Milking Time B2 Chapter 10 Clyda & Jordan Part

Chapter 10: Clyda & Jordan Part 4

As Jordan and Clyda lay on the bed and basked in the warm afterglow following sex, Jordan reached over and pulled Clyda's head close to her and whispered, "Could I have more, please, mistress?"
Clyda's eyes widened in astonishment. "They told me that you were a horny little thing, but I had no idea, you'd want it again so soon."
"Now that I've felt how good it can be here, I can't seem to get enough of it," replied Jordan.
"All right then," said Clyda. "If you want cock, you've certainly come to the right place for it. But you're going to have to work for it, before I put it inside you again. Get to work on my cock, and get it hard again."
Jordan began stroking and fondling Clyda's cock, which had shrunken back down in size to a more normal looking six inches, after her climax. Jordan picked up quickly on which techniques worked the best for handling such a huge piece of meat, and soon had Clyda's cock growing and lengthening again.
Jordan ran her tongue along the sides of the shaft of Clyda's cock, feeling the veins as they filled with bl**d and stood out like little cables. Jordan was able to work and suck on Clyda's balls before they swelled too large. Each of Clyda's nuts was now the size of an egg, and there was enough play in the loose flesh of her ball sac for Jordan to pull and stretch them considerably. Jordan's jaws expanded a little just by concentrating, so that with a little effort she could stuff the entire testicle in her mouth.
Jordan ran her tongue over Clyda's nuts, and did some very gentle kneading and teasing with her teeth. First one testicle and then the other received this new treatment. As Clyda grew aroused, Jordan could feel her balls swelling and expanding, along with the rest of her cock. It was like trying to keep a balloon that was filling with air inside her mouth. Clyda had never felt this particular sensation before, and it drove her crazy with lust.
"That feels delightful love," said Clyda. "But unless you want your jaws to be stuck on my nuts, you'd better let go, and get back to work on the rest of my cock."
Jordan released Clyda's nuts from her mouth, and started her attentions again to her cock. As Jordan began to lick Clyda's shaft, Clyda playfully grabbed her hair, and shook her finger at Jordan.

"You're not getting off so easy this time, girl," scolded Clyda. "The first time I let my cock get hard while most of it was still in your mouth. This time, you're going to get me rock hard, and then suck me off when I'm at full size. I'm going to put your cocksucking skills to a real test, love."
Jordan was a little startled by Clyda's demands, but she welcomed the chance to prove she really had what it took, and the monstrous size of Clyda's raging hard-on wasn't going to deter her in the least.
Clyda's cock was already about halfway to full erection, being just about a foot long now. Jordan grabbed the shaft with one hand, and one of Clyda's balls with the other, and began to squeeze and massage. Jordan's hands weren't the strongest, but she knew what she was doing when it came to playing with cocks.
Jordan knew the size of the b**st she was bringing to life, so she purposely exerted more strength than normal on Clyda's cock, to really stimulate the bl**d flowing through it, and bring it to its peak.
Jordan used a variety of fondling and massaging techniques on Clyda's shaft, but found that she got the most response out of Clyda when she grabbed both nuts with one hand, and pulled them back as far as she could between Clyda's legs towards her ass with them. At the same time, Jordan gripped the shaft near the head, and clamped on the loose foreskin, and jerked it towards the very tip of Clyda's cock.
Although Clyda had a circumcised cock, she was so huge that Jordan could pull the loose flesh over an inch past the tip of her cockhead. Jordan's efforts were definitely having the desired effect on Clyda. With each stroke, Jordan could feel Clyda's cock enlarging, and growing before her eyes.
After several minutes of Jordan's stroking action, Clyda began to thrust her hips forward without thinking about it, in response. Jordan could see precum dripping from the tip of Clyda's cockhead, and she stopped long enough to insert the tip of one finger into Clyda's cockhead, and grab a sample of the delicious fluid. With her other hand, Jordan rubbed the excess precum all over Clyda's cockhead.

