MUST READ!! A contract my ex gf wrote me a while

Dear Master,

I was very self-centered and acted in an immature way in which you would never tolerate. I know I will be punished for my actions and knowing that you will not think twice as you grab me by the hair and drag me up onto your knees, I flinch, as you raise your hand and leave welts on my ass. You have impure thoughts that must be fulfilled and should not have to be teased by a whore like myself. I must surrender myself to you.

I am at a ripe age and I agree master. I know that such a young sexual woman like me, at the age of twenty two wants to act out. When I awake, my thoughts are of you. When I lay to sl**p, I try to not feel the pressure of the bed push against my clitoris for I immediately think of you. As I work out, I am unable to sit on a seat for I have sexual urges to want to cum while I think of your body. Though you are not physically by my side, the thought of you teases me. For this, I rub my clit as hard and fast as I can anywhere where I can obtain full privacy. But only to have minimal results and have left my pussy raw.

If you believe I must be punished for pleasuring myself, I will ask for forgiveness many times over, but will accept the harsh discipline that you will put forth nonetheless.

My body is not my own but is yours to use. You are to enjoy what God has provided for you and that is my body and you will enjoy it to the max. I know you will push past the envelope but as I write this, I enjoy the many surprises you have in store for me.

You have made me think such thoughts that I cannot rub my tight wet pussy without thinking about pain. Gagging on your delicious blessed cock the first time ever sent chills down my spine as you plowed through my cum filled mouth. The strong grasp of your strong arms and the constant tugging brought tears to my eyes. I knew I loved you as soon as you blew your load in me and grinned.

I need to be controlled. I must admit I will be reckless because of my carefree ways prior to meeting you. I am a strong willed woman and will make irrational statements from time to time and you will shut me up. Like the saying, foot to mouth well… cock to mouth.

I am to never seek for satisfaction and if I were to ever deny an action that you have ordered, you will humiliate me.

I would never allow myself to live if you were to leave me. I find comfort in knowing that the pain you put upon me is for my benefit to never ever step outside the tiny frame you have put me in. I understand that you will love me and nurture me and will treat me the way I should be treated and at times not so well. But I beg you to teach me a lesson that I will never forget. I beg you to lead an example of how his woman should behave.

I know I have now endangered myself and this excites me. I am willing to accept this consensual sexual agreement and will succumb to you always and forever no matter what. Master , you are my one and only owner, physically and spiritually.

Your ( deleted the name for privacy)

100% (3/0)
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