Milking Time B2 Chapter 9 Clyda & Jordan Part

Chapter 9: Clyda & Jordan Part 3

For a few moments, Jordan lay on the bed and simply gasped in astonishment at what she'd just done, and the incredible glowing feeling of sexual excitement that was rushing through her. Clyda's cum had tasted more delicious and more satisfying than anything Jordan could recall, and she had loved every second of the blow job she had given Clyda.
Clyda lay down next to Jordan, and for a moment, they simply held each other. Clyda had let her cock soften and shrink back to almost the original length of six inches.
Jordan eagerly sucked on Clyda's large, firm breasts, feeling the stiff teats harden and grow erect in her mouth. Clyda moaned responsively with pleasure, and began fingering and rubbing Jordan's clit and pussy with her free hand.
After a few moments Jordan could wait no longer and moved between Clyda's legs. She lightly ran her fingers over Clyda's cock, feeling the velvety softness with the tips of her fingers and quickly moved her open palm to cup Clyda's balls in her hand.
Jordan had returned to Clyda's shaft and had begun to rub her with increasing firmness and gasped as the tip of her cock began to swell and started showing signs of coming to life again. It was a luscious mixture of soft texture and hard cock that was filling Jordan's hands.
Jordan bent her head and greedily accepted the knob of Clyda's cock into her open mouth, flicking the head with her tongue at the same time. The smell and feel of that monster weapon was sending Jordan into further depths of excitement and she increased the pressure on the tip of Clyda's cock.
Clyda was enjoying the feeling of being sucked and relaxed her control over her cock, so that she could reward Jordan with her growing and lengthening organ. Clyda's cock was still limp but it quickly grew to almost a dozen inches long with a ribbing effect caused by numerous veins coming to life and filling with bl**d along the shaft. To Jordan this was heaven and with Clyda's cock still in her mouth gripped the shaft with her hands and slowly began to masturbate Clyda.
Jordan returned her attention to Clyda's breasts and rolled the nipples between her thumb and forefinger before she gripped them tight and pulled gently on the stiff teats that yielded to her touch. Clyda groaned softly as the mixture of her humongous cock in Jordan's mouth, and the feelings of Jordan also squeezing and teasing her tits became intensely pleasurable.
All the time Clyda's monster cock in Jordan's mouth was growing by the second and filling her to the bursting point as the head of her prick flared to the size of a large toadstool.
Clyda's cock was nowhere near full erection, but it was rapidly becoming too large for Jordan to completely engulf at the moment. Clyda gently shook Jordan's shoulder, and gripped the shaft of her cock. Clyda pulled back lightly to get Jordan's attention.
Disappointed at having to take her mouth off of Clyda's delicious cock, Jordan reluctantly gave up her hold with her mouth, and gazed up at Clyda's sweet face.

"I want your cock inside me," panted Jordan. "I need to feel it filling me up."
"And you'd better believe I'm going to fill you to the fucking limits, love," said Clyda. "But first, I've got to get that pretty pussy of yours ready for my cock."
Clyda moved back a short distance from Jordan. "I want you to grab all of the pillows, and stack them against the wall, honey." Jordan did as she was told.
"Good. Now scoot that pretty little ass over here," said Clyda.
Jordan leaned back on the pile of pillows, which were propped against the wall.
"And now, spread those legs wide open, dear," said Clyda. "There. That's perfect."
Jordan presented her dripping cunt Clyda to do whatever she wished with.
"God, but you've got a gorgeous, pussy, Jordan," said Clyda. "Get ready, because I'm gonna get that little box of yours primed and ready to take my cock in a little bit." Jordan instinctively leaned back with her legs spread open as wide as she could and her pussy lips parting temptingly.
Clyda reached over to the nightstand and opened one of the drawers on it. From the drawer, Clyda pulled out a small glass jar, which was filled with a thick, clear substance, which sloshed back and forth slowly inside.
"This is a special lubricant jelly, that we produce here on the island, love," said Clyda.
"Not only will this allow that pussy of yours to take me inside you even easier, it'll also make you feel out of this world. I guarantee it."
Clyda opened the jar, and scooped out a huge handful of the jelly, and spread it all over her right hand, coating every digit, and her entire hand halfway up her forearm. Clyda's hand looked as though it had been coated in plastic now, as it glistened in the lights of the room. Clyda brought her hand up to Jordan's face.
"Take a good whiff of my hand", she instructed Jordan.
Jordan inhaled, and was instantly aroused by the scent of the jelly. It was a rich, thick sensual aroma, that Jordan took an immediate liking to. Jordan's first reaction was to open her mouth, and extend her tongue, to try and taste the attraction in front of her. Clyda pulled her hand back, and shook her head.
"No you don't," Clyda said. "This stuff is lubricant. It may smell great, but you don't want to eat any of it."

