Milking Time B1 Chapter 4 Questions And Answers

Chapter 4: Questions And Answers

"Okay, girls. You've all done your duties quite nicely this afternoon," said Barocca. "I realize that for some of you, this was your first time in the milking ritual." Barocca strolled over to Tiffany, where she still reclined on the platform. "For those of you who are new here, here's what we expect of you, and I'll give you the chance to ask some questions also."
"You're all here," continued Barocca, "Because you all found out or heard about us, either through your own diligence, or from a friend of a friend, about our little 'society' here on the island. You've all shown an interest for the kinkier side of things, particularly when it comes to shemales, TV's, hermaphrodites, whatever you want to call it.
"No doubt you probably recognize Tiffany and myself from our stints in mainstream porn a few years ago. We weren't 'equipped' back then like we are now. That changed when we came to the island and were accepted here."
"We screen the girls who apply here on a combination of things," said Tiffany. "First there's looks and figure. You've got to have what it takes, and all of you obviously have that. Then there's the willingness to follow instructions, and show some discipline. And last but not least how you can perform one-on-one, or in other combinations with myself, Barocca or any of the other amazons on the island."
"You'll be here for several weeks," said Barocca. "If several of the amazons will vouch for you or recommend you, you're in. You'll become one of us, and a 'member of the f****y' so to speak.
"You'll be asked to perform numerous tasks," Tiffany continued. "Everything from performing in the rituals and other domestic tasks like you've just done, to satisfying any of the amazons in any way at any time. Show us that you've got what it takes, and you'll more than likely make it. If you screw up, or if you're squeamish and shy away, we'll send you on your way. If anybody has any reservations or second thoughts after what you've just seen and heard, you're free to go now."
Tiffany was greeted by polite silence, and a few shakes of the head from the girls.

"Okay, great," said Tiffany. "What we've just done here in the milking ritual is produce and store the sperm that keeps us able to function as the shemale amazons that we call ourselves.
"A lot of the sperm is refined and processed into nutrients and vitamins that we take several times a week, to maintain our cocks, and our general health. And a lot of it is kept in reserve for orgies and special occasions. Believe me, none of it goes to waste around here.
"We go to the lengths we do to prepare and treat our cocks like we do, so that we can produce the incredible volumes of high-quality sperm that's needed. But this is only in the milking ritual. During regular sex, our cocks stay roughly the same size, and we can still produce very impressive cum shots, but obviously no where near what you've just seen. But you'll get to experience us in action firsthand later on."
"There are over fifty amazons such as Tiffany and I on the island," said Barocca. "We rotate turns in the milking ritual. It's a six-hour job as you just saw. That happens every ten to f******n days for each of us. We take turns at various domestic and maintenance tasks, but the majority of our time is spent in the pursuit of pleasure."

"If you're selected," said Tiffany, "You'll go through a surgical process that I won't bore you with the details of, that will graft a cock to you. You'll be fed a special diet, and with time and practice, you'll soon have a gorgeous hunk of meat between your legs like mine, or like Barocca's. By the time we're done with you, you'll feel like you can punch holes in walls with your cock."
The girls giggled and tittered nervously around the chamber.
"But seriously," said Tiffany, "You'll also be taught various mind control techniques, so that you can truly control your body, and especially, your cock. You've all doubtless wondered how I've managed to stay hard throughout all this time. That's one of the benefits.
"With a little willpower," Tiffany closed her eyes and concentrated, and her cock slowly became flaccid, and assumed more normal proportions. "You can turn it on and off. Just like a faucet."
Tiffany's cock soon looked like what most of the girls had seen, now being approximately five to six inches long, and only about as thick as some of her fingers.