After a moment, Jordan paused to admire her work, as she tasted Clyda's juice. "Well, I think I may have you ready for the next step, whenever you're ready," said Jordan.
Clyda admired her reflection in the mirrors, and caught her breath in wonder. Clyda's cock was sticking out proudly from her crotch at a thirty-degree angle, pointing slightly upward. The massive pole of meat was two feet long, and corded with delicate veins running up and down the shaft. It was thicker than Jordan's arm, and Jordan could barely get one of her hands halfway around the shaft. Clyda's balls hung like two overripe oranges between her legs. Clyda's balls had swollen so tightly from Jordan's teething and kneading that they looked as though they would burst if they were handled roughly.
Clyda's magnificent cockhead was twitching slightly in the air in front of Clyda. The opening at the tip was dilating open and closed very slowly as though it had a life of its own. After being stroked and aroused to such monumental dimensions, it was like an a****l, insistent and demanding that the attentions paid to it must continue, so that it could seek ultimate release later on. The huge cockhead was larger than one of Jordan's fists, and it glistened a dark reddish brown in the lights of the room, from having Jordan rub the precum over it.
Clyda gazed at her awesome reflection with pride. Even though Clyda had been a shemale amazon for some time, she'd rarely seen herself, or anyone else for that matter, brought to such a fantastic degree of arousal as she was just now, by Jordan.
Clyda took a deep breath, and tried to maintain her composure over the situation. "Damn but you've done nice work here, love," said Clyda. "By all means, continue, Jordan. I want to see if you can finish what you've started here."
Jordan positioned herself directly in front of Clyda's cockhead, and gently pulled the shaft lower, so it was even with her mouth. Looking directly at Clyda's cock like this was like staring down the shaft of a baseball bat to Jordan.
Jordan took a breath to compose herself, and opened her jaws for the job to come. Slowly, Jordan's jaws opened wider and wider. Jordan began by licking and tonguing Clyda's massive cockhead. Jordan probed the tip of her tongue into the slit on Clyda's cock and reveled in the delicious sweet taste of Clyda's precum.
In a few moments, Jordan's jaws expanded wider, and Clyda's cockhead slipped inside her mouth, this time even easier than the time before. Jordan worked the sides of her mouth and her tongue all over Clyda's sensuous cockhead. The tip of Clyda's cock pulsed and throbbed inside of Jordan's mouth.
"Very nicely done, love," panted Clyda. "But you've still got a big job in front of you, if I do say so myself. Show me what you can really do, Jordan."
Jordan concentrated again, and felt the back of her throat enlarge and open to begin accepting Clyda's cock. Slowly, inch after inch of Clyda's tremendous cock began to plunge down Jordan's throat.
Jordan relaxed, and Clyda's cock went deeper and deeper. The pill had worked its' magic on Jordan, and her throat was able to accept more of Clyda's cockmeat than Jordan would have thought was humanly possible.
"That's it, love," purred Clyda, "you're doing sensational. Please don't stop." Clyda gently thrust her hips forward, and several more inches slowly f***ed their way down Jordan's throat. Jordan found that by focusing her attention, she could contract her throat and larynx muscles, and actually massage and stoke Clyda's cock without using her hands.

Finally, Clyda's balls were close enough that Jordan could feel them brushing against the top of her breasts and her forearms, as they swung back and forth. Jordan realized then that she had at least ten inches of Clyda's cock down her throat. Although part of Jordan had once been afraid of being suffocated, she remembered Clyda's earlier words, and her body had reacted remarkably to the situation. Clyda gave another gentle push, and Jordan responded with a slight forward surge of her own. Two more inches of Clyda's luscious cock found their way into Jordan's throat.
The arousing thought of deep-throating over one foot of Clyda's shemale meat, and knowing that there was still half of her cock still exposed and waiting for her outside made Jordan's arousal rise to new heights, and the strangest thing happened to her body. Jordan's throat willingly accepted the intrusion of Clyda's humongous cock, and her gag-reflexes receded to almost nothing and her body stopped shaking. Noticing this, Clyda started to withdraw her member from Jordan's throat, and she pulled it out until only four inches remained in Jordan's mouth.
Jordan drew a few breaths of fresh air, and then Clyda pushed her meat down Jordan's throat again. Clyda now started to fuck Jordan's throat with long, firm thrusts, allowing Jordan to breathe between her blows. As Jordan felt inch after inch of Clyda's cock slide up and down her throat, she actually started to milk Clyda's cock with her throat muscles.
Clyda continued to fuck Jordan's throat for several minutes, and Jordan sucked and milked her cock as best she could. Jordan's body came closer and closer to orgasm, so close she felt herself lose all control over her body, but she couldn't come. Soon Jordan could feel Clyda's member start pulsating and grow even a little more, and thought that now Clyda was nearly ready.
Jordan felt that now was the time to do something a bit unexpected, and show Clyda just how determined and talented she really was. Clyda pushed her cock down Jordan's throat in another long thrust. Jordan focused all of her will and concentration, and constricted her throat muscles as tightly as she could on Clyda's cock.
"My god!" exclaimed Clyda. "What do you think you're doing down there?"
Jordan was gripping Clyda's cock with her throat almost like a vise now, and milking Clyda's monster shaft like a suction pump. Jordan had well over a foot of Clyda's cock in her throat, and was holding on for dear life.
Clyda had never felt a deep-throat experience like this from any of the girls on the Island. The feelings racing through her cock were stronger than she'd felt in a long time. Clyda threw her head back and enjoyed the incredible sensations, and just held her cock still as Jordan worked her magic on her.
Jordan could literally feel Clyda's cum rushing through her cock and down her own throat, even right down into her tummy. It felt like a garden hose was turned on, and was emptying directly into Jordan's stomach. Feeling Clyda start to cum was the last little push Jordan needed. In the same moment, Jordan could feel her own orgasm start deep inside her body.
Jordan started sucking frantically on Clyda's throbbing cockmeat while her own orgasm got even more violent and energetic. Jordan's head trembled, and her body spasmed and bucked as Clyda continued to unleash her load.
Clyda shook her head, and began to moan with passion, as she began to empty her seed into Jordan. Jordan could feel Clyda's throbbing cock shooting off again and again, deep into her gullet, and emptying directly into her stomach.
Jordan felt Clyda continue spurting cum deep inside her. Clyda's cum seemed to produce a feeling of hot warmth spreading though Jordan's body, as her orgasm finally faded away. Jordan felt a warm, lazy feeling coming over her as her throat muscles finally relaxed.
Clyda withdrew her cock and squirted the last few drops of her semen all over Jordan's face.