Clyda knelt down, and brought her right hand up to Jordan's pussy. Clyda first began to knead and tease Jordan's clit with her fingers. Jordan moaned in appreciation, and her clit grew and swelled slightly from Clyda's attentions.
The wonderful feelings from Jordan's clit caused the rest of her pussy to become warm and tingly next. Clyda began gently rubbing her fist against Jordan's pussy lips. To Jordan, it felt as though a miniature vibrator was busily working away on her labia lips. Clyda then began probing Jordan's pussy with one finger at first, and then slowly working her way up, until she had four fingers inserted into Jordan up to the third digit. Each additional finger that Clyda inserted in Jordan amplified and increased the joyful pleasure that Jordan was feeling now.
"You like what I'm doing to your pussy, don't you Jordan?" asked Clyda, with a nasty grin on her face.
"Oh fuck, yes," Jordan panted in response.
"All right then. Take a deep breath and get ready, honey," said Clyda. "Now we take things to the next level. I'm getting ready to put the rest of my hand inside of you." Clyda increased the speed of her stroking with her hand into Jordan. Without warning, Clyda gently folded her thumb down on the inside of her hand.
"Here it comes, love," warned Clyda. On the next stroke, Clyda pushed her entire hand into Jordan's pussy, up to her wrist. Jordan squealed in pleasure, and rocked back and forth on the bed against the pile of pillows. "I thought you'd like that," giggled Clyda.
Jordan began to clamp and squeeze her pussy rhythmically on Clyda's hand, as she stroked her hand in and out of Jordan's pussy.
"You horny little minx," said Clyda. "I'm getting turned on just watching you there. In fact, just look...," Clyda shifted her body slightly and reached down with her left hand. Clyda's cock had begun to grow and stiffen. "You've woken up the 'one-eyed snake' again, love," said Clyda.
Clyda's cock grew stiff and erect before both girls' eyes. The head quickly passed Clyda's navel, and was soon brushing up against the bottom of Clyda's heavy tits. As Clyda became more aroused, Jordan could see the veins appear on the shaft, and fill with bl**d. The large urethra shaft became thick and bulging, like a cable strapped to Clyda's cock.
"That's it, girl," coaxed Clyda. "Work that pussy of your back and forth, and all around on my hand. You're a natural born slut aren't you?"
"Uh huh," Jordan whispered back.
"All right," said Clyda. "For my next trick, we'll try something a little different on you. I'm going to pull my hand out of you, and lube it up some more. And then I'm going to put my fist inside of you. Do you think you're ready for that, love?"
Jordan's eyes lit up. "I was born ready for you, Clyda. Let's do it." Clyda removed her glistening hand from Jordan's pussy, and applied a fresh coating of the lubricating jelly to it.
Clasping her right hand into a fist, Clyda brought her hand to the edge of Jordan's pussy. Jordan's breathing increased as she could feel Clyda's fist brushing the edges of her pussy lips.
Clyda mashed and rotated her fist against Jordan's pussy in a series of slow, back and forth, and then in and out movements to get her ready.
"Good girl. You're doing great," said Clyda, after she had primed Jordan's pussy for a few moments. "Now, here comes the hard part. Be a good girl and open wide...” Clyda used her other hand to partly open Jordan's pussy, and with her right hand, slowly f***ed her entire fist past the outer lips of Jordan's pussy.
The sensation of Clyda's fist entering Jordan was not nearly as painful as Jordan had thought it might be. This was due to the lubricant jelly Clyda had used, as well as the special pill Tiffany and Dee Dee had given her before her session with Clyda had started.
Jordan squirmed around for a moment, and found a position where Clyda's probing hand wasn't so deep. Jordan soaked in the new sensations of Clyda's fist inside her, and began flexing her thigh and hip muscles. As Jordan quickly felt the different feelings from the various contours of Clyda's fist rubbing her pussy walls, she gently began to grind and hump against Clyda's fist.
Clyda grabbed Jordan's leg and, began to slowly fuck Jordan's cunt, getting deeper with each thrust, until the widest part of her hand was slapping into the vaginal muscles. Jordan quivered with delight. Damn but this felt good! Jordan began to gently thrust back to the rhythm, getting into the swing of it, and matching Clyda's thrusts. Then Clyda tensed her hand and looked at Jordan. "This is gonna sting a little bit, love. I've got to get your box primed so I can put my cock inside you later."
Clyda pushed hard, driving her hand past the wrist into Jordan's pussy. Jordan shrieked and clutched at the pillows, and begged her to withdraw it, but Clyda ignored her, and instead stretched her fingers out, so that they probed at the sensitive inner flesh, eliciting a strange cry indeed from her new sex slave.
Jordan f***ed herself to relax as Clyda's hand continued deeper. Clyda extended her fingers while inside Jordan, gently parting the second ring of flesh, allowing the arm to pass in even deeper. Clyda spent some time there, gently massaging the inner regions of Jordan's pussy, prying it open, and forcing it to accept this intrusion. Jordan soon began to relax, and enjoyed the strong sensations that were being created by Clyda's action. Jordan had a series of gentle orgasms as Clyda's fingers probed deeper and hit some unknown spot.
Clyda's arm began to get sucked in by the hungry hole, and Clyda giggled as she looked down and saw she was halfway up her forearm into Jordan's cunt. The widest part of her fist was now attempting to f***e its way into the deepest inner depths of Jordan's pussy.
"Well, just look at you," said Clyda. "Are you sure you've never done this before?"
Jordan panted as the orgasms Clyda had just f***ed on her slowly subsided. "Just beginner's luck, guess."
"Beginner my ass. You've swallowed my whole fist and half my arm like a fucking pro, Jordan." Clyda began moving her hand and arm in and out, in deliberate f***eful motions. Clyda rubbed and teased her hand against almost all of the inner walls and surfaces of Jordan's pussy. "Damn but I'm getting turned on just watching you work on my hand," said Clyda. "In fact, just look at what you've made me do..."
Clyda's cock had swollen to its full erection by now. Jordan thought that she could actually see the veins pulsing, from the bl**d rushing through them, on Clyda's shaft. With nowhere else to go as it had risen upward, the head of Clyda's cock was now hidden as it had lodged itself between Clyda's huge breasts. "You've almost got me ready to shoot off already," teased Clyda. "But we can't have that, now can we?"
"Fortunately for you," Clyda continued, "I know just what to do in a situation like this."
With her left hand, Clyda moved her breasts to her sides, so that there wasn't nearly as much cleavage showing as there was a moment before. With no obstructions, the head of Clyda's cock finished its final upward journey, and came to rest just before her chin.

