KK - My Wife has an Electric Night Out

KK – An Electric Night Out

For those of you who have read my profile and previous stories you will know I have always wanted to see my wife KK with another man, the problem has been that she has not been as keen as me for it to happen.

Now there has been a few of the guys who have been sending me ‘Private Messages’ about how they would love to fuck KK and how discrete they are etc. etc. The problem has been how to get her to agree to it.

Well, I have been thinking for a while that if she wouldn’t agree then I would take the choice away from her. Don’t want her to be jumped on and dragged to a dungeon by a complete stranger, better that she should encourage someone and allow it to go too far by which time it would be too late, it would be partially her fault and I would be off the hook.

How ? That’s been the problem.

I decided to ‘fix her up’ with one of her admirers one night when she was away with a few girly friends.

I know what type of guy KK likes and I know how someone could impress her.

I decided which one of the guys could have her and met up to ‘brief him’ a couple of days before she was due to go away.

He first met her while she was waiting for her friends at the bar of a pub where he complimented her and made some small talk. It turns out (surprise, surprise) they have a lot in common and in a short space of time she was chatting away as if she had known him for ages. I had told him exactly what she likes and what she would like to talk about.

After saying goodbye he kept a safe distance and sent me a text message to say it was going well. After a couple of hours or so she was in a night-club when he feigned surprise by spotting her on the dance-floor and moved in.

I was watching this from a distance and was very turned on by seeing her dancing with him knowing what was going to happen later if all went to plan. She had her sexiest black frock on with black tights and high heels. Very fuckable indeed.

I watched them move to the bar where he bought her favourite drink, chatted some more and surprised her further by mentioning which hotel he was staying in and that they even had some mutual friends.

It all seemed so natural when she announced to her friends that she was tired and was off back to the hotel. When he offered to drive, I know her friends would have warned her but I knew he had done a good job on her when they walked out together. To anyone watching, they were any other ordinary couple on their way home.

The plan was for him to call me when everything was in place and I would go in the room to watch.

10 minutes later, he called me.

I sneaked up to the floor where her room was and met him in the corridor where he told me how easy it had been to push her into her room, how futile her struggles had been and how he had whispered to her when he had tied her hands tied and blind-folded and gagged her that he was going for some equipment and for someone to help out.

We went in the room and there she was. My little wife KK lying on the bed with her hands tied together and to the bed frame and her sexy black dress ridden up.

The plan was for him to be in charge and for me to join in whenever I wanted.

Of course I had to keep silent so was really impressed when he said,

“Now KK, I am going to strip you and whip you” which of course brought lots of struggling.

He knelt on the bed and turned her to one side so he could get at the zip on her dress which he pulled down quickly. Turning her onto her back he got hold of the top of her dress and dragged it down quickly so her lovely big tits shook and jiggled as they came free and she tried in vain to struggle.

When he had brought the dress to her waist he adjusted his grip and got hold of dress, tights and knickers in one go and pulled again.

In about 5 seconds my wife had gone from being fully clothed to fully naked.

Watching her squirm and trying to cross her legs over he said

“ever felt a riding crop KK?”

I watched her shake her head furiously in reply and try to speak into her ball gag as he took a crop with a leather strip at the end in his hand.

He aimed carefully and whacked it down on one of those gorgeous mounds of flesh. His aim was perfect and he caught her nipple full on so that she jerked her tits which shook beautifully.

After a couple more fast smacks she was turning on her side to get away which of course only exposed her ass which he now targeted.

I had to get in on this so took a paddle off him which I gave to her across her buttocks which immediately turned a sexy shade of red.

With KK face down we took hold of an ankle each and slowly moved them apart. She tried her best to resist and particularly when he said

“Ever felt a riding crop between your legs KK?”

