Milking Time B4 Chapter 2 Barocca Duz Jeanne

Chapter 2: Barocca Duz Jeanne

Barocca smiled warmly at Jeanne, and she quickly undid the two knots that held her bikini panties on, and tossed them to the side. Barocca focused her thoughts, and released the mental control over her cock. Almost instantly, Barocca's cock lengthened and expanded so that it was now eight inches long, and as thick as several of Jeanne's fingers were.
Jeanne shook her head in disbelief. "Damn. You weren't k**ding about some of the things you can do with your cock, Barocca."
"You ain't seen nothing yet, Jeanne. Get to work on my cock like a good girl."
Jeanne knelt before Barocca's huge limp cock. Her face was right in front of it. Barocca could see Jeanne's nipples swelling and bursting with excitement. She watched Jeanne's long fingers take her huge cock and then gently fondle it with her soft palms.
Barocca's cock was showing signs of arousal. Jeanne hugged it close to her. Barocca's cock stiffened almost immediately from her hot touch and she began to kiss it. It was a lustful sight that never failed to bring awe-inspiring passion to Barocca. To watch a woman give way to depraved carnal instincts, when they saw one of the cocks of the shemale amazons was incredible. Jeanne held Barocca's cock in both hands and then rubbed the flaccid tip along her beautiful face and sniffed it.
Jeanne's senses were reveling from the touch of Barocca's huge cock so close to her and her motions became wilder and wilder. She quickly grabbed the huge turgid piece of meat to her and hugged it close to her breasts. Jeanne planted it in her cleavage.
Barocca's cock was growing in length and thickness rapidly. Jeanne had never seen a cock this thick and this huge, much less mere inches in front of her face. Jeanne was almost as busty as Barocca, and she had buried countless cocks in her cleavage before, and watched them vanish from sight. The throbbing hunk of meat that was Barocca's cock was another matter entirely. Jeanne watched more and more of Barocca's cock grow and lengthen in front of her eyes, as the head f***ed its way from the top of her breasts, and kept on growing.
Even when Jeanne exerted f***e and pressure with her hands on her breasts, she was powerless to stop Barocca's cock from increasing in size. The feeling of Barocca's cock as it oozed between her mashed-together breasts was electrifying to Jeanne. Barocca's heavy balls slapped against Jeanne's stomach with an audible sound. In almost no time at all, Barocca's cock had reached its full length of almost two feet.
"Nice try, Jeanne. But you might as well try to hold back the ocean with your bare hands."
"Holy shit. Your hunk of meat is just incredible, Barocca."

