Milking Time B2 Chapter 2 Ebony & Jordan Part

Chapter 2: Ebony & Jordan Part 1

Jordan stopped by briefly at her quarters to change into a light green, one-piece workout suit. It covered her from mid thigh, and fitted over her shoulders like a tank top. While not nearly as skimpy and revealing as the bikini, it still emphasized Jordan's figure nicely.
Jordan then went to the gym where Ebony held her conditioning class, and took part in the aerobics and other workout exercises with both the new girls to the Island, as well as some of the shemale amazons too.
Jordan had tried not to stare at Ebony, as she went through the workout. Likewise, Jordan tried not to meet anyone's gaze as she went through the exercises. It was obvious to everyone in the room who Jordan was, and what she'd done.
Jordan watched Ebony's muscles flex as she stretched and toned, and led the class through the session. Watching Ebony's large breasts bulge and shift beneath her tight leotard had gotten Jordan incredibly horny.
When the class was over, Ebony called everyone's attention to her.

"Okay, everyone," said Ebony. "We've got a little bit of a celebrity in our midst today. I think everyone here knows Jordan, right?"
Jordan blushed with embarrassment, and there was an assortment of laughs and giggles from the other girls in the room.
"For anyone who may not know," said Ebony, "Jordan was a little rambunctious during the milking ritual with Tiffany and Barocca the other day. As a result, she's earned a little bit of punishment today: a one-on-one session with yours truly this afternoon."
There was a series of derisive 'oohs' and 'ahs' from the other girls in the room at that statement from Ebony.
"However," said Ebony, "Anyone who thinks this a trivial matter, or who has something to say about it can step forward, and they'll get what Jordan's about to get, and then some."
Ebony folded her muscular arms across her chest, and glared at the rest of the class.
"Does anyone have a problem with this?"
The room had suddenly gone seriously quiet.

"I didn't think that there would be any objections," said Ebony. "Class dismissed."
The girls began to file out. Jordan knew what was expected of her today, and stayed behind in the room. Ebony stood up from the weight bench, her dark brown skin glistening with sweat. "I saw you watching me, honey," said Ebony. "Did you like what you saw?"
"Oh yeah," said Jordan. "I've never seen anyone so gorgeous like you with muscles and a set of tits like yours."
"You haven't seen anything yet, girl," replied Ebony. "I've got one last 'muscle' that needs some really special attention. Do you think you're up for it?"
Jordan looked down towards Ebony's crotch, and could see a huge bulge running down her thigh, plainly visible under her tight workout pants.
"Some of the other amazons have said some really good things about you, Jordan," said Ebony, with a smile on her face. "I also know that you got off to a bit of a 'rough start' with Tiffany and Barocca the other day. Isn't that right?"
"Yes, that's true, Ebony," said Jordan, somewhat embarrassed.

"You do want to do whatever it takes, Jordan, so that you can become 'one of the f****y', here on the Island, don't you?"
"Absolutely, Ebony," said Jordan. "I'll do anything. Just name it."
"That's just what I wanted to hear girl," said Ebony.

By now all the other girls had filtered out of the workout room. Ebony turned to the wall, and pressed a few keystrokes on the door lock mechanism. "Just so we're not interrupted," said Ebony.
"All right girl," said Ebony. "By now Tiffany's probably told you all about me. It's no secret that I've got the most cockmeat of anyone here on the Island. And that's the way I like it. You're mine to do whatever I want with for the rest of the day. If you can make it through a session with me, you'll move on to the next step."
"Let's get a couple of things straight right away," said Ebony. "You'll do exactly as I tell you, no matter how many times I want to fuck you, or have you suck me. No questions asked. If I leave my dick inside you, I expect you to take in as much as you can of my cum. If I pull out, I want to see myself shoot off all over you."
"The next thing," continued Ebony, "is I know what's on your mind. You're thinking 'just how big is Ebony' after all you've been through the last couple of days here. Well, just sit back and relax darling. You're gonna get a firsthand display of how fucking big I really am right now."

