It was a few years ago that I took my wife KK away for a weekend in Amsterdam.

I wasn’t sure how she would like the red light district as, for those of you who have been will know, Canal Strasse is a little different than your average high street in the UK.

Anyway, we arrived in the hotel and as the flight had been quite late getting us there, we decided to go straight out. We soon found a bar to our liking and had a couple of drinks before stopping off for a bite to eat.

As we worked our way down towards the red light area, where it seemed all the tourists were heading, I was already starting to get horny at the thought of what I would be getting for free that night.

KK looked lovely and I was looking forward to fucking her when the drink had really loosened her up. She was wearing high heels and a tight pair of black leggings which showed off her ass cheeks beautifully but best of all was the tight black top she was wearing without a bra.

It was warm when we set off but as the night chilled, those gorgeous hard nipples began to push against the fabric until her tits were getting admiring glances from some of the guys we were walking past.

As we did the tourist bit and walked past the ‘windows’ (with me pretending not look) I got the impression KK looked like someone I had picked up and paid for, so was not totally surprised when one of the club doormen shouted jokingly,

“ Hey man ! How much will it cost to have your chick after you “.

As always, any comments about her or glances with bad intent always do it for me so I shouted back “ Maybe nothing if you can keep up with her “.

As soon as I said it I looked at KK expecting a furious face so was shocked when she shouted over herself “ I don’t think you would be man enough for me “. Obviously it was the drink talking but I thought it was a bit too dangerous a reply and judging by the doorman’s face he thought so too.

I was proven right when an hour or so later we were in a bar and pretty much ready to head back to the hotel when I noticed the doorman in the corner of the bar.

He was looking directly at me and when I caught his eye he gestured me over. Not wishing to appear as if I was intimidated, I said to KK I needed the toilet and went around the corner of the bar where he had gone.

“ I will come straight out with it “ he said. “ Tell me no and I will leave but how would you like to see your sexy girlfriend in a peep-show and I am sure you know what type of peep-show? “. (I didn’t actually but I could guess).

“ There is no chance, my friend “ I replied “ I would have her do it now but she won’t do it and that’s that but thanks for the offer “.

With that I turned to go but he grabbed my arm and said “ how about if she knew nothing about it afterwards and you get a share of the profits. Lots of men pay big money to see woman like yours taken off the streets “.

“ Jesus, you are serious aren’t you? How could you manage that? ”

“ I have a very clever friend who can hypnotise a woman if he can speak to her for a few minutes. Let’s say there are many satisfied husbands around Europe who have taken the same risk as you are going to take. “ he said with a smirk.

He was right. The risk was going to be taken.

“ Have another drink and we will be back for you both in about 20 minutes. If you are not interested just leave, but at the end of the night you will remember the chance you have missed”.

Was this truly too good a chance to miss ? What could go wrong if we just stopped in the bar which was full of tourists? If it got nasty I would simply walk out with her and get a taxi as there were several parked up nearby.

I brought 2 more drinks from the bar and obviously didn’t tell her anything.

Soon after a man came over and asked me for a light for his cigarette. He asked if we were tourists and asked if we were enjoying the city. He seemed nice enough and so KK didn’t think it unusual when he asked if he could sit down with us as the bar was very full.

When I saw the doorman nearby I knew something was happening especially as the man was leaning towards KK and talking to her quietly.

I was stunned when he said “ shall we go now? ” and was even more shocked when KK took his outstretched hand in hers.

“ Don’t worry about anything “ he said with a smile “ she is under my control in a very special way and will do anything I tell her. Now, shall we all go?”

My cock nearly led me out of the door and I walked along in a bit of a daze with these 2 men and my sexy wife wondering what I should do. My decision was made when we arrived at a door only a short distance away which was quickly opened with us being ushered in.

There was a curtain across 1 end of the room behind which KK was being guided.

As I followed I was gently stopped and told to go through a door, make myself comfortable and await the show. The last thing I was told was “ Just remember, there is no going back now. She will be yours again in a hour or so but for now she is ours. She will be out of the hypnosis when you next see her but will have all memories of the night taken away when you get her back “.

I entered a cubicle, sat in the chair and as I leant forward to draw the curtain back I heard the door lock click. Certainly no changing my mind now.

A few minutes passed and then a light came on in the room through the glass where I saw what was obviously being planned for KK. I could see movement in about 6 other windows as other men leant forward to see what I was looking at ……….

…………. A low beam from the ceiling from which a set of cuffs hung ominously.

My excitement rose when a door opened and KK was brought in with 2 men. Her first glance around and it was obvious she couldn’t see me or any of the other guys which just as well as you can guess what I was going to be doing soon !!

Clearly not under hypnosis and more she struggled against the man’s grip when she saw cuffs dangling but 1 arm held her around her waist whilst the other man lifted he arms and put cuffs on her wrists before tying a rope to the beam above. She was then lifted slightly by the ropes so her black high heeled feet were just touching the floor.

