Happy Accident

This is not so much a story as a series of memories. My recollections were prompted by a lady on xHamster who expresses an interest in this kind of fun. So I dedicate the following to her. Happy water sports J xx

If you don’t like the subject matter then you can just P**S OFF ;)

My first wife and I had a fairly mundane sex life until we had out “Happy accident”. We were making love in a fairly conventional way. missionary position. When due to an over full bladder I wet myself...well not just myself. I was penetrating her at the time. Of course once you start you cant stop. She started screaming and shouting...”what's happening, what are you doing? Oh my god.”. I thought I was in big trouble, I'm not going to hear the end of this for a week. That was until realised she was having an orgasm. She moand and thrashed about. All the time my pee was gushing out of her pussy all warm and wet...Afterwards when she came down from her orgasm she asked me
“Did you plan that?”,
“No it was an accident”
“it was fantastic, I've never felt anything like that before.”
and then slightly bashfully
” Can we do it again?”

We decided pretty much from the start that we wouldn’t do it in each others faces. It would be like someone squirting a water pistol or a hose directly in your face...not very nice, even if it was warm. But we were ok with a bit in the mouth but not full on. For example she would suck my cock and then I would pee on he chin and chest letting it flow over her breasts and run down to her pussy and drip off her bottom. Then when I had done she would continue to suck me till I came in her mouth.

While the k**s still lived with us we used to go into the bathroom and she would sit in the bath and I would pee over her letting the golden rivulets run down over her breasts and down her tummy or we would reverse roles. The k**s just thought “mum and dad are in the bath together again, eeew old people having sex...gross” little did they know.

Once they had gone off to university and such we were able to come out of the closet...well the bathroom anyway :) I found a large PVC table cloth, I think we used to use it when the k**s did finger painting many years before. We spread it out on the bed and got plenty of towels, for the splashes. This gave us a lot more flexibility. We could repeat the first experience with me weeing inside her in a variety of positions. We did once try anal but it's not something we were keen to repeat. In fact it was a bit of a disaster. Everything seemed to be going fine and a jolly time was being had by all. Until I withdrew...and the effect was the same as an enema..... what a mess.

We used to like 69 she would lay on top of me and suck my dick and I would lick her but when she was near to cuming she would move forward slightly and start to pee letting it run down over my chest and neck then when she was done she would move back and I would finish her off

This sort of activity has been linked to BDSM where it is used to humiliate the sub. This was not the case for us. It was very tender and gentle. Sometimes I would be gently playing with her pussy just rubbing my cock along her lips and slipping it in then rubbing her clit with my head, the sort of thing lovers have done since the dawn of time. The only difference was that I would let a little squirt of pee go while I was just inside her and she would have an immediate small orgasm.

While we were out walking the dogs maybe hiking in the woods and one of us was caught short we had little games we would play. If it was me she had to hold it for me and direct the stream of wee. This being something a woman (I believe) can't do herself it was something of a novelty that she made the most of. If it was her she would lower her jeans and knickers and squat down and I would cup her pussy with my hand so that the pee would run between my fingers (and not splash her knickers), of course one of my fingers would end up inside her pussy....then we would hurry home to make love.

Its been some years since I experienced the golden fountain. Not since our divorce, but that’s a different story. To be honest I don’t particularly get off on it but I do get off on the effect it had on my wife. She did enjoy it so.

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1 year ago
nothing sweeter then sharing your golden love
2 years ago
great story!
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