Sibling Rivalry - not any more

Somewhere in the distance I could hear voices, Mum and Dad talking, outside, it didn’t sink in at the time as I was just waking, then suddenly “Shit!” I thought”........ “Mum and Dad are back and I’m lying here with my cock in my twin Jodie’s ass” I panicked then realised Jodie wasn’t with me.
“What the……..?” I thought, not yet withn it. I jumped from Jodie’s bed, grabbed my clothes and went to my room. I got dressed and made my way downstairs. Jodie was in the kitchen preparing food. “It’s a good job one of us is a responsible person” Jodie said. “I woke about half an hour ago and came down to make lunch… like Mum told us to; you were so out of it I left you there, I was just coming to wake you. They’ve just pulled up, sounds like they’re arguing.”
“How’s your cock……?” she blurted out with a twinkle in her eyes. “Fine” I replied, “How about your pussy?” I asked.
“Still tingling” she smiled, “…..but not as much as my ass”. “It’s been amazing, it’s a shame we’re going back later”
“Would you want more of the same?” I asked.
“What do you think fuckwit?”
She looked at me “we’re not going to get a chance for any more with Mum and Dad around”
Mum and Dad came through the back door and into the kitchen, “Hi” we both said together.
“Hi” said Dad; nothing from Mum… she was obviously not happy about something.
Mum walked through the kitchen and headed upstairs; “What’s up Dad…………?”, “It’s ok” he replied, “we had a little disagreement about something. I’ll go and speak to her, let’s put lunch on hold for a while”
Dad headed upstairs after Mum. We heard their bedroom door open and close.
“I’m going up for a shower……..I can still smell you on me” I told Jodie. “I think I’ll do my packing too”
“Yeah, I’ll pack too;leave Mum and Dad for a while to sort things out”
As we went passed our parent’s room we could hear raised voices, we couldn’t make out what they were saying, it didn’t sound bad, but it was enough of an argument.
I went to my room and then to the shower, I finished up after about 15 minutes, wrapped a towel around my waist and headed back to my bedroom.
As I walked back I noticed it was quiet in my parent’s room, I listened at the door, nothing, I assumed they had gone back downstairs. Just as I turned to go to my room I heard a moan from behind the door. It was my Mum! I heard another groan and a deep sigh. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, I heard more moaning, this time from two people. “Fuck” I thought, “Mum and Dad are having sex". I wanted to move away, but was too fascinated, I could just make out the sound of my Mum breathing heavily. Just then Jodie came out of her room and saw me standing at our parent’s door; she had her short t-shirt on again.
I quickly put my finger to my lips to make her keep quiet, she said nothing, and moved in close behind me.
I looked at her and mouthed “Mum and Dad are doing it”, she looked at me and mouthed back, “Oh my God…you fucking pervert”, that said she leaned in closer behind me to listen.
We could hear more moans and sighs now especially from Mum. We then heard it go quiet, followed by a deep, lustful groan from Mum and Dad, followed by the sound of the mattress moving. They were obviously fucking now. Suddenly I felt Jodie putting her hand around me and inside my towel, she found her way to my cock, which I’m ashamed to say was hard at the sounds I was hearing. Jodie pressed her breasts against my back and went straight for it; masturbating me hard, “Shit” I gasped,then afraid my parents would hear me …………it was like an electric charge up my cock and into my stomach. Jodie was really pumping my cock. I reached back to find her pussy, she moved her pelvis forward and opened her legs for me. There was no finesse, I started rubbing her clit hard and fast. I felt her hot breath gasp against my back.
The sounds from inside the room were becoming more passionate, as were the actions outside. Getting really close to cumming from Jodie’s hand job I pulled away from her, turned and picked her up, wrapping her legs around me I walked her back to her room. We were up against her door, I had Jodie’s arms around my neck and legs wrapped around my waist,my cock head was pressing against her wet pussy . Before I could open the door Jodie shifted herself and my cock slipped into her, I pushed in deep, and Jodie gasped “Oh fuck…….” in my ear. “Don’t stop, fuck me please” she whispered. She was holding tight around my neck, I started thrusting up and into her; she matched my plunging cock with her own pelvic thrusts. I didn’t care that my parents were within feet of us, I just pumped and pumped into Jodie. Her breathing was getting faster and then suddenly “Fuck it Dan, fuck it I’m cumming already” she gasped in my ear. Her arms tightened on my neck, her legs tightened around my waist, and her pussy tightened on my cock. She arched back and shuddered as her orgasm exploded, I don’t know how she was able to keep quiet. She slowly stopped moving, I continued fucking her “Stop” she whispered. It was clear that she was listening for my parents. It had gone quiet
I pulled out of Jodie, my cock still huge and hard and put her down.