God, it was so exciting as her black leggings were brought slowly down and she was made to step out of them to reveal the tiny triangle of black knickers covering what I knew to be a shaven pussy.

A wide leather strap was buckled around her left thigh and with another through the strap, her leg was bent at the knee and raised so that her foot was about 12 inches off the floor and best of all her pussy was fully accessible.

Next, and standing at the back of her, one of the guys started to lift her tight black top until those gorgeous tits fell out.

The other man appeared holding a leather strap about 12 inches long and 2 inches wide with 3 split fronds at the end.

Now taking a strap like this to KK has been, and always will be a dream of mine but I knew I would always be held back as I didn’t really want to hurt her. However, I had NO objections to someone else having a go !!

The first smack came hard on one of her tits which brought a sharp yelp of pain. A second one followed before several came hard and fast making those lovely tits jiggle and those big round nipples swell big and hard.

The strap was stroked down over KK’s tummy until it was sliding up and down the black fabric of her knickers. I was sure she was reacting with a little pelvic thrusting at this time as I knew this type of thing was also one of her ‘dark’ fantasies.

A little gentle tapping on the inside of her thighs was followed by the first smack upwards onto her covered cunt. A couple more followed and KK was soon writhing against her ropes with the result that the guy had to aim his whacks to ensure her pussy felt the full brunt.

After a few minutes of this her left leg was released and both legs were spread wide and tied to rings on the floor.

I absolutely loved the wide-eyed expression on KK’s face when the other guy appeared fully naked and with a hard-on which must have terrified her or made her cum by just looking at it.

He must have had a full 10 inches with a massive girth and swollen head. I think he was standing in front of her oiling it and stoking it up and down just for extra menace.

Even though her knickers were tiny the Lycra allowed them to be pulled down so that they were a few inches below her already spread pussy.

He walked around the back of her and placed his enormous cock under her so that he was able to rub the head and shaft over her spread lips.

She was loving it. Her head tilted back against his shoulder and I could tell she wanted it.

She got it when he bent his legs so that he positioned the head of his cock at the entrance to her glistening hole before very slowly entering her.

He toyed with her by fucking her with about 2 or 3 inches only before he stood and in 1 full push my wife KK took 10 inches of thick cock right up her spread wide cunt.

When his thickest part was fully inserted her lips were spread so wide that her clitoris just seemed to be begging for attention. One hand came around her and he pinched her clit so that she frigged back against him.

Up and down he went, getting faster and faster and taking KK very quickly to the brink before one mighty thrust and squeeze on her clit made her cum with a long drawn-out scream of pleasure.

She clearly wanted more but he withdrew and reached up to undo first the ropes on her wrists and then the ropes on her ankles.

The second man re-appeared, again naked and again with a cock that made the other one seem small. Must have been 2 inches longer and a full inch thicker.

There seemed to be some chat going on but KK was no longer been f***ed to do anything.

KK my slutty dirty bitch of a wife knelt down and spread her legs before placing her hands on the floor. Her ass pushed up, her head tilted back and her tongue flicking around her open mouth she looked like the slut I always knew she was.

The one who had already enjoyed her pussy knelt in front of her and lifted her head back further by grasping her hair. He moved his cock, still shiny with her own cum, to just in front of her mouth as her tongue reached eagerly for it.

The other lucky guy spread her ass cheeks and positioned his cock at her pussy entrance.

All this was taking place just in front of me and I could see how much she wanted them both.

Both men looked at each other and nodded slightly before both made a slow and steady push.

Her already fucked cunt seemed to be taking all his length but I was amazed as to how much she was taking in her mouth.

She has always been very good with her mouth but had never shown any inclination to take even my humble length, but I knew that would change from now on as I saw her taking more and more of it with each slow thrust.

She had a good 10 inches up her cunt from behind with at least 6 inches in her mouth when with a fierce shudder and bucking of her body she came again. Her orgasm lasted for ages as both men shot their hot cream into her with a last deeper push into her cunt and mouth.

Cum squeezed out of her mouth but I was so glad that he didn’t withdraw as I wanted her to swallow as she had never done for me.

Both kept pumping until they finally withdrew and KK lay on the floor, curled up and panting after the fucking of a lifetime. The session was finished off perfectly when she lay on her back obviously enjoying the moment with her eyes closed.

She just opened her legs a little allowing some of his cum to dribble out.

His timing was perfect as he took the opportunity to bring the leather strap down as hard as he could on her wet and sensitive labia making her scream and arch up. Wonderful and just what she was going to get off me in the future.

2 hours later, and we were both walking back to the hotel, with KK showered and unbelievably unaware, just as promised, of what she had just experienced she said,

“ My pussy feels very sensitive as though it needs a good hard fucking by a big cock, are you up for it ? “

We have been to Amsterdam twice since that night but I have never been able to find the guys who gave us both a night to remember.




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great story
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Wonderful! I am getting my passport and heading for Amsterdam.
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Great story:) Thanks for sharing