"Holy shit," gasped Jordan. "I knew your cock was huge, but it looks like it's even bigger than before!"
"Don't you remember Tiffany explaining some things before we got started?" asked Clyda. "That's because depending on how turned on we are, our cocks can sometimes be different sizes and shapes at different times. And I must say, you've definitely brought out the b**st in me today, Jordan." Jordan didn't have a tape measure, but it looked as though Clyda's cock had grown several inches longer than it had in their first sex session.
"Let me show you something else, love," said Clyda. "Let me show you a trick that you'll be able to do soon enough, if you're a good girl, and play your cards right."
Clyda held the shaft of her cock steady with her left hand, and then bent her neck downward. Clyda opened her jaws wider than Jordan thought was possible, and completely engulfed her cockhead in one gulp.
Clyda's face looked like a chipmunk's stuffed with too many acorns, as her cockhead filled her mouth to the bursting point. Clyda closed her eyes and made an assortment of loud sucking and slurping sounds, as she pleasured herself. After a moment, Clyda opened her eyes and stared directly across at Jordan. Jordan returned her stare with uncontrolled lust. Clyda released her cockhead from her mouth. It glistened and shined in the lights of the room from her saliva on it. Jordan gave a surprised yelp of pleasure, as she felt Clyda's hand and fingers return to their work in her pussy.

