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The Shed

I was a late developer in scheme of all things sexual, I didn't get a sniff till I was 17, when I was introduced to finger fucking by two old fellers who lived on our estate. My friend Jude told me about The Shed one night when I was pumping her for information on sex. She had a boyfriend who was 19, two years older than us.

He used to take her down the bottom of the fields near where we lived and wank himself off while she gave him a fanny show. It was the 70's, so the activities were quite innocent, nothing like these lucky youngsters these days who have got wank bank internet sites at their slippery fingertips, the lucky bastards. All we had were dodgy 70's porn mags that appeared and were passed round once in a blue moon. We got all our information about sex from each other.

Jude knew I was gagging for a bit of action, I'd had a sheltered upbringing and the only things that had been anywhere near my little fanny were my own fingers and an empty Tippex bottle that I used to jam up my hole to relieve the throb that I had on for 16 hours a day. That's oppression for you, it turns people into right dirty bastards who'll do just about anything to get their rocks off, myself included.

I didn't even know that girls were also at it with each other. I was gobsmaked when Jude told me that her and Joanne used to practice on each other. Joanne used to be the boy and stick a carrot down her knickers and turn up at Jude's with it stuck up her hairy fanny, ready to fuck Jude's slippery tight hole till it was sore. The thrill that she got walking through the estate to Jude's house was too much to bear, knowing that she'd have her bent over the blanket box with her knickers round her ankles. Jude would of course suck the carrot cock before she got fucked, usually starting with the end that had been up Joanne's cunt first.

So when Jude told me about The Shed, I was gagging to get over there for a bit of action.

Lenny and Alf were two dirty old bastards who used to spend all of their time up at the allotments. They' be on the cans all day, smoking Woodbines and fingering as many lasses as they could through a hole in the side of the shed. It was quite secluded, which added to the general horniness we all experienced.

The deal was, each girl would bend over, arse in the air, positioned with their cunts over the hole in the shed while Lenny & Alf took turns in fingering the fuck out of each little fanny that came over to the hole. Even the sight of the girls was enough to make my cunt burst open. Some would be wearing trousers that were pulled down round their ankles, legs spread, arse and fanny against the wood. The two dirty old bastards would even make the lasses wait a while, making their fanny's throb all the more with the expectation of what was going to get rammed up there.

My favourite were the girls who wore skirts, always tucked into the waistband while their little knickers were either round their ankles or knees, the horniest sight on the world for me, even o this day.

I'd watched one girl wait about 5 minutes while Lenny & Alf had a running commentary about what they were going to do to this girl. She was panting listening to these two dirty old bastards egging each other on. They eventually got stuck in, much to her relief. Her face twisted with pleasure as one of them stuck a small twig through the hole in the shed and rubbed it gently round her fannyhairs. They got her all horned up and told her to go to the back of the queue, nearly sending her over the edge, denying her an orgasm.

They mentioned me, the new girl, they grunted and slobbered telling everyone how much they loved a bit of fresh new fanny meat. They baby talked me over to the hole and told me to come over to the dirty window and lift up my top. They had their dicks out, telling me how hard I was making them, calling each other dirty bastards, egging each other on. This was so horny for me, I could hardly contain myself.

I was then told to stand in front of the hole, facing the side of the shed, not arse-first, as everyone else usually had to do. I had to tuck my skirt into the waistband and pull my knickers down. The got me to open my fannylips and stand there while they bent down and peeped through the hole. My cunt lips were throbbing as I heard their appreciative grunting and moaning. A dirty old finger came through the hole and started to prod and rub my clittypuss. They got me to slide my fanny over the finger as they wanked and pulled on their old balls. I could see the crooked old finger rubbing me and glistening in the sunlight.

I thought my fanny was going to explode, I needed something jammed up my hole to stop the ache. They knew this as well. They told me to go round the other side of the shed, where there was a much bigger hole, higher up the wood. It made me even more horny as I walked round with my knickers round my knees and my skirt still up, fanny throbbing, waiting for something hard to be rammed up me. I stood facing the shed and saw a long fat tongue appear through the hole and started wiggling around, slobbering for a bit of young fanny meat. I wanted to jump on it, my fanny was throbbing so much.

I positioned myself as close to the hole as I could while these two dirty old bastards licked me out. I could hear them wanking and groaning as they did the running commentary about my virgin little fanny. I heard how they would love to bend me over the table in the shed, one of them tounging my arse out while the other munched my hairy little cunt. The thought of this drove me wild.

After the tongue-fucking of my life, they invited me into the shed, I was a bit wary at first, but way too much on the throb to decline. I was bundled over Alf's lap while he smacked my arse for being naughty and wandering around with a wet throbbing fanny. Lenny stood behind me, dick hanging out of his trousers, tickling his balls while he watched Alf's fingers fuck my hole really hard. Alf pulled out and spread my fanny meat really wide with both of his nasty old hands. Lenny moved closer and rubbed his hairy old ball sack over my soaking wet fannylips, bucking his hips in a fucking motion. He was pushing one of his fat old balls round my fannyhole while Alf rubbed his thumb round my arse, dipping it in now and again so that my fannyhole twitched round Lenny's big fat ball. This drove him mental. He called me dirtygirl as my cunt throbbed round him and shot his wad up in the air as he could take no more. They both let out a cheer as the spunk hit the shed roof, the dirty bastards.

Lenny pulled me up onto my feet and told me to bend over and touch my toes. I dropped in a flash, the motion of bending over with my arse in the air pulled on my inner fannylips and I bent over as far as I could to stretch them out. Alf dropped to the floor and started to lick me out, drooling and biting my hairy fannylips, his chin stubble dragged over my lips and made me even wetter. Lenny moved in behind me and started rubbing his cock round me, sliding the length over my cunt lips and lit. He slapped his fat cock against me and rubbed his cock head round my gaping wet hole. Next thing I knew, I felt something hard and round sliding over my entrance. It was hard and slightly painful, but fucking lovely. I discovered it was a snooker ball. He eased it into my cunt hole and held it there. The delicious pain ripped through my cunt while Alf's tongue licked me hard. So my first proper orgasm ripped through me as the snooker ball jammed my hole and Lenny's thumb rammed right up my arse.

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