First time with a guy

I had been without sex for a coupke of weeks.
I even had tryed to stop wanking, so my balls were ready fo r something to happen. I stopped of at a known gay loo I had always had a bit of a fasination there. I walked up to the urinal and there was a guy standing the other end almost with his back to me. I couln't see if he was up to anything. I got my cock out and started giving it a bit of a rub. I wasn't shy because he wasent looking at me. I got hard very quickly. Just then another guy came in and stood between us he was only an arm length away. he was very cheeky and wanted to look at my cock and I got shy and tryed to hold it down but he must have ben able tosee that it was hard and there was nothing i could do about it. I tryed to hold it down but he was playing with his dick and making a show of looking at mine which just made me harder. I kept thinking " oh no somthin is gona happen here" next thing I knew he was touching my bum, at that moment I let go of my cock and it sprang to attention. His left hand left my bottom and came round the front. It felt wunderfull he played lazily for a few seconds. it was a cold day and i could see my breath and it was getting faster the other guy didn't move but was now trying to have a sneaky look at what was happening.
The my new friend changed to his right hand and hi left hand cupped my bottom.
He started giving me a real good wanking and I was under his spell.
My breath got quicker and quicker you could see the steam coming out of my mouth as i started to moan with pleasure. I looked down and his cock was pointing up at me so i reached out ith my hand to hold it I started to wank him and he said yes rub it. I felt my cum starting and he must of known cause he started to slow down and held it tite and rubbed it slowly and intensly I wanted fast so I stoked hi hard and fast hoping he would do the same for me but no he was teasing me. So I ttied to pretend I was not that excited and contiued to rub him fast. I was just going to cum when he shot his load the sight of him cuming in my hand and the way his cock was throbing just sent me over the edge and I blew it all over the urinal he fell to hi nees and spun me round and pulle me by my bum into his mouth wwhere I spen the rest of my load by this time the guy was wanking to and I saw him cum at the same time. i knew from that moment on This was just going to me my first time with a guy. There have been many more times since and I cant wait for the next.
94% (33/2)
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12 days ago
wow great story
2 years ago
Fantastic done that a few times and its so exciting
2 years ago
hot... keep telling more
2 years ago
Another one!!!!!!!
2 years ago
amazing story
2 years ago
Good one. I never got the nerve to do it in a public toilett, but who nows....maybe some day
2 years ago
2 years ago
Very hot.
2 years ago
Mmm nice one