"I'll bet you thought I'd forgotten about that pussy of yours, didn't you?" asked Clyda.
"I'm glad you didn't," replied Jordan with a smile. "But how do manage to take your entire cockhead in your mouth so easily? It's bigger than my fist."
Clyda chuckled and shook her head. "You really weren't paying attention earlier, were you?"
Jordan's face reddened with embarrassment. "With that much gorgeous shemale flesh around me, I'm surprised I still remember my name."
"It's because we live here on the Island, and take the special vitamins and other supplements on a daily basis," said Clyda. "Our mouths, as well as our pussies and rumps expand and contract to accommodate whatever sexual situation we're in, without thinking about it. The pills and the lubricants will help you a lot, and that's why I've been spending this time priming you, and getting you ready for me to stick my cock inside of you." Clyda grabbed the shaft of her cock, and pushed it forward, so that the head of her cock was closer to Jordan's face. "You've been a good little girl so far," said Clyda. "You've earned this. Lick my cock with me."
Clyda and Jordan extended their tongues and licked and probed the enormous swollen cockhead that was thrusting upward between them. The girls' tongues would meet as they moved about the sides of Clyda's cockhead, and they each enjoyed the sweet sensual taste of the other's mouth. Clyda continued probing and exploring Jordan's pussy with her fist. "Once we get this mastered, you'll be a true fist-slave, and I can punch-fuck you every day. You'd like that, wouldn't you?"
Jordan nodded mutely, then shrieked in surprise as Clyda's arm was sucked in up to the elbow. Smiling broadly, Clyda informed Jordan of her progress, and Jordan almost passed out. Certain that her pussy would never be the same again, Jordan began to cast aside her doubts and fears and enjoy it for what it was worth. After a short time, the pill she had taken did its' work, and Jordan enjoyed the full mass of Clyda's arm and fist inside her.
"Does my fist feel good inside of you, love?" Clyda continued. "Does it feel like your pussy's about to burst at the seams?"
"It feels fucking great, Clyda," said Jordan.
"That's just the word I wanted to hear you say, girl," said Clyda. "Because that's what I'm just about ready to do to you next." Jordan's eyes widened in anticipation as she heard Clyda's words. Seeing that Jordan was more than ready, Clyda carefully began to ease her hand out of Jordan. Clyda shifted her arm, sending waves of pleasure through her dyke lover, and then slowly withdrew, until her fist was just inside Jordan's vaginal opening. Clyda pulled her fist all the way out of Jordan. "I may have to learn to be left-handed after letting you get a hold of me," she laughed, and Jordan joined in with her. "All k**ding aside though, Jordan," Clyda continued, "What's in store for you next, will make my fist and arm inside you seem like a walk in the park, once I stick my cock in you."
Jordan's eyes widened in astonishment. Clyda's arm and fist inside her had almost made her pass out.
"I'm going to remind you again," said Clyda. "Relax and let the pill do its' work, and you'll be fine. There will be a little pain as you get used to me inside you, but it'll pass quickly. Between the pill and the jelly on my hand that I've smeared inside your cunt, you'll be fine, and then you can really enjoy the ride.
"Now pull the pillows up closer to the edge of the bed, and make a pile there with them. Then stand on the floor next to the bed, and lean over onto the bed so that you can use the pillows as a cushion to lay on." Jordan hopped off the bed and began to arrange the cushions.
"While you're doing that, I'm going to take a moment, and clean all the goop off of my arm."
"All right, Jordan," said Clyda, "Lie face down across the bed. Rest your tummy on the pile of pillows. And stick that gorgeous pussy of yours up here where I can get at it easier." Jordan did as she was told, and Clyda stood up.

Holding her cock in one hand Clyda gently pried open Jordan's pussy lips so that the moisture seeped onto her fingers. Clyda came up behind Jordan and put her hand into Jordan's cunt again. Clyda pulled out more lube and slapped it all over Jordan's cunt. Clyda then stood up and planted her legs against the edge of the bed, on either side of Jordan's ass.
Steadily Clyda took her mighty cock and brushed it against Jordan's pussy lips so that her moisture lubricated the tip of her weapon. Clyda let the shaft of her hardening cock brush against the edges of Jordan's cunt and her ass. Both girls started moaning at the energy of sex surging around the room.
With each stroke of Clyda's cock against her cunt, Jordan groaned softly, realizing that ultimate pleasure was only moments away. Jordan thrust her hips up to try and meet Clyda's cock and strived to open herself even more so that access was as easy as possible for Clyda.
"All right, love," said Clyda. "I think that you're about as ready as you're ever going to be. I'm going to stick the head into you now. Once that's in, the rest will go easier. Just remember what I've told you before, and this will be easy. OK?"
"Yes, Clyda. Go ahead. Just do it," replied Jordan. Jordan braced herself; unsure if Clyda could ever get that big slab of meat into her cunt. Clyda then released her cock and let it land on Jordan's ass. It was big, hot, heavy, and slippery. Just the feeling of having it land on her butt nearly brought on a small orgasm inside Jordan. The only comparison that came to Jordan's mind was as if someone had dropped a large salami, covered in oil, on her ass.
Clyda moved back a little and the head of her cock slid down between Jordan's ass cheeks until the head fell at the entrance to Jordan's womanhood. Jordan felt Clyda's cockhead against her cunt lips. Clyda started to push forward.
Clyda placed her huge cockhead against Jordan's pussy lips. Clyda continued rubbing her cockhead against Jordan's lips with more insistence, easing just a little more of the fist-sized weapon inside those delicate gaping lips of Jordan's each time.
"Here it comes, love," Clyda warned Jordan. Clyda kept pushing her cock slowly forward.
Jordan felt the pressure build up against her cunt as Clyda continued to push. Right when Jordan wasn't sure this wasn't going to work, her cunt started to open up, and soon Clyda's cockhead was entering Jordan's vulva. The pushing continued and more of Clyda's cockhead entered Jordan. Clyda soon had her cockhead an inch or two inside of Jordan. With a swift movement Clyda guided her cock home and watched with lust as she saw her the head of her prick invade Jordan's gaping cunt.
"Holy shit!" squealed Jordan. "I thought your fist was big enough inside me earlier!"
"Remember what I told you earlier, girl," said Clyda. "My cock inside your cunt is going to make my fist seem trivial by comparison."
"Just think of what's in store for you, Jordan," continued Clyda. "If you can satisfy others girls on the Island the way you've been doing with me, you'll fit in just fine around here. And if you can manage to satisfy me today, you know what that means, don't you?"
"That means," said Jordan, "that I'll become one of you, and get a cock of my own?"
"Well, you'll be two-thirds of the way home," said Clyda. "That's right, you horny little minx. Think about it. You could actually wind up with as much meat, and maybe more than I've got, between your legs. And as for sex, there's no way to describe how incredible the new sensations feel, when you discover having sex with a cock for the first time. All of that and more can be yours."

