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My first time was surely my best. It was late Friday night, my girlfriend was in Greece with her parents and I really needed a fuck. I went to the local bar, that is where I used to meet girls before I met my girlfriend. I saw an average looking girl at the bar. She was pretty average but she had a huge and beautiful ass. I bought her a drink we talked for a bit and then I decided to risk it and just invited her back at my place. To my surprise she said yes.

On the way to my flat she told me that she is still an anal virgin and that she wants to get fucked in her ass more than anything else. I decided to give her the time of her life.

I read a lot about anal sex, but never got a chance to test my knowledge as my girlfriend was not ready for it yet. So we got undressed I put her on her back and started licked her sweet pussy, at the same time I licked a finger and inserted it into her tight, but horny ass. I sensed that she felt it but she said nothing. I had no lubricant on me, but to tell the truth spit and water works just fine even for virgins. I kept it inside her for some time while continuing to eat her pussy. After a while I started pulling my finger in and out of her butt hole.

Then I added more spit and stuck two fingers in. She began to enjoy it she moaned rhythmically while I finger assfucked her. I let her come twice and than I told her that her ass is ready for some dick. When I took my 8 inches cock out she got pretty scared, but I told her it would not hurt. I also told her that she can be on top and control the penetration. She agreed.

I sit on the edge of the bed and she started to lower down her back facing me. I added some spit to my cock, she grabbed it and lined it up with her bum. She started to lower her self onto my craving an ass cock. Se was going really slowly. She popped the head in and started complaining that she feels like she is going to shit herself. I told her that she will not, but she did not listen. I was got pissed of, I grabbed her and pulled her down onto my dick until my whole dick was in her ass. She yelled out in pain and wanted to get of my cock. But I kept her there and started fucking her like crazy.

She moaned so loud that neighbors from different floors came to complain the next morning. It took me about 40 min to cum. During the time she begged me to stop but for that i fucked he even harder. After I blew my load into her burning from all the friction ass, I let her stand up. She said it really hurt, but she still enjoyed it. I left her my number and she left. In a week she phoned me and said because of the assfuck I gave her, she experienced unbearable pain for 4 days while taking a crap. Me and my girlfriend are still together. I finally persuaded her to have anal sex. she loved it (I was not to rough on her).
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3 years ago
very good baby
3 years ago
3 years ago
Abuse that ass and then pimp it out for others to abuse.