My Wife KK Learns Some Lessons

My Wife KK Learns Some Lessons

My wife KK and I had been progressing towards this night for some time now and didn’t really know how to behave towards each other now that the night had actually arrived.

We were in a hotel room and in about an hour a man was due to arrive to spank and fuck her whilst I was tied up and helpless. This wasn’t just any man either, he had been chosen because of his preferences for spanking hard and for what he had said he would do to her. A thick 10” cock seemed to impress her too.

The best part about all of this is that it was my wife’s idea and she had really fired him up when she had spoken to him on the ‘phone last night and told him she ‘liked her spankings hard and rough’. I honestly don’t know where that came from as I had only ever playfully smacked her ass and tits and so I was sure she didn’t really know what she was letting herself in for.

As the hour approached we were both apprehensive to say the least, and so much so that I had been asking her all day if she was sure she wanted to go through with it.

She was sat on the bed adjusting the suspenders on her stockings and if I say so myself, she looked as sexy as hell wearing a white buttoned blouse with no bra, black skirt with high heels completing the sexy secretary look.

Bang on time, there was knock on the door.

“Shall I open it?” I asked to which she nodded very slightly. Good enough for me!

For the purposes of the tale, he did not have a name.

He came in carrying a small hold-all and I closed the door and locked it.

“Nice to meet up with you at last KK, are you ready for some fun?”

“I, I think so” she said very quietly. “Well then” he replied “Shall we make sure hubby is not going to interrupt us? With that comment he took 4 leather straps with buckles out of his holdall and gestured for me to sit in a chair near the bottom of the bed.

“Now drop that skirt and tie him up but make sure you keep your legs straight when you bend down. I want to have a good look at that ass”.

I was so excited and enjoyed seeing the slight look of fear on her face as she lowered her skirt to the floor. “No going back now sweetheart” I thought to myself as once again I was so relieved she had spoken to him herself on the telephone.

After she had tied my wrists to the chair arms she stood in front of me and slowly bent over to work on my ankles making sure her ass was pushed up for inspection with only a tiny pair of red knickers covering her pussy.

“Now it is your turn, but believe me you are going to need a lot more restraint to stop you struggling free”

He placed an upright chair in front of me with its back facing me before saying “Now be a good girl, kneel on it and bend over the back. “Put your hands on the arms of his chair”.

This meant that she was kneeling down on the chair but bending slightly over the back so she was facing me with her hands resting next to mine.

“Now keep still” he said as he first secured one wrist to the arm of my chair and then the other before taking a wide leather strap and putting it around her thigh,, just above the knee and then through the back of her chair, tightening it so her leg moved open.

When he secured her other leg she was knelt on the chair with her knees about 2 feet apart.

“One more thing for you both. I don’t mind listening to some sobs and whimpers but I don’t want any begging or threats from your hubby. You asked for this remember. Hard and rough, you said”

2 ball gags appeared and were quickly placed in our mouths, along with a blindfold for KK before he said

“You are going to see your wife being beaten and fucked and there is not a fucking thing you can do about it even if you wanted to” There was no way I would have anything about it anyway as my cock was almost bursting and I couldn’t wait for it to begin.

“I hope you are ready for this, bitch, because I I am going to ripen those big tits first”

He reached under her and undid the top 2 buttons of her blouse before reaching in and one by one pulling her tits free. As he did so he gave each of her nipples a fierce twist so they stood up on end immediately and made her shudder.

The blouse was tight so her tits were squeezed together as she was f***ed to lean forward slightly.

He took a paddle about 18 inches long out of his bag and stood next to her. What a sight before my eyes. Perfect !!

He brought the paddle back and slapped it against one of my wife’s perfect 36 DD size tits so hard that she arched backwards just as he smacked her other shaking breast.

He let her settle after that while I admired the big red marks already appearing.

“Just so you know, I am going to give you 20 strokes on each breast, so hang on tight lady”.

40 smacks in all took about 10 minutes and by the time he had finished, apart from the fact that I had nearly come, her lovely tits were red and swollen and her nipples were massive and a deep purple colour. He winked at me before roughly tweaking each nipple in turn.

He was stoking her bottom now and rubbing her pussy through her knickers with the edge of the paddle.

“I think 20 or 30 smacks should do for starters”.

Hard smack after hard smack was aimed in turn on each buttock and I lost count at 40!

“Now if you want to be a good girl and push your pussy up for me I will give that a treat too”

A couple more extra hard whacks on her tits persuaded her to arch her back so her cunt pushed out invitingly. With 2 fingers he slowly peeled her knickers down to reveal her pink shaven lips.

“Tasty, I’m sure, but I think I’ll check. I always like to make my bitches come when I am half-way through with the punishment and anyway, a wet and sensitive pussy is much more fun to spank. Would you agree KK?”