Jordan's mind wandered for a moment, as she pondered all of the delicious possibilities of her future that was ahead of her on the Island. Suddenly, Jordan gasped in pleasure, as she felt her cunt expanding to take the head of Clyda's heavenly penis.
Jordan's womb relaxed and accepted Clyda's cockhead. The pressure was intense, and so was the pleasure. What had felt like an impossible ordeal only moments before, was now a degree of pleasure that Jordan had never felt before. It felt so good; words couldn't do justice to describe the feeling. Clyda left the cock head inside Jordan and worked the couple inches in and out of her cunt.
"See? What did I tell you?" asked Clyda. "Just keep doing what you're doing. I'm going to start putting the rest of me inside of you." Clyda began working her cock gently in and of Jordan with short, sharp strokes. Clyda kept this up until several inches was sliding in and out of Jordan. Every time Clyda pulled her cock back, it felt like Jordan's cunt was getting pulled out with it. Clyda's cock plunged a little deeper into Jordan's cunt each time, and Clyda could see Jordan's wetness smeared on her shaft as it pushed further and further inside of Jordan. After working Jordan for some time longer, Clyda was sliding several inches of her cock effortlessly in and out of her.
As Clyda's cock bore deeper, inch by inch into Jordan, panic briefly set in with the pain from having such a monster impale her for the first time. As Jordan's body became tenser, the ingredients from the jelly and the pill kicked in, and shortly allowed Jordan to accept this amount of Clyda's cock inside her. As four and then five inches of Clyda's throbbing cock pierced her, Jordan gripped the pillows with her fists.
Just as before, Jordan's panic quickly turned to lust, as her body accepted the huge pole of Clyda inside of her, and her fear of possible pain turned into anticipation of greater pleasure to come. Squishing sounds could be heard as Clyda pummeled her pole deeper between Jordan's legs. Clyda's in and out fuck strokes were now reaching five inches, and then six inches in length.
Huge veins pulsed along the length of Clyda's rock-hard member like ribbed ridges. In and out of Jordan's pussy hole it rammed. Inch after wide inch of massive shemale cock continued to disappear inside of Jordan's pussy. Seven inches, eight inches, then nine inches. Here Clyda halted, to allow Jordan to catch her breath. Clyda's mammoth missile had entered Jordan fairly slowly, but its sheer size had f***ed its way up into Jordan's body. Jordan's vagina convulsed on the humongous intruder, trying to regain to its rightful position and shape. Jordan's pussy spasms masturbated Clyda's rock-hard cock, giving the amazon incredible pleasure.
Clyda pulled her cock back out of Jordan's pussy, even more slowly. Three inches, four inches, five inches came back out of Jordan's pussy. Jordan's eyes opened wide, and she inhaled mightily, absorbing the release of the pressure on her innards. Jordan took a deep breath, and tried to steady herself for what she knew would come next. Then came Clyda's powerful inward thrust.

