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I am a 47 year old white male from South Africa.During the former goverment it was totaly i*****l for whites and blacks to mix.It was an jailable offence if cought doing so.Well things have changed allot when the new goverment took over.
I always was facinated by black woman and was just waiting for the right moment to fuck a black babe.
After my devorce I was on the hunt and it all happened on a rainy day when i was borred whith myself.I went to a sex shop just to browse around.There was two black babes workng in the shop.At first I felt very sheepish but later I relaxed.While walking through the isles browsing,my mouth was al dry and sticky and I was vey horny and would do anythng for sex on that moment.I finnaly walked to the counter and start chating to these babes.I wanted to hire a dvd to watch in their video booth .I insisted on any movie off a black babe,because I told them I wanted to see a naked black woman.To their surprise they asked me had i then never seen a naked black woman? I said to her no but i wuld love to see one.The woman showed me the way to the booth and the movie has just started.I never closed the door and she was standing behind me,asking her if she would like to join me.She said I"d love to and closed te door behind us.Immediately I grabbed her and kissed her just there I enjoyed that kiss so much and could"nt beleieve what i have been missing all my life.I just could not controll myself any longer and I ripped her clothes off until she was all naked.Sh stripped me of all my clothes as well.The feeling of her naked body against mine felt so great and in a standing position I put m white cock inside her black pussy mmmmmmmm??that feeing was just to die for.Her pubic was different from white woman,very hard.I enjoyed that pubic hair against my croch.I came inside her and licked her out.Next time i would love to be on a double bed and fuck her or any black babe for the whole day.Can"t beleive I have missed out so much due to a fucked up goverment?
79% (4/1)
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1 year ago
Naai haar my ou. Vreet dai blou kont
2 years ago
Hot story!
2 years ago
diversity is so sexy