The Builders Story

The Builders Story

Chapter 1
I was working in a driveway of a house somewhere in darkest suburbia removing ivy from a house preparing it for rendering. Ivy does terrible thing to brickwork, it shouldn’t be allowed. Anyway its a dirty job very dusty. This was the first hot day of summer and the sun was blazing down, so I was making the most of it. Striped to the waste (plenty of sun factor on). Around lunch a woman comes out of the house next door and proceeds to push her wheele bin to the front of the house.
“Hello I'm Paul,” I say from up my ladder.
“Ooh you made me jump. Hi, I'm Sue. What a gorgeous day, I'm glad I have the afternoon off work”
She was a woman of a certain age, just not certain what age.... well its difficult to say she could have been 50 something, she could have been 30 something (and had a hard life). To be honest its not that important is it? Who cares how old she was the important thing is that she was very fit. She had dark shoulder length hair, a nice figure and very nice breasts. Just the thing to brighten a workman’s day.

I don’t know much about women’s clothes so don’t ask me cup sizes but they were a decent hand full and I have hands like shovels. Its more than just the size, they were shapely and the wobbled very pleasingly. She had on a red wrap over top the sort with a deep v neck and strings that do up at the back and jeans. I could see her nipples poking through the thin material. I could just imagine taking them between my teeth and biting them...gently of course. I could feel my cock starting swell in my trousers.
“that must be nice, you don’t get much time off when your self employed”
“Awww you poor thing, and such a dirty job”.
She looked straight at my bulge and smiled and licked her lips.
I'm going to soak up come of theses rays while I can. No peeping now Tom.
My names Paul
Oh yes that’s right.
And with that she was off. Five minuets later she is out again with a deck chair and wearing a bikini. She starts rubbing suntan lotion on her front and arms. I have to say I was enjoying the view immensely, my imagination is running riot. In my minds eye I can see me forcing my cock between those red lips. She lies down with a book.

Her tits are flattered somewhat by laying on her back, They were sort of spread out over her chest, not like some women, when they lie down the tit disappear under the armpits. They must have been quite firm to stay more or less in place. My cock grew stiffer, To cap it all, so to speak, her nipples were standing to attention. They looked very hard and the areolae looked puffy through the thin material of her bikini top. Mmmm I licked my lips. They were just asking to be tweaked and pinched. My cock was thickening as I looked. My gaze travelled down to her belly and to her bikini bottoms. They were very brief, just a little triangle of cloth and two strings each side tied in a bow. The material was pulled tight and I could see the outline of her lips, they must have been very full and pouting. My cock was now fully stiff. This is not usually considered a problem but I was on a ladder half way up the side of a house. So I tried to put these distractions out of my mind and concentrate on my work. Pulling the strands of ivy out of the brick work and try to get the vision of her nipples and camel toe out of my mind. Not easy when all I could think of was biting those wanton nipples and seeing how wet she was.

15 or 20 minutes go by and the sun is beating down so I came down the ladder for a drink. She calls over,
I hope you haven’t been peeping Tom
My names Paul and what red bl**ded man could tear his eyes from you for even a second.
Oooh you are nice. Flattery will get you EVERYWARE.
She smiles and looks straight at my bulge which gives a twitch. She smiles again and licks her very red very glossy lips. Does she seem to have more make-up on now than earlier?
You want to be careful or you'll burn, they say not more than half an hour the first day and you have already had 20 minutes.
Oooh are you watching me Tom?
But she is smiling,
Your quite right though I'm done this side but the other side isn’t cooked yet
With that she turns over and I am treated to view of her arse. And a very fine arse it is... rounded and smooth and just a little wobbly..... my cock is stiffening again.
I've got no sun tan oil on my back, could you be a love and put some on for me?
I don’t need asking twice. I go through the gate and am kneeling down by the side of her sun lounger. I find the bottle by her side.
I'm sorry but I’m very dirty,
mmmm Yes you are...
She smiles
as long as your hands are clean... I don't mind a bit of dirtiness....
I put some oil on my hands,
Is that one of those 'tan through' bikinis?
No... why?
Well your going to get tan lines if your not careful.
Oooh that would never do.

