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one night to go out dancing and more. As I watched ... dancing that evening she had the cutest smirk on her face as you pulled up her skirt just enough to view your sweet pussy and placed your see through panties carefully on her pussy lips. I just had to reach out and caress it. Now my wives pussy is like Lay's Potato Chips (you can't stop at one touch), so I rubbed her clit as I slid my index finger up your ass.

she started to wiggle as I slid my finger up and down and gasped as I rubbed her clitoris between my thumb and middle finger. Ur fluids started flowing and felt like silk as my hand melted with her. she breath began to quicken as I shoved two fingers up she ass.

she reached for my dick, which was needing for some attention and started to stroking the shaft, but gripped it too tight as her body shook in climax. I dove in at that point and pulled her button between my teeth making u climax again instantly. After giving u about 30 seconds to enjoy bliss, I rolled u over onto she knees, flipping up her skirt and jerking down she sopping wet panties.

I thrust my cock so deep in her ass it surprised her but .... loved being fucked in the ass. It didn't take long and I started slamming my dick into her pulsating ass again and again and again. I could feel it start at the tip of my toes and shoot out my dick as I filled her ass with boiling hot cum. When I was done, I pulled my tired dick out and let her lick it clean as we laid together resting.

When we entered the bar, I could feel all the men’s eyes following my .... short skirt as it twirled as she walked and almost showed her see through panties. I knew the men would be going crazy soon, we began dancing and I would twirl her and the skirt. Even more to the music. While we danced, I watched the men in the club almost fall out of their chairs straining to see up her skirt. Of course I twirled her hard enough that everyone could see up her skirt without bending over and with the shear white panties she was wearing everyone could see every line and fold of .... sweet pussy and ass. I was hard thinking about the view everyone was getting. I even saw two woman licking their lips as .... pussy went parading by.

When the song ended, we walked back to our booth and sat down. Of course the way .... sat down and spread her legs as she scooted across the seat would catch anyone's attention. As we sat in the booth I gently caressed her and told her that tonight. we where going 2 have some fun.

A lot of guys came by and asked u to dance, but u turned most of them down. When i danced with her, I twirl her skirt high enough to reveal her pussy and ass just as clear as day. i slide my hand up her dress, The bump and grind that we did looked like a porno fuck fest and sent a couple of guys to the john to wack off.

When the dance was over, we returned to the table. I started to rub .... tits.
and i continued to play with her nipple.

As we continued to drink, i did not miss a beat as i slide my other hand into her thigh and was traveling up her skirt. I fondled with her tits and then i put my hand up her dress to a semi protected pussy and began to caress her through her panties. .

The booth was a little dark so not all the patrons could see what was going on. I pulled her tit out of her bra and dress and began licking and biting the nipple. Also attack and slipped a finger past her panties and into her pussy. As she breathing became labored.I wanted 2 eat her pussy, and play with u r ass and then fuck u in the ass

if u like this i will put part 2 on
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3 years ago
Part 2 is Uploaded
3 years ago
still waiting on part 2 cant wait lol
3 years ago
wheres part 2 hun?
3 years ago
Yes part 2 please