"My god, but I haven't been sucked off like that, since I can't remember when," said Clyda, as she relaxed on the bed next to Jordan again. "A girl that performs as well as you just did deserves a reward, Jordan."
Clyda climbed off the bed, and knelt on the floor with her head directly between Jordan's legs. The huge amazon Clyda began nuzzling and licking Jordan's pussy then, using her tongue and fingers in ways that Jordan had rarely experienced from other lovers. Clyda gently teased Jordan to and from the brink of ecstasy, as Jordan had always dreamed an experienced lover might.
Jordan lay sprawled out on her back, gazing up at the ceiling, as the very tip of Clyda's tongue flicked back and forth just inside her cunt opening.
"Ooh, yeah, Clyda," moaned Jordan. "Keep doing it to me that way. Lick my belly button from the inside."
"When I'm done with you, girl," retorted Clyda, "I'll do more than lick your belly button."
Jordan finally raised her head, and found that Clyda was staring at her longingly. Clyda stood up, and Jordan saw that her massive cock had grown very large again, and quivered slightly with each heartbeat. It was hard as a baseball bat, and Jordan knew then that she had to have it inside her again.
"Do you like what you see, girl?" asked Clyda.
All Jordan could do was nod yes, meekly.
"Later on, I'm going to shove my cock so deep inside of you, you'll taste it," said Clyda.
The size no longer mattered to Jordan; she was consumed with an overwhelming desire to have that huge rod inside her and to please Clyda as well. Jordan spread her arms, closed her eyes, and lay back on the bedcovers. Jordan knew that Clyda would fuck her nearly sense-less again, like a rag doll, and that she'd love every minute of it. Jordan would be pressed to her very limits and then some, but she now knew that somehow, someway, she would know be able to satisfy Clyda once again.
And she did. Clyda knelt back down again, and Jordan felt Clyda's powerful tongue begin to gently lick her slit. Then Clyda moved up to her breasts, her forelegs straddling the bed. As Clyda moved forward, her massive cock brushed against Jordan's thighs and belly, and also the edges of her breasts. It was like being massaged with a warm, soft log.
Jordan began to shiver, partly from anticipation of the event she longed for, and partly from the slight breeze blowing in from the window that began to caress her naked flesh on the satin sheets, causing her nipples to harden like leather buttons. Clyda stopped licking then, and Jordan started spreading herself wide with anticipation and desire as Clyda stepped up closer to her goal.