With a lunge Clyda thrust forward, pressing the knob-like head of her cock inside Jordan's groaning pussy. Jordan writhed under the monstrous penis of the huge amazon Clyda. Clyda lunged forward again, splitting Jordan's pussy even deeper with her gigantic penis.
"Oh god!" Jordan screamed, her breasts heaving as she gasped for breath. Jordan had glimpsed Clyda's monstrous cock briefly, before they had started, but now the huge shemale amazon filled Jordan with the sensation that she would never stop pushing her cock deeper inside of her. Clyda lunged again and sank half of her cock up Jordan's pussy.
"Ugh!" Jordan grunted in pain. At this point, Clyda paused in her inward thrusting, to let Jordan regain some of her composure
"Well, what do you think love?" asked Clyda. Clyda was sweating from the exertion, and her face was flushed with the sexual heat of forcing her way into Jordan. "I figure that you've got just over half of me inside of you right now. How does it feel?"
"You've got to be fucking k**ding!" yelled Jordan. "It feels like there's a telephone pole shoved inside of me! I don't think that I can take anymore."
"Oh ye of little faith," Clyda muttered to herself. "I warned you that this wouldn't be easy, girl. But I also told you that all you had to do was relax and let the jelly and the pill do their work, and you'd be okay." Clyda reached down and gripped Jordan's hips with her hands.
"Well, Jordan," said Clyda. "I don't know how to break this to you, but we're past the point of no return here. If we stop here, we stop everything. You'll leave the Island. And then everything you've worked for will be for nothing. Do you still want me to stop?"

Jordan pulled her head up, and twisted her head around as far as she could, so that she could look Clyda in the face. Jordan's face was flushed and sweaty with the effort of what she'd done so far. Tears had run down her cheeks, and her hair was mussed and tousled from ramming her head into the pillows. Despite everything she'd been through, Jordan still a look of incredible determination and desire in her eyes.
"No!" Jordan exclaimed to Clyda. "I want that fucking monster of yours all the way inside of me. I don't care what it takes; I'm never going back. Keep going!"
"All right then! That's what I wanted to hear from you," said Clyda with a hint of surprise in her voice. "They told me that you had a lot of spirit in you, but I certainly didn't expect this, though. Hold on tight, love," continued Clyda. "Because here we go again!" Clyda tightened her grip on Jordan's hips, and exerted her strength as she f***ed her cock forwards, and deeper into Jordan's pussy. f******n inches, then fifteen inches, and finally sixteen inches of Clyda's cock f***ed its way into Jordan's cunt without mercy. By now Clyda had sunk two-thirds of her cock length up Jordan's cunt.
Jordan flailed at the pillows and the bedcovers with her fists, as Clyda continued to f***e her way into her pussy with her monster cock. Another two inches of Clyda's mammoth meat entered Jordan's pussy. "Oh God! Please!" Jordan screamed. Now just over three-fourths of the amazon Clyda's enormous cock was buried up Jordan's pussy.
"No! It's splitting me in two! It hurts! It hurts!" Jordan wailed, her body rocked by Clyda's powerful thrusts. The huge mushroom head of Clyda's dick stretched Jordan's womb almost to the breaking point. But thanks to the special enzymes and other ingredients from the pill she had been given earlier, as well as the jelly that Clyda had applied to her cunt, Jordan had so far managed to take almost all of Clyda's entire huge cock up her pussy, without being seriously physically injured.

The sensations that Jordan's body told her it was still experiencing, were another matter entirely, however. Jordan felt like she was on fire. Jordan thrashed her head from side to side and her whole body quivered, as she was impaled on Clyda's massive cock. Clyda pulled out partway from Jordan, and then lunged forward again with a bone-jarring thrust.
Jordan's response was another sobbing cry as she buried her mouth against a pillow to try and mask her cries. But this only seemed to arouse and excite Clyda and the amazon hauled her dick back and slammed into Jordan again with a loud thudding and slapping sound.
The pain almost caused Jordan to faint. Jordan's womb was being violently punched each time Clyda rammed into her, and her thrusts were becoming more and more frequent. The loudest sounds to be heard were the violent impact of Clyda's thrusts and the accompanying grunts and screams from Jordan.
The strength of this great shemale amazon was tremendous and every ounce of it went into Clyda's punishing thrusts and jabs as she hammered away at Jordan's pussy with her monstrously huge cock. Before long Clyda was pounding into Jordan with rapid jabs that took her breath away. Jordan lost all track of time, and after what seemed like an eternity, Clyda buried her dick up Jordan's pussy and held it there.
Jordan threw her face into one of the pillows. The f***e of Clyda's thrusts into her pussy caused her to feel light-headed, and to see flashing colors before her covered face, from pressing her head too tightly into the pillows.