We had her legs as wide as we could as he took aim to bring the crop down right on the area between ass-hole and shaved pussy. I nodded to him and he gave her 4 hard smacks before saying

“Sorry KK but I can’t quite reach your clitoris”

We flipped her over and opened her legs again but this time we brought them back as well so she had legs bent and wide and pussy fully exposed.

It was my turn now and I paddled her labia and clit until I could see it all swell nicely. It had opened up as well and I could tell the dirty little bitch was extremely turned on which was evident when we let go of her and she carried on tensing and releasing her cunt as if she was getting ready to orgasm.

Now. As I said earlier, a few guys had wanted her but only one of them had the equipment which I wanted to see used on her.

He placed a pussy pump over her already swollen clitoris and applied some suction. I could see the clit pulling out of its hood and reaching upwards.

I have pumped her clit myself (see the video !) but had never made it so swollen and erect.

It seemed to be pushing out of her at least an inch and was bright red and twitching inside the Perspex pump tube.

My wife KK has a very, very sensitive clitoris and I couldn’t wait until the next stage. He readied the next bit of kit and as he released the pump and whilst her clit was still exposed and pumped he slipped a little silver clamp over her which he quickly tightened a little just to keep that lovely bud erect.

To the clamp he attached a wire which he then connected to a control box.

He had told me earlier that he didn’t ‘fuck about with those legal UK electro boxes’ but had imported a real piece of equipment which would make any bitch frig about uncontrollably.

“Don’t worry KK, won’t be long know before you are enjoying an orgasm like you have never had before, but I think you need some fucking too. Which holes do you think?”

We had tied her legs back to the side and over her head and towards her head a little so her virgin and puckered asshole was lifted up invitingly and so that I could position my nearly bursting cock in front of it.

He had straddled her so she must of know her mouth was one of the holes. She knew which the other one was when I pressed my oiled up cock at the entrance to that tightest of holes.

As fast as he pulled her gag off he placed his cock in and said

“See what you think of this” as he turned a knob on the control box so that was jerked and tightened all her muscles including her ass which I had managed to penetrate about half an inch.

However, when he immediately turned the power off she relaxed and I pushed in.

KK sucks cock as you may have seen but I wanted her throat fucking which he began to do by holding her hair and slowly sliding his full length in and out.

As she has never been fucked in the ass and I was determined to get in deep especially as I could see his hand on the control box.

Jesus, she tightened up when the power was turned up and I could see her cunt opening and contracting as she raced to orgasm. I couldn’t resist and withdrew and rammed my cock up her buzzing cunt just as she was wracked by a crescendo of pleasure and we both shot into her.

After she had swallowed all his cum, we withdrew and he quickly swapped his cock for the gag.

He set the control box to a setting which rose and fell so she was hit with wave after wave of electrical power sending her to a long drawn out second orgasm.

We left the power on and enjoyed her jerking and twitching after 2 orgasms which I know would have tortured that sweet clitoris to bursting point.

He was ready to fuck again but first he took the clit clamp off and gently licked around her swollen bud before raising himself up for some fucking.

He smiled as he passed me a metal vibe attached to the control box which I positioned over clit which he pushed in.

KK enjoyed alternate cocks for about an hour more and had 1 more orgasm which we really had to f***e out of her with all the power that equipment could deliver.

We got ready to leave and packed everything away before undoing the ropes so she could struggle free. We were gone before she could have managed it.

The day after she came home and I have to admit I was unsure what to expect.

“did you have a good time?” I asked as I gave her a kiss.

“Well, quiet really” she lied “I went back to the hotel and had an early night, but I have suggested me and the girls go there for another weekend soon if that is OK with you”

The lying little bitch !!

“Of course, why should I mind” I said truthfully but held back saying that I would be there to enjoy her, perhaps with a different lucky guy.

The end

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2 years ago
Very hot...something about theater sex that is such a turn-on. Thanks for sharing
3 years ago
great story! lucky gal!
3 years ago
Good trick to get your wife with another man!
You never know what they will do when you are not around!
3 years ago
was it a story or true???