"Please, Clyda," panted Jordan. "Put it in me again. I need it so bad."
Clyda moved back down to the foot of the bed, and positioned herself on the floor.
The tip of Clyda's massive cock touched Jordan's pussy lips. Jordan felt a shock when the hot, wet head of Clyda's shaft rubbed against her clit, and Clyda reached down with one of her hands to grasp her dark member. Clyda rubbed the tip of her cock up and down against Jordan's slit, working the combination of precum and woman-juice around the lips of Jordan's passion. Jordan wanted Clyda inside her so badly; Clyda rubbed faster and faster, until she stopped, placing the head of her cock in exactly the right position to enter Jordan. One thrust and it would be in, Jordan fantasized to herself.
Clyda pushed gently at first, and Jordan could feel the moist tip of Clyda's cockhead brushing her pussy lips. Jordan used her fingers to spread herself as wide as she could, and she felt Clyda spear her a little more, but she was still far from entering fully. Frustrated, Jordan began masturbating with her right hand and guiding Clyda's cock in with her left, but no matter how wet or wide she got, Clyda still would not fit inside. Jordan began to moan and writhe.
"Oh, please, Clyda," she gasped, "Please help me, mistress. I'm desperate for the feel of you between my thighs again!"
"Take it easy, love," panted Clyda. "Rome wasn't built in a day, you know. Even though your body can accommodate my cock now, it's still going to take a little time to get used to accepting it inside. Remember, this is only your second time with me." Clyda grunted a bit then, and thrust at Jordan a little more f***efully, watching her intently for any sign of pain.
Jordan began to feel a tingling in the pink flesh of her labia, and it felt as though some invisible fingers worked to spread her pussy lips even wider. Gasping with this wonderful sensation, Jordan moved her hands away and started stroking Clyda's huge breasts, which hovered just above her. Jordan was being spread wider and wider, opened by the invisible f***e more than she had ever been, and there was no pain at all, only the stimulating tingling in her flesh. Still Jordan was pulled open even wider, a feeling that was thrilling in itself.

Then Jordan's swollen pussy lips widened a fraction of an inch more, and she felt a popping and slipping, and Clyda's enormous prick-head finally f***ed its way inside her as the amazon thrust her hips. Jordan tilted her head and looked across the room at herself in the mirrors, at her situation, and she got even wetter with the thought of what she was doing.
"God, that feels good again, Clyda," Jordan whispered. "Fuck me deep and hard, Clyda. Do it to me good."

Jordan laid her head back and felt the tip of Clyda's hot dick deep inside her cunt, and gave it a squeeze with her pussy as she began fingering her clit. Jordan looked down again, and whether it was the thrill of her dream realized or something else that caused it, Clyda's huge, dark prick slid into her even deeper.
Jordan moaned and started to grind her hips a bit, but Clyda's cock wasn't too much for her to take now. As Jordan started thrusting against Clyda's enormous cock again, she went deeper still. A full ten inches of cock was inside Jordan's love hole, and she felt full and wet. Jordan started pumping, seeking to slide Clyda's thick prick in and out of herself to stimulate them both even closer to orgasm, but Clyda only went deeper inside of her.

Squealing with delight and pleasure at what was happening, Jordan writhed on Clyda's thick shaft, wondering just how much of Clyda's meat was inside her, when she felt it plunge even deeper.
Jordan was now holding over a foot of Clyda's huge shemale cock in her cunt, and she felt it ramming up against the sides of her tunnel. She groaned and her cunt muscles started twitching by themselves.
Feeling this, Clyda pumped her dick in and out of Jordan. Clyda pumped slowly and strongly into Jordan. After a few moments of thrusting with her cock, Jordan's pussy gently opened a little larger, and accepted another inch or two of Clyda's cock, with no pain or discomfort. In this manner, each time going deeper and deeper, after a few minutes of humping, Clyda pounded further and further with her cock inside of Jordan.
Amazingly, after about fifteen minutes of building by gradual humping and insertion, Jordan held the entire length of Clyda's huge shaft in her wet, ever-stretching pussy.
Jordan then felt something heavy and wet slap against the cheeks of her ass with an audible sound. With a shock, Jordan realized that Clyda's balls, each one swollen to almost the size of a softball, had slammed against her ass.
When Jordan felt the hot, thick veins surrounding Clyda's cock shaft rubbing up against her clit, Jordan squealed in delight and surprise. Clyda looked down again in surprise to see what had happened, and moaned with pleasure as she basked in the joy of finally having all of her monster cock fully buried inside Jordan's cunt.

