Sexy MILF/Wife part 2

About 30 seconds later We decided to really ramp it up. Suddenly We were both quite vocal too. " You like this, don't you" he said " Yes baby" ... said. Then it got crazy, rapping fire skin slapping, and the headboard pounding off the wall. I was fucking ... brains out doggie style. "Oh God" ... moaned "Fuck me" . All of a sudden, .... got real dirty "Oh yes baby, fuck me it....fuck it". I was moaning but ... just, well...lost it. "GOD YES....BABY....FUCK ME" amongst the sounds of fast, rhythmic skin slapping. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhh" she screams "OH FUCK...FUCK". Then I heard her say "Push my body flat on the bed" and then this i went to town.

We where in a middle of a wild Fuck-a-thon. Now the headboard is pounding off the wall, I was moaning and .... almost in tears "Oh Hohohoho, YES" she screams "BABY". I was moaning gets louder, realized I was getting close, But she's already there " Ah..Shit... I'm gonna cum" she says 10 seconds later she does " I'm CUMMING, OH GOD, IM CUMMING" in this shreaking almost c***dish voice. Then a drum roll skin slap, I lets out a loud moan "AHHHHHHHHHH". Which I came in her pussy and then pulled out and Came on her tits. After that fuck session we fell a sl**p and When i woke up ..... had left and their was a Note on the Mirror in the room and i read thanks 4 the Fuck and their something for u and it was her phone number and key to the house and it also said it i want a fuck again i was 2 fone her and She also left me a couple of Naughty pics and other thing.

I phoned .... the Next day i phoned her and ask her out for dinner and she said yes to dinner. So i went back to .... and wait for her to finish work.I was Lying in bed think of her. When .... Came in to the room she did not notice me. I was Watching her strip for a shower and then i went into the shower with her. I felt her ass and slide my finger into her pussy and sucked her tits and after that .... suck my cock and then i slide my Cock into pussy and fuck her in the shower after the fuck in the shower. We where running ate for the meal. So .... just pull on a black dress without putting any underwear on and when we get the place in time and the waiter keep look at at .... tits because the black dress she is wear show alot of Cleavage and i keep look at them 2 and when the waiter drop the spoon and look up the dress to see a her pussy. I know that he keep look at .... and i whisper in her ear and tell her that the waiter fancies her so she pull out her tits and play with them and pull up her dress and finger her pussy and she ask him if he wants to fuck her and he went away.
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