KK - My Wife and the Taxi Driver

KK – My Wife and the Lucky Taxi Driver

I suppose it is the same with most women when they are on a special occasion night out.

Drinking too much, flirting and dancing.

Well my wife KK is no exception which was proven beyond all doubt when we went to a colleague’s wedding party some time ago.

I am all for having a good time and thought that was what I would be having when I was watching her get ready on the night in question. I don’t know whether everyone agrees or not but I think KK has got gorgeous legs and lovely tits and especially when it is all on show a little more than usual.

I lay on the bed watching her apply lots of dark eye make-up and red lipstick before pulling up some tiny black knickers to cover her shaven pussy. Sexy frilly topped black stockings followed before super high heels and a black party frock worn without a bra.

“How do I look ?” she said. Like someone who is going to get a good fucking later I thought.

“Just lovely” I said. “Let’s go”.

We drove to the place where the party was and I introduced KK to a couple of colleagues and their wives before we found a table and sat down. The wine on the table started to go down well and it wasn’t long before KK and a few other women got up to dance.

“I hope you don’t mind me saying so” said a single guy on our table who I had got friendly with recently “but your wife is one sexy lady and far too good for you” he joked.

“Yeah, and far too sexy for you too. The most you can have is a dance with her”.

He asked if I minded and of course I said it was OK as I don’t really like dancing myself.

Well, KK does like dancing and it was soon evident that this guy was straight out of some fancy dancing school the way he was moving. She was loving it and kept coming back to the table to down glass after glass of wine.

As the night went on, she danced and drank and danced and drank until she was both very tired and showing the signs of being very d***k. After sitting down she had a couple of cocktails as well as some more wine before finishing off with a soft drink which was too little too late, especially as I slipped her a little something ‘extra’.

She was as d***k as I have ever seen her and by the time the taxi arrived, she was slumped all over me.

After a couple of harmless offers from guys to help me get her into bed I managed to get her sat next to me in the back seat of a black cab taxi.

As we had quite a long journey my mind wandered back to the evening and particularly the offers to help get her into bed.

The taxi driver was a big black guy aged about 25 who had eyed us both up when we were getting in the back. We chatted a little and I did notice him tweak his rear mirror a little perhaps to get a better look at KKs cleavage.

“Well then, let’s see what you think about this” I thought.

I was sat on her left hand side so I place my hand under left thigh and gently lifted it so it was d****d over my right leg.

Next I pushed her right leg to the side so that her white thigh was probably just visible to the front. I could see the driver shuffle in his seat as he tried not to make it obvious what he was looking at in the mirror.

When I started to lift her dress up some more he was clearly having problems so I gave him an opportunity by turning around for a couple of seconds to look out the back window.

Sure enough, the mirror was now positioned so he could have a good look whenever he wanted to.

I pushed her right leg open some more so that he was in no doubt I was doing it for him.

Silence followed for the rest of the journey before we arrived back home and pulled up.

“This is it”. I thought. “Do I look after her as I should, or do I take the golden opportunity I had in front of me”.

Mind made up. I shook her a little and sure enough she was out for the count.

“How the fuck am I supposed to get her inside on my own when she is like this?” I said almost theatrically.

The engine switched off and he replied “do you need any help man?”.

“Perhaps you should back into the driveway and then we are closer to the front door”. I certainly wasn’t going to get the neighbours in on the act !

I opened our house front door and the driver opened the taxi back door to show KK sat with her head slumped back, legs wide open and dress ridden up over stocking tops.

The guy was huge and I think he could have picked me and KK up together.

“Does this mean I get a free fare?” as I gestured to her.

“That little white bitch is the only fare I need, but what I don’t need is her waking up and screaming the place down”.

I remembered her special ‘soft drink’ and reassured him that she was out for hours.

He leant in the back and pulled her shoulders forward so that she slumped over him and he was able to lift her out before positioning her bent over his shoulder.

I closed the Taxi door and then the house door after we went quickly inside.

