplattered onto the bedspread, as Cleo's cock shook Jordan with her orgasmic quaking. White strands of cream roped over Jordan's butt cheeks and fell to the floor in long strands, as Cleo's balls continued to pump Jordan's ass to overflowing.
"Split me in two, Cleo! Fuck me harder!" Jordan cried out as she pumped her own still slowly sperming cock furiously. Jordan's spasming ass muscles milked Cleo's cock like a machine, automatically now.
Slowly but surely Cleo's balls f***ed her cockhead from Jordan's poopchute by the sheer volume of cum that she had injected. Cleo's spurting rod popped from Jordan's ass in an explosion of gooey spunk that sprayed Jordan's balls, thighs and her cock, as well as splattering the already well stained bedcovers again. The combination of sperm erupting from Jordan's butt cheeks, and the sudden drenching of her lower body was more than she could take.
"Oh fuck! I'm gonna cum again, Cleo!" A new blast of white-hot spunk shot upward from Jordan's cum coated cock. Cleo was shocked at the f***e and intensity of Jordan's eruption. It wasn't just a splurt of jism. This was the effect when someone left the pressure on in a garden hose, and turned it loose.
Jordan's cum sailed straight up, and came just short of the ceiling. Cleo's cock wasn't finished spewing either. As she pulled her cock out of Jordan's ass, Cleo let off her first torrential burst. It tore through the rising geyser of Jordan's stream of jism, causing semen to splatter everywhere for a moment.
Even as long ropes of Cleo's dick goo sailed over Jordan's stomach and tits, Cleo took the initiative, and grabbed Jordan's cock and pointed it in the same direction as her own. Jordan now had two mammoth cocks pointed at her face and head, shooting off at point-blank range.
Jordan instantly recognized what Cleo was doing, and she gripped the shaft of each cock with one hand also, just above Cleo's hands. Each girl's cock began shooting with renewed fury in a double-barreled barrage back up at Jordan.
Long, syrupy wads of sperm began rolling off Jordan's tits and her body, and then also accumulated on the bedspread. Semen covered her neck and shoulders, and Jordan's face dripped with it. Jordan's renewed assault as she stroked both cocks with Cleo only added to the mounds of sperm already deposited. Jordan's cries of orgasmic fury echoed even as both cocks continued to spray her.
The pungent smell of shemale sperm was virtually overpowering to both girls. Jordan sucked down whatever jism passed near her lips, savoring the taste of their sweet nut-juice.
Some of Cleo's last shots landed on Jordan's hardon directly, further coating the tower of sperm splattered fuckmeat. Jordan's heaving cock continued to spray several last arcs of cum into the air, sailing up only to splash down right on her own face.

As Cleo squeezed the last long, gooey dribbles out directly onto Jordan's bloated, cream soaked body, some of Jordan's own final shots caught her again in the face. Finally the two massive towers of dickmeat were dormant.
"That was in-fucking-credible, Jordan. I've never seen a cock shoot off anything like that."
"You weren't exactly bashful just now either, you know, Cleo."
"Dee Dee was right. We brought out the best in each other tonight."
"Not to mention the worst," said Jordan, as she surveyed the plastered bedcovers. "I hope they're not gonna dock me for this. We made a royal mess of this room tonight."
"Don't give it a second thought, Jordan," Dee Dee's soft voice chuckled into her earpiece. "Why don't you suggest that the two of you go and take a shower together somewhere? When you get back, I'll have had time to get some of the new girls in there to change the linens."
"Hey, I've got an idea, Cleo. Why don't we head to your place and take a shower and clean up. Then we can call it a night."
"Sounds good to me, Jordan. That's the second best offer I've had all night."
The two girls got up, and Cleo donned an extra robe of Jordan's, and they headed off.

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