My attempt to get Chloe 'Mafia' Khan wet

It's just a scenario I'd like to share, on the off chance that Chloe reads this and gets soaking wet, ends up fucking herself to orgasm with her favourite toy and decides to put words in to action :D

It's another quiet night in at the hotel, working away from home isn't always as much fun as I would like but that's life I guess. I logged on to the best porn site around (three cheers for Xham) and came across a profile with what can only be described as a slutty angel in the picture. My jaw dropped and my cock stood to attention as I read her profile, not only was she gorgeous but she was a self confessed slut and proud of it. In all of my wildest dreams that is the one thing that is constant, a genuine cock loving cum addicted slut. I thought what the hell and sent her a message, I can't remember exactly what it said but I do recall leaving my room number at the hotel as a joke as I was a little stoned at the time, I mean I had to be to think that I could get a woman like her.

It must have been a couple of hours later whilst lying in bed and wanking over some of the porn on here when I heard a knock at the door, it was strange as the volume was low and i'm not a noisy wanker. I walked over to the door looked through the spyhole and had to do a double take, it was Chloe stood there in the shortest skirt I have seen with her breasts barely contained by the top she had on. I fumbled at the locks and before I could utter a word she put her finger against my lips and pushed me backwards into the room until i reached the bed where she told to me sit down and to not speak.

There was never a question of me talking, I was speechless that she was there. She looked at my laptop and smiled "Have you been wanking over my pictures?" she asked, I tried to respond but there was no sound coming from my mouth. "My pictures are great but they don't compare to the real thing hun" she said as she walked over standing in front of me. She grabbed my hands and ran them up her body starting at her petite waist, moving up and around her massive chest running my fingers over her hard nipples. I couldnt believe what was happening, it was like a dream but i soon realised it wasnt as she slapped me across the face and pushed me down on the bed.

As I lay there with my erect cock standing tall she told me not to move or to look over, as difficult as it was i obeyed even though she was stripping down naked no more than 2 feet away from me. she climbed on to the bed and stood over me, I almost felt like cumming there and then seeing her perfect body naked in front of me. Without warning she stood over my face and then sat on it, her pussy smothering my mouth and her thighs pressed against my ears. "You're going to make me cum before you get to fuck me" she said as she started gyrating her hips and fucking my face. My tongue couldnt wait to get out and taste her sweet pussy, darting in and out of her cunt each time it had the opportunity. I could just about hear her moans with her thighs pressed against my ears but somehow i managed to hear her say concentrate on my clit to which i duly obliged. I have no idea how long she rode my face for and to be honest i couldnt care less as the next thing I know she lifted slightly but only to turn around and sit on me again. This time was different though as she was facing away and she now had my cock in her hand. "I bet you'd love me to suck your cock wouldnt you babe?" I nodded as I continued to lick at her soaking wet pussy, she laughed and replied "ok baby but only after you give my ass a good tongue fucking too". How on earth could i resist such an offer, I went to grab her ass with my hands so I could pull her cheeks apart and really work my way in there, but she didnt let me. As she sat back my nose was buried deep in her ass crack as my tongue flicked around her tight bum hole, it was getting harder to breath but I wasn't going to stop for anything.

I must have done a good job as she started moaning and her legs trembled as she began to cum. I felt like a right stud. Chloe then leaned forward and I could feel her warm breath on the head of my throbbing cock. As her hand moved slowly up and down the length of my dick she spat on the end of it to give it some extra lube before she expertly wrapped her lips around it and made it disappear to the back of her throat. My body shuddered as her warm wet mouth slid down my cock and i responded by sucking and nibbling on her clit. I wasnt going to last long the way she was sucking and I think she knew it as she climbed off my face which was dripping with her juices and worked her way down the bed.

Chloe still had her back to me as she lowered herself onto my cock, it slipped straight in thanks to her sloppy blowjob and my pussy eating, and within no time at all she worked up the pace until she was bouncing up and down making the bed creek and jolt each time she landed. After several minutes of that she leaned backwards placing her hands beside her to fuck in reverse cowgirl, it was at this point I decided to try my luck and I ran my hands over her body and grabbed her tits, squeezing them hard and rubbing and pinching her nipples, she moaned with pleasure as I did. I then went a step further and ran my right hand up towards her mouth and she started sucking on my fingers as I continued fucking her. My left hand then made its way between her legs and started rubbing her clit as she continued to ride my cock, it must have felt good for her as she started getting louder telling me that she felt like she was going to cum again.