Ebony pulled off the leotard top she had been wearing, and fully exposed her huge breasts to Jordan. Ebony's juggs were huge, fully rounded dark globes, that sat firm and high on her chest almost like two basketballs. Because of Ebony's tremendous height, her chest and shoulders were much broader than a normal girl's, and the two oversized globes that were her tits seemed perfectly fitted on her frame.
Mounted on Ebony's breasts were large thick nipples. Jordan guessed that the areola were at least four inches across. The nipples themselves were thick twin teats that cried out to be licked and sucked on. Each one stood out over half an inch from the surface of Ebony's breast, and was thicker than Jordan's thumb.
Jordan found herself breathing faster, and licking her lips in anticipation at the sight of Ebony's tits.
"Well, I'm glad you appreciate a great set of tits when you see them," said Ebony. "But I've heard a lot about you too, Jordan. I understand you had a fairly decent career in videos, as well as posing for magazines before you came here. Take that leotard off, girl. I want to see you naked."
Jordan quickly kicked off her sneakers, and then slipped the leotard off her shoulders, so that it fell down to her waist, and her breasts were fully on display for Ebony. Then Jordan pulled her leotard completely down, and deftly slipped all the way out of it, and stood before Ebony completely naked.
"I like what I see, girl," said Ebony. "Play with those titties of yours a little. That always gets me warmed up."
Jordan moved her hands to her breasts, and began fondling and squeezing them. Although Jordan had never had the biggest set of boobs in porn, she had a very full, ample set of tits, and knew how to use them. Lifting them up, and holding them high against her chest, Jordan made her boobs look even bigger. Jordan tweaked the ends of her nipples, and saw Ebony lick her lips, as she became aroused watching her.
"You've got a damn nice set of tits, Jordan," said Ebony. "As well as looking fine in all the other places too. But remember what you're here for girl. I'm gonna fuck you like you've never been fucked before. If you're good, and really get me off, you might get a taste of these beauties of my own later on."

Ebony flashed a wicked smile as she pulled open the zipper of her workout pants, and then peeled it off her legs like a banana. Ebony pulled her pants down but Jordan only saw part of the fat shaft of her cock as the rest was tucked down the leg of her panties.
"I don't think I've ever seen anything so big," said Jordan.
"You ain't seen nothing yet, girl," replied Ebony.
Ebony smiled at her and grabbed her leotard at the waist. With a push she slipped her workout pants down till they fell around her ankles.
Now Ebony stood there, wearing only black panties, her humongous black cock sticking down and out the bottom of her panties and dangling lengthily down her thigh. The tip of Ebony's cock came to just above her kneecap.
"Oh my god, that's incredible," Jordan said as she drooled at the sight of Ebony's monstrous pole and ran her eyes up and down the long hard shaft. She once had a police officer’s flashlight in her car, the kind with the 6-D batteries, but this thing was both longer and fatter than that. Ebony let her panties slide down to her ankles, deftly stepped out of them, and kicked them to the side.

"This is what you wanted to see, isn't it, girl?" teased Ebony, as she stood straight up, and placed her hands on her hips. Ebony closed her eyes for a moment, and began to concentrate, as she relaxed her mental control over her cock.
From between Ebony's legs grew a phallus of inhuman dimensions. The first thing that startled Jordan was the thickness of Ebony's shaft. Ebony's cock swelled in girth until was easily several inches across.
Inch after awesome inch of Ebony's monster cock emerged and grew. Jordan's eyes got wider and wider as she inadvertently stepped back, in complete awe at the size of Ebony's cock.
While it was yet to reach full erectness, Ebony's cock stuck out well over a foot from her crotch at a ninety degree angle, gently throbbing in mid-air.
Jordan looked up at Ebony. Ebony still looked slightly flushed, but was becoming more aroused by the second, as she drank in the feeling of pride and lust, as she watched her cock grow erect in front of Jordan's eyes.
Ebony's smile grew even broader, and Jordan turned her full attention back to the beautifully huge cock in front of her.
Ebony's cock was as big around as Jordan's forearm and its urethra was almost an inch wide. bl**d began to fill rapidly in Ebony's member, causing it to lurch skyward, and grow at an alarming rate. More and more of Ebony's awesome black meat continued to grow in front of Jordan's gaze. Ebony was now easily as large as either Tiffany or Barocca was during the milking ritual. But Ebony was nowhere near her full erectness yet.
Ebony's prick continued to grow and lengthen until the head was past the level of her nipples. As Ebony's penis grew, Jordan's eyes widened in awe at the sight of the monster cock. Jordan's saucer-shaped eyes never left Ebony's gigantic member. As thick as a baseball bat, Ebony's raging hardon was almost three feet long.
"I'm not finished yet, girl," said Ebony. "Take a look at this." Ebony flexed her arms in the classic bodybuilder pose. Ebony's biceps swelled visibly on her arms. Ebony closed her eyes in concentration again. Thick veins like cables began to emerge and fill with bl**d on the shaft of her cock. The sight of seeing the veins fill and expand on Ebony's cock reminded Jordan of the cartoon scenes of a****ls burrowing underground, and seeing their progress by the earth they displaced. "And finally," said Ebony, "the finishing touch."
The areola of Ebony's nipples began to grow thick and stiffen. It was like watching cookie dough expand and rise in the oven. Ebony's areola rose at least half an inch from the rest of her breasts. Her nipples themselves had become even thicker, and Jordan thought that Ebony could produce milk from her tits if she wanted to. Ebony drank in Jordan's emotions, as the lust of seeing such an organ transform before her eyes slowly turned into trepidation and fear.