We both moved back to the door and listened, we could just make out a sound, it was a slurping sound, and the moaning started again, from them both, I think my Mum was sucking Dad off. I felt Jodie tremble, I looked at her and she made a gesture to me that was without doubt supposed to mean a blowjob.
She took my hand and led me back to her bedroom; hers was the furthest away from our parent’s room. This time we went in and closed the door behind us
She pulled my towel away; my cock was still hard, and dropped to her knees in front of me.
“We haven’t got a lot of time” she whispered as she buried my cock deep in her mouth, right to the back of her throat. “Mmmm” she moaned as she wrapped her hands around my ass and pulled me into her mouth. There was real urgency and passion from Jodie,she pumped her mouth back and for on my cock, squeezing my ass hard. I gripped Jodie’s head and started fucking her mouth; another deep “mmmmm” vibrated on my cock. I was getting lost in the moment when suddenly “Oh my god…..” Jodie had pushed a finger into my ass and was rubbing behind my cock. “Oh fuck…” I shuddered; my cum shot up my cock and fired into Jodie’s mouth. I struggled to stay standing. Jodie pulled away, surprised, spluttering, cum dripping from her mouth. “Fuck Dan, you nearly choked me with your cock and cum!” she said.
“Sorry” I said, “that was incredible”
“Hmm, was nice to be mouth fucked” she replied.
“Come on, on the floor, quickly” she said.
I lay down, Jodie stood over me, facing my feet; she slipped off her dressing gown and squatted down over my face, lowering her pussy onto my mouth. She smelled amazing, I buried my tongue in her pussy, she tasted amazing, Jodie groaned “Oh yes……”, still squatting, she started to slide her pussy up and down my mouth, sometimes stopping to grind her clit on my chin. Jodie was moving faster and faster, grinding her pussy into my face now, she was starting to shake uncontrollably “Dan…Dan…Dan…. I’m going to cum” she dropped to her knees, one each side of my head, leaned forward and took my cock in her mouth and sucked hard. I sucked her clit into my mouth and hammered it with my tongue; I pumped my hips up into her mouth and pushed my thumb into her ass hole. She lifted her head, arched back “Jesus fucking hell shit” she growled, as she had a huge orgasm, she was convulsing like never before, her pussy soaked my face. “Oh my god…., oh… my… god” she hissed, gasping for air. She quickly stood up, still shaking, turned around and straddled over my cock, squatting down she held my cock straight up and slipped her pussy over it, I looked down and saw it disappearing into her. She quickly started sliding up and down on it, really plunging down hard; I could feel the top of her pussy against the head of my cock each time she dropped down on me. She speeded up, really pounding up and down on my cock, her pussy felt so tight, her juices were running out of her, I could see my cock shining with them every time she lifted up, my groin was soaking wet from them. She was panting and groaning, her eyes closed tight. The sensations were amazing, like nothing else I’d experienced, I reached up and pinched her nipples; she dug her nails into my chest. That was it, I was going to cum" I looked at Jodie, her eyes still closed. “Jodie…….I’m going to cum” she leaned forward and kissed me passionately, still sliding up and down my throbbing cock. “Oh fuck Dan, me too…….” she gasped in my face, her face glistening with sweat.
I expected her to move off me; instead she moaned “it’s ok, cum, cum”. I was stunned, I was too close to stop, I just pumped up into Jodie and with a massive jerk I shot my cum deep into her pussy. Jodie gasped as she felt it and shuddered with her own orgasm “oh god...oh god…. oh god” was all she could say as her orgasm ripped through her, making her twitch and writhe around on my cock. It took a little while before we stopped shaking and calmed down. Jodie slowly rose off my cock; my cum dribbled out of her pussy and dropped onto my stomach. “How was it ok to cum in you?” I asked. “It’s coming up to my period and I know my cycle, always the same” she told me.
“Fucking, fuck, fuck….. You are so hot” I said to her. “I know” she said, smiling; she bent down and licked my cum from my stomach, then she took my cock in her mouth and sucked it clean of my cum and her juices…………“and you’re an amazing fuck” she added.
We realised that time had gone on and weren’t sure if Mum and Dad had gone back down stairs. We dressed and opened Jodie’s bedroom door, we went out and our parent’s room, the door was open, there was no-one in it.
We looked at each other…………… we said together, “Do you think………….?”

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2 years ago
very good
2 years ago
I wish I'd had a sister to do that with me.
3 years ago
3 years ago
mmm, so hot the thought that the twins might've gotten caught. my pussy is wet.