Milking Time B2 Chapter 4 Ebony & Jordan Part

Chapter 4: Ebony & Jordan Part 3

Jordan collapsed onto her stomach after Ebony pulled out of her ass, and lay gasping, trying to catch her breath and recover, after Ebony's onslaught. Ebony reached over and spun Jordan around, so that she stood right in front of Jordan's face with her dick right level of with Jordan's mouth. Jordan screamed as Ebony pushed her huge cockhead against her lips.
"No please! You can't," Jordan wailed, her cries cut short as Ebony f***ed her huge cock into her mouth.
"I'm gonna fuck your throat. Suck my cock, and suck it hard slut!" Ebony yelled as she lunged forward with one massive powerful thrust.
Jordan realized what Tiffany and Dee Dee had told her earlier. Ebony's personality had suddenly shifted, bringing out the berserker in her character. Jordan's only hope lay in trying to satisfy Ebony as quickly as possible, hoping that she would return to normal.
Jordan gagged, trying to open her mouth around Ebony's huge invading member. Her eyes watered as she felt Ebony's enormous cock stretching her throat. Jordan gagged convulsively as Ebony held her cock down her throat for what seemed like forever. Jordan flailed her arms, her body straining, but her strength was like a c***d's compared to Ebony.
Somehow Jordan's natural gag reflex was overpowered by the pill she had taken, as it f***ed her passage open wide enough to accept Ebony's cock. Jordan felt like her jaw was going to be ripped off of her skull.
The result of Jordan's frantic efforts produced a squeezing and masturbating effect on Ebony's huge cock and Jordan couldn't control it. Jordan could barely control her own breathing and her attempts at sucking in oxygen only had the effect of applying powerful suction to Ebony's cock.
"Suck on my cock, until I tell you stop slut!" growled Ebony, her face filled with unbridled lust. With Jordan in this helpless position with her throat in a straight line, Ebony could fuck her throat just like a pussy. Spreading her legs just a bit wider, Ebony pulled her huge dick halfway way out of Jordan's mouth and then plunged over a foot of her meat into Jordan's throat.
Jordan nearly choked, her throat filled completely by Ebony's huge cock, nearly cutting off her air supply. Jordan panicked. She realized she had to completely pleasure Ebony quickly or she might suffocate.
Ebony pulled her huge cock out of Jordan's wet tight throat and then rammed it back in even harder this time, followed by a loud groan from Jordan.
"Choke on it, girl! Suck on my big cock!" thundered the muscle-bound amazon.
Ebony plunged her huge erection down Jordan's throat repeatedly, establish-ing a steady pace which got faster and faster.
Jordan sobbed and gagged as she sucked deeply on Ebony's cock each time she f***ed it into her mouth. Jordan's cheeks hollowed out around Ebony's giant member as Jordan took deep powerful pulls on her monstrous prick. Jordan didn't want to take any chances with Ebony in this state of mind. Jordan knew her only chance was to bring Ebony off as quickly as possible. Jordan could see Ebony's breathing had increased steadily as she f***ed her cock down her throat. Ebony's face was also dark and flushed, as she gave in to the lust and rage that was overcoming her.

Ebony grunted as she braced her hands against the wall for leverage and fucked Jordan's mouth with a****listic intensity. Jordan lost track of time once more. All Jordan could focus on was Ebony's huge cock slamming down her throat and her battle to breathe. Jordan sucked for all she was worth, making wet sucking sounds as she moaned around Ebony's plundering dick. It seemed like half an hour passed, before Ebony began to reach her climax. Ebony shoved her dick further down Jordan's throat again and kept it there.
"I'm gonna cum! Suck me harder, slut!" the massively muscled Ebony roared, throwing her head back and spreading her legs even wider apart.
Jordan sucked as hard as she could, thankful that this might all soon be over. Jordan could barely hold on much longer. Jordan's head felt dizzy and faint, and her jaws throbbed from being pried open so wide for so long. Ebony's dick was so thick and solid and huge that it was like having a steel post f***ed down her gullet. Suddenly Jordan's eyes widened in surprise when she felt Ebony's giant cock spasm. Ebony came so hard that the erupting of the jism blasting from her steely black penis was making her head swim.
Jordan gulped as fast as she could as massive blasts of cum blasted straight into her stomach. Again and again Ebony's cock shot literally gallons of cum into Jordan's stomach, filling it completely. Jordan's throat bobbed up and down as she audibly gulped and glugged down great thick globs of Ebony's creamy sperm, looking up at her face the entire time with a look of utter submission.
Jordan's belly was soon quite distended and swollen, completely and utterly packed with Ebony's sperm. Soon, cum was squirting from the sides of Jordan's mouth as she choked and gagged.
Ebony pulled her cock out of Jordan's mouth, her monstrous dark pole dripping with ropy saliva and creamy white cum. Jordan gasped for breath as Ebony took her dick in her hand and pointed it at her face. Great slimy streams of cum splattered onto Jordan's face and hair. Ebony placed her cockhead in Jordan's mouth and filled it with cum once again. Ebony held it in Jordan's mouth for several moments, forcing her to swallow yet another load of her jism.
Ebony's cum was salty and tangy almost like the sperm of any male that Jordan had tasted, but it was a bit more thick and gooey. Ebony rubbed her spurting dick all over Jordan's face, smearing the cum into it until the Jordan's face was a messy mask of gooey sperm.