"All right, now I'm ready to have some fun," said Ebony. "I'll let you know a couple things before we get started Jordan. I don't expect you take all of me inside of you. Nobody on the Island can do that to me. But I do know that Tiffany and Dee Dee had to give you some kind of help so that you can take more of me inside you than you think you can."
Ebony turned to face Jordan and put one hand on her hip and with the other pointed down at the mat in front of her.
"I've heard about how you like cock so much," said Ebony. "Now I want to see what you can do with a real piece of meat."
Jordan reached up towards Ebony's crotch, and worked her hand under Ebony's shaft and found the huge balls dangling against her pubic mound. Each testicle was at least the size of a tennis ball. Jordan could barely grip one of them in her hand.
Smooth and streaked with sweat, Jordan felt as though she was trying to hold two billiard balls in her hands. As she applied a little f***e, Jordan could feel her fingers kneading and massaging Ebony's balls, as they moved and slid inside her scrotal sac.
"Yeah," Ebony groaned appreciatively. "You like my nuts, don't you slut?" said Ebony. "You feel them swelling up and getting fatter don't you?"
"Oh yes, Ebony. They're gorgeous," said Jordan.
Jordan could feel Ebony's breathing increase, as the black girl became excited. The bl**d began to pulse and surge through Ebony's body, and Jordan could feel the already huge balls begin to swell, and Ebony's cock slowly began to assume a life of its own.
Gently rubbing the top of her head against the hard, washboard stomach of Ebony's abdomen, Jordan glanced towards her lover's cock. Stooping slightly, Jordan moved down along Ebony's tummy; rubbing her head and hands against the massive shemale's belly and thighs.
After a few moments, Jordan faced the monstrous cock. Ebony's cock ran from between her legs and stretched all the way up across her body so that the head of her cock was almost level with her chin. Ebony relaxed her control over her cock slightly, and let it droop somewhat, so that it was now thrusting straight out from her crotch like a battering ram.
Jordan slowly moved her hands to cup the lower extreme of Ebony's cock, and caress its hard, warm and heavy expanse. With her fingertips, she slowly ran her hand up the length of Ebony's shaft, pausing to wrap her palms around the massive testicles that hung an arm's reach away. Each of Ebony's balls was at least several inches wide and hung down from where they attached to the base of her penis. Squeezing lightly, Jordan hefted one of the massive orbs and stroked its bulbous surface. Above her, she could feel a shudder run through Ebony. Smiling to herself, Jordan stroked back along the shaft towards the tip. Licking it briefly, she cocked her head and slowly slid her hands along Ebony's penis. A low gasp came from Ebony as her legs stirred and shuffled at the sexual touch.
Jordan moved her head to the end of Ebony's cock, and surveyed the massive ramrod. Gradually Jordan pushed her tongue into Ebony's cock hole and began to stroke the amazon's cockhead provocatively. Ebony moaned, pushing herself against the erotic stimulus. Jordan paused in her licking, but constantly kept her hands stroking the smooth, hard surface of Ebony's cock.
Pressing forward, Jordan spread her lips around Ebony's thickening cockhead and began to suck. Gently, she drew deep breaths, her suction making Ebony moan and shudder.
Bringing her left hand forward, Jordan rubbed the tip of Ebony's cock gently, tickling it and teasing her massive lover with tentative strokes. Jordan's mouth barely fit over the first third of Ebony's cockhead.
Jordan concentrated, and tried to f***e her mouth open further. Slowly but surely, Jordan felt her jaws expand, but she thought she would wind up breaking or dislocating something, if she ever took Ebony inside her mouth.
Ebony groaned deeply and began to grind her legs against the mats on the gym floor. Jordan's breath sent shivers of pleasure up her shaft as Ebony longed to plunge her whole, hardening cock deep within her minuscule lover. Nonetheless, Ebony reacted on instinct, reaching down and holding Jordan's head as she tried to shove her rod down Jordan's tiny throat.
Jordan, helpless in Ebony's powerful grip, struggled in vain as she felt her cheeks stretch and her jaw distend in an attempt to accommodate Ebony's gargantuan cock. Sweat beaded down Jordan's brow in a blend of fear and exhilaration as she thought she felt her jaw virtually pop out of its socket.