Jeanne stared in awe, as almost a foot of cock meat wavered in the air in front of her, as it protruded from the top of her cleavage. Just the amount of Barocca's cock that was visible from the top was bigger than almost any other cock that Jeanne had ever seen in her life.
Jeanne mauled her lovely tits around it and played with Barocca's massive staff with her trembling hands. Jeanne was trying to control her lust, to keep it in line, so that she would not disturb this precious moment with c***dish enthusiasm. But she was so intensely fascinated by Barocca's truncheon that she could not let go of it. Jeanne knew that she had to try to swallow it in her mouth, very soon.
Jeanne desperately wanted to please Barocca. The moment had to be as good for Barocca as it was for her. Barocca saw Jeanne draw the stiff cock up to her lips and then gently flick her tongue all over its exposed length. Jeanne shifted her position so that she could get her tongue and mouth on Barocca's cockhead. Jeanne was breathing very hard and gasping between flicks of her tongue.
Barocca's rod had filled with bl**d and she could feel her balls fill up and swell, as they settled ever so slightly lower in her scrotal sac. Then Jeanne's passion raised to such intensity that she could no longer control her urges and she took the tip of Barocca's humongous cockhead into her hot mouth. Barocca made a soft moan. She shook a little in her place and began to tremble from her rising heat.
It didn't matter if it was an experienced amazon lover, or someone seeing her for the first time, as Jeanne was. When someone was as engrossed with lust as Jeanne was, the feelings on her cock were incredible. Jeanne was out of her senses with lust. She hugged Barocca's monstrous truncheon closer to her, and mashed the shaft into the folds of her breasts.
Jeanne's body was beginning to become flushed with sexual passion and saliva was drooling out of the corners of her mouth, as she worked on Barocca's cock. She could no longer control her urge to suck Barocca's massive pole. Jeanne lovingly inserted the bloated tip between her succulent lips and drew it into her mouth.
By straining her jaws wide, Jeanne finally managed the impossible. The enormous, bulbous cockhead went between her lips. With a superhuman effort she pulled Barocca's cock to her and buried the massive tip inside the embrace of her succulent mouth. She jerked the massive member with her pretty hands and held onto the tip with her hot mouth.
Her lips encircled the rim under the cockhead and she swooned and gasped in delight from the throb of the cock in her mouth. Her nipples were swollen. Her cunt flowered open and dripped juices from her blazing snatch onto the bedcovers as she made love to Barocca's cock.
Barocca's stanchion had finally stiffened to full, rock-hard erectness. It was the biggest cock Jeanne had ever seen. The dark skin was pulled leather-taut on the ebony shaft.
Barocca's cock was bathed in the hot spittle of Jeanne, who could not remove her mouth and lips from the instrument. Both girls were locked in a fiery lovemaking that was mutually inspired.
It was a passion-filled Jeanne that sought to please Barocca as she performed her lustful groping. Barocca tried not to sway in her position. Though Barocca was filled with passion, she maintained her composure expertly. Barocca did not shift in place, or buck and weave her buttocks with her motions. For the time being, it was important to let Jeanne do whatever she wanted with her cock. That way, Barocca knew she would have a willing sex slave at her beck and call later on.
Barocca was shaking, and trying to keep her body in position. Her feet shifted slightly back and forth. Jeanne ran her whole body over her erect black pole. She loved it in between her tits and it glistened from her sweat and spit. Jeanne was beside herself with passion. She let out little pig-like squeals of excitement.
Barocca's muscles began to tremble and convulse from the crazy motion of Jeanne's groping hands and loving mouth. She reveled in the feeling of the cock being stimulated like this, and she continued to tug and pull on her balls, while the tip lay between Jeanne's lips.
Barocca saw Jeanne's body begin to writhe in spasms as she nearly came just from having her cock in her hot grasp. She took it out of Jeanne's mouth with a yank and ran the wet tip all over the beautiful features of her face. Barocca gently pushed Jeanne so that she was lying on her back on the bedcovers.

Barocca nuzzled the mammoth instrument in between her ample breasts again, and then played with her nipples by tweaking them very hard. Jeanne was in a seething, lustful state. She was absolutely hypnotized by the power of the bl**d-gorged constrictor. Barocca took her cock and ran it on Jeanne's sensitive parts. The hot cockhead poked at her bloated tits. All the while Jeanne was gasping and squealing from the supreme decadence of her actions and losing more control of herself by the minute.
Barocca decided that she would tittyfuck Jeanne for a few minutes, and then shoot off, so that she could get a taste of her cum for the first time. After that, if Jeanne were still game, she'd take her to the next level.

