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The Shed

I was a late developer in scheme of all things sexual, I didn't get a sniff till I was 17, when I was introduced to finger fucking by two old fellers who lived on our estate. My friend Jude told me about The Shed one night when I was pumping her for information on sex. She had a boyfriend who was 19, two years older than us.

He used to take her down the bottom of the fields near where we lived and wank himself off while she gave him a fanny show. It was the 70's, so the activities were quite innocent, nothing like these lucky youngsters these days who have got wank bank internet sites at th... Continue»
Posted by grannyfanny 2 years ago

[Story] Brenda & Rube - Essex Grannies with Big Hairy

The two old girls who own the corner shop are a right dirty pair. I've known them for about 20 years. We often wondered if they were a pair of fannylickers, but they enjoy a bit of cock up their cuntyholes too much to bat for just the one side. Rube is about 63, she's got great big udders that spill out of her bra, fucking lovely they are. Brenda is a bit older and blonde with even bigger hangers. She likes to keep hers covered in tight t-shirts and tops , but makes up for it in the legs department. She likes to wear shorter skirts with her fuck me heels.

We live on a nice estate in Essex, ... Continue»
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[Story] Essex Granny - Throbbing Hairy Fanny

I took a job with a cleaning agency in Essex a couple of months ago. One of my clients Mrs Flanders was a well-off widow who lives a couple of miles away. I've been working for her twice a week now. She picks me up and drops me off, always slips a couple of extra quid in my wages, bless her.

She's a young 65 year old, tall, curvy with blonde hair, still good looking for a woman her age, she looks like she's lived a bit, not rough, but not too fluffy round the edges. When I fist saw her she reminded me of one of my housemistresses at school. I ended up telling her this, and boy has my fanny... Continue»
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