Carefully, Jordan began to lick the underside of Ebony's cockhead, and rubbing its massive shaft with her hands and massaging the pulsating shaft. Each thrust of Jordan's tongue over the surface of Ebony's cockhead sent shivers through the towering shemale.
Ebony began to gasp and moan, pumping her powerful legs, pushing her bloated cockhead further into Jordan's eager face. Ahead of her, Jordan watched as Ebony's balls bobbed and swayed, each one slightly swollen at the attention the rest of her cock was getting.
Jordan rubbed her tongue along the huge cockhead in her mouth and kept licking the massive meat that was throbbing inside her mouth. Reaching forward, she extended her arms and wrapped her hands around the barrel shaft of Ebony's cock and began to pump wildly.
"Suck it harder, girl! I want more of my fucking cock in you!" grunted Ebony. Ebony's thrusts grew more earnest. Unable to engulf more of Ebony's massive cock with her mouth, Jordan increased her efforts with her arms and tongue. A trembling rushed through Ebony's enormous shaft. Jordan watched the monster cock swell with the rush of an eruption that she knew would happen sometime soon.
Ebony's pumping grew more intense and violent as her muscles spasmed and she started to lose control. Ebony's balls almost seemed to have grown. Jordan had never heard of such a thing before, but they were definitely larger than their size when they had started, and were now swaying and dangling heavily between her legs.
Another huge shudder wracked Ebony's muscles and she began to buck uncontrollably. Feeling the tensing in the Ebony's balls, Jordan began licking and rubbing Ebony's cockhead as fast as she could. Ebony pushed and shoved her cock forward relentlessly, her pressure making a tight seal of Jordan's lips around her cock-slit. A huge wash of precum gushed into Jordan's mouth, causing her cheeks to swell, and Jordan was surprised she didn't gag form the f***e of it. Jordan washed her tongue about in its sweet, warm taste. And then Ebony came.
Ebony's semen jetted from her gargantuan cock like water from a firehose. Thick sweet cum swelled Jordan's cheeks and neck, stretching them to the bursting point. Huge drops gushered out of Jordan's mouth from the overflow. Jordan felt every push and every spurt of the massive shemale cock. More and more of Ebony's jism filled her, and Jordan felt her stomach expand and swell.
Ebony clenched her eyes and roared as she thrusted and bucked, splurting her spunk into Jordan's eager mouth. Ebony's cock and balls flexed with each push and every shot. Ebony clenched her face tight as she pumped harder and faster, feeling Jordan's mouth stretch further and further around her throbbing cockhead.
Jordan gasped as Ebony pushed harder against her. Jordan's mouth formed a seal around Ebony's cock, as she pushed it deeper into her mouth, and her face began to distort.
Jordan felt her facial muscles distend and stretch like thick, hard rubber to accept Ebony's freakishly large cock. Jordan quivered as she felt the hot cum splashing into her with geyser-like f***e. Jordan stroked the throbbing length of Ebony's shaft as Ebony finished her climax in a series of short, heavy bursts of cum that further pushed the massive cockhead deep into Jordan's stretched gullet.
Ebony pulled her cock from Jordan's mouth with a slight popping noise. In a few moments, Jordan's face gently shifted back to its normal shape. Ebony's huge cock before her bobbed like a log between her legs, dripping with its hot spunk. Ebony looked down at Jordan with a wicked smile.
"I told you I'd do it to you like never before, girl," said Ebony.

As she sat on the floor, and tried to recover from the f***e of Ebony's orgasm, Jordan felt an odd pressure in her abdomen. Her belly stuck out like she was several months pregnant. Jordan looked as if she had swallowed several large rocks or at least gallons of Ebony's fluids.
Jordan was on the verge of panic as she looked at her distended belly. Within moments, the pill in her system began doing its work, and started eating away and dissolving the huge amount of Ebony's sperm inside of her. After a short period of time, Jordan's stomach had returned to normal.
"Well, it looks as though Tiffany and Dee Dee took care of you after all," said Ebony, as she patted Jordan's tummy. "You're almost back to normal already. That's good, because I usually like to take it easy the first time around with someone. Get up and get ready, because I'm just getting started here."

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