A Giant Pussy Femdom BBW Fantasy

A Giant Pussy Femdom BBW Fantasy

A picture with a short story about it (See the picture for this short story at
xhamster here: http://xhamster.com/photos/view/796695-13016954.html ).

You have always loved pleasing huge huge women. Your new girlfriend said she was
6 foot 4 inches tall and has the widest hips you ever saw. She has to turn
sideways to go through doorways and she only admits to being 400+ pounds.
To you she looks much larger and she just waddles along, as her relatively short
legs are so far apart. Her pelvis belly and middle section are gigantic without
being hugely fat. You set up a date with her.

You had suspected she was a Femdom during your meal conversation. You then
walked and she waddled to your ground floor apartment after a great meal at the
Italian Restaurant, almost one block away from your apartment. Femdom or not, it
was ok to you, as you loved pleasing huge women... but had never dated a femdom
type woman before, or dated one so gigantic.

Shortly after a few drinks, she said she had never had a sub male before that
would do what she wanted. You said, "Try me." She then ordered you let her try
some facesitting on you. You undressed to let her try, and positioned your head
up high on cushions. Soon you felt a soft warm sliding as though your whole head
was sinking up deep deep inside her vagina. Then the room lights were gone and
you could not breathe. You then got her attention and she raised upward. Your
head made a loud sucking noise as it popped back out of her vagina. You were
able to get out from under her pretty fast... so you could breath. Your head
going inside her felt good to you while doing it, but it was scary. She
apologized for not letting you breath but said she had never tried this before
and it felt so very good she forgot to raise up... but she would not want to
harm her 'little pet'. She told you she wanted 'to feel more of you' and also
feel something much deeper. She apologized also for being so very huge. She
said she never told anyone before she had enormously enlarged her vagina. She
said that she had always enjoyed huge vaginal stretching and even gigantic
insertions and that she had been playing around with herself for years.

Then she then ordered you to try doing some deep 'double fisting' for her. She
said, "I have never tried fists and arms inside me before... but I know from my
enormous stretching that I have done over the years that my vagina can stretch
now to completely fill up my whole belly inside me. I can easily open large
enough for you to do your very deepest possible little stretch quite easily...
and I can even stretch my vagina to fit as far as my upper huge belly depth will
allow. At first I wanted my belly to feel and look pregnant. Later I got it to
look term-pregnant. I found I could gradually enlarge my vagina inside, just a
little more every day. Then over the years I found out that if I made my belly
to look enormously huge and swollen this type masturbation gave me my best type
orgasms. I have not shown that hugely distended belly to others, but if you obey
me, sometime I will show you how I use a huge air bladder to inflate my belly so
it looks gigantic. It looks like I am pregnant with you, she loudly laughed."

You had trouble believing her... thinking she was lying to you... as just like
she lied about her 6 foot 4 inch height and about her weight only being 400+
pounds. You knew both sizes had to be much greater. Her pelvis and belly height
was already greatly out of proportion to the rest of her size... it was so
huge... but you wanted no trouble. You agreed with her and told her, "I will
enjoy seeing you pump up your vagina that huge, as I love seeing a truly
gigantic belly and seeing that would be totally amazing as already your
nice belly is already several feet tall and wide. I will now do your fisting,
just as you ordered me."

As you started to do fisting for her you quickly found that both your fists and
hands very easily slipped deeper inside her vagina and easily slid very quickly
and extremely deep inside of her. They moved on and on sliding up far past both
of your elbows. You soon found you could easily see a big bulge on the front
side of her lower belly wall... where your hands had pushed up inside her and
were pressing frontward. You knew your arms and hands had moved on through her
huge upper pelvis opening and far up into her belly.

Then you found that you could easily jiggle her belly wall right where you saw
your double handed belly bulge. You could even separate your hands about two
feet apart... to make similar bulges... one on each side of her belly wall. She
said she loved the feeling of you doing this movement, and ordered you to keep
on moving your arms and hands a lot... and try to go even 'deeper inside of me'.
You were almost as deep then as you could then reach. You noticed that as you
pressed on upward inside her to your very deepest possible, that your upper arms
were spreading her opening to gape hugely. You found the gape near your
shoulders with your arms spread had opened her so wide that the width of the
gape was now slightly wider than your shoulders were wide. You were amazed that
you could do this with such a little stretching effort. Were it not for your
head and chest, your shoulders would fit deeper into her gape. She again ordered
you keep on moving your arms inside her... and seemed to just greatly love you
doing this huge vaginal stretching for her.