She reaches round and undoes her bikini top. Then her bottoms. She unties the string on each side and pulls it out. Discarding the wisps of material on the lawn beside her deck chair with a little giggle.
I apply my hands to the backs of her arms, When there coated I start at her shoulders. As I rub she lets out a little moan. As I say I have big hands and there quite strong. I work the oil into her shoulders, probably more than is necessary. All the while she is giving out little moans and gasps.
I'm sorry am I being too rough?
Oh no not in the least....mmmmm You can keep that up as long as you like....
I took my time. I've no real idea how to give a massage I just did what I though feel nice. I put more oil on my hands and started at the base of her spine my two thumbs touching and my fingers spread out over her ribs. I pushed the palms of my hands upwards each side of her spine my thumbs bumping on each vertebra.
Ooof, what are you doing to me?
I'm sorry is that too much?
OOOOh no …more of that.
So I repeated the whole thing. Accompanied by more ooos and arhs. I think its time to up the game a little. I oiled my hands again and put them on on her bum cheeks. A lot more ooos and arhs. I kneaded her bum like I was making bread which she seemed to love. By now I had given up applying the oil to my hands and was pouring it directly onto her skin. I poured a little puddle in the small of her back and used my hands to smooth downwards over her bum cheeks, Which again she seemed to enjoy. So I dribbled a little more across he bum in preparation for repeating the exercise when a drop started to run down the crack between her cheeks. Without thinking I put my finger there to stop it right on her rose bud. The moans stopped and I thought 'you idiot now you’ve spoiled it' there was the longest moment and then she said
I'm done that side now
and turned over.
would you oil this side now please?
Oh yes!
I had been pretty stiff all through this process but now I was ridged. Her breath was coming in short panting gasps and her fantastic, oh so chewable nipples ware very stiff. I put my hands on her belly and moved them up towards he breasts. I looked her in the eyes but they were close. As each hand cupped a breast she gave a sharp intake of breath. My palms were on the outside and my thumbs were coming up her breast bone. I cupped those beautiful mounds and brought my thumb to my index finger just where her magnificent nipples were and gently nipped them. Her eyes snapped open and she moaned then whispered
I nipped each bud a little more and she whispered
Yes Yes
I rolled them between my thumb and index finger which caused her to arch her back. I slid my right hand down her belly when it reach her mound her legs which were slightly raised at the knee fell open and my hand found its target. She was very wet. I cupped her pussy with my big hand and I could feel the moisture oozing between my fingers. Her hands were holding my forearm trying to f***e me harder onto her pussy. She was so wet that I had no problem simply curling my middle finger in and it was inside her.
Oh God yes. Like that...
That seemed to please her. So I slid another finger into her pussy and started to rub her clit with my thumb. She really liked that. Her belly was quivering and I knew she was well on the way. She started bucking and grabbing hold of my other arm. Her finger nails dug into my arm as her orgasm approached, I slipped a third finger into her sopping hole and she sunk her teeth into my arm. Maybe she hadn’t had a proper breakfast I don’t know. To say that I was hard is somewhat understated the case. I was beyond ridged in fact I was pretty near to bursting. As she came down from her orgasm she thanked for...'oiling her back' Then she noticed my stiff cock in my trousers.
Oooh that looks nice,
and she lets her fingers trail down its length, well that almost did for me there and then but I managed to control myself.
“If you keep doing that I’ll cum in my pants” I gasped
awww what a waste that would be
not to mention the stickiness in my pants for the rest of the day
“It feels like it would taste divine”, licking her lips
would you like a taste?
Yes darling but not here, the neighbours. Come with me.
With that she is up and walking non to steadily towards the house. I imagine her knees where still a bit weak from her orgasm. I had difficulty walking for a different reason, the large erection threatening to burst out of my trousers.
As soon as we got inside the kitchen door and we were out of view she turned and stepped close to me looking up into my face eyes closed and lips puckered. I think maybe she wants to be kissed.