Now i'm all for being a gentleman and letting the woman cum first but letting her cum twice before me??? not tonight. I took my right hand and then wrapped it around her throat, gently squeezing until she started to gasp for a breath. I whispered in her ear that it was my turn to have some fun with her and that she's about to be fucked like the dirty little slut she loves being. I released my grip from her neck and as she leaned forward to catch a breath I lifted her off my cock and threw her on the bed, I grabbed my tie from off the back of the chair and used it to tie her hands behind her back. She offered little resistance as the temptation to fuck like a true slut was too much for her to refuse and she just lay there face down on the bed as I tightened her restraints. I walked around to the side of the bed her head was laying and grabbed a fist full of hair and lifted her head, "Now its your turn to be quiet" I said with a smile knowing full well I was going to do everything to make her scream in delight. I released her hair and her head dropped back to the mattress, I walked around the bed again this time ending up by her feet, I grabbed both of her legs and practically pulled her clean off the bed. I spread her legs as she was bent over the bed and gave her pussy and ass another quick tongue fuck before teasing her with the end of my cock rubbing it along her pussy and her bum hole unsure of which I was going to fuck first. As i stood back to work out which hole to fuck my hand uncontrollably lifted and then came swinging down smacking her straight across the right ass cheek with an almighty crack and leaving an instant red mark. I'd never spanked anyone before and have no idea why I decided to start but it felt empowering, I quickly did the same to the other cheek with my other hand, SMACK. Chloe yelped in what I assume was pleasure as she lifted her ass higher into the air.

That's when I knew which hole I was going to fuck and I smacked her ass one last time however I think I did it a little harder than she expected as she screamed loudly. I was about to apologise to her but instead found myself yanking her head by the hair and telling her that I had warned her to be quiet. I then f***ed my cock into her mouth and fucked her face pulling her by the hair getting my cock deeper down her throat. She looked up at me as I fucked her throat almost as if she was trying to get me to cum so I pulled my dick out of her mouth and then lifted her back up by the throat. Squeezing around her neck making her unable to swallow the excess spit she had in her mouth, her face turning red and her body tightening up. "I warned you to be quiet, are you deaf you dumb slut?" I released her from the choke hold and bent her over the bed again.

I stood behind her and positioned my cock ready to fuck her dripping wet cunt again, as I slid my dick inside her I grabbed her arms which were still tied behind her back and used them as leverage to fuck her deeper. To this day I'm still not sure whether her moans and screams were from the fucking or the fact I might have pulled an arm out of joint, whichever it was it didnt stop us from fucking. "I'm now going to fuck your tight little ass" as quickly as I pulled out of her I rammed my cock right into her tight bum. It was a feeling like no other, it felt like my dick was being milked it gripped that tightly. I worked the rest of my length into her until my balls rested against her. Using my right hand I started spanking her ass cheeks, first the left then the right, all the while my cock buried nuts deep inside it and not moving. It wasnt long before chloe started moaning and begging to be fucked. I gave one final smack across her bright red cheeks before grabbing her hips and fucking her like it was going to be my last night on earth. Instantly she started screaming and moaning her ass getting tighter as she started to cum again and I wasnt far behind at all, my legs went weak and with one final thrust I emptied my cum into the depths of her ass, spurt after spurt it kept going and going. I had never cum so much in one go before and I doubt i will ever again. As my cock slid out of her bum it was followed by a torrent of cum, it dripped down her thighs onto the floor.

I released her arms from the restraints and grabbed her by the hair again pulling her in close and kissing her passionately our tongues exploring each others mouths, then I pulled her away again and told her that anytime she wants to feel used and treated like the slut she dreams of being to come and visit again but now she needs to get dressed and get the fuck out as I have work in the morning.........

Well hope you enjoyed reading it all, and Chloe if you're up for it you know where to find me ;)

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1 year ago
Oh my God, that was amazing. This HAS to happen ;)