Milking Time B3 Chapter 8 A Deal With Ebony

Chapter 8: A Deal With Ebony

After dinner that night, Tiffany, Dee Dee and Clyda waited anxiously for Ebony to arrive in Tiffany's quarters.
"Are you sure this is the right thing to do, Tiffany?" asked Clyda. "I mean, inviting Ebony to your quarters of all places."
"Where else do you suggest?" said Tiffany. "It couldn't be in Ebony's quarters. The three of us could never get there unnoticed, whether we went singly, or all at once on that side of the Island. And this is really just about the only place I feel secure in, even on our side of the Island. Like I said, I know what we're doing is risky, but we agreed to this earlier."
"If this doesn't work out, I'm going to personally see to it that they carve that on your bl**dy tombstone," muttered Clyda. Tiffany was about to come back with a similar retort to Clyda, when there was a knock at the door.
"Come in please," said Tiffany.
Ebony entered the room. Like most girls, she was wearing a skirt, with bikini panties on underneath, some sandals, and this time a halter top with a flower print, which still displayed the size of her breasts, but didn't flaunt so much cleavage like a bikini top.
"Hi, Tiffany," said Ebony. "Girls," as she smiled and nodded to Clyda and Dee Dee. “What did you want to talk to me about?" All the girls noticed a change from the Ebony they had known recently. This Ebony was a much calmer, relaxed girl, with a sense of passion that burned beneath her, but not the barely restrained a****l that Barocca had wielded iron control over earlier.

"Well Ebony," said Tiffany, "Dee Dee and Clyda have told me quite a lot that's been going on in your life recently." Tiffany quickly recapped Barocca's various illicit operations of late. "And last but not least, Dee Dee tells me you suspect Barocca has been d**gging you for a period of time?" asked Tiffany.
"Yes, that's right," said Ebony. Tiffany could tell that Ebony was plainly upset and angry about discussing the subject, but she was controlling her temper. The Ebony of a couple weeks ago would have gone ballistic, and maybe even have resorted to physical v******e.
"What we're here for Ebony, is to reinf***e a few things, and to make it clear to you how we feel about you," said Tiffany. "From what we just discussed, it's obvious that Barocca will probably make some type of power play in the near future."

Tiffany paused before laying everything on the table. "What we want is for you to be on our side Ebony, when everything hits the fan, whenever that is."
"We've always been your friends," said Clyda. "And we've always treated you as a friend with the same amount of love and respect, as when you first came to the Island."
"I'm not trying to rub salt in a wound, Ebony," said Tiffany. "But you've seen just how little Barocca cares about you, if things aren't going her way."
Ebony folded her arms underneath her breasts, and stared evenly at the other three girls. So far, she hadn't lost her cool, and was still listening to what they had to say.
"I hate to admit it," said Ebony, "but Barocca has definitely shown herself to only be a 'fair weather friend'. But what's in it for me, if I change to your side?"
"Just this," replied Tiffany. "We'll still treat you with the same love and respect as we always have. With Barocca out of here, we can have things back to the way they were in the beginning."
"Who was it who contacted you, and made it possible for you to come to the Island, Ebony?" asked Clyda.
"That was you and Tiffany," replied Ebony.
"And once you were here," said Tiffany, "do you remember how Dee Dee took you under her wing, and helped you learn computers. As well as giving you your cock?" Ebony nodded, and a warm smile began to form over her facial features.
"And do you remember how the four of us all worked together, and taught each other all the tricks we know about sex, and how good it could be here on the Island?" asked Tiffany.
"Yes I do," replied Ebony. "Those were some of the best times in my life."
"Tell me, Ebony," asked Dee Dee. "Have you really enjoyed sex when you've been doing things for Barocca?"

Ebony let out a long sigh, mentally debating about how she felt, and whether she should let her true feelings be known. Finally, Ebony replied in a level voice. "To be honest, not that much. Sure I've fucked girls, and there's been a little pleasure, and some release. But you're right. It hasn't been the same as when I first came to the Island."
"What I'm trying to say, Ebony," said Tiffany, "is that the three of us still feel very strongly about you. We liked you enough to seek you out and entice you to come here to the Island in the first place. And we certainly weren't disappointed when you arrived."
"I wasn't sure, but I strongly suspected that you hadn't really been enjoying yourself, while you were being fed the d**gs from Barocca," said Dee Dee.
"We noticed that when you were with Jordan, sometimes you weren't the Ebony we first knew," said Clyda. "Then towards the very end, when you held Jordan the way you did, you seemed to once again become the sweet Ebony we all knew and loved."
"I'll admit that at times during the day with Jordan, I wondered why Barocca had insisted that I be so rough with her," said Ebony. "And the more Jordan just gritted her teeth, and took me inside her, the more I began to question Barocca's motives."

"Like I said earlier Ebony," said Tiffany, "Barocca doesn't care about anyone but herself nowadays. But the three of us, as well as many other girls on the Island, still care about you a great deal."
Tiffany paused for a moment before going on. "As the saying goes, 'actions speak louder than words'. So here's part of our proposition. The three of us want to show you we're really sincere about how we feel about you. We want you to have each one of us, one at a time, to do anything you want to, so you can remember how good it can be here on the Island again."
Ebony was momentarily stunned as Tiffany's words sank in.
"Tiffany, I had no idea that that any of you still felt this way about me," said Ebony. "After everything Barocca's had me do, I wasn't sure if the other girls were afraid of me, or just plain hated my guts." Ebony reached for a tissue, as her emotions started to overcome her. After she composed herself, Ebony stood up and walked closer to the three girls.
"After everything that's happened since Barocca tried to twist me, and pervert me, I can't believe that you three, and other girls still feel the way that you do about me," said Ebony. "And to show you that I'm sincere in this too, I'm going to add this to the deal."
"Yes, I want to have sex with three of the best friends I've ever had on the Island," said Ebony. "I'm going to do each of you, one at a time. I'm going to let you each dictate how and where you want it done. How hard, how long, you name it. Since you're going out on a limb and sticking up for me, I figure that this is the least that I can do."
Ebony reached down and unfastened the Velcro holding her skirt on with one motion.
"Dee Dee," said Ebony, "you were the first one who really opened up to me, and showed me things on the Island. Both in sex, as well as so many other things too. Tiffany, Clyda, don't take anything the wrong way here. I like all of you an awful lot. But I want Dee Dee to be the lucky first one of our little group here."

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