“Where are we doing this, man?” he asked. “We, or should I say you, are doing this upstairs”.

I led and a 20 stone black man carried my little wife KK upstairs to our bedroom where he gently placed her on the bed.

“You sure she isn’t going to wake up?”.

I bent forward and opened a couple of buttons at the front of her dress before pushing my hand inside where a found a sl**ping nipple. I pinched it and pulled until one of her big tits appeared.

A hard twist and the nipple swelled and KK squirmed a little. “She is out but will still feel what is going on”.

He clearly wanted her but was clearly not completely convinced that he was able to.

“bl**dy hell, you take some convincing don’t you?” I said as I pulled my belt off before slapping it down hard on the white flesh of her lovely breast.

She arched her back with the pain, squirmed some more then settled.

This did the trick. “Not sure what you want me to do but I want to fuck her like the white bitch dog that she is. I like to pound pussy from behind”.

“She is all yours my friend. All I want are pictures but first of all let’s set the scene”.

He lifted her ass in the air and I brought her knees up so that she was properly bent over with her ass pushed up. I pulled her dress over her ass and then from the side I held her leg just above the knee and he did the same.

“Open wide my little white bitch” he said and she was ready.

He knelt behind her and got hold of her little knickers before stretching them until the fabric tore and they were off. How am I going to explain that I thought !!

Next, he undid his jeans before reaching inside for his cock.

“Jesus” I thought “can she take that?” as I watched him wank quickly up to a full 12 inches.

“Wait a second, let me lube her up first” I said and reached in a drawer for some silicon-based gel which I spread all over her pussy lips.

I worked over the clit and labia and she was soon glistening and best of all gyrating her hips to show me she was turned on as well, despite her slumber

He couldn’t wait and pushed me out of the way before putting his hands down and gripping each of her silky shaven pussy lips with a finger and thumb before opening her as wide as he could.

His massive cock was positioned just inside her lips and to his credit he worked it until those gorgeous flaps were wrapped around his girth and he was ready to push.

“Don’t want to hurt her” he grinned as he reached for both her hands which he gripped behind her back.

He didn’t push in but instead pulled her back onto him.

Her pussy expanded as she was pulled back on first 5 and then 6 inches.

“Now this is where the fucking starts, bitch” he whispered to her before pushing in to his full 12 inch extent.

He pulled out slowly until he was nearly out and then rammed so hard that KK moaned loudly and for just a moment I thought she would wake.

He fucked her fast and deep and it was obvious she was soon experiencing a long drawn-out orgasm which resulted in a loud scream and a violent arching of her back.

As she threw her head back at the final crescendo of pleasure he grabbed her hair and pulled her head back further.

Whilst still giving her the full length but I little more slowly he said “I think that is your fare paid man, perhaps it is now sharing time”. He pulled her head back further, grinned and asked “which hole do you want?”

Well, my humble manhood would be lost in her stretched pussy but I knew her puckered little virgin ass was as tight as they come.

I had never been there but it was mine now.

When I dripped some lube on her little brown hole he grinned again and said “suits me, I like nothing better that making a white bitch drink cum”.

I had only ever had a finger in her ass up to the first knuckle and so was loving working first 1 and then 2 fingers into her stretched ass.

When I thought she was ready, I started to push my cock into her and was so pleased when I had to push so very, very hard to get inside her.

He had his big black cock in her mouth and was sliding in and out a little further each time until it was obvious he was in her throat, when he came with a grunt as she gagged with all the hot cum.

I wasn’t far behind him and shot up her ass for the first time.

We both fucked a little longer before withdrawing and letting KK slump exhausted with cum dribbling out of her asshole and mouth just ready for 1 final photograph.


PS If anyone call tell me where I can buy one of those ‘special soft drinks’, there may be an invitation waiting.

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what a lucky woman! love me some BBC
3 years ago
You have a dirty mind, sir, and I congratulate you on your activities with your KK. Good story, and well told.
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Very nice
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Great story!!!!
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damn i need her bad