Lovin_Lady on the couch

We are sitting together on the couch. I start caressing your leg very slowly and gently, sending a shiver of excitement through your spine. Then I slide my hand between you legs and caressing it I slowly go up. Then I open your pants and slide my hand in your panties. I start tracing circles around your pussy with my fingers slowly making the circle smaller until I'm touching your lips. Then I carefully caress your clit before sliding a finger in your pussy. Sliding in and out slowly but steadily until your getting wet. Then I stand up, kneel in front of you, and help you take of your pants and panties. I open your legs and stick my head between them sniffing up your smell. Then I start kissing your pussy and giving it little licks. Little moans of pleasure escape your mouth. Now I really start using my tongue. Licking your lips and sometimes sliding my tongue in. Then I start giving some attention to your clit. Teasing it with my tongue. This get’s you so hot that you press my face tightly against your pussy. Now I start licking you good. Licking your clit and sliding my tongue in your pussy. This soon gets you very wet and moaning in pleasure. When you release my head, I start caressing your pussy with my fingers before sliding two fingers in. my constant caressing soon has your juices flowing like a river. Moaning you take hold of my hair to press me to your pussy. Suddenly you start shaking as an orgasm hits you. I continue licking you through your orgasm. When it has subsided, I sit in the couch. You sit on top of me facing me. Holding me tightly we start kissing each other your tongue enters my mouth tasting your own juices which coat my face and tongue. As you realise me you sigh with pleasure. Guiding my hard cock, you slide me inside you. Slowly you start riding me. As you ride my I start massaging your breasts and licking your already stiff nipples. You hold me tight. I take hold of your butt feeling it wiggle as you fuck me. Your expert riding soon has me gasping for breath as I feel an impending orgasm. You yourself are not far away from a second one. “Honey I’m going to cum soon. Me too baby. ” You cum first. I can feel you spasm and your pussy tightening around me. This sends me over the edge I blow squirt after squirt of semen inside you. Tired but satisfied we cuddle up to each other kissing and enjoying each other heat.
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