Its a funny thing, I'd just finger fucked her but it still felt very tentative being a first kiss. I gently brought our lips together just barely touching, then fully touching, then crushingly hard. The sort of kiss you expect to give you a thick lip. I felt her tong probe its way into my mouth, cheeky... so I chased it around for a while with mine. My arms were round her holding her close crushing her body to mine. Her hands were busy with my belt. As the belt came undone and my trousers fell away my pent up cock sprang forward and I felt her fingers closed around it. Our lips parted and she stepped back a little. She had a look of something like astonishment and maybe a little awe. I have to say at this point and I’m not one to brag but I do have quite a fine cock. Actually fine is not the right word, in the sense its not a precise instrument or delicate piece of work. Its big! Its a meat club. It clearly impressed my friend as she just sank to her knees and just looked at it. She had that startled look you see on a rabbits face when its caught in your headlights. Which is all very well but I was in great need. So grabbing hold of him I said
if your just going to look I need to take care of something.
With that I started to slide my fist up and down my cock drawing the foreskin back and exposing the head. This seemed to break the spell and she slapped my hand away.
That’s mine.
She brought her mouth very close to the tip of my cock and touched it with the tip of her tongue, mmmmm then she kisses the head...
Do you want me to swallow or do you want to come on my tits?
I don’t care just suck it...NOW!
Yes sir
she opens wide and my head is engulfed by her silky mouth....bliss. She is flicking my knob with her tongue and I can feel my orgasm starting to build. I do believe she may have done this before. I don’t want this to end too quickly so I hold her head in my hands and withdraw a fraction, she gets the message and slows her tong down a bit. Her hands are on mine but not trying to remove them more holding them there she’s saying she wants me to be in control well that’s fine by me.
I start to slid my thick cock further into her mouth. I can feel a slight panic rise in her.. but she soon relaxes and I feed her a little more... she’s prepared for it this time and it slides all the way to the back of her throat. I can sense her starting to gag so I withdraw a bit, sliding my cock slowly out of her mouth. When its almost out I hear her gasp, I don’t think she has drawn a breath since I pushed it down her throat! So I take it out of her mouth.
My god your huge I thought I would suffocate, mmmm nice though, I loved it when you held my head.
So I held her head again and f***ed my cock back into her mouth. She took it easily this time all the way in shuddering as it slid into her throat. Holding her head I withdrew about half way then back again, in and out, in and out, she was moaning and spluttering. I was building up to a massive orgasm. I wanted to spunk on her tits to see my spunk on her nipples, so when I was almost there I started to withdraw. The first shot came when I was still deep in her throat the second in her mouth but the third shot was on her face. My spunk splashed across her throat and tits, I shot 4 more strands of spunk across her tits and then pushed my knob back into her mouth so she could have the last few dribbles. Her eyes were closed and she was breathing heavily.
That was fantastic she says
though I was hoping for more of your spunk. I love swallowing spunk
There’s still plenty left, its all over your tits.
Mmmmm your right and it would be such a shame to let good spunk go to waste
she winks and started to get strands of my spunk and lick them off her fingers.
Rub some into your nipples
you mean like this?
She gets spunk on her fingers on both hands and rolls her nipples between thumb and finger...
ooooh I may come again she purrs.
Yes I had a little come when you f***ed your cock down my throat. I haven’t had a monster yet...maybe later.
So you want more cock then?
Ooooh yes, you sweet man you don’t think I'm satisfied yet do you? I want some more of that lovely cock of yours. I cant get enough, It would be so nice to find a man who could keep up with me.
You liked it when I took control of you?
Oooh you silly boy of course I like it. I love it when a man gets....determined. When he doesn’t take no for an answer. When it doesn’t even occur to him to ask the question.
Are you sure
Yes Why? What do you mean?
Well if I take control there’s no turning back. Your mine to do with as I want.
Honey I’m yours already.
You don’t know what your saying, it could get a bit rough....
mmmm sounds divine, Yes
yes what?
Yes sir, yes I’m yours to do with as you please.
Well in that case...

To be continued

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2 years ago
I knew I have chosen the wrong profession :-)
Great story. I think it's about time for chapter 2
2 years ago
agree wholeheartedly with dmf399
2 years ago
To Skulltaker01
Thank you for your considered critique of my work. I look forward to your incisive comments in the future. :)
2 years ago
2 years ago
2 years ago
Great story, well-written w/ a great style! More please.