"Well now, look there," said Clyda. "Just look at you. All of me inside of you, and you've hardly uttered a word of protest."
"Damn, but this feels good," replied Jordan. "I never imagined it could feel like this."
"We're just getting started, love," said Clyda. "Remember what I told you earlier? Hang on, because here we go."
Clyda now began to pull her cock out five or six inches and then thrust heavily back inside of Jordan. Jordan could feel Clyda's thrusts so deep within her she wasn't sure where they were going, and her eyes rolled back in their sockets to their whites as she grunted and bucked.
With more strength than Jordan would have thought possible, Clyda stood up fully erect, and raised up off the bed, physically lifting Jordan off of the bedcovers.
"Whoa! Take it easy with this thing!" cried Jordan. "No one said anything about doing it in mid-air. Are you sure it won't break or anything?"
"You'll find that we're just full of surprises here on the Island, girl," Clyda replied with a grin. "As for breaking anything, I hope that your pussy's insured, because it's going to get the workout of its life just now."
Jordan was now suspended underneath Clyda by only the sheer size and strength of Clyda's cock inside her cunt. Jordan was hanging just over the bedcovers, Clyda's immense cock holding her up with no trouble at one end. Jordan's first thought was that she had become some sort of human shiska-bob.
Although Jordan instinctively reached out and gripped the bedpost with her hands stretched out above her head, Clyda was still fully supporting Jordan with the shaft of her cock. Jordan felt herself impaled on the sweetness of Clyda's shaft, and closed her legs so that her inner thighs could share in the pleasure of her situation too. This added dimension of the new sensation thrust another wave of orgasmic spasms through Jordan, and as her pussy walls squeezed Clyda's shaft of their own volition.

Clyda reached down and gripped Jordan's waist, just below the ribcage. Clyda then responded with another bout of humping thrusts. These ended up swinging Jordan back and forth like a pendulum, so that after only a few thrusts she was sliding at least a foot off of Clyda's cock, only to crash back down onto her, shoving Clyda's cock into her even deeper than before with each push. Jordan screamed again with pleasure, and incredibly, came even more intensely than she had thought possible.
Jordan squeezed her eyes tightly shut, all the better to devote all her sensations to her purpose. Jordan could feel Clyda's slippery dick coated with her shemale cum and her own cum sliding in and out, in and out, her knuckles whitening on the bedpost as they fucked in the air above the bed. Jordan's legs, growing tired, sagged downward, but her swollen tunnel was still impaled on Clyda's heavenly, engorged shaft, so she continued to hang there, suspended in front of Clyda.
This change in position also angled Jordan's clit so that it contacted even more of Clyda's hot cock than before, rubbing and tingling deliciously with every tiny movement. Each time one of the huge bulbous veins that criss-crossed the shaft of Clyda's cock ran against her clit, Jordan was overwhelmed by another wave of ecstasy.
It felt so good to Jordan to have Clyda deep within her, Clyda's huge cockhead up where nothing had ever been before, back it seemed, behind her stomach or maybe tickling her lungs, but she felt no discomfort, only the most intense, astonishing pleasure of her life.
Clyda began swinging her legs back and forth, as if she was on a chair that was too tall for her, and the twisting motion it caused made them both shiver. Once again, Jordan could feel the telltale vibrations from the shaft of Clyda's cock, that signaled Clyda had passed the point of no return, and that she would soon be reaching her climax.
Jordan took a deep breath, and flexed her thigh and leg muscles as tightly as she could on Clyda's cock. Although Jordan could not completely control the savage pounding and thrusting of Clyda's cock inside of her, she had managed to constrict the length of Clyda's thrusts so that they were now considerably shorter.
Clyda gave a series of almost a****l-like moans, as her climax overtook her, and she began pounding at Jordan's pussy, as her balls began to release their load into Jordan.
Jordan could feel the huge knob of Clyda's cockhead ripple back and forth inside her, fucking her whole body as she squeezed the last orgasm out of herself, and felt Clyda shoot out what must have been at least a quart or more of hot jism into her insides.
Jordan felt as though she'd been filled with molten lava. Clyda's cum felt at first as though it was going to burn her up, from the inside out. In seconds it was replaced by a warm, glowing, tingly feeling, that caused all of Jordan's lower body to vibrate in a fantastic kind of new pleasure that she'd never felt before.
Jordan savored her impalement for a few minutes more. Then slowly, Clyda gently lowered her back to the bed and eased out of her. Jordan was sad to give up the experience, yet more satisfied than she had ever dreamed possible. The cum of both the lovers oozed out of Jordan onto the bedcovers, and she gazed at Clyda again, still marveling at what had just happened.
Clyda stepped back, and lay down on the bed herself. Clyda's cock was still rock hard, and glistened from her balls to the tip with both her own and Jordan's cum on it. Clyda was stroking her cock, massaging the cum and juices up and down the glistening shaft. Clyda had the oddest expression on her face, as she stared at Jordan.
Clyda had the look as though someone had just short-changed her at the store or played some other type of trickery on her. Jordan basked in the glow of countless orgasms that Clyda had just f***ed on her, and gave in to the warm feelings, and let herself drift off to slumber, exhausted from the effort she'd just exerted to keep up with Clyda.

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