Enjoying Grandpa and his Friend

Since I moved to grandpa's house I've always fantasized about him. There was something about him that made me horny and wet. Knowing that it wasn't good to seduce him I tried to kill the curiosity by letting every old man fuck me whenever they wanted. Oh and I had fun fucking those perverts...! Till one day I decided to be more obvious and started seducing grandpa's best friend.
Bob was a 61 year old man, bald and overweight but always horny as hell. I became Bob's dirty little slut. He used to pick me at Beauty School and fuck me in every hole filling me with his old cum. Bob knew I was a whore around town so everytime he used to fuck me he would mention something nasty about me...like that he knew that I fucked the mexicans from the fields, that I used to go every Sunday to the house of Mrs. Thompson to lick and suck her clit till she came on my face while her husband watched us. All those things. Till one day he mentioned that he wanted to share me like those mexicans shared me. He wanted to Double Penetrate me.
On a Wednesday afternoon Bob picked me up at School and gave me a bag, inside the bag there was a slingshot black swimsuit. He told me it was a gift and that, that afternoon it was going to be the afternoon of my life. He drove to the next town motel and gave me the keys...I still remember the room 208.
He then said: "Mary, go on and get ready, I'll be back in a second."
I went upstair and there was a video camera ready to record. I felt so horny when I saw it I knew it was going to be a nice long evening. I went into the bathroom put on my slingshot bikini and checked myself in the mirror. I was amazed on how good that think was on me. It only covered my nipples, so you could see my 34D tits and my erected nipples trying to rip the black fabric, and my pussy was recently waxed and smooth. My clit was getting bigger each minute.

At 3:50pm I heard the car so I started recording, Bob opened the door and there I was standing up looking like a cum whore waiting to be fucked. But suddenly I saw someone behind him, and Bob said: "Mary, are you ready for the surprise?" He moved aside and there was grandpa Pete!
"Grandpa! What are you doing here?" I asked...
"Oh, slut please you know what he is doing here, and you know you want it." said Bob.
"You know how many times you have called me grandpa while I fuck your ass, you know you call all of us grandpa at one point." continued Bob while walking towards me, he positioned himself behind me.
"I bet your clit is throbbing now little Mary, that 18 year old pussy must be getting wet. And you Pete, now you can stop asking me or the boys how good of a fucker is your grandaugther, today you get to try her yourself. So come on old buddy!"

Dirty Bob then moved the thin fabric off my tits exposing them, he grabbed my hard little nipples and started touching and pinching them making me moan. He looked at grandpa and said: "Old friend come here, enjoy this bitch. How many guys can fuck their own granddaughters? Look at this bitch in heat look at this tits man!"
I looked at grandpa and he was almost drooling while looking at my nipples, when he lifted his eyes I licked my lips and smiled at him. He approached us and grabbed my left tit, he put my nipple in his old lips and sucked on it. I almost came! he moaned so laud then Bob took my other tit and did the same. Both old men my grandfather and his friend where sucking on my 34D tits at the same time!
Bob then pushed me down on my knees took his old cock and guided it to my mouth..."Check how she sucks Pete!" he told grandpa. I started sucking Bob, I licked his old balls. Then I felt a hand on my head, it was grandpa moving my head towards him. "Now is my time you big slut, suck grandpa's cock. You know what is better...I want you to lick my ass and balls then suck me!" he demanded.
I looked at Bob and he was smiling he took the camera and made a closeup of me on my knees while my very own grandpa had his legs up exposing his asshole and hairy saggy balls. I was dripping wet I was like a thirsty person licking sucking on grandpas ass and cock. He was moaning, Bob was calling me slut while filming. I was sucking only the head of grandpa's cock enjoying it. He almost came but Bob stopped him. "All this time to waste it like this Pete? You have to fuck her holes man! Fill her up!" said Bob.

"Please grandpa, I beg you fuck me tight asshole!" I was so desperate that I begged him!
"First I want your sloppy pussy! I want to fuck what the hole town has been fucking." he ordered.
"Bob put that camera down and help me here."- said my dirty gramps.
Bob did what he was told and grandpa told him to lay down, then he told me to put Bob's hard cock inside my ass...I did, Oh feeling Bob inside me was good. grandpa told me to ride Bob like a cum slut would, I started jumping up and down on Bob's cock stretching my tight asshole. Grandpa was looking at me with desire he didn't stop calling me dirty names, telling me how much he would fuck me from this day forward and how he was going to share me with everyone.
"Oh please grandpa, please put your cock inside me!" I said.
He then stood up in the bed and guided his 62 year old cock inside my pussy! I was being double penetrated by grandpa!
"Slut you are so tight! Fuck bob's cock, make him cum." grandpa was telling me.
I did all he asked me while he was also fucking my pussy and licking my nipples till they both shot their loads inside me.

Grandpa then took his limp cock out and made me suck it clean, also made me do that to Bob.
I then laid down between them and told them: "I still need something to become a slut."
"You need nothing Mary" said gramps while Bob agreed.
"Oh yes boys I still need to fuck someone special...I need to be fucked by you both and Pastor Thomas."

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1 month ago
Just hoping one of my G/Ds will come around
10 months ago
so fucking hot
2 years ago
DAmn good story, I want a Granddaughter like you SLut!
2 years ago
LOVE LOVE LOVE your story!
2 years ago
I Want Top Be Your Incestuous Grandpa Too sweety.
2 years ago
great story
3 years ago
Very nasty story, I'm not a granpa just yet but hope I have a slutty grandaughter like u one day xxx
3 years ago
Nice, from an old grampa.
4 years ago
great ...
4 years ago
Awesome story where the video at
4 years ago
4 years ago
nice story!! very lucky grandpa!
4 years ago
Damn I wish I was your grandpa
4 years ago
fantastic got me nice and hard
4 years ago
please more
4 years ago
cant wait to read the next installment!
4 years ago
Very horny.
sometimes its good to be older lol
4 years ago
I love your story. You are so nasty.