"How're you doing down there, Jeanne? Still with us?"
Jeanne could only give Barocca a look of utter bliss, as she still was trying to engulf Barocca's cockhead in her mouth.
"Okay, girlfriend. Wrap those juggs of yours around my cock again, one more time. Don't try and suck me off; I'm gonna shift gears for a few minutes. When I'm ready, you'll have all the cum you can handle ready to pour down your throat."
Reluctantly, Jeanne released her lips from Barocca's cock. Instants later, Jeanne drooled, feeling the power of Barocca's rock-hard cock as she caressed the length of her shaft between her breasts again. Jeanne flinched as Barocca's huge organ had suddenly gone rigid in the grasp of her titflesh. The meaty shaft was harder than ever, almost menacing; the bloated head aimed at Jeanne's face like a warhead each time it thrust out from between her cleavage.
Barocca began to exert her strength, and f***e her powerful cock back and forth, in and out between Jeanne's heavy tits. After ten minutes of tittyfucking, both girls were close to reaching the point of no return.
Barocca tossed her head and moaned. Her soft lips rumbled. Her dark eyes blazed. She shook her head while Jeanne's boobs mashing against her shaft made the cum in her huge nuts begin to churn. The throbbing in Barocca's shaft told Jeanne it wouldn't be long now.
Moaning in pleasure, Barocca tossed her head high. Jeanne's boobs were driving her crazy. Barocca's abdominal muscles tensed and flexed as the first wave of her orgasm hit her.
Jeanne stroked Barocca's giant cock, loving every second of it. The power, the strength, the sexuality of Barocca's thick steel-beamed prick made Jeanne cream.
"Cum, Barocca," she whispered, the word barely passing her lips. "Cum ... cum ... cum."
Tossing her head, Barocca's hand shifted rapidly along the bottom half of her overgrown shaft. Her prick was swelling. Barocca pulled her cock all the way down and out from between Jeanne's breasts. She had the tip of her cock roughly even with Jeanne's crotch, easily several feet away from her face and head.
Barocca smiled wickedly at Jeanne and squeezed her mammoth balls with one hand. The gripping squeeze on her balls was the trigger. Barocca's balls erupted and a hot, squirting load sprayed from her cockhead. It was a long thick load that was almost a constant stream from her cockhead to Jeanne's neck. It splashed all over Jeanne's creamy skin. Another load followed almost immediately.
Barocca's head jerked back and her noises filled the room. Eyes bulging with fire, Barocca stroked her powerful cock with strong fingers, drenching Jeanne in a deluge of thick creamy shemale jism.
Jeanne was almost in shock from the heat and the intensity with which Barocca's jism was landing on her. She was no stranger to having cum land on her from so many years in the adult business. But what was happening to her now was beyond anything she might have been prepared for. Barocca lusted for the creamy white jism she was coating Jeanne's body with. She was filled with a hunger for her own cock. Like almost every other shemale on the Island, she had more than enough meat, so that she could suck her own cock whenever she wanted to. But for now, the spotlight belonged to Jeanne.
Barocca squeezed hard on her prick, forcing the massive ejaculations to briefly stop. Even after only a few splurts, she had succeeded in soaking almost every beautiful inch of Jeanne's flesh from the waist up with cum.

Barocca was panting heavily as she fought to keep her cock under control.
"Get up and get ready, Jeanne. I know you wanted to taste my cum, and I haven't forgotten about it. Get on your knees, and get your mouth on my cock, quick!"
"Ooh," Jeanne cried out. "Ooh." Cum was dribbling down into her armpits, soaking her face, her belly, and dribbled between her legs and over her cunt. Jeanne had her mouth on Barocca's cockhead in an instant. To Barocca's surprise, Jeanne managed to engulf almost all of her cockhead in one gulp.
Barocca began to release the pressure on her throbbing cock, allowing the jism to flow freely out of it once more. As she did with Debbie several days earlier, Barocca concentrated on keeping the flow of her cum to a steady, even pace that Jeanne could keep up with. Not even the senior amazons could take a full-f***e load, without gagging somewhere along the way.
A creamy wad of cum spurted into Jeanne's panting mouth. Jeanne gulped, swallowing it. It tasted like nothing she knew. It was getting her hot! Barocca's cum was warm and delicious. There was actually a sweet taste that lingered in her mouth, even after she had swallowed it down her throat.
Jeanne was surprised as spurt after spurt of cum filled her mouth to almost overflowing, and she had to concentrate to keep up with Barocca's output. Barocca's cock could churn out more cum than anything she had ever experienced before.
Barocca could see Jeanne's eyes widening in astonishment as she struggled to keep up with her cock. She playfully reached down and grabbed the back of Jeanne's head with her hand.
"That's it, Jeanne. Suck like you've never sucked before. Suck like your life depended on it, girl. If you want cum, you've come to the right place for it. And remember, I'm taking it easy on you, because this is your first day here."
Jeanne greedily sucked even harder on Barocca's cock for over a minute, as her nuts emptied the remainder of their load down her throat. Finally, Barocca's cock was still. Barocca pulled it gently from Jeanne's mouth, and let her cock hang down limply between her thighs.
"Good fucking grief!" Jeanne exclaimed, when she caught her breath. "That monster between your legs isn't human, Barocca."
"I never said it was," Barocca replied with a wicked giggle. "Dee Dee intentionally designed them to perform at such outrageous levels, because everyone here on the Island is cum and cock crazy. Once we get you started on the 'special diet' around here, you'll be able to shoot off and suck down loads like that without even thinking twice.
"Well Jeanne. Now that you've had your first real taste of shemale cum, do you want to call it a night? Or do you want to take the next big step?"

