B5 Chapter 14 Jordan's Conquests - Jordan Suc

Chapter 14: Jordan's Conquests - Jordan Sucks Cleo

Jordan looked at the beautiful girl. Cleo was a sight right out of a wet dream. Her mouth was now dripping with cum, as was her chin. Cleo's tits were heaving with her breathing and her nipples had become fully erect. The teats were so swollen, Jordan almost expected milk to leak from the nipples. Looking further down her body Jordan saw Cleo's own cock, thick and turgid, slowly leaking a trace of precum. Jordan suddenly wanted very much to suck Cleo's cock, as she had done to her.
"Stand up, Cleo." She stood up and took a seat on the bed. Cleo got the idea and grabbed the base of her cock and waved it in front of Jordan's face.
"My turn, huh?" Cleo said with a big grin. She watched as Jordan bent toward her cock, her mouth opening wide.
"I mean your cock is mine and now I'm gonna to do all sorts of things with it tonight Cleo."
"I love being played with Jordan, and you'll be rewarded with one of the biggest cum shots you've ever seen. But take your time, and do it to me good." Jordan moved slowly over to Cleo and rubbed her naked body next to hers. She took her time and purposefully ground her erect nipples into Cleo's body; the contact with Cleo causing her to feel little ripples of pleasure.
As Jordan caressed her with her breasts, her hand strayed down to Cleo's open legs and dipped a finger into the moisture that was beginning to gather there. Her breath was coming in short, sharp pants as she continued her erotic caress of this incredible girl that she'd been paired with tonight.
Cleo's nipples were erect and feeling like they were going to explode, her pussy brimming with wetness as she savored the moment and thought about what was to come.
Cleo peered at Jordan's head as she lowered it between her legs and shuddered as her hot breath made her pussy lips tingle. Jordan seemed to breathe in the musk of her sex and moaned in excitement, realizing that sex was on the menu and Cleo was the main course.
Jordan could wait no longer and moved between Cleo's legs to the large shaft that was her enormous penis.
Jordan lightly ran her fingers over it, feeling the velvety softness with the tips of her fingers and quickly moved her open palm to cup Cleo's heavy balls in her hand. Cleo watched Jordan with mounting excitement, realizing that she was about to witness an act of sheer sexual indulgence.

This was it, the point of no return, thought Jordan. Jordan was about to realize one of her greatest fantasies, and she was ready for it. No more dreaming about it, Cleo was another shemale, every bit as fully developed and experienced as she was, that she was about to suck off.
Jordan returned her attentions to Cleo's cock, and had begun to rub her with increasing firmness and gasped as the tip of her cock began to protrude from the base of her foreskin.
Jordan's pretty lips stretched wide and slid softly across the smooth skin of the head, wrapping around the flared helmet and enveloping the first several inches in velvety heat. Cleo moaned when she saw that and began rubbing herself.
Part of Jordan's mind was confused and scared, wondering what the hell she was doing. The rest of her mind was consumed with thoughts of sucking Cleo's monumental phallus deeper and deeper.
It was a mixture of soft texture and hard cock that was rapidly filling Jordan's hands. She bent her head and greedily accepted that knob into her open mouth, flicking the head with her tongue at the same time. The smell and feel of that monster weapon was sending Jordan into further depths of excitement and she increased the pressure on the tip of Cleo's cock.
Cleo was enjoying the feeling of being fellated and rewarded Jordan as she relaxed all control over her cock. In seconds, Cleo's cock was filling with bl**d, and began assuming the dimensions of the b**st that it would quickly become.
It was still limp but must have been at least twelve inches long with a light ribbing effect on the upper portion of the shaft near the head, and a network of veins all along the length of her shaft. To Jordan this was heaven and with the cock still in her mouth gripped the shaft with her hands and slowly began to masturbate her.
As her huge cock was plunging inside Jordan's mouth, Cleo ran her hands over Jordan's luscious body below her. She cupped Jordan's breasts and rolled the nipples between her thumb and forefinger before she gripped them tight and pulled gently on the stiff teats that yielded to her touch.

Cleo's cock was too thick for Jordan to fit her entire fist around it as she grabbed hold of the base just over the swaying ball sac. Her hands teased the shaft, causing Cleo to tremble as Jordan ran her hands up and down her cock. Slowly, she licked her lips, eyes meeting Cleo's, and again let the thick cockhead enter her mouth.
"Mmm," Jordan mouthed as she sucked downward over the head. She knew she could fit much more meat in her mouth and throat later on, but this would be enough for now.
"Oh yeah," Cleo moaned as Jordan's tongue swirled around her wet cockhead. Cleo could tell she was being sucked by experienced lips. "Suck me, baby, suck my sweet meat."
Jordan groaned softly as the mixture of the mammoth cock in her mouth and Cleo squeezing and teasing her tits became intensely pleasurable. All the time Cleo's monster cock in her mouth was growing by the second and filling her to bursting point as the head of her prick flared to the size of a large toadstool.
By now Cleo's cock had reached her full length of twenty inches, and Jordan had to use both of her hands to grip the engorged shaft. It was like gripping a baseball bat that had some wires or cables wrapped around it in places.
Jordan's lips touched Cleo's hardness and then her mouth was sucking her cock down into her throat. Jordan worked her way down Cleo's shaft, almost gagging a bit, but still forcing herself to take more. After a while she had at last managed to suck fifteen inches in. Jordan couldn't believe she was actually sucking this much cock! Not only that, she was absolutely loving it. The silken smoothness of Cleo's cockhead, the heat and thickness of her veiny shaft, the full feeling in her mouth, everything combined to make this an incredibly sensual experience for Jordan.

