The Wedding Night

The Wedding Night

“I will always love you” by Whitney Houston rang out around the room and the dance floor was packed…..mainly with women! The bride and groom were locked in a passionate embrace occupying the centre of the floor and surrounded by small groups of predominantly women with the odd booze laden bloke doing his best to keep pace! I was sitting at our table looking onto the dance floor and my gaze soon became focussed on my missus dancing with her Aunty Mandy near to the front of the floor. With their arms d****d around each other I remember wishing to myself that if only they weren’t related - seeing Gemma dancing slowly with another woman was pretty sexy to say the very least! My missus was wearing a long navy blue tight fitted dress that clung to her body with an opening showing her cleavage. Briefly, the thoughts of Gemma and someone else ‘together’ filled my mind, but all too soon they were both back sitting at the table.

It was late evening and being slightly tipsy, I really couldn’t wait to go up to our room. The entire 22 rooms in the hotel were all booked for the wedding guests. Earlier in the day just after checking-in Gemma and I had taken our things up to our room, which was a double with en-suite with a bath and shower unit.
Gemma leaned towards me telling me she was going to the ‘ladies’ then outside for a cigarette.
She returned about 15 to 20 minutes later saying that she’d been talking to Rachel outside.

All too soon the end of the evening was approaching and with the majority of the guests boarding the minibus’s for home the large function room was almost deserted. My missus and I decided to have a last cigarette outside and then head up to our room. Gemma smoked hers in next to no time at all before saying that she was going on up to the room because she was freezing cold. She told me to take my time and not to rush.
I watched her walk back through the large conservatory and into the lobby before disappearing out of view. I quickly lit another cigarette and sat on the wooden bench taking in the stunning night time views of the twinkling lights far into the distance. I was there for about 10 minutes before finally making my way up to the room. I quietly tapped on the door of our room, but there was no answer. I tried several more times, but still my missus didn’t answer.

With it now being in the early hours of the morning everything was perfectly silent. Gemma couldn’t have fallen asl**p that quickly surely?
I slumped against the foot of the door thinking that she may be in one of the other rooms either side of ours that her close f****y were staying in.
Every now and again I would hear people laughing and mumbling in the other rooms, making the idea that she was having a last drink with f****y all the more plausible. Thinking that one of the doors would soon open and my missus appearing relaxed me as I tried to get a little more comfortable on the floor with my back against the door!
I was soon struggling to stay awake and once or twice I’m sure I nearly dropped-off as my eyelids fell shut!
The main lights on the landing went off plunging the corridor into momentarily darkness as my eyes adjusted to the dimmer lamps along the landing. I remember thinking it must be getting really late now as I remained slumped against the door.
I soon began to ‘nod-off’ again until the sound of a muffled ‘thump’ caught my attention. Gradually the ‘thump’ became more frequent and more audible and noticeably more rapid. It was soon quite obvious what the noise was. I assumed for some reason that it was emanating from the room next to ours…..which was someone else’s.
The minutes ticked by as I listened to someone else shagging. They were really going for it for easily 20 minutes or so….making me really horny in the process!
I then got to my feet and tried both the handles on our door at the same time - I’d forgotten about it earlier!!!
To my relief I quietly pushed open the door before gently closing it behind me. I stood in silence for a few seconds to see if I could still hear whoever it was fucking next door.
Suddenly out of the quietness I heard my missus whispering “I want your hard dick in my mouth again”!!!
My body went stiff as I froze to the spot at what I’d just heard. Then, following some movement on the bed I heard ‘kissing’ noises followed by ‘sucking’ and ‘slurping’ sounds.
I knew instantly that it was Gemma sucking someone off! I couldn’t believe it!!! It was evident that she’d not heard me coming in. She then said, “mmm get it back in there then”, followed shortly by, “mmm yeah……push it right up me babe”, then, “Oooh yeah….get it in me”.
There was then a bit of movement on the bed so I inched myself forwards towards the bedroom. There was no door to the bedroom, just the short passage that opened into the bedroom. I got to the corner and quietly and carefully peeped around. The first thing I noticed was my missus long navy dress on the floor with her silver strappy heels next to it. My eyes quickly glanced up to the double bed. There was a man kneeling on the bed between my missus legs facing the headboard! Gemma’s legs were wrapped around his waist and she was led on her back. I pulled my head back round the corner out of sight and just stood there listening to my missus being fucked by another man. My legs were like jelly!