"You've got to be fucking k**ding, Barocca. After what I just experienced, wild horses couldn't drag me away from you. I know you warned me that I can only take a portion of your cock in my pussy, but I'm hornier than ever now."
"All right, Jeanne. I'll be as easy as I can with you. But remember. Like anybody else, we can get carried away in the heat of the moment during sex. If you want to get your cherry popped by a shemale cock, I'll be happy to do the duty."
Jeanne cooed at Barocca with loving exhortations to fuck her. Barocca steadied herself as Jeanne lay on her back on the bed, and began to direct the tip of her massive cock into Jeanne's hot snatch.
Jeanne propped herself up slightly on some pillows, so that she could see as well as feel Barocca's hot meat rasping against her cunt. At first glance, it appeared much too large to admit into her hole. But Jeanne was determined to see her lustful embrace reach fruition. Barocca remained perfectly calm.
Barocca held her giant black snake with one hand and directed it into the folds of Jeanne's dripping wet gash. Her other hand braced itself on the bedspread to balance her body with her legs spread wide. Jeanne's face was flushed from excitement and her gasping moans told Barocca that the mere touch of her rock-hard cock on her cunt lips had almost f***ed an orgasm to pulse through her.
But Jeanne's intensity was at such a fever pitch that the spasm did not satiate her brim-ming fire, it merely increased it. Jeanne was determined more than ever to insert Barocca's massive truncheon inside her gash of love and feel it deep inside her. But her heat was making her frantic. Jeanne was so hot that her movements were exasperated writhings too jerky to perform the nearly impossible act properly.

"Easy, girlfriend, easy," admonished Barocca. "I know you're excited, and you can't help the way you feel. This is tricky under the best of conditions. Just set still, and let me do the work here."
"Okay, Barocca. I'll try. I'll really try for you."
Jeanne's body was still again. For a quick moment Jeanne achieved the success whereby the front portion of Barocca's massive cockhead managed to penetrate her dripping gash about an inch. Jeanne twisted her head and stared at the minor penetration with her eyes bugging out. She could see the bone-hard pole resting in the air from its lodgment in her hole.
Jeanne experienced a burning pleasure from the powerful sight of Barocca's massive cock barely penetrating her gash. Briefly it fell out of Jeanne's slight hold and bobbed up and down from Barocca's trembling jerks and her eyes remained glued on it. Barocca was rock hard and her cock had reached an unbelievable size.
The mere sight of Barocca's cock bobbing in place and glistening wet from her spit and love juice nearly pushed Jeanne beyond the limits of control. Barocca reached down and gripped the shaft of her leather-like tool in her hand. It was a lewd and obscene display of passion. The knowledge that she was attempting to impale herself with Barocca's monstrous cock brought out the b**st in Jeanne.
Jeanne began to inch her body onto the cock that was precariously inserted in her pussy. The monstrous tip banged against the juicy lips of her pulsing pussy while Barocca's hand directed it home. Jeanne's body was flushed with heat. Barocca managed to insert a little more of the head into the little opening of Jeanne's cunt hole.

Jeanne had now lodged enough of Barocca's cock inside her so that she could have both hands braced on the bedcovers for traction. Jeanne pushed downward to accept more of Barocca's huge cock. Jeanne had to really push down with all her strength to get just another inch of Barocca's massive instrument buried deeper up her snatch.
The scene was beginning to shine in an aura of radiance from the rising heat of both partners. It was an awesome spectacle to see Barocca's two-foot long cock, bone-hard with its monstrous tip embedded inside Jeanne's hot gash.
Jeanne stopped pushing downward to experience another orgasm that brought more passionate bleeps of delight rushing out of her sweet throat. That passion-filled cry hit Barocca's ears and now she could no longer control her decadent urges.
Now more than ever Barocca wanted to fuck Jeanne, and fuck her hard. With an effort of will, Barocca f***ed herself to maintain her composure. There would come a day very soon, when she could ram her cock into Jeanne at full f***e; but tonight was not the night.
Her massive cock was pulsing with anticipation. Barocca had accepted Jeanne's loving touches and now she wanted satisfaction. Jeanne had made Barocca crazy with passion to enter into her steaming gash. Jeanne pushed downward again.
Jeanne's eyes bulged out of her head from the stupendous pain of entry. Unbelievably another inch of Barocca's cock went inside her. The pole was buried in place a mere couple of inches but the fabulous width of the huge snake stretching her apart made her crazy. Jeanne beat her fists on the bedcovers and groaned in fury. She wanted desperately to accept more and more of Barocca's cock, no matter if it killed her.