Eventually, Jordan returned to consciousness, after what she felt could only have been a few moments. Jordan felt gentle strokes on her arms and shoulders. Jordan realized she was now lying on her back, instead of on her tummy, as she was before.
"Glad to have you back, love," said Clyda. "You almost had me worried there for a minute."
"What happened?" stammered Jordan.
"I'm afraid that you passed out for a few minutes," replied Clyda. "I confess that I got a little excited, and I lost control for a little bit there, when I was humping you..."
"Excited?" snapped Jordan. "If that was being excited, I don't think I want to be around if you ever go off the deep end!"
"My but we're touchy, aren't we?" chuckled Clyda. "As I said, I'm sorry I was a bit rough on you there. But I think you'll find out that it was all worth it." Clyda reached over and picked up a remote control unit that Jordan hadn't noticed before. "Let me show you what I was able to do in the last few minutes..."
A series of full-length mirrors slid into place around the room, coming up from the floor, and down from the ceiling. In moments, Jordan could see herself and Clyda from multiple angles at once, as they perched on the bed together. The first thing that Jordan noticed was that Clyda was standing flush to her crotch. Clyda had her entire cock completely inside of Jordan's pussy!
"But how...?" was all Jordan could muster, as she tried to take everything in.
"Simple, love," said Clyda. "The pill and the jelly did their job, just like I told you they would. Unfortunately, I got a bit carried away, as I said, and I humped you too hard, too fast. The d**gs inside you over-compensated, trying to keep up with me, trying to adapt your pussy to me. The result was that you had a minor overdose, and passed out for a few moments, until everything in your body equalized itself. I pulled out just enough so that I could turn you over…"
"And now," continued Clyda, "just look at you. You've got almost two feet of my cock-meat shoved inside that tight little pussy of yours! How does it feel?"
As Clyda's words sank in, Jordan could feel the size and mass of Clyda's cock filling her pussy to lengths and depths that she'd never imagined were possible before. By now, all the pain had passed away, and Jordan felt much like she did when she had a cock in her before coming to the Island. Only Jordan had never been filled the way that Clyda was filling her how.
"It feels absolutely incredible, Clyda," said Jordan. "In my wildest dreams, I never imagined that it could feel this good."
"Well, I'm glad you like it, love," said Clyda. "It's been so long since I've done it to a girl from the outside world, that I'd almost forgotten what fucking a fresh pussy is like, myself. But we're only just getting started, Jordan," Clyda continued. "Now that you can take me inside of you, without being hurt, I'm going to do what you've wanted me to do since we started here."
"Fuck me slowly, please, Clyda," groaned Jordan. "I want to feel your cock ream me."
"Well, because you asked me so nicely," said Clyda, "I'm going to start out slowly with you, Jordan. Now that I’m certain you’re all right, I’m going to pull out for a moment, and you’re going back onto your tummy, so I can finish humping you that way I started out.”
Clyda pulled her mammoth, glistening rod out of Jordan’s box, and Jordan quickly assumed the position. “Now I'm going to fuck you, like you’ve never had it done to you before, Jordan." With that, Clyda began humping Jordan with slow, powerful strokes. Clyda would pull her cock out six or seven inches, and then thrust it back in slowly, letting the thick veins on the shaft of her cock rub against Jordan's pussy lips.
"Damn, that's good, Clyda," said Jordan. "Keep going. Please don't stop." After several minutes of this, Clyda began to shift gears in her humping of Jordan.
"I'm happy you enjoyed that little display, love," said Clyda. "But now it's time for some serious fucking today. Get comfy there on the pillows, because I'm gonna be here a while. Enjoy the view of this from the various mirrors, Jordan."
Clyda began pulling out to where the inward thrusts of her cock into Jordan were almost ten inches long. Clyda's thick, heavy balls began slap loudly against Jordan's ass cheeks in rhythm to her thrusts.

Jordan could feel the thick, massive prick of Clyda inside her, stretching her to the limits, but now she could thrust back her pussy to impale herself on Clyda even more, and match her thrusting. It felt so good to Jordan, and each thrust from Clyda was harder than the one before. This was the fucking of a lifetime and Jordan meant to enjoy every moment of it. Jordan's pussy lips were distended beyond anything she thought possible even though she had fucked countless times before, often having many people watch her performances while filming as an adult starlet. The thought heightened the pleasure as Jordan screamed and bucked against Clyda's wonderful cock.
"God it feels so good. I can hardly believe your cock is opening me up so much and fucking me so deep."
"That's right, love," said Clyda, "and you're enjoying every fucking minute of this, aren't you? Did you ever wonder why so many guys wanted to hump you in this position, girl? Why practically every director of a fuck film had this type of scene with you in it, at one point or another?"
"Now that you mention it..." panted Jordan, as she absorbed Clyda's jackhammer pounding to her pussy.
"It's because this is the ultimate fucking position for a man, when he does it to a woman, Jordan. You're in total control, and the sensations are at their highest. The other positions are a lot of fun for both parties. But nothing compares or even comes close to this."
Jordan began to thrash on the pile of pillows, but was unable to move very far as Clyda's huge phallus was pinning her down and pushing inside her.
"Your cockhead is flaring... it's so wonderful. I don't want this to stop. Fuck me, Clyda. Fuck me harder."
Clyda intensified her pounding into Jordan. Jordan could only hang on for dear life and enjoy the ride. Jordan lost track of how many times Clyda's pounding missile brought her to orgasm, and then repeated the process, as the relentless assault drove her into ecstasy over and over again.
Just as Clyda had told her, Jordan could now enjoy the full pounding effect of Clyda inside her with no pain at all. As Jordan enjoyed Clyda's efforts on her, she had to wonder at just what type of effect and feelings were running through Clyda herself.
After over ten minutes of continuous, pile-driving humping from Clyda, Jordan could sense the tell-tale vibrations in the shaft of Clyda's cock, that told her Clyda had passed the point of no return, and would soon be shooting off her massive load of jism.
Jordan knew what was going to happen next and felt a little despair as Clyda's huge cock throbbed and pulsed inside her. After so much glorious humping had taken Jordan to heights of ecstasy she had never experienced before, Jordan was sorry that her sex session with Clyda would be coming to an end shortly.

