Her First Anal Time

Her First Anal Time
Dedicated to Chrissiebee http://xhamster.com/user/Chrissiebee
I was contacted on Ham x by a mid forties lady asking for help last winter. She had a regular boyfriend but he wouldn’t entertain having anal with her and as he was going away in four weeks time on a long weekend stag do to Prague she had been in touch with a few older men on here to ask if they would teach her about it. I made top of the list after chatting to her on here for a few weeks and a call lasting over an hour so she could be sure of the right choice. We made arrangements and my wife was away that weekend with her lover as well so my house was free.
She arrived by train after a two hour journey thinking what she was about to do and was now getting nervous, she had wanted an older man with experience to take her anally for the first time and someone away from her.
What a stunning girl leapt into my arms far better than her pictures. She was shaking with delight at getting here and must have been relieved I was not an imposter.
We went to my car and set off stopping shortly for a meal and chat. A meal of steak and chips and most of the bottle of red wine went down her throat so quickly I had only got half way through mine and she said come on lets have desert at yours. I paid and left, as soon as we were in the car her hand went up her skirt playing with herself and the other was in my lap tugging away. We were only ten minutes from mine fortunately and decided I better re arrange my plans quickly. As soon as we were in the house she was stripping off and attacking my clothes plan B had to come in.
I went along with her and had some frentic foreplay and she turned over and said I am ready do me so I said not now I am just going to fuck you here for now this is your first desert and did so, she came and gushed readily so I knew I needed some towels on the bed later.
After much kissing and cuddling we went up stairs I took her to the bathroom and showed her the douche and helped her with its use. Grabbing some towels with me we went to the bedroom I had already got my other requirements ready. We laid on the bed and I talked to her about how I wanted her to really enjoy her first time and was not going to rush in and spoil it, this was to take at least an hour or more before I penetrated her myself. As we had just fucked as well I needed some time to recover anyway at my age. I turned her onto her face with a pillow under her to raise the cheeks and gently spanked then Why are you doing that she asked, I am getting your bl**d supply moving about it will help later. I then began licking her crease and she responded by opening her legs further anf further as I licked till I could get to that little cherry hole. She raised herself up by her knees she wanted this and was obliging nicely, she tasted wonderful and I probed with my tongue and occasionally went to her pussy it was dripping and open she shuddered as I sucked her clit then went back to the cherry and began probing my tongue in there trying to open it I knew it wouldn’t yet so I put a finger in her pussy and then probed her butt with that gently going deeper slowly. I needed to keep it in there for a while so her muscle got used to it so I licked her clit again and started wriggling my finger in an nearly out and twisting it around. I withdrew it and looked it took a few seconds before it closed so I knew I was doing well. I put two fingers in her pussy so wet was she i didn’t need any more lube at this time the first finger went in easily and she went ahh as the second nudged its way in slowly it met with resistance and she gasped a little, I just left them there a while before moving in further and moving them about so she was easy with the action, as I started twisting them she gave a pleasing grunt and actually pushed back on them to greet them a bit. After a while of this i pulled them out and got a small ribbed butt plug, inserted in her pussy then her arse it went in quite easily it wasn’t really any larger than two fingers. I turned her over and began playing and sucking her nipples giving her arse time to get used to the intrudence. I placed some pegs on them she wasn’t sure about this so took them off I wanted to distract her mind a bit before going back there so i put a drop of tea tree oil on each, that brought a little squeal of delight and suprise. I went down below and sucked and licked her pussy plunging three fingers in as well she was now gasping with delight and started thrashing about I reached behind me grasped a love egg and pushed that in switching it on to vibe hardest. I turned her over again this was it she thought, not yet my lady, she eagerly got to her knees wide apart head down waiting, panting I started to pull the plug then twisted it back in and out several times she was moaning at every thrust, I pulled it out. Her hole was gaping just nicely and taking its time to contract, nearly there I thought perfect. I then got the middle size dilator ready rubbed it along her pussy which was dripping for lube enough and gently pushed this fully in her to the hilt she gave a bigger gasp as this widened her more, it is just a little smaller in width than my cock so she would still widen more when that went in.
I went to the bathroom and from the cupboard got my cock lock out, I knew that I would only last 5 mins maximum by myself so needed a helping hand. Lubing the ball up I placed the ring along my length and then pushed the ball into my arsehole felt it lock in then returned to the bed. What a wonderful sight, her cheeks up int the air spread wide the dilator just sticking out and she was doing all sorts of gyrations on the bed. Are you now ready my love, ready she said I have been ready since I first met you. But my love you will never forget today ever.
I positioned myself behind her reached round and played with her nipples a bit even pinching them, rubbed her pussy and pulled the egg out, a great sigh she uttered then pulled the dilator out fully.
Now please play with yourself if you wish few can reach orgasms by themselves, we will see she replied.
I rubbed my very rigid length along her pussy and let it slip inand out to make it very sticky it was that. I positioned myself ready at her virgin entrance and teased it gently just trying to enter then rubbing it up and down the crack. I know I cannot come with this lock on so i could play a long time. I then went to the entranced and slowly began to push she tried to push back on to me so i gave her cheek a good slap. When I am ready girl not you. I started again and she held firm the head disappeared I teases it in and almost out NO she cried don’t take it out. I pushed the head back in and went further and further a good half way now then withdrew partly she was panting madly urging me on with little screams of please do me. Up to the hilt I went there had been little resistance at my size and it was comfortable for both of us. I rode her like this for several minutes she had not touched herself yet but I thought she was beginning to come so pulled a towel nearer in case. Im coming she screamed so i Pushed the towel between her legs and boy did she come screams and howls of pleasure and so many words of sexual delight did she shout. I stayed inside till she calmed down. Thank you she said far better than I ever thought can I kiss you. Later I said do you want me to continue, Oh yes please if you can. I raised my knees so now my length would reach in further and started to ride after a while I pulled out and looked red and gaping what a real treat and rammed back in many times I did this, I was reaching my bursting point but couldn’t get there because of my lock. She was pushing up into me and then screamed I am coming again and she did louder than before and squirted everywhere what a girl I get ramming and a minute later she came again then collapsed on the bed nearly pulling my cock off at the same time. I squatted there looking at her the hole was still gaping wide so i bent over and pushed my tongue right in as far as it would go and slurped at her juices. She started to turn over and her eyes were full of happiness and her face gasped as she saw my still rigid cock why have you not come she said was I not good enough. I explained that I needed releasing and would shoot everywhere as soon as I took this off I just don’t know where to come, in my mouth and over my face please she said. I stood at the end of the bed and she sat on the edge mouth open ready, I reached behind and as I pulled the ball out I started I spurted in her mouth which she put my cock into then she pulled it out and let it go in her face . I have never seen me produce that much before. I was screaming at the release and looked at the clock this had taken nearly two hours but what pleasure we had. We sank into each others arms and spent the next two days enjoying further delights.

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