"Easy, Jeanne, easy!" warned Barocca. "I told you that this wouldn't be easy for you, on your first day here. Settle down and relax for a few minutes. It should get a little easier once you're a little more accustomed to me inside of you."
Barocca let Jeanne lie on her back, and try to adapt to the size and sensation of her over-sized cock inside her cunt. Barocca told Jeanne how much better things would be, and how much she could enjoy things once she'd been on the Island longer. Barocca managed to work her cock in between Jeanne's creamy thighs and move it about. The black leather-like skin of the instrument ran against her open gash and teased her clit. Jeanne's cunt walls formed around it and her orgasm brought her to a state of uncontrollable convulsions.
Jeanne's nipples were bloated to the point that Barocca swore they were turning darker colors from her excitement. Jeanne inched up to accept more of the cock inside her. Now that the tip of it was firmly in she rested both hands on the bedcovers. With her hands giving her body the proper leverage, she scooted forward with to capture more of Barocca's cock.
Barocca watched as Jeanne's face became beet-red and sweaty as her body moved forward to swallow her enormous cock. Jeanne's head pressed down onto her chest. Her chin brimmed with sweat. Her cheeks were red and puffy.
"That's my girl, Jeanne," encouraged Barocca. "Just take a little bit of me inside of you at a time. And don't try to take more than you know you can. There'll be time for showing off later."
Jeanne's eyes were bl**dshot from the incredible effort of admitting Barocca's huge member up into her pliable body. Her cunt seemed to be swallowing the heavy cock inside it.

Barocca watched as more and more of her cock became embedded in the little opening of Jeanne's cunt. Jeanne's hands gripped the bedcovers on either side of her and she pushed her pelvis upward to meet the bloated shaft head on. As Barocca watched Jeanne give way and try to f***e her huge cock deep inside her, she knew that the lust for cock was indeed destructive. But Jeanne could not control herself. The more that cock slipped up her cunt, the more Jeanne wanted.
Jeanne was determined to get it further inside her. She pressed inexorably forward. Barocca began to twitch in place. Barocca wanted to desperately ram forward. Barocca's cock was almost halfway inside her steamy snatch. Jeanne's cunt hole was contorted to an unreal proportion. It appeared that it would burst at the seams.
By being fucked face up Jeanne could see the massive instrument that was impaling her. Her eyes bulged out. She could both see and feel the object that was driving her crazy and
splitting her body in two like a wishbone. Jeanne waited for the pain to die down from her last thrust. She was no longer crying, for lust had captured all of her body.
Barocca paused to let Jeanne accept the amount of cock in her body, and become used to it. Barocca stared at Jeanne with unabashed lust. "Damn, Jeanne. You've got about a foot of my cock in your pussy girl. That's more than I thought you might be able to take on your very first night here. I'm proud of you, Jeanne."
"I don't have words to describe how this feels, Barocca. I think I can handle what you've got inside me now. But you're right. I don't think I could take much more of your cock in me without splitting in two."
"Okay, girlfriend. Now we're gonna fuck. So far it's just been about seeing how much of me you can accommodate. Now I'm gonna show you what this tool of mine can do."
Barocca begin a series of slow, steady piston-like strokes in and out of Jeanne's pussy.
Jeanne's cunt was contorted open. It was stretched to an unbelievable proportion from Barocca's giant cock embedded inside it. Jeanne could not move.
Barocca was careful not to go past the limit Jeanne had set for tonight. It was difficult not to give in, and ream Jeanne hot and heavy, for all she was worth. Barocca set her pace at a slow rhythmic tempo that brought intense pleasure to both girls. Barocca kept this up for fifteen minutes, as she fucked Jeanne with steady, powerful strokes, while being careful not to f***e herself too deeply inside of her.
Jeanne's entire body seemed to grip and form around the massive instrument. Her body convulsed in uncontrollable spasms. She was having trouble holding herself in place. Jeanne called out to Barocca. She told her that she was losing her mind from the pleasure. Barocca's cock throbbed inside her. Barocca thought that Jeanne might pass out right there, from the stupendous rocking rhythm her orgasms were putting her through.
Jeanne's body gleamed with sweat. Her tract was well greased now as her cunt had secreted enough juice for her to slide up and down on Barocca's cock. She was out of her mind from the motion. Jeanne reeled her body forward and back and looked down to watch the cock piercing in and out of her. Her eyes were glazed and awe-stricken from the stupendous spectacle of the massive instrument pushing in and out of her pussy.
Jeanne grabbed onto the bedcovers for dear life and pushed back and forward with all her strength. Each time Barocca's cock plunged inside her she let out a sex-d**gged groan of unbelievable pleasure. Her groans were low-pitched throaty bellows that became hoarse from the intensity of her screaming pleasure making her voice raspy.
Barocca wanted ever so much to ram all her weight into Jeanne. Jeanne moved back and forth with a fiery rhythm, and she dragged the bedcovers with her when she did. Barocca saw Jeanne's body suddenly stiffen as one orgasm died down and the beginnings of another sprung up. The fantastic thrill of the spasms had Jeanne riveted in place on her cock. Every nerve ending in Jeanne's beautiful body began to vibrate and explode. She was lost in a lustful reverie. Barocca's cock was pulsing with the fierceness of a snake ready to attack. Jeanne could feel it beginning to vibrate inside her.
Barocca was strangely quiet for a shemale caught in the throes of a coming orgasm. Jeanne was silent, her body was out of control but her mind awaited the event that would finally quench her lust. Barocca was too hot from the grip of Jeanne's pussy on her cock, and she went over the top. Now Barocca let out a fierce groan and the muscles of her buttocks became taut. Barocca was coming.
Barocca's cock exploded inside of Jeanne. Huge spurts of white cum splashed inside her cunt and whipped out of her contorted snatch. It had been a tremendous effort for Jeanne to take barely half of Barocca's cock inside her cunt, and allow her to fuck her with it. Once Barocca's cock actually started shooting off, Jeanne's body simply wasn't prepared, and the huge cock slipped out.
Jeanne's loins were painted in sperm. Barocca's cock seemed to never stop pumping its heady elixir. Jeanne was d***k with it. With huge gobs of fierce intensity, Barocca's cock released its copious load and began to drench Jeanne.
The creamy sperm on her hot gash brought another thrilling orgasm to the lusty body of Jeanne. A bevy of shemale cum drenched her open cunt and loins. Barocca's cock quickly painted Jeanne's flanks with the steamy goo. Jeanne was out of her mind with lust and quickly reached forward and grabbed Barocca's pumping truncheon in her hands.
"Yeah girl, that's it!" Barocca squealed in pleasure. "Suck my cum down like a good little slut!"