Cleo was astounded at the sensation and the feeling of dominance as Jordan sucked her. "So this is why guys always liked this so much. It feels awesome!" she thought.
Jordan's slow, deliberate sucks coaxed the first, thick, hard pearls of precum from Cleo's swollen balls. The white drops formed slowly on the tip as Jordan massaged the shaft with the tip of her tongue. She licked off a strand of precum just as it was about to slide off onto her tongue and swallowed it.
The taste was sweet to Jordan and she savored it. The satisfied shudder that racked Cleo's body was an obvious display of thanks. Jordan again placed the bilbous flesh into her warm mouth as she stroked the base with her hands and wrists.
Jordan followed Cleo's example, and began taking Cleo's cock as far as she could into her throat, reaching a maximum depth of fifteen inches. Then she would pull back until only the head remained in her mouth, and stimulate the very tip for a moment.
After fifteen minutes of this type of treatment, Jordan was enjoying the feeling of Cleo's cock in her mouth and throat, and now wanted her to cum. Sucking harder, she also began fingering her wet cunt, further driving Cleo over the edge.
Cleo groaned and felt herself nearing climax. Her huge rod was sending pulses of unbelievable pleasure through her entire body. She stopped massaging her tits and took firm hold of the base of her rock hard prick. Jordan saw this and also felt Cleo's balls throbbing even faster, a sure sign of what was happening. Jordan let Cleo fuck her mouth and throat, taking her thick cockhead, and then almost a foot of her shaft down her throat.
"Oh, Jordan," Cleo moaned. "I'm going to cum, you're making me cum!" She grabbed Jordan's head and f***efully pushed and pulled it over her cock, fucking her face. "Yes!" Cleo called out as the first white rocket of sperm erupted from her cockhead. Thick and solid, the sperm was absolutely delicious to Jordan. Five more powerful blasts followed in an almost unstoppable succession. It seemed a single long wave of cum was slithering out of Cleo's cock and down Jordan's throat.
Cleo released her hands from Jordan, so that she could concentrate totally on the task at hand. Cupping her own tits, Cleo gently squeezed them, forcing milk to stream out into the air. She looked at her tits and hugged them tightly with her arms, making milk actually pour down her front now.
Jordan was watching her do this as she sucked on Cleo's cock. Jordan's eyes shot open in surprise, as she saw the milk sprouting from Cleo's nipples.
"Yeah, Jordan," said Cleo. "That's the 'surprise'. Don't ask me how, but I've been able to milk my tits after the last batch of pills that Dee Dee gave me."
The cum continued gushing from Cleo's penis, washing over Jordan's tongue, shooting down her throat, and filling her mouth. After a few moments, the sensation of cum pouring down her throat, and milk raining down on her face was too much for her, and Jordan pulled back slightly. The momentary lapse was all that Cleo needed. Cleo leaned back and pulled her cock all the way out of Jordan's surprised mouth.
Endless streamers of thick, gooey shemale milk pasted Jordan's face, some of which she swallowed deliciously. Jordan felt the hot salty fluid slide down her throat with ease, though most of it remained perched on her delicate features, plastering her right eye shut and dribbling slowly down her chin and throat.
Cleo's head jerked up and down in rhythm with her f***eful squirts of white cum on her fuck toy. Cum rocketed over her chin and onto Jordan's throat. Jordan's cheeks and eyes were slathered with the rush of oncoming semen from Cleo's pumping, shooting rod. Cum splattered onto Jordan's chin and onto her chest as the thick, gummy spunk flowed as if from a fountain of engorged flesh.
Cleo only came harder as she watched her first shots pile up on Jordan. Her screams filled the room as strings of semen roped themselves over more of Jordan's face.

Determined not to give up, Jordan intensified her efforts, regained her grip on Cleo's cock with her mouth, and sucked even harder on Cleo's cock. It felt like a garden hose was pouring down her throat.
Jordan sucked more sperm down into her mouth, almost unable to breathe through her clogged nose. A virtual mountain of hot white spunk plastered her face, collarbone, and shoulders. Cleo's oozing cock had also spewed syrupy puddles of creamy jism onto Jordan's tits before she finally slowed to a stop.
Cleo grabbed and kneaded her huge nipples with both hands now, with her tits still spraying wildly. Fluid shot all over Jordan's face, covering her eyes and nose and mouth in sticky sweet milk.
Jordan was concentrating furiously to keep sucking on Cleo, and to still maintain her focus as the milk landed on her face. Cleo was pumping her cock furiously with both of her delicate hands, forcing every last drop out. Cleo's titty milk puddled on the floor, there was so much! Finally she stopped and her penis softened, while still in Jordan's mouth. Both of the girls were now a mess.

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