Using and abusing My Mother in Law Jean

My Mother in Law Jean is 68 years old,, Over the last few years she has developed altzimers.. I have always been attracted to her,, She was a very nice looking woman .. In younger days she had black hair and a slim figure... I have peeked in on her in the shower probably 5-6 times in times past..Beautiful body with huge aeroles..thick black pubic hair..Hummmmmm i have jacked off to her many times

When she first developed altzimers i felt bad but as time went on my fantasys would take over... Hummmmm she don't even know who i am at times,, don't remember anything,,, forgets to close her bedroom door.. has walked out of her room completely naked in front of anybody ,, don't even realize it..

My father in law visits us with her about once a month...We sort of take turns watching her .. Last time he and my wife asked if i could watch her while they went to another town to see his son,, my wifes b*****r... I of course said yess

Now you know my interests,,, from a previous story of d**gging her.. Im a sadist,,I like to watch a woman exposed,, embaressed,, humiliated,, and made to suffer..

When they left i locked the doors and pulled the d****s,,,I waited for about half an hour to make sure they would not come back unexpectidly..Then i got bold.. I started talking to Jean Asked her if she knew who i was,,, she wasn't sure..i reached over and touched her breast,, she didn't move just stared,, i unbuttoned her blouse and exposed her white bra,,, she tried to pull the blouse together ..Hummm i got bolder...i showed her pics i took the time i d**gged her,,stripped her hung her on the boger swing,,,, tied her naked to the bed..She seemed confused,,, unable to comprehend... But seeemed distressed,,, embaressed, humiliated,,, even afraid..This all excited me,,,I wanted it to last,,, reduce her to a object..

I made her stand up and i removed her blouse,, bra,, and slacks,, then pulled her pantys off ..I made her stand like this completely naked.. as i photographed her..

MMM i was liking this,,, she looked embaressed,,,her face was red,,, i tied her wrists behind her back so she couldn't cover herself...I told her i would show them to her husband.. She said you bastard,,, I slapped her face hard she staggered... and started to cry... GOD i got hot ...I wanted this to last..

I made her sit in a chair.. i thed her legs to the legs of the chair pulled back to the back chair legs.. and her arms behind her back...

I took out hemastats which are medical clamps that clamp shut.. and showed them to her.. she seemed confused... I openned one and put it over her NIPPLE.. and clamped it shut...GOD did she react her head reared back and she yelled this inhuman sound..Her face was in a contorted grimice...i was hard as helll..
I took another hemastat and put it over her other NIPPLE.. and clamped it shut also she arched and yelled out.. Oh my god i was making her suffer...hummmmmm
I want to keep her like this,,,, how long GOD i was hot i pulled out my hard cock and grabbed her hair.. I yelled open your mouth open your mouth and i will take the clamps off.... she openned her mouth and i put my cock in my mother in laws mouth,, on her tongue and f***ed it down her throat... she gagged on it and i exploded in her throat.. shooting my cum down her throat....

I unclamped her nipples untied her and got her dressed.... God i was hot,, she was confused and didn't make sense... she went to sl**p in the recliner and i sat and dreamed about what else i wanted to do.............

If you like this kind of story,,, let me know,,, there is lots i can do..
Remember its all fantasy,,
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3 years ago
I Have Never Had A Negative Comment To Leave Regarding Stories Or Photos But Bro Please Get Some Help That's Called Elder Abuse
My Only Hope (unless this is All Fantasy) That You Come Down With Some Debilitating Disease That Paralyzes Or Leaves You In A Semi Vegetative State
And End Up With Some Sadistic Sick Fuck Taking Care Of You
Shame The Fuck On You Man
Even If It Is A Fantasy
3 years ago
Your sick to take advantage of someone with alstimers.
3 years ago
As bad as it sounds, I know the urge. I know an older, disabled woman I'd love to do that and worse to - just thinking about it gets me hard...
4 years ago
i think your great even a god keep it up add me as a freind and thanks again
4 years ago
4 years ago
Nice fantasy,,, like to hear more,, you guys that didn't like it well its only fantasy
4 years ago
I concur with jim TN. Nasty!!
4 years ago
i think your fantasy could very easily end up a reality which should land you in prison for the rest of your life.