In between spurts Jeanne managed to clamp her loving mouth on the massive cockhead. Jeanne's head jolted back from the blast. Thick white cum spilled out of the corners of her mouth. Jeanne's eyes rolled in her head from the decadent act of eating it. More of the steamy goo shot into her willing mouth and she jerked the ebony member as it emptied into her gullet.
It was deliciously tasty, and the heat of it surprised her, but Jeanne was too passion filled to allow that fact to deter her depraved instincts. She had wanted to make love to Barocca. And even though she could not admit her all of her massive member into her cunt just yet, then she had done the next best thing by taking nearly half of Barocca inside of her.
Finally the last of the load erupted from the Barocca's balls and now Jeanne lovingly lapped up the remaining drops. As Barocca's cock began to become limp, it gleamed from the residue of cum and Jeanne's saliva. Jeanne cleaned the ebony tool until it gleamed spotlessly. Then she rubbed Barocca's softening member along her face and breasts.
"Barocca, that was in-fucking-credible," exclaimed Jeanne. "I have never felt anything that even comes close to that in my life."
"Well for a first-timer, I have to say that you gave a damn fine accounting of yourself, Jeanne."
For the moment Jeanne had satiated her insane lust. Jeanne's eyes were half-closed from her spent condition. She let go of Barocca's cock and wiped her face clean of the flecks of
cum that had splashed onto her cheeks. For the time being the minor penetration from Barocca's massive cock would have to suffice.
"We have got to do this again sometime...." panted Jeanne, as her body caught up with her, and she began to collapse from near-exhaustion.
"Don't you worry girlfriend," said Barocca, as she gently caught Jeanne's body and eased her down onto the bedcovers. Barocca pulled a blanket over her, and then settled down onto the other side of the bed herself. "I intend to feed you so much cock and so much cum in the next few days, that you wouldn't believe me if I told you."

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