"Okay," said Tiffany. "Who's got a question?"
"How do you manage to run this island, and keep it in the style it is?" asked one of the newer girls.
"Well, we have plenty of money for when we need it," said Barocca. "We make a rather lucrative business selling custom videos and photos of the girls to private collectors. We film almost everything when we have our fun and games also.
"The island itself is ours outright. It's a gift from some very special fans that are the powers that be in the jet set, as well as the governing members of some Caribbean nations. As a result, this island doesn't exist on any official charts or atlases. Sure, it's here. But we really have to want to be found, for anyone to actually get here."
"Some of our best customers have also been some of the more famous celebrities, as well as even numerous elected officials," said Tiffany. "So not only do most people not even know that we exist, the movers and shakers have seen to it that they won't find out.
"And if anyone tried to spread the word about our little society, I doubt if anyone would ever believe them. Would you? And as I said, we have more than enough incriminating photos and videos of past clients that they'd do anything to avoid being exposed."
"So we make more than enough to keep ourselves afloat, financially," said Barocca. "The few supplies and goods we need, we order discreetly and cheaply from businessmen who are happy to keep quiet, in return for a little 'special treatment' from some of the girls here."
"And now," said Barocca, "Comes one of the final tests. Like I said, you've all been screened for liking the kinkier things in sex. And now's the time to prove it."

Barocca stood up and removed her loincloth. Her cock was roughly identical to that of Tiffany's in size, and just a little darker in skin coloring.
"It'll be just a moment while I wake up 'John Henry' here," she chuckled. "Tiffany, I know that you'd like to join in too, but I do think you should relax and recharge the old batteries for a little while. So you're going to sit this one out."
Barocca closed her eyes, and concentrated, and also began gently rubbing and massaging her cock and balls. In less than a minute, Barocca's cock quickly filled with bl**d, like a long thin balloon filling with air at a carnival.
Barocca's cock was the same skin color as the rest of her body, and it quickly swelled and expanded until it was thicker than her wrist. The length of Barocca's cock was roughly the same as Tiffany's, although Barocca let her cock point straight out from her body so that all of the girls could get a clear view of it.
Almost two feet long, Barocca's dick was rock hard, with a number of veins running up and down the shaft of it. Her balls had swollen so that they were now larger than two tennis balls beneath her cock, and swayed back and forth as she stroked her cock.
Satisfied that her cock was ripe and ready for playtime, Barocca strutted in front of the girls, proudly displaying her monster meat, and watching the girls' expressions as she waved her dick in front of their faces.
"Impressive, isn't it, girls?" boasted Barocca. "Something like this of your very own is what you can look forward to, if you make the cut.
"We're going to have two quick lessons, to see if you can follow instructions, and to see if you've really got some of the sexual qualities that we like here on the island.
"Number one," said Barocca, "is cocksucking, and how we usually do it on the island. Now I know that all of you are certainly no strangers when it comes to this. But I doubt that you've ever handled anything quite this size before. You aren't going to get the entire head of one of these inside your mouth, even though many before you have tried.
"This first time around, don't worry about actually sucking on me. Concentrate on covering the tip, where the opening is, and enjoy the taste of what you're about to receive. For future activities here on the island, imagine that you're trying to suck the juice out of an orange, for a good comparison.
"Number two," continued Barocca, "Is cum. You've got to love the taste of cum, and enjoy feeling it slither down your throat. I'm going to make myself cum in few moments here. This will be a 'quickie' so to speak, compared to what will be expected of you during the rest of your stay on the island. After being on duty during the milking ritual, this will be both a reward, and a good measure to see if you've got what it takes."
Barocca stroked her cock, and squeezed her balls for several moments. In a short time, she was panting, and a fine layer of sweat had broken out on her body in places.
"All right, girls. Line up in single file. Who wants to be the lucky girl who goes first?" asked Barocca.

