MMF threesome with FlamingDice


This story is written by 2 people, the first half is written by FlamingDice from his point of view, the second is written from mine. Enjoy and don't forget to comment.


I met Evie on this very site, we hit it off immediately being from the same town. As you can see from her pictures she has a beautiful curvy figure and a pair of big, firm, soft breasts that beg to be touched. The first time we spoke my cock was interested! Sadly though she had a boyfriend......

We started talking a lot, finding we had lots in common and as we chatted we became more aware of our sexual desires. I have my kinks but she gave me ideas I have never imagined before! She loved me in panties and stockings, going as far as buying me some to model for her, I felt slutty in them. As we talked we began role playing and my bi curious side took over and I asked what her boyfriend looked like. Evie quickly messaged me a picture of him, he was the epitome of maleness. A real manly man! Large muscular arms, defined chest, covered in hair, and an obvious bulge in his trousers. That’s when the picture of his cock came. Thick and uncut, surrounded by hair I found myself getting very aroused looking at it.

A few weeks later we were chatting about meeting for coffee, Evie told me that her boyfriend knew she was talking to me but knew that she was 100% faithful and would never sl**p with anyone else. I respected that and said we should meet anyway, I considered her a friend. So we arranged to meet at Starbucks the following Saturday.

The day finally came and I sat waiting for her, wondering if she would even show up, then she walked in..... My jaw hit the floor, she looked amazing! The dress she wore clung to every curve of her body, leaving little to the imagination. She look sinful yet completely innocent, she was a complete contradiction. She bounced over to me and gave me a big hug, which allowed for her body to press against me, I could feel her warm full breasts pushing against me, the cut of her dress was enticing and just inviting me to look down her cleavage. That’s when I realised I was hard and pressing against her leg!

“Mmm naughty” she said.

We got our drinks and settled down to chat and before we knew it 2 hours had passed and we were getting hungry. “Well you can come to mine for bite if you like?” she asked. “My boyfriend will be there, that’s if you don’t mind meeting him?” She looked at me, her large green eyes seemingly innocent, when I knew she was anything but.

“Err won’t he hit me or something?” I said
She giggled, “No, he knows you’re decent” she replied.

So I agreed.

We drove to hers in her car, and before long we were pulling up outside her house. I was just about to get out of the car when suddenly I felt her hand on my leg.
I looked at Evie to see her blushing.

“Before we go in, I need to ask you something.”

I didn’t say anything, just looked at her, she seemed nervous.

“The thing is I kind of left Sam naked and handcuffed to our bed before I came to meet you.”

“Okay....” I said slowly.

“Well you know I like the idea of fucking two guys?’ she said. I nodded. She had mentioned it to me.

“Well I was sucking Sam’s cock this morning and he said he wanted to see me get fucked by another guy. I stopped just before he came and cuffed him to the bed and I asked him if he really meant it and he said yes. So I mentioned you, I haven’t exactly hidden that I’m attracted to you and he suggested bringing you back here.”

“Uhuh” I mumbled.

‘So I was just wondering if you would be interested.” She said in a husky voice, her hand now rubbing my bulge. I looked down, smiled “let’s do it” I said getting out of the car.

Entering her house we made our way upstairs more specifically to the bedroom. Upon opening the door I was greeted with the sight of her man, attached to the bed by a pair of pink furry hand cuffs.

“Alright mate?” he said. I nodded and looked at her, she was grinning from ear to ear. Talk about cat that got the cream.

“Have a seat” she said and motioned to a chair in the corner of the room. I sat down and she began stripping off her clothes, before I knew it she was naked and stroking her man, his cock was as big as it was in the picture and standing to full attention. She wanked him for a few moments before he announced that he needed to pee! Evie giggled and released him, before he ran past me, the sound of the door slamming echoed.

“So then big boy, let’s see if you live up to your online persona” she said crawling across the floor towards me. She wasted no time in unzipping my jeans and reaching inside to find my now almost painful erection. She freed it in one swift move and I felt her breath on my shaft. She held it, gazing lovingly at it, as a dribble of precum flowed out of the tip, trailing down my thick hard shaft to my balls. She wasted no time, her tongue licked at my sack, and ran all the way up to my swollen helmet in one quick move. She let out a loud moan as her boyfriend walked back in.

His cock now soft he simply walked up behind her and picked her up. “On the bed my little slut” he demanded, his voice authoritative. I saw Evie clench her thighs together before she obediently laid down, Sam immediately dropped between her legs licking her freshly shaven pussy, I could see her slit glistening with her arousal and Sam’s saliva, it was strangely erotic. I sat there mesmerised by the image before me, only then realising I was stroking my cock and moaning.


