KK My Wife Gets Punished

KK My Slutty Wife Gets Punished

After making several videos with my wife KK and enjoying the comments from the guys about what they would do to her if they had the chance, I was looking for a way how I could persuade her to meet someone in a hotel.

The perfect opportunity arose when I needed to look at her e-mails while she was out. I wasn’t checking up on her as I had never had need so I was shocked when I saw an e-mail just came in from some guy saying

“ So glad you have decided to meet me at last. Let me know when your husband has left tomorrow and I will be there straight away to pick you up. Wear that sexy top you teasing me with and I will give you a night to remember. Can’t wait to suck on those lovely tits for the first time ”

So, the bitch was planning on seeing someone else was she?

I was due to be away working for the weekend but I soon could change those plans!

Pretending to be KK, I sent an e-mail back saying that I couldn’t make it after all but would be in touch soon. Then I deleted both e-mails and she was none the wiser; but I was.

I made a call of my own and waited for her to come home from work.

She looked so sexy when she got in and had been wearing all black gear with high heels and a tight dress. I gave her a kiss and fixed a drink before asking her if she would like to come away with me at the weekend. I explained I only had to work a couple of hours so we would have lots of time to ourselves.

What could she say? She didn’t about her other invitation so she accepted me.

The day afterwards we went to the apartment which I rented when I was away and I suggested we go out early for the evening.

She agreed but said she would like a shower after our journey. As soon as the water was running I made another call.

When she came out she began to get ready. After the make-up came the underwear. Stockings and a tiny pair of black knickers were followed on by a black skirt and a tight white blouse with buttons.

God she looked so good. “ Slip some high heels on and come on the bed with me” I said. She didn’t seem overly keen but obliged and lay down beside me.

I leant over to kiss her and gradually brought her hands so that they were above her head and together held gently by one of mine. Even though we had done this many times so just struggled a little when I looped a rope around her wrists in a figure of eight and fed it through the framework of the bed-head.

Time to tell her.

When I said, “ you, my little slut wife, had something else planned for the weekend didn’t you? “ When I mentioned this guy’s name and what the e-mail had said her face told me what I already knew.

I reached under the pillow and pulled out the ball gag I had been saving but had not yet used on her. She had never really liked the idea of a gag and pulled on the ropes round her wrists.

I think she was about to give me some sort of explanation when I worked the ball into her mouth, turned her head and buckled it at the back

“ Now then KK, anytime now, there’s going to be a knock at the door. I have chosen a special visitor who has been enjoying our videos for a while now and who has agreed to help me teach you a lesson ” This resulted in more struggling against the ropes which was just perfect.

Right on cue, the knock on the door came and was met by more struggling.

“ This is my wife KK in the flesh and ready for her punishment. Let me set the camera up and then you can impress me “

Then I turned to KK and said “ You see, my darling, I have told him what to do and he has come up with some suggestions of his own, I have given you to him and I mean all of you “.

Our visitor, who I shall call Tom, impressed me straight away when he placed his bag on the bed and unzipped it. Out came more rope, a short leather strap, a Magic Wand and best of all an Electrosex box.

I had always enjoyed making KK struggle so knew I was in for a treat.

Tom sat on the bed and held KK’s ankle while she tried to shy away from him. He placed a rope around the ankle and then went slowly around the bed to do the same to the other one. She was quite still now and obviously knew there was no point struggling any more.

He looked at her and asked “ would you like to know what I am going to do to you first of all? ” to which she gave a slight nod of the head.

“ I am going to spank your ass now and I am going to carry on doing it until you nod your head when I ask if you would like me to put this leather strap across your tits. That will carry on until you let me know that your pussy is ready for the strap “

Next, he turned her over so she was face down and then lifted some large firm side cushions of a couch nearby.

“Be a good girl and lift up so I can get these under you” After a while she was bent over the cushions and had her ass pushed up.

“ Now, let’s see what you have for me “ Tom said as he undid the button and zip on her skirt before very slowly bringing it down over her ass and then legs.

“ Show me how wide you can get your legs and then I will show you how wide I can get them “

As KK spread her ankles he encouraged her with little pulls on the ankles ropes until she was as spread as I have ever seen her.

Next he tied the ropes and she was ready.

She was spread so wide that her tiny black knickers barely covered either of her holes but just enough to hide her clit and labia which Tom was now stoking so gently with just 1 finger.

Standing at the side of the bed with KK looking sideways at him he picked up the leather strap and stroked he ass cheeks with it. She squirmed as he tapped he ass gently with it.

Then. He brought it down on one cheek so hard that I saw all 4 ropes holding her tighten.

“ You can 10 smacks on each cheek and then I will ask the question “.

My cock was nearly exploding and I was desperate to wank but I was saving myself for her through after Tom had left.