While doing this movement, and spreading her huge opening to your full shoulder
width, she suddenly had a very huge orgasm... right at the point that your arms
were at their very deepest inside of her and you could reach no deeper. At this
point, your chest was pressing a bit into her gape and bouncing over and over
against her bottom with each new thrust. However your vertical chest prevented
your forward bent shoulders from entering her gape over a few inches each
forward thrust. She then began to squirt copious amounts of fluid all over your
chest. She shook all over and you felt her huge body quiver as she orgasmed.
After this, you pulled your arms back outside of her. You were very proud you
produced such a huge orgasm for her. You had never imagined such a gigantic
woman could ever open to your full shoulder width before. You knew your head had
actually been inside her earlier and she was truly gigantic. You knew a woman
stretching head size was extremely rare. It was a bit frightening but you were
fascinated by her huge gape and did not mind her ordering you around if it was a
safe thing to do.

After you found a towel to wipe her squirt fluid off your chest and arms, she
gave you the very best oral sex that you had ever experienced. She bragged
about her great orgasm that you had given her, and for the first time she
thanked you for helping her stretch and for playing her 'little pet' to use just
like she desired. For both of you, your feeling was just a wonderful bliss, as
you both snuggled and rested there after these orgasms. You told her that her
oral sex was the greatest you ever felt or enjoyed. She then rested for maybe
another 10 minutes while all the time telling you how great the feeling had been
for her... and how she had craved having such a feeling for years. She said her
own huge, and even gigantic vaginal stretchings, never felt quite so great and
never made her orgasm this wonderfully.

She then told you she loved her experience so extremely much, that she just had
to have a 'larger and deeper stretch'. She told you she always wanted this and
you were the first she was able to order do it for her. She said she had looked
a long time for a 'little pet' do do her bidding. She asked if you would
continue to stretch her like she wanted? You replied, "yes, I have never played
this sub part before, but I loved doing it!"

She then told you to lie on your back between her legs while you leaned your
head back as far into her as you possibly could... and then to go backward more
and more, until you fit your head very deeply inside her vagina... at least deep
enough that your shoulders pressed very strongly and bounced against her big
wide opening. She said she knew that by the facesitting and the way your arms
had opened her so wide before, that it would be very easy for you to do this and
be 'perfectly safe'... as she wanted nothing bad to happen to you. "I want my
'little pet' ok to use often, so I want nothing bad to happen to you and you can
easily pull your neck and head back out of me very quickly to breathe."

She said that her plans for your next date were to have you stretch her, while
breathing through a tube or air hose. so you could stay inside her 'much
longer' and that way she could have more than one huge orgasm. She said that
using your snorkel tube, in the future you would then fit your arms first inside
her... so there would even be more extra room between your arms for both your
head and shoulders together... to slide easily and deep inside her. Then after
trying her for room, she would give you new orders. She said, "Then I will know
if you can easily fold totally inside me. My greatest desire is to vaginally
swallow you for maybe an hour before I push you back out. It all depends on how
well you stretch me on the next date.... You may like living inside me." Then
she laughed loudly... "But never fear as I want to keep you alive to use over
and over.!"

To you her fantasy was a strong one also. She then said she wanted this safe
thing for you to do now, "Now press your shoulders strongly against my opening
when your head and neck fit totally inside me. Then quickly slide back out to
breathe." She seemed convinced that without taking very long you would not need
breathing, She said she wanted this to be a trial run for even larger fun things
she was planning and you could do on her next date. You did not tell her that
you had a tinge of fear about this but wanted to do it, if it were safe.