I met FD on here and I knew immediately that he was my kind of guy, kinky, open minded and the more I got to know him I realised he was sweet, genuine and had a heart of gold, not to mention he had the amazing ability to make my panties wet. The more we spoke the more comfortable I was with telling him my deepest fantasies, he was so open minded, and from our personal messages it seemed that he shared in the fantasies too, even if he hadn’t been aware of them before. He was quickly becoming one of my favourite people to talk to.

When we agreed to meet up I was so excited, finally meeting the man behind the messages. Secretly I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to keep my hands to myself, but I’d never do anything to cheat on Sam, he was one of the good guys. We had a firm rule, he liked knowing that other guys wanted me, but I was to never allow them to touch me, I was his and his only, I was ok with that. It’s because of this I was so surprised when he mention bringing FD home, not that I questioned it, if Sam was willing then so was I!

When FD walked into the bedroom and saw Sam naked as the day he was born, handcuffed to the bed, my pussy clenched. I was so wet! I’d only ever dreamed about having two guys fuck me, but now it was really going to happen. Two of the most gorgeous men I had ever seen, both as different as night and day, and they were both going to fuck my holes. I knew I was a lucky girl.
I was pleasantly surprised to find Sam’s cock hard, he’d never expressed any interest in other guys, maybe it was the thought of FD fucking me? I didn’t know, but seeing that the situation turned him on only heightened my own arousal.

I knew FD was hard too, I had more than felt the evidence of it in my car, I was curious as to how he felt about the situation now. There’s a big difference in being propositioned for a mmf threesome and actually seeing another guys cock, but FD looked happy, I knew he had a few bi curious tendencies, he was perfect for what I needed, and what I needed was to satisfy the deep seated desire to have two cocks fuck my holes at the same time.

When Sam left the room, I couldn’t resist the urge to suck FD’s cock, I had imagined myself doing it so many times. Fantasising about his taste, how hard he would feel in my hand, and how he would moan when my touch teased the sensitive parts of his cock. But most of all I needed to feel him fill my mouth with his cum, show him what a cumslut I was, he had an idea, but I wanted to show him how good I could make him feel. Ever the people pleaser, I loved nothing more than pleasuring a man, a fact that Sam loved.
All too soon I was being removed from FD’s cock, I barely concealed my whimper of disappointment, when it was replaced with a low throaty moan when Sam pinned me to our bed to lick my pussy. I loved it when he went down on me. His eager tongue lapping at my throbbing clit. I had been edging ever since Sam had mentioned bring FD back with us, and I knew that my orgasm was fast approaching. A few well-placed strokes and I’d be screaming out Sam’s name. I could feel my walls tightening, grasping at anything to push me over.

I saw Sam waving FD over to the bed, his cock was hard and his slit was weeping precum, I hated cum being wasted and eagerly moved my hand to his cock, guiding it to my hot wet mouth.

“Please” I whimpered, my vision was beginning to blur as I took FD’s cock into my mouth. I knew I was going to cum hard, my orgasm was so close I could feel it, but it didn’t stop me from sucking on the cock in my mouth. In the back of my mind I could hear moans coming from the man straddling my face, I knew he was close too, but it was lost on me as my pussy throbbed, my orgasm crashing down on me, my whole body pulsating from the shocks. I arched my back, my mouth open in a silent scream, my chest rising and falling rapidly as I tried to breathe. Just as I felt my body start to come down FD thrust his cock into my mouth with a muttered “Open up babygirl.”

I moaned around his cock when I felt a thick rope of his cum hit the back of my throat. Once, twice, three times. Until finally his cock began to soften. I looked up to FD who seemed satisfied, I smiled at him softly before looking at Sam, he’d been watching us.

“I hope you swallowed every bit of it, Princess. I taught you better than that.” He said, his eyebrow raised waiting for my affirmation.

I nodded.

“Good Girl.”

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9 months ago
wow ... that got me hard as hell x
10 months ago
Fantastic story! I'm looking forward to the next chapter ;-)
10 months ago
A really well written story by two people who obviously know how to have a good time. Hope there are more to come
10 months ago
Great read, and from both perspectives - a good insight into two very dirty minds, well done xxx
10 months ago
10 months ago
Great story from both sides.
10 months ago
Wow, loved hearing both points of view! So hot. I can't wait to have my first threesome.
10 months ago
Thanks to you all, we loved writing it!
10 months ago
I love this. You are both amazingly talented
10 months ago
Awesome story! I would love to hear more. I have always fantasied about a threesome and love hearing other people's stories of them!
10 months ago
I love yours :)
10 months ago
Hehe lots of fun writing my part, love yours too baby!
10 months ago
fucking great
10 months ago
Excellent ! Hope there is more to come !