As I stood there frozen to the spot it gradually dawned on me that it wasn’t someone else I had heard when I was sat outside the door, but it was actually my missus and this man!
The bed was now making quite a noise, bumping and creaking with the odd ‘thud’ of the wooden headboard bumping against the wall. Gemma didn’t seem at all bothered by the noise they were making,- probably due to the fact that we’d been drinking all day long and we were pretty much pissed! I quietly shuffled back towards the door and laid my jacket on the floor and as I was unbuttoning my shirt I suddenly remembered the conversation Gemma and I had had earlier in the evening as we stood outside having a fag. I remember saying about all the looks she’d been getting from male guests throughout the day and how she had giggled when I said it.
She looked absolutely stunning and she knew it too. She had all the make-up on, her hair was pinned up and styled especially for the occasion and her long navy blue dress clung to her figure as it fell to the floor. She looked perfect and I could totally understand all the male attention she’d been getting. As we finished our fag and were walking back through the hotel I remembered jokingly saying that I’d go up to our room and she had to go and ’pull’ somebody and bring them up to our room for a threesome! It was a fantasy I’d had for a while and Gemma was well aware of it too.
I had now taken my shirt off and undone my trousers. I slipped my feet out of my slip-on shoes and gently lowered my trousers to the floor carefully stepping out of them. I crept back to the corner and peeped around once again.
This time I watched as my missus got to her knees and he led out on the bed. Gemma still had her new little nude coloured g-string on. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing as she arched over and began ’going-down’ on him - even though he’d just had his dick in her pussy! It felt really strange spying on my missus, but it was also such a big turn-on too!
I gradually became more confident and inched myself further around the corner towards the bed. I was almost right behind Gemma and seeing her from behind on her hands and knees in just a very skimpy little g-string giving another man oral sex blew my mind! She was loving it! I was loving it too!
She sucked his cock for quite a while before suddenly turning her body to face away from him. I’m almost certain she already knew I was going to be in front of her when she turned around because she wasn’t at all shocked or surprised with me standing in front of the bed totally naked with my cock in my hands! We just looked straight into each others eyes in a loving and sure kind of way. We were only about three feet away from each other now. Her pinned-up hair had fallen loose and her face was glowing red with a bead or two of perspiration streaming down her cheek. She then quietly whispered to me, “who said you could get your dick out?”
I gave her a smile and motioned for her to look as I slowly masturbated in front of her.
“You’re so naughty” she whispered after briefly watching me.
My missus, still on her hands and knees, moved herself backwards on the bed until she was directly over this man. Her head was now just above his erect cock as we continued staring at each other. My missus continued looking into my eyes as she slowly lowered her head and once again took his hard cock into her mouth and began pleasuring him orally again.
Either side of the large double bed were little ‘tub’ chairs so I grabbed hold of one and pulled it in front of the bed. Sitting in the chair gave me a perfect view of the bed and my eye level was absolutely spot-on!
I quickly got comfy in the chair - stretching my legs out so my feet were just about resting on the crisp white bed sheet on the edge of the bed. I was in near darkness at the foot of the bed whilst two dimly lit small reading lamps fixed to the wall either side of the headboard threw a gentle seductive soft light just across the top half of the bed. It was just like a theatre with the bed being the stage under a gentle spot-light.
For the following couple of minutes I looked on watching as the guy and my missus move into the ‘69’ position less than three feet in front of me. The sight of Gemma sucking another mans cock was an incredible turn-on - I was so wet!
Surprisingly, she seemed to be enjoying sucking his dick and she looked like she couldn’t get enough of it!
His cock was covered in my missus saliva - she’d absolutely soaked him!
Raising her head up from his cock, Gemma began to softly thrust her hips backwards ensuring his tongue was in the correct place. My dick was so hard and wet as Gemma began ‘riding’ his face, I couldn’t help but start pleasuring myself.
It wasn’t too long before my missus was upright straddling his head in a sort of ‘reverse cowgirl’ position fucking his face.
She still hadn’t taken her knickers off yet choosing to just pull them over to one side instead.
Gemma was getting more and more aroused at the oral sex she was receiving, her nipples had become swollen and hard so I could tell she was really enjoying it.
I really can’t describe the feelings of watching your missus with another man…… surreal I guess.
Several minutes later Gemma has eased herself off his face. She whispered, “pass my little clutch bag off the floor please babe” to me.
I reached forward and grabbed the small silver bag from beneath her dress and handed it to her. My missus retrieved a small packet of condoms out of the little bag. They were the ones out of the vending machines in the downstairs toilets, three-pack of Durex ribbed condoms.
Gemma quickly opened the packet and took one out. Laying alongside him she then carefully tore open the foil packet and took out the white coloured condom. She then slowly unrolled it down the length of his erect dick.
The following thirty minutes I spent watching my missus and this man fucking each other. My own girlfriend of over sixteen years shagging someone else right in front of me…..and not behind my back for once!
She was unbelievable and nothing like she was when we had sex. Gemma was on top riding him for a good while before getting off and sucking his cock straightaway after her pussy had just been on it! As I sat in the chair watching my missus and this man having sex it suddenly occurred to me how big he was! I’m just about seven inches when fully hard and he was clearly bigger than me. As Gemma was sucking him off I could tell he was at least ten maybe eleven inches hard. This surprised me as I thought back to when Gemma was just on top riding him, and how she took his cock with such ease! For a few brief seconds I was quite amazed and stunned that my missus took his big dick into her pussy with such ease.
I quickly snapped out of my daze when I heard Gemma begin to moan as she was ‘going-down’ on him. She was on her knees beside him slowly sucking his cock up and down. I then noticed his hand was between her parted thighs and his fingers gently sliding along her shaven wet pussy before parting her pussy lips. (2,348)

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FUCK.....that was one hot story