Milking Time B2 Chapter 6 The Inquisition Part 2

Chapter 6: The Inquisition Part 2

After her ordeal with Ebony, Jordan staggered to the shower and cleaned herself off, enjoying the cleansing feeling of the water cascading down over her body. Emerging from the stall, she found a note from Tiffany left on her clothes.
Jordan: Congratulations on making it through your test with Ebony with flying colors. I can tell that now there'll be no stopping you from reaching your goal. Your next test will be with Clyda. Come and see me in my quarters again tomorrow morning at 9AM. You'll be briefed again by myself and Dee Dee on what to expect.
The next morning, Jordan awoke early again, and after showering and preparing herself, she settled on a green bikini. Jordan donned a different Hawaiian flower print skirt over the bikini panties, and added a pair of sandals.
Jordan strode through the hallways and arrived promptly at Tiffany's chambers after an early breakfast, at 9AM.

Tiffany greeted Jordan at the door, and invited her in, and to sit down.
"Morning, Jordan," said Tiffany. "You put on quite a show with Ebony yesterday."
"Thanks," said Jordan, with a touch of resentment. "I should be able to sit down without any pain again in a few days."
"Look, I said yesterday that I was sorry for having to turn you over to Ebony," said Tiffany. "There just wasn't any way around it at the time. But now we've bought ourselves a little time, and we've got Ebony and Barocca off our backs for a little while."
"I didn't mean to be so grumpy," said Jordan. "But after that experience with Ebony yesterday, I've got no desire to repeat it again. I'll be sure and watch my temper and my personality here on the Island."
"Smart girl," said Tiffany. "As I explained yesterday, if you made it through Ebony, you'd get a reward. And today's the day. We're going to turn you over to Clyda this afternoon. Let me give Dee Dee a call, and she'll come over to get you ready for Clyda."
Tiffany reached over to the telephone, and punched in Dee Dee's extension.
"Hi, Dee Dee, it's Tiffany. Yes, Jordan's ready for the next round. Please come over to my quarters, and we'll prepare Jordan to get her ready for Clyda."

Dee Dee arrived a few moments later at Tiffany's chambers with her medical case, and greeted both of the girls.
"Hi Jordan. I understand you came through intact after a day with Ebony?" asked Dee Dee, after she settled in one of the chairs in the room.
"Just barely," replied Jordan. Jordan rubbed her butt to indicate where Ebony had done the most damage.
"Believe me, we didn't want to put you through that," said Dee Dee. "But the pill I gave you yesterday will take care of that pain. You'll be back to normal again in no time. Tiffany tells me you're ready to take the next step?"
"That's right," said Jordan. "You're going to turn me over to Clyda next. I'm not sure I like the way you phrase that around here."
Tiffany laughed. "I'm sorry, Jordan. That's just an expression we have around here. Yes, we're matching you up with Clyda later today. But we're not throwing you to the lions, like we did with Ebony yesterday."
"I've got another pill ready for you," said Dee Dee. "I know that you're probably a little leery of pills after your ordeal with Ebony, but you'll just have to trust me on this. I guarantee that you'll come out of your session with Clyda with a totally different attitude."
Dee Dee reached into her medical bag, and produced a small prescription jar. In it was one pill that was a dark pinkish-red in color. "Go ahead and wash this down with a drink of water, Jordan."
Jordan swallowed the pill. "Mmm," said Jordan. "That's more like it. Tastes kind of like cinnamon."
"Well, the exact ingredients are 'trade secrets'," said Dee Dee. "But this pill will let you really enjoy your time with Clyda. I'll let Tiffany explain the details."
"This pill isn't too much different from the one you took yesterday," said Tiffany. "But this time, Dee Dee was able to include some ingredients to take care of the pain you might ordinarily feel while having sex with one of the amazons here on the Island."
"You'll experience some brief bouts of pain as your mouth, your pussy and your ass get used to Clyda's cock," continued Tiffany. "After that, your body will be able to adapt and compensate to whatever Clyda puts in it. Then you can really enjoy having sex with Clyda."
"That part does sound great," said Jordan. "But why do I get the feeling that I'm being 'given up' or sacrificed to someone every other day around here?"
"Again, that's because you're a bit of a celebrity here, Jordan," said Tiffany. "And as I said yesterday, some of the amazons, like Ebony and Barocca, didn't care for your actions at all, when you got here. If Barocca had her way, you would've gotten another ordeal, similar to what Ebony gave you, at her hands."
"Remember your first day here, when Tiffany and Barocca said we videotape almost everything here?" asked Dee Dee. "Well we weren't k**ding. All of your session with Ebony was filmed, as well as all of your other sex sessions during the 'tests' will be filmed."
"As a matter of fact," continued Dee Dee, "Barocca is going to show bits and pieces of Ebony having her way with you, as a method of showing other girls what can happen if they get out of line. With a little bit of editing, she'll have something that'll be very graphic and quite convincing too."
"That's for sure," muttered Jordan. "Barocca's got more than enough footage to choose from for a scene like that. I'm a star before I even know it here."
"Well, there's nothing we can do about that now," said Tiffany. "As I was saying just a moment ago, other amazons, like myself, Dee Dee and Clyda, did take a liking to you, and stuck up for you."
"I couldn't be so bold as to be the first one to speak out and request you," continued Tiffany. "That would've been too much of a giveaway after the way you had behaved, and too many others would have taken it as a sign of weakness on my part. But Clyda could. And since she outranks Barocca in terms of seniority, Clyda pulled rank on her, and used her clout so that she could be the first to have you after Ebony."
"So you see, Jordan," said Dee Dee, "you're not being 'given up' at all. You've become quite popular in a short period of time, and the other girls are asking for you."
"This afternoon, you'll meet Clyda," said Tiffany. "I know that you don't know many other girls on the Island, but Clyda has a tremendous reputation as a real sweetheart. I won't k** you, that Clyda isn't completely meek and mild. She can get a little feisty in the heat of the moment, just like any of us can from time to time. But Clyda has a completely different personality than Ebony does, and I know you're going to really like being with her today."
"Just a couple of basic facts to review, before we set you up with Clyda," continued Tiffany. "When you're with Clyda, or any other amazon on the Island, don't try to swallow her cum unless you're given permission. Now that we girls have cocks of our own here on the Island, we really enjoy shooting off our loads, and then doing imaginative things with it afterwards. So keep that in mind, no matter whom you're with while you're here."
"When you're with Clyda," said Dee Dee, "I'd advise you to do as she tells you. Clyda has a sense of humor, and likes variety and pizzazz in her sex. And she's not nearly as likely to go ballistic on you, or try and take revenge on you like Ebony or Barocca might do, if you tried anything on her. But having Clyda give you a glowing review can only help you while you're here on the Island, so bear that in mind."
"We're both confidant that you won't even need to think of using it," said Tiffany, "but Dee Dee and I will be monitoring you again as we film your session with Clyda. So in the remote chance you need to use it, remember the hand signal we agreed upon."
"Besides, you'll be too busy having a good time anyway," said Dee Dee. "And I think that after you're done with Clyda, we'll have plenty of scenes that we can edit together for a sure-fire 'best seller' for our line of videos!"
"I sure hope you're right," said Jordan. "This afternoon sounds like it's going to be unforgettable. Get ready, Clyda. 'Cause here 'cums' Jordan."
All three girls laughed and hugged together at that. Then Jordan left for Clyda's quarters for the next stage of the tests.

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