Milking Time B3 Chapter 13 Barocca’s Plans

Chapter 13: Barocca’s Plans

Earlier that night, on the other side of the Island, Barocca was quite busy in her quarters, as she worked away on her computer.
"I've gotta admit it to you Ebony," she muttered to herself. "You definitely are smarter than everyone thinks you are. That little batch file you wrote for the security computer does everything that you said it would." Barocca entered a few more keystrokes on the computer, and paused to inspect the file she was working on.
"The only problem is, you weren't too terribly clever about where you put the file itself, Ebony. All I had to do was map a drive to the security computer's volumes, and then do a search for any files with a .BAT extension. There were only a handful of those there, and the name itself made it stand out like a sore thumb. You're not the only one who went to college, and is smarter than she looks around here, “ Barocca muttered.
“Once I found the file, it wasn't too hard to adapt it, so that it could also be used to cover up and mask activity on other parts of the Island too. Nobody's gonna know about any of the plans I’ve made, or what I’ve got planned for tonight, until it's too late."
Barocca then resumed working on the program she was writing, and tapped in a few lines of code.
"I know a fair amount about computers myself. Dee Dee thinks that all her files were deleted or erased from her PC last week. That's not entirely true. I moved all of her data from her PC to mine. I won't pretend that I've got the same type of medical experience and education that Dee Dee has. But she's left enough menus and instructions on her own files, that after I've read through them a few times, I don't think there'll be too much trouble to prevent me from being able to create my own shemale amazons.
“Dee Dee wanted to be certain that someone else could use her software and her equipment without her being present, in case of an emergency. She thought they’d be safe on her own encrypted PC system. But there were more than enough hacking tools on the Internet to do the job. And more than enough devoted fans from my network of followers on the outside to show me how to use them, if I promised them a few ‘special favors’. The really hard part was getting them to actually talk to me about PC hacking and technical skills, instead of sex!”
Barocca had now solved one problem: learning about computers. Part of the problem of getting Jeanne to the Island in secrecy was overcome by using her network of devoted fans and adorers who she still kept in touch with, via e-mails. Barocca had simply offered some new photo sets and videos for sale to some of her more devoted fans, most of which were quickly snapped up. Barocca also had a number of fans who were more than happy to 'donate' her a few hundred dollars, if it meant the chance to receive a personal phone call from her, or have her film a custom video or personal webcast for them in the near future. Once the money had been secured in a Paypal account, Barocca had contacted Jeanne in Los Angeles, and trans-ferred the funds to her account. Then Jeanne was able to book a flight to the Bahamas at her end. Barocca had told Jeanne to register at the hotel, and then send her an e-mail with her room number and telephone number once she was settled in.
“The biggest problem will be figuring out a way to use Dee Dee’s lab and operating room alone for a few hours, but I’ve got an idea brewing for that. I've come too far and sacrificed too much to be stopped now." A small beep from the computer, and a flashing icon on the toolbar told Barocca that she had a new e-mail message.
Barocca read the message with a smile of pure glee. “Perfect. Jeanne’s right on time.”
Barocca saved the file she was working on, and closed the application. "There'll be time to put the finishing touches on that later. Right now, it's time to set things up and pick up Jeanne."

Now Barocca dialed the hotel, and asked for Jeanne's room.
"Hey Jeanne, it's Barocca. How're you doing?"
"I'm doing fine, girlfriend," replied Jeanne. "This place is gorgeous. I can't wait until I see you."
"Well, tonight's the night honey," said Barocca. "All you do is pack a few things in an overnight bag, and then head down to Pier 39 at eight o'clock, after dinner. Just dress simply; say some short pants, and a casual shirt or blouse. Ask for Ramirez. He'll be expecting you. He's been well paid, and won't ask any questions. He'll take you from the Main Island to our little place. I'll be waiting for you there."
"All right, Barocca. See you soon. Bye."
After hanging up, Barocca double-checked the computer to see if the new version of Ebony's batch file was running as it should.
"Beautiful! No matter what happens tonight, all anyone will see will be blank corridors in the security cameras. And there won't be any record of keys opening any electronic locks, or the access badges opening the perimeter doors after hours."

Barocca knew that her and Ebony's sector, or the 'West sector' occupied the majority of the western half of the Island. Tiffany, Clyda and Dee Dee's girls lived on the Eastern sector of the Island. There was a small connecting tunnel that ran through the center of the Island that joined the two together. Other than that, the two halves were almost isolated.
Barocca had already enf***ed a policy that anyone in her group could sl**p with whom-ever they pleased, and do whatever they wanted behind closed doors. The only stipulation being that whatever they did, it was to be confined to their quarters for the duration of the night. Barocca had used Ebony to discipline some of the girls who had tried migrating in the middle of the night, and been caught, as an example.
"The chances of anyone sticking their nose out and spotting myself or Jeanne, are worse than the proverbial snowball," laughed Barocca, as she walked out of her quarters, and towards the perimeter doors, which would lead towards the Island itself, and the shore. On the way out, Barocca picked up a small handbag, and carried it with her.
Once Barocca reached the shore of the Island, she settled down to wait for Jeanne, and let her mind roam, as she explored the various possibilities of all the plans and plots she had in the works. "Yes, there'll certainly be some changes made around here," she thought.

After a few moments, Barocca heard the low whine of a boat motor in the distance. The boat stopped about thirty feet from shore. It was dark enough now that all Barocca had to do was move behind some of the dense shrubbery, and she was completely concealed from anyone on the boat who didn't have a high-powered spotlight to shine in her direction.
From the boat, a figure stood on the side of the deck, and turned on a powerful flashlight. The figure made a large cross, or 'X' figure with a sweeping motion. This was followed by a big circular motion. After a pause, the process was repeated two times.
"X-O-X-O-X-O. Perfect. The age-old symbol for 'love and kisses'," said Barocca as she watched. Barocca stepped out from behind the bush, and removed her own flashlight from the handbag. She flicked it on, and repeated the same signals and motions from the beach.
A small dinghy was lowered from the side of the boat, and two figures were seated in it. A man and a woman. One figure quietly rowed the short distance to shore. When they reached beach, the man hopped out and pushed the dinghy onto dry land.
Barocca walked up to the man, and quietly greeted him. Although it was dark, Barocca could tell that the figure still sitting in the boat was indeed Jeanne. Barocca opened her handbag, and produced a large roll of bills. She handed them to the man, and then shined her flashlight on them long enough for him to assess the validity and the amount of money.
"My thanks for a job well done, amigo," said Barocca. "And remember, no one must know about tonight. Agreed?"
The man smiled broadly, and nodded his head in agreement. He turned and gestured to Jeanne, and waved for her to come forward. Barocca and the man held the boat steady, as Jeanne climbed out, and onto the beach. The man entered the boat again, and began rowing the short distance back to the mother craft.
Jeanne greeted Barocca with a hug. "Barocca, it's been ages!"
"Hey, I'm glad to see you too, girl," Barocca replied. "But we need to get inside. Then, have I got a story to tell you."
With that, the girls walked back toward the complex, with Barocca leading the way.

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