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this morning i awoke to a text message on my phone asking me if i was up for a bit of action.As i hadnt had amy in sometime i decided to go for it
Within the hour I was showered dressed and out of the house.Paul picked me up in his fait punto and headed straight for his house we had only ever chatted online.On the way to his house he told me a friend was joining us I agreed as it always wsa a fantasy of mine. Once inside we had coffee and a chat waiting in his friend to arrive i was getting nervous. The door bell went and as did my heart theres no pulling out of this now was my thought. Within seconds the three of us was heading for the bedroom Quickly all three of us was undressed and hands grabing for my cock and ass my heart beating so fast.I was pushed onto the bed on my back and within seconds my legs pushed up into the air The feeling of a wet toung licking my ass and a hand cupping my balls was intense soon i was joined with another cock pushing it head into my mouth my head held in place so not to pull away.fingers probed deep inside my tight ass and soon was replaced with a thick head of an already swollen cock slowley he eased his helmet inside of me and continued to push deeper filling my whole insides with his powerful manhood as the other rocked his cock in and out of my mouth.Ifelt the pace get in my faster and harder as my ass and mouth took such a pounding from these two strange cocks after about 5 minuted of abuse i felt as if i was going to cum from am ass hole as this was the first time I had experienced an orgasm without touching myself pre cum filled my mouth and the pulsing of a thick cock in my ass made me cry out as i felt the thick hot fluid pump into my opened asshole I sucked as hard as i could and took a load deep into the back of my throat as my own cock exploded with 5 long squirts shooting thick white cum all over my body the feeling was that extreme Ive came home to post it for all to hear..... This is a true story which took place today 12/10/2011
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3 years ago
nice, got me going mmmm