You were excited at the idea and wanted to please her, but would you obey her?
At first without thinking, in your excitement, you began to obey her orders and
satisfy her desires, and scooted up close to her bottom with your hands tilting
backward, behind your head. Then gently and easily you reached back inside her
elastic vaginal ring and spread her open... this time using a much smaller
stretch than you used before to gape open her vagina. Doing this was very easy
for you to do, and required no real pull. You knew this smaller stretch was much
less wide than before so you only opened her to the size you knew would let
your shoulders just touch against her bottom... without your shoulders easily
sliding deep inside her. There was still a hidden fear your shoulders might
start to enter into her, as she ordered you to press very hard with your
shoulders against that giant gape. You did not completely trust her.

Your guess was that maybe she will stay relaxed and easily stay open while you
are doing this without tightening back up to trap you... at least long enough
for you to accept her challenge and push your head back until to your shoulders
quickly press against her opening. Then you could rapidly pull back out of
her. But what if she.....??

For now you are almost ready to do it and let your head move backward... but
still you must stop and think about it just a little bit longer before leaning
on back and pushing your shoulders on backward against that gigantic gaping

In your mind, you remembered how your arm stretch was a bit over your full
shoulder width and that your head during face sitting was totally inside her...
so you decided to think... just a little bit longer.

What would you do??

To be continued... in your imagination.

If you liked my short story above, here is my longer such story:
100% (206/1)
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2 years ago
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2 years ago
Nice fantasy.
2 years ago
Claustrophilia is the Sexual Fetish of getting your body into a small space. Often these people fantasize a huge huge woman to get inside, but very few go beyond fantasy in the actual fetish of doing it. (search for these two words claustrophilia rightdiagnosis)

The Xhamster link below shows pictures of a real woman with her pelvis and her middle portion of her body... gigantic... compared to her smaller upper body and also compared to her short stocky legs. The story woman has a similar shape and size to the real one.

Very very rarely a young woman will grow up to have her pelvis grow very much faster and larger than both her upper body and than her lower body grew. The real woman in this picture has a similar disproportionately huge middle body due to a huge pelvis growth... just like the story girl and also she has a huge total size like the story woman. She is more obese than I imagine the story woman to be.

This real woman has hips that are actually 4 feet wide and her belly is 4 feet tall... due to this very rare condition of gigantic pelvis enlargement. You can see how tall and wide her pelvis is by her left hand resting on the crest of her pelvis bone. Such women as this are maybe only one in many millions.

There are other pictures of this huge BBW that confirms her gigantic size. You can compare her to the large sedan car she is standing next to. Of course she could not enter the car due to her giant size. This will help you imagine how the dimensions of the gigantic belly of the story girl might look before and after her hugely filling it. See this Xhamster picture here:
where she is shown in reality on the left and in fantasy on the right:

In writing the story I imagined the girl in the story could pump up her belly by distending her vagina and gradually enlarge her vagina into her belly like rare women do using long and often repeated stretching practice. It takes a long long stretching practice to extend the vaginal size far into the belly. In the story the woman's belly might appear even larger... than this real woman's 4 foot belly size and giant pelvis size shown.

The story woman could then easily have enough room to hold one or more adults inside her distended vagina with her similar size (to the real girl) gigantic swollen belly. Hope this real woman helps you to imagine the appearance of the girl in this fantasy story.

Even so most adults need close to 24 inches, top to bottom, to fold themselves into... and could not enter such an enlarged vagina unless her pelvic opening was shoulder width or well over twice the average size pelvic width... like this real picture shows. She shows huge hips well over three times average hip width and a belly depth twice 24 inches deep. The pure fantasy X-Ray type picture of the real girl's belly shows this here: http://xhamster.com/photos/view/812894-13304825.html that can help you visualize the story girl.

Disclaimer: If you ever encounter such an unlikely person that looks like the real woman's picture... there might be a slight chance she could be very dangerous from a sexual standpoint.

Never never try any form of Unbirthing. It is not safe to do and no type of unbirthing should ever actually be tried. Fantasy like these stories is enough. Chances are you will never encounter such temptation. Stories are for pure fantasy. The real world is more complicated.

Even so my advice is just trying a head is too dangerous. If your urge is too strong, Mayo Clinic's suggestions might apply to you as found in a Webb search pasting the following ( claustrophilia rightdiagnosis ).