One by one, the girls knelt in front of Barocca, and assumed the position. Each girl gave a fine accounting of herself. The girls all flinched ever so slightly as they felt the heat of Barocca's sperm as it entered their mouths.
Barocca gave each girl half a dozen healthy splurts, as she unloaded into their eagerly waiting gullets. When she decided each girl had had enough, Barocca clamped on the shaft of her cock with both hands, and quickly pulled away. Like Tiffany, Barocca had incredible hand and wrist strength, and could exercise tremendous control over her cock, even in the middle of an orgasm.
Jordan was the last of the nymphs to receive a load of sperm from Barocca. Jordan managed to engulf almost half of Barocca's cockhead. She also exerted more sucking f***e with her mouth and throat, so that she received a considerably larger dose of semen from Barocca than any of the girls before her. Most of the other girls had merely inserted the tip of Barocca's cock in their mouths, and then enjoyed a few swallows of cum.
Jordan's efforts were not lost on Barocca and Tiffany.
"Well, Tiffany. It looks as though we've got a regular 'eager beaver' on our hands here," said Barocca. "You definitely get an 'E' for effort, Jordan honey. But I think that you're trying to take more than your fair share here."
Barocca playfully pulled her cock away from Jordan's mouth without warning. "The rest of this load is reserved for myself and Tiffany."
Barocca walked quickly over to Tiffany, as she still laid on the reclining platform. The two amazons momentarily ignored the rest of the nymphs in the chamber, as Barocca thrust her cockhead into Tiffany's eagerly waiting mouth. Barocca let Tiffany greedily slurp down splurt after splurt of her delicious cum.
From time to time, Barocca would grab the shaft of her cock, and take it away from Tiffany's luscious mouth so that she could swallow a mouthful of her own jism herself.
Barocca and Tiffany spent the next few minutes enjoying themselves like this, until Barocca let her cock go limp and return to more normal dimensions, like Tiffany's.
Barocca turned to the girls. "All right girls. Some of you've had a busy first day here, and I'm glad to say that each of you shows a lot of potential. You can all head to your quarters now. The new girls will find a list of your duties and assignments waiting for you there. Report to where you're scheduled first thing in the morning."
The girls filed out of the chamber, with Jordan being the last in line.

Tiffany noticed this, and called out to her, just as she reached the door.
"Jordan. Come here, won't you please?"
"Yes, mistress."
"Cut the act, Jordan," said Tiffany. "Don't think I didn't notice the way that you took liberties fondling me during the milking time, girl."
"As well as trying to drink me dry, when you weren't given permission," said Barocca.
Jordan assumed a pose of quiet attentiveness, and lowered her eyes.
"I can tell that you just love horse-sized cocks, and drinking and sucking cum until it's ready to fill you to the bursting point," said Tiffany. "Don't you, slut?"
"Yes, mistress," Jordan replied meekly.
"All right, trollop," said Tiffany. "Listen, and listen good. Barocca and I both think that you've got what it takes to really go far here on the island. Your reputation has preceded you just a little bit. Many of us here on the island are well aware that you've had a rather successful career in fuck and suck videos of your own, before coming here."
"Yes, that's true, mistress," said Jordan, somewhat embarrassed at knowing that she was more famous than she thought.
"Play your cards right, girl," said Tiffany, "and do exactly as you're told, and you'll have more dick between your legs, as well as getting it from others here on the island, than you'll ever know what to do with."
"Would you like that, slut?" said Barocca.
"Yes, I would, mistress," said Jordan.
"Very well, then," said Tiffany. "As of right now, you'll be doing 'special duty' from now on, for myself and Barocca, as well as some of our other friends, for your little indiscretion here tonight. This is in addition to your regular duties on the island."
"If you like cock, we're going to feed it to you in every hole, until think you're going to be split in two, and then we'll shove them in even deeper," said Barocca. "And then we're going to fill you so full of cum, you'll think you're going to drown," she continued. "And then we'll pump even more cum into you. If you can satisfy us all, and still ask for more, we'll reward you beyond your wildest dreams."
"Go to your quarters, and get some rest, Jordan," said Tiffany. "When we call for you tomorrow, be ready to give the performance of your life."
"Thank you, mistress," said Jordan. "I won't disappoint you."

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