After the 10 promised smacks KK’s ass was a lovely shade of red when Tom asked “ Would you like me to treat your tits to some of this now or would you like another 20 smacks on each cheek? I can do it much harder as well if you like ”.

KK has lovely big tits so you can imagine how I felt when we both saw a little nod of the head.

“ Before we move you, I think I should introduce myself to your pussy “ he said as he pulled her knickers to 1 side. Her legs were spread so wide that her lips had opened and revealed a glistening shaven pussy. “ Naughty girl “ I thought. “ She’s enjoying it “.

Tom undid her ankles and the ropes at the bed-head and lifted her into a standing position against a door where he placed the wrist ropes over the top of the door and then closed it so she was stood with her back against it and with her hands over her head.

Next, he very slowly began to undo the blouse buttons until it was wide open.

A pair of scissors was produced from the bag and the bra shoulder straps were snipped.

A cut through the centre of the bra and her gorgeous tits were free.

Tom gently stroked KKs nipples until they responded, which never takes too long. When aroused, her nipples are the hardest I have ever felt so I couldn’t wait for what we all knew was coming next.

A strap stoking over her tits and the first smack landed. Her tits bounced away in protest and after 1 more smack she nodded her head vigorously.

“ You can’t want me to punish your cunt yet, can you ? I haven’t even offered that to you yet “

He raised the strap and smacked each tit about 10 times. The side smacks made them jiggle best of all but the 3 or 4 nipple smacks made them stand up as I had never seen them. Tom saw this too and tweaked them roughly as he said.

“ Would you like to spread your legs and have your cunt smacked or would you like another 20 smacks on each tit? But I will do it properly this time “.

Obviously, the nod of the head came so reluctantly but so inevitably.

Tom brought KKs hands down and told her to sit right on the bottom edge of the bed.

She didn’t seem keen until Tom promised her that he would start it all again if she didn’t do as she was told.

“ Now lie back, lift your ankles up and hold them with your hands “

So sexy when she did so and a black high heel shoe fell off only for Tom to place it gently back on her stocking foot.

Her wrists and ankles were then bound and extra ropes appeared which were tied around both wrist and ankle. Tom then brought the ropes up to the top of the bed and slowly pulled on one of them until first KKs left leg and then right leg were wide open and pulled up in the air.

“ Your husband tells me you have never felt electricity on your cunt before but don’t worry, you will soon “

When you have had enough of me smacking your dirty cunt let me know and I will give you your first Electro orgasm.

With this he unbuckled her gag. “ I can soon put this back on so not too much noise please. Just tell me when you want me to buzz your cunt “.

A gentle smack full on the labia was followed by a whack on her clitoris which seemed to swell straight away. A couple more of these and KK asked if Tom would stop.

“ But you are now my sub so I need you to ask me nicely and beg for it. Let me persuade you with a couple more pussy smacks “.

“ Please make me come “. She moaned. “ Fuck my cunt with anything you have “.

Tom knelt between her legs and gently pushed the hood back off her swollen clit. He placed a small crocodile clip on her exposed pink clit which made her jump. Next a wire was attached to the clip and then to the control box.

“ This would make you come straight away on its own but I think your wet pussy needs some attention too, don’t’ you “

“ Yes “ she whispered in a low moan which told me she was very turned on.

Tom slid a small dildo into her cunt which made KK contract and tighten as she gripped with her desperate cunt. The wires from the dildo when to the control box connections.

“ This is going to make you come very, very quickly, So fast in fact that I think you will need a second orgasm straight away “.

KK had always been hyper-sensitive after she had come and I had made sure Tom knew this.

“ Your husband tells me you may need a little more restraint “ said Tom as he buckled wide straps around the tops of her thighs.

When he had tied the thigh straps over the bed and spread her even wider all he said was.

“ Enjoy “

The control box was switched on and KK jerked as she felt the first surge.

Tom turned the power to the second setting and then the third and KK started moaning louder and louder.

Tom said “ You are going to come KK with the setting on number 3. Imagine what your pussy is going to feel like when I turn to number 10.

She came straight away in the loudest way I have ever heard.

Tom turned the power down to the lowest level just to keep her going and then knelt between her legs again.

A Vaseline finger pushed against her puckered ass hole which offered no resistance as it slid in.

After a minute of working her ass Tom stood and took out his cock.

“ Now then “. He said as put his hand on the control box. “ Are you going to enjoy another orgasm while I enjoy your tight little ass ? Top setting this time. If you beg me that is. “

“ Oh God. Please, please, please. Fuck my ass. “

The end (but maybe not for 1 of you readers ! )

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2 years ago
lucky slut!!
2 years ago
Loved the story, would love to see the whole sequence on video too! KK looks amazing in the outfits. Thanks for the erotic reads.
3 years ago
very hot!
3 years ago
Dame hot story would love to here more of it:)
3 years ago
Good start. Can't wait to read the next installment.