Clyda bucked her hips forward and the whole length of her cock was rigid as she cried loudly and began to pump her semen deep inside Jordan's cunt, washing her cervix with cum so hard that Jordan orgasmed from the f***e of it.
Jordan felt a blast of thick viscous liquid squirt inside her well-fertilized womb from Clyda's cock, and then another and another and another. Clyda was climaxing and filling Jordan with her spunk. Clyda shot load after load of her gooey cum-spunk up inside Jordan and while still climaxing, started pumping her cock in and out of Jordan's slimy, sperm-dripping pussy.
Clyda gripped the shaft of her cock with her strong hand, determined not to miss out on seeing the power of her own climax, and quickly pulled out her horse-sized weapon out of Jordan's pussy. Clyda gasped as she tried to contain the throbbing f***e of her cock in the middle of a full-f***e orgasm. It was like trying to hold a fire hose steady with her bare hands.
Clyda released her cock once it was out of Jordan, and sprayed hot jism as it jetted into the air from the built-up pressure after leaving the grip of Jordan's pussy. Clyda stepped back a short distance so that her cockhead was even with Jordan's buttocks, and pointed it towards the back of Jordan's head. Clyda stroked the shaft of her cock as fast and as hard as she could, knowing that she still had several large splurts of jism left inside of her. The first shot of jism from Clyda's cock hit Jordan squarely in the back of her head.
"Hey! Watch what you're doing with that thing!" squealed Jordan. Clyda squeezed her balls with her other hand, milking the jism out of her cock, adding to the pressure of her ejaculation, and driving herself to greater heights of pleasure.
The remaining splashes of cum landed all about on the bedcovers and pillows that Jordan was lying on. Several of the splurts went completely past Jordan, to hit the wall on the other side of the bed, a couple of feet from Jordan's head. One of these hit with enough f***e that it still ricocheted off of the wall, and a little bit of jism landed on Jordan's face. Jordan's ass and backside looked as though someone had spilled a carton of milk all over her.

Once Clyda's cock had finally subsided somewhat, and stopped shooting off, Clyda couldn't resist and bent her head to lap up the remainder of her own semen as it continued to drip steadily from her cock, and collected on Jordan's ass and backside. Clyda licked as much of the shaft and head of her cock as she could reach with her tongue, greedily swallowing the delicious liquid and gulping it down, eager for more. It tasted sinfully delicious to Clyda, and after draining the last drops from her own throbbing prick, Clyda put her mouth over Jordan's shaven cunt to drink and suck the cum from inside her.
Clyda didn't know what had come over her, as she couldn't get enough of this nectar and was loving it even more because she had to drink it from this blonde beauty, Jordan. Clyda held open Jordan's cunt lips and plunged her tongue deep inside that inviting orifice, enjoying the moaning that was coming from Jordan as she was tongued to yet another orgasm.
Faster and more urgently Clyda probed and moved her thumb to stimulate Jordan's clitoris that now felt as though it were on fire, such was the intensity of the climaxes that were now coming thick and fast through Jordan.
"Fuck!" screamed Jordan as she shuddered to her final orgasm and then collapsed into a quivering heap across the bed totally drained by her sexual excesses.
Clyda lied down on the bed next to Jordan, smiled and took Jordan in her arms. This had to be one of the highlights of Jordan's sexual life, a beautiful shemale amazon had taken her, and to do with as she would. The thrill of having that mighty amazon cock had filled her with a satisfaction the like of which Jordan had never known before. If only other women could experience this, they would never want anything else, thought Jordan.

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