A priest blesses a couple for their wedding. The next day the priest meets the wife in the shopping center alone. He asked "Where is your husband?", and she replied i left him back home because he prefers to watch TV sports.
The priest asked again, are you going back to him sooner or later? The wife said yes, i can't leave without him.
The priest looked and smiled in a funny way just to say "You get married one day, leave your spouse next, try to get back to fuck your spouse and possibly do that all over again".
That is why as a priest, the nun to stay committed to whatever i want from spiritual to personal needs which is my favorite.
Since you left your husband, you could join the nuns and i'll show you what i got. The wife smiled and said, you can show me right now for preview. The priest showed his body as naked and all the entire wife could say is, count me in whenever you need my service, here is my body and number as she goes naked.
She couldn't say no.
Is the priest that handsome or is it his cute or big dick which opens the way to say yes or she just couldn't hang on the old dick. Maybe she just want it all because at the end of the day, the pussy will only take many dicks with the help of external oil unlike a dick which cums and have to be prepared for the next cum load.

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