“I said ‘would you agree KK’” and squeezed one of her swollen nipples. She nodded furiously and again he winked at me. “I think I will take your gag off but don’t worry I can soon replace it if you get a little noisy and besides I need you to tell me what you would like”

Next, he knelt down behind her and leant forward until his tongue was buried in her cunt and he was licking between her lips fast and hard. He had a hand around her and was flicking and rubbing her already erect clitoris until before very long at all she began moaning before a series of spasms resulted in an orgasm which seemed to last for ages and left her panting.

“Did you enjoy that, lady?” he asked and she nodded in reply.

“Now if you ask me nicely I will whip your pussy. Go on, ask me nicely?”

As you would expect, she didn’t reply so he again took hold of a nipple and said “It’s your choice, It’s the gag and 50 pussy smacks or without and 20. Now go on, ask me nicely and call me Master”

Eventually, after another hard tweak and twist she said softly “Please Master, please whip my dirty cunt. Please whip it hard”

“As you wish. What would you like me to use on you?” he said as he showed her a leather strap about a foot long and a cane.

“The strap please” she whispered.

“Now as I was examining your backside it seems to me that your asshole has never been reamed as it looks so tight. Is that true?”

“Yes. Please don’t. Please”.

“Sorry, but you are going to be fucked in the ass. Now would you like it rough or as gentle as I can be. And don’t forget to ask me nicely”

“Please Master” she panted “Please fuck me in the ass but be gentle”

“Of course. Don’t worry, I will open you up nicely before you take my full 10 inches”.

With that he took out a roll of very wide adhesive tape and tore a long strip off which he pressed on one of her buttocks before pulling it and attaching the other end to the chair upright. When he had done the other side her ass was as spread as it had ever been.

“That should do. All we need now is to open it up a little more.” With that he took out a black butt plug about 2 inches in diameter and squirted some sort of lubricant on it before dripping some on her ass.

Her ass had been spread to such an extent that her actual hole was opened a little which was enough to insert the taper of the plug.

“Now relax and take it” as he slowly worked it around until with a sudden acceptance and a body shudder her virgin sphincter accepted it.

“Now to whip that cunt. Grip those ass muscles and tell me when it wants fucking but ask me nicely”

My god! Her face as he brought the leather strap up hard between her legs onto her sensitive labia was a treat and I could feel my cock swelling even more.

“Please, fuck me. Fuck me Master. Fuck my ass”

“Dear dear. Not yet. The deal was 20 smacks wasn’t it. Do you need the gag again?”

She shook her head and he said “Good, now keep it quiet as this is the part I love doing most”

She looked as if she was going to faint as he delivered smack after smack until on the 20th hit she shouted “Now PLEASE fuck my dirty ass with your big cock”.

“As you wish but I think it is only fair that hubby joins in the fun”.

With that he undid my jeans and worked them down. Can’t say I enjoyed that bit but I was pretty sure I would enjoy the next!

“You are going to bend further and take his cock in your throat until you tongue is tickling his balls. You are going to take his cum deep into your throat aren’t you?

“Yes Master, Yes”.

With that she leant further and sucked my cock into her mouth.

Now I only have about 7 inches but it had never been past half-way into her mouth before even though she does suck very well (see the video on my profile) but she readily gobbled it in further.

Behind her, he had taken his massive dick out and had already wanked it up with lubricant so that it glistened.

“He stood behind her and said ”Jesus, I haven’t ass fucked a virgin for ages. You are going to feel this lady”

In one movement he positioned the head of his cock next to her asshole and slowly pulled the butt plug out, quickly swopping the plug for his glans before her hole tightened shut.

“Now get that fucking cock into your throat, you dirty little bitch”

He placed his hands on her buttocks and leant in a little so his cock crept in more and more with each gentle withdrawal and thrust. As he was doing this he was dripping lubricant on her until eventually he was fucking her with nearly his full length.

When I shot my load into her, she gagged as it was right into her throat. I thought that was it but when he saw I had finished he simply said “Good. My turn”

He withdrew from her and went into the bathroom to clean himself which I must confess was thoughtful of him !

When he came back, KK was upright and catching her breath when he pulled her head down and to the side before saying “You don’t know what deep throat is until you have had this”

“Now open wide and tongue out flat”

He placed his cock onto her tongue and got hold of her hair.

I simply could not believe how that much cock went into that small mouth but it did until with a long groan he shot into her so much that it spurted out of the corner of her mouth.

“Now kneel up and look at your husband and tell him nicely that he is the Master and you need your ass and a deep throat fucking at least once a week and a visit by me again if you don’t behave yourself”

It worked. And a few months later she still calls me Master whenever I bring the chair into the bedroom !!



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Excellent Story, would like to do this in real an visit you.