Without giving Jordan a chance to catch her breath, Ebony shoved Jordan so that she sprawled on her back on the mats again. Quickly, Ebony fitted the head of her massive penis onto the lips of Jordan's waiting cunt. Jordan's pussy gaped and stretched obscenely as Ebony pushed her entire cockhead into her with one swift stroke, stretching Jordan's cunt nearly to the breaking point. Jordan groaned heavily, crying out in agony.
The pill from Dee Dee had begun to work, and started dissolving the tremendous amount of sperm in Jordan's belly. But for a while, Jordan looked like an inflated rag doll with her huge belly rocking back and forth in tandem to Ebony's powerful thrusts.
Heedless of Jordan's cries, Ebony slammed into Jordan again and again, merci-lessly pounding the inside of her pussy. The inner walls of Jordan's dripping tunnel stretched tight and felt like they threatened to rip apart, but still somehow contracted around Ebony's huge invading shaft. Ebony continued thrusting, her shuddering strokes rocking Jordan and increasing in intensity with each powerful stroke. Ebony showed no signs yet of returning to anything that resembled her normal personality yet. Jordan had to hope she could ride out her wave of anger and still survive. Ebony rocked and powered into Jordan like a battering ram for ten minutes.
By then, the pill had done its work, and Jordan's stomach had returned to its normal shape again. It was a small consolation to Jordan, as the path of Ebony's monstrous shaft could be seen from the outside as it displaced the flesh across her abdomen. Still Ebony pounded into Jordan like a piledriver.
After continuing to pound into Jordan's pussy for several minutes, Ebony tired of fucking Jordan in this manner, and Ebony pulled her huge cock out of Jordan's pussy, which made a wet sucking sound, and gripped her massive dark penis by the base.
With her free hand, Ebony picked Jordan up bodily and turned her over, so that she landed on her stomach, forcing the air from Jordan's lungs with a gasp of pain and surprise.
Ebony guided her gigantic slippery wet dick to Jordan's buttocks and pushed the huge mushroom-shaped tip between her rounded ass globes. The huge head of Ebony's enormous hard-on disappeared between the deep cleft of Jordan's ass and bumped up against her anal opening. Fear gripped Jordan as she realized what Ebony was going to do to her again.
With a loud roar Ebony put one hand against the back of Jordan's head, and shoved her head into the floor mats, and held her dick steady with the other. Ebony rammed forward with another savage roar and impaled Jordan, as over a foot of her colossal erection mashed through and into Jordan's ass in one brutal stroke.
Jordan grunted in pain, as she felt Ebony's massive invading cock ram deep inside her. Jordan's eyes were tightly shut and her face grimaced in abject agony as she felt her rectum stretched wider than she would have thought possible. Jordan struggled under Ebony's strength, pounding at the mats and gritting her teeth. This was far more painful than anything she'd yet experienced from Ebony. Jordan had even had anal sex a couple of times before, but nothing at all compared to the blinding pain she was feeling right now.
Ebony roared and pulled her huge cock almost completely out of Jordan's gaping sphincter. Ebony lunged forward with another vicious thrust, her cock slamming into Jordan's buttocks with the tremendous f***e of the giant amazon. Jordan's body trembled from the collision and the f***e of Ebony's savage thrust rocked her slender frame.
Jordan screamed as loudly as she could. This was far worse than anything Tiffany and Dee Dee could have prepared her for. She felt Ebony's left hand on her back, forcing her down with steady and unyielding f***e. Ebony yelled as she started fucking Jordan's ass with quick, hard, punishing thrusts.
Again and again Ebony lunged into Jordan like a wild b**st. Jordan's screams were accentuated by Ebony's roars and the steady colliding of Ebony's monstrous black cock powering into Jordan's helpless ass.
Ebony used her strength to press into Jordan so hard she had trouble breathing. Jordan's blonde hair swung back and forth wildly in tempo with Ebony's hard rapid thrusts.
Ebony gripped Jordan's waist with both her hands and savagely slammed her massive cock up Jordan's ass again and again, violating her to her very core. With bone-jarring impact Ebony power-fucked Jordan's ass with all her incredible might. Jordan's sobs and screams only aroused Ebony to even greater ferocity.
"I'm gonna cum inside your fucking ass!" roared Ebony. Throwing her head back, Ebony gave a loud primal roar. Ebony's huge dick spasmed and began pumping cum up Jordan's rectum with remarkable intensity. Blast after blast of thick creamy jism flooded Jordan's ass and squirted out from the sides around Ebony's big cock.
Jordan moaned and sobbed as tears ran down her face. Jordan struggled to endure the horrible pain of Ebony brutalizing her ass. Jordan's body was shaken by the brutal thrusts as Ebony pounded her huge cock up her sperm-packed anus. Jordan could tell Ebony was almost through, when her thrusts became slower and less frequent, but it seemed to take forever. Ebony released her hands from Jordan's waist and slowly pulled her cock out of Jordan's ass cheeks.
Ebony's cock was still spurting slightly, and she rubbed the remainder of her jism all over Jordan's big well-rounded